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wet room flooring

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    Posted by Wheelthing (U12214367) on Sunday, 28th December 2008

    Altro® flooring is horrible. I’ve had the stuff down for three years; within weeks of the stuff going down it looked old and used. It is a real pain to keep clean. Over the years, I’ve tried several types of mop, thus far without success. My carers/PAs usually spend an hour or two per month with a scrubbing brush to get the dirt out of the raised texture.

    Next time, I’ll wait until they’ve laid the thing, after which I’ll pay for quarry tiles to be laid. Yes, I know there’s a risk of slipping, but Altro® really is a shoddy product.

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    Posted by dis1dat1 (U12738316) on Sunday, 28th December 2008

    I have slate effect ceramic floor tiles, they are very textured and so I dont slip over and my wheels go over them easily.

    I have these tiles in my utility,bathroom, kitchen and loo. I am having a new shower room converted next year and the same tiles will be used. And they were cheap!


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    Posted by U8104704 (U8104704) on Sunday, 28th December 2008

    I thought that if you had dogs and you had just taken them for a walk, they would go into the so-called "wet room" and shake their fur dry and wipe their paws. Then they would stay there until they were fully dry and could again be received into polite society.

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    Posted by Wheelthing (U12214367) on Monday, 29th December 2008

    I'd best get a dog then. Lucky I read this post, otherwise I could continue abusing my wet room. Phew, imagine if the Daily Heil got wind!

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    Posted by NuttySurvivor (U2017168) on Monday, 29th December 2008

    It's a lot easier having an ordinary bathroom - you just have whatever flooring the landlord puts down. It sounds quite fun choosing something posh, though.

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    Posted by U8104704 (U8104704) on Monday, 29th December 2008

    Phew, imagine if the Daily Heil got wind!  
    The Daily Heil is nothing but wind. Has no-one ever told you this?

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    Posted by cricketfielder (U13762609) on Tuesday, 30th December 2008

    Hi there, I was interested to read about your wet room. I would love a wet room as I am now unable to use the bath or the shower over the bath so would love nothing better than a wet room. The thing is I am in rented accommodation and want to know if it is possible to get a wet room installed without me footing the expense as I was told that I can get help from Social Services. Do you know anything about this.

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    Posted by Yvette (U12302253) on Tuesday, 30th December 2008

    It is quite unlikely that Social Services would pay to have a very expensive wet room installed in privately rented accomodation.

    You could have a wet room installed no problem in council rented accomodation, but private accomodation is more complicated.

    That said, you can always ring Social Services to ask them - at least you would know for definite.

    In fact, my own SS area are proposing clawing back a proportion of the money spent on large adaptions, such as a wet room, if a person moves and sells their house.

    So there could well be financial implications for your landlord who may have to sign to say s/he would pay back part of the cost of the adaptation if you moved.

    TBH, I can't see many private landlords willing to do that.

    Who knows though. Give SS a ring, you've nothing to lose.

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    Posted by PinkLady (U2213090) on Monday, 5th January 2009

    I think it will simply depend on your social services. They will need to get permission from your landlord (who can't refuse) and they may have to put the bathroom back as it was when/if you move out. Things may depend on how long your tenancy agreement is for - how long you are likely to stay there. Your landlord might agree to doing the work him/herself if he/she sees it as something which would improve the property - have you asked?

    If you can't have a bath there then you may be "in housing need" and eligible for council or housing association accomodation.

    Your social services may also suggest an alternative such as putting a closed roll in shower unit into another room in the house. This is something that can be installed and removed fairly easily and would be cheaper than putting in a wet room. That's what my social services suggested when I was in a similar situation.


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    Posted by Pudding64 (U14089306) on Sunday, 2nd August 2009

    Hi Pink Lady
    Dont get Altro Marine as it is imposible to clean and does look shabby after a very short time mine looks as if the colour is lifting from the tops of the bobbles and has only been installed for less than 3 years. If you should find an alternative i would be interested to know i can not understand why you cant use the flooring that is used in commercial kitchens as this is much more attractive and is water proof and non-slip. And as for being soft if its installed over a concrete floor it is not much different.

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    Posted by milo33 (U14403805) on Tuesday, 30th March 2010

    `sexy` looking safety flooring, not gonna happen ! But a `softer` looking, less harsh, but an equally practical alternative isTarkett- Marley `Granit Multisafe`. As a floor-layer of over 25 years experience, unfortunately practicality seems to win over looks every time. Hope this helps somewhat.

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    Posted by littlerachet (U11942797) on Tuesday, 30th March 2010

    My partner originally had an altro floor as they did not tell us that there was any other alternative. Consequently, it came up a year later as it looks horrible, attracts dirt and is impossible to clean so is very unhygienic.
    We now have a lovely tiled floor with textured tiles and mosiacs of the same range in the shower area. We paid extra, but it was worth every penny.
    What I did was ask for a quote for how much the Altro Flooring was going to be supply and fit.
    Then I choose our alternative floor and worked out how much supply and fit will be for that to determine if there is an additional cost. I'm sure you could find tiles no more expensive. They might even be cheaper, as Altro is a rip off.
    There are loads of lovely tiles out there that are safe. Mosiacs are very safe, but also more expensive, so we only used on top of the shower tray. You do not have to take Altro, even with a grant. There is no legal obligation, they just don't like the extra hassle of someone going off prototype. So, absolutely you can choose your own -stick to your guns.
    See wallsandfloors.co.uk - they have a massive range and you can ring up for advice. There is also a filter tool and you can search for anti-slip.

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    Posted by Crippled Monkey (U14337639) on Wednesday, 31st March 2010

    Wow, I had Altro Marine and it was fabulous. Better than the tiles I have in my new house!!! (Now that IS hard work!!)
    Altro as others have stated comes in lots of colours including some with sparkles... Looks fab!
    Good Luck.

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    Posted by Crippled Monkey (U14337639) on Wednesday, 31st March 2010

    I forgot to say - I found it easy to keep clean. I wonder if it is because I live in Northen Scotland where we have soft water. I just used a mop and bucket and it kept clean for years.

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    Posted by Eco-keen (U14483804) on Thursday, 27th May 2010

    I have an Altro Marine floor in my wetroom. I chose "Cascade" (basically white) and within three months it was showing dirty looking patches which wouldn't clean off. As the situation deteriorated, I contacted Altro who gave me chapter and verse about correct cleaning materials (which I then purchased & applied with deck brush). The special cleaner made no difference. Altro's "technician" visited and tried three cleaners applied with a special scrubbing pad. They made no difference whatsoever. I was interested to read that you mention the colour is lifting from the tops of the bobbles. That is exactly our opinion - that the white has worn off where we mostly stand and left it looking like muddy footprints. Altro however insist this is not the case (their technician looked at it throught a special eye glass!) and although they say it is "stain" they cannot tell me how to remove it. This is definitely not an accumulation of limescale around the bobbles but the very surface of the bobbles just as you describe.

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    Posted by broadgrin (U11455487) on Friday, 28th May 2010

    It is great to know that we have an real floor fitter on board Ouch!

    Milo, sadly you say sexy floors don't happen, but does your experience include the waterproof pretend or real wood or bamboo styles? Or the pretend floortiles? Or lino including real lino? Or rubber or cork?

    The reason I am asking is because of fear and hatred of cold hard real tiles, and also hatred of the inevitable dirty mouldy grouting, and hating the impossibility of keeping anything clean and shiny in a hard water area.

    The Irish idea of lining the walls with panels instead of tiling showers and bathrooms seems fine. But as a flooring expert, have you ever encountered any soft-human-body-friendly, warm but easy-clean floor surface?

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    Posted by Yvette (U12302253) on Saturday, 29th May 2010

    I have had Altro flooring in my bathroom for two years now and it looks as new as the day it was laid.

    It has a white background with black and grey flecks. It looks really smart.

    It is so easy to clean too. My helpers just wash it over with cloth and hot water and cheap 'Value' floor cleaner.

    I can even manage to clean it myself when I have had an 'accident' with my colostomy.

    I bunch up some wet kitchen roll and grasp it in my 'easy reacher' (because I can't bend down) and wipe the floor that way.

    It always comes up clean.

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  • Message 38

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    Posted by PinkLady (U2213090) on Sunday, 30th May 2010

    I think different types of altro and different water softness etc must make it easy or difficult to clean. I think altro marine with hard water is probably not a good combination.

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    Posted by HandSignals (U13946450) on Monday, 31st May 2010

    I had altro marine "cascade" installed 5 months ago. I clean it with an eco friendly cleaner made by Earth Friendly Products which I buy via the Fairganic website. My floor still looks great and it is not stained at all. I have also used henna on my hair several times and that has not stained it either. My previous altro marine flooring was down for 6 years and still looked fine...only removed it to change the colour.
    I wonder if some of the flooring posters have had problems with is substandard?
    As for looking awful, I love mine! All my visitors have commented on how great it looks too. I asked various builders if there was an alternative but they all said for a totally leak proof safety flooring, Altro marine was the only option.

    Regards, H.S.

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    Posted by damewashalot1 (U14613879) on Wednesday, 15th September 2010

    I know this is 2yrs on, but may I see the photo as I'm under great pressure to opt for altro for my wetroom by tonight!!. I'm disabled (parkinson's) and also worried about cleaning and comfort underneath. Help!

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    Posted by pat023 (U14539015) on Wednesday, 15th September 2010

    Because someone bumped this thread, it was interesting to read again.

    Message 16 reminds me why we love Hossylass
    (I wonder if she has written comedy professionally?)

    I would like the answer to message 36 about surfaces that are soft and warm to touch.
    Once, we had cork tiles which were fine and warm and yielding to stand on, but they shrank

    We had lino over a thick rather solid rubber underlay in a kitchen, which was warm and quiet and yielding, after the concrete merely covered in lino tiles.

    Both would have been fairly comfortable to fall down on, if unavoidable ! Neither was slippery. But a surface which would be 100% impossible to skid on with rubber crutches would also be horrible to bare feet, and uncleanable

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    This posting has been hidden during moderation because it broke the House Rules in some way.

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    Posted by pat023 (U14539015) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    Oh, I hope this was not blocked because it might have given factual info on which floors are best to fall down on - we do need to know

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    Posted by pat023 (U14539015) on Thursday, 25th November 2010

    For some of us Ouchers, hurling ourselves on the floor is a frequent passtime, but carpet is Bad

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    Posted by sannyysan (U14742656) on Thursday, 6th January 2011

    I came across your message whilst searching for information about an alternative to altro flooring. I was interested in your comment about not being legal bound to have that flooring if your having a grant.

    I just wondered if you could be kind enough to give me more information about this, I have gone down the referred build - whereby the council give us the funding towards the disabled wet room and then we can put it where we want. I have got to the floor stage now and have been told i `have to' put altro flooring down. I too an quite upset by this as my daughter is 9 and we spent so much time in hospital that the last thing we want and she wants is a lovely new wet room with lovely fitting to have a floor in that is a reminder of her stay in hospital.

    My daughter is not wheelchair bound but does have walking difficulties hence the grant.

    Any help or advise so I can defend our choice would be greatly received.

    Thank you

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    Posted by Yvette (U12302253) on Thursday, 6th January 2011

    I have altro flooring and it doesn't look the least bit hospital like. It looks rather 'posh' actually.

    Have a look at the altrao samples - due to customer demand they have improved their choice as so many people want their bathroom to look more home like than hospital like.

    You can even request samples to be sent to you to help you decide on what will suit you best.


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    Posted by SashaQ (U9936370) on Thursday, 6th January 2011

    It looks rather 'posh' actually.  
    I agree, Yvette - I first came across Altro in University accommodation, and found it very good (functionally non-slip and pleasant to touch) so when I had my shower room done at home, I specifically chose the same stuff (I think it's called SoloSafe).

    There is quite a variety of colours, so I chose one to match the decor of my wetroom and I think it looks great.

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    Posted by poddington1 (U14898539) on Sunday, 19th June 2011

    Anyone got any recommendations for the best type of flooring for a wet room?

    My OT has specified a non slip flooring such as Altro Marine. However I'm fairly clear that I don't want Altro as it's not very attractive and it's impossible to clean so doesn't fit with my "luxury bathroom" vision. It does have the advantages of being non-slip, warm and not hard if you fall on it, the latter two being characteristics that don't apply to ceramic tiles for instance.

    So - what do others out there think? Has anyone found something with the practical qualities of altro while being, shall we say, a bit sexier?

    I have same prob as you had a couple of years ago re alternative to altro flooring
    Just wondered what you got in the end.
    All the best

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