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Funky Aids- ideas please!

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    Posted by EEmmiillyy1986 (U3930662) on Friday, 21st July 2006

    Hi Everyone!
    My physio asked me if I would be a 'design consultant' for a friend of hers who wants to design 'teenage/funky' aids!!!
    So have any of you got any ideas that i can then take to him?
    I have always said that I dont want my house to look like a disabled persons house or a dissablity showroom, i am very concious of things standing out i like things to 'blend in'... well ok... some things anyway- i love having funky coloured crutches, I have got a red pair that I have got for going out and I have just ordered a blue pair on the net that have got soft comfy handles on them. smiley - winkeye smiley - smiley
    So any ideas/suggestion etc please shout them out!!!
    Thank you for reading!
    Xxx em xxX
    smiley - cool

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    Posted by arcticpuffin (U4733515) on Sunday, 23rd July 2006

    Hiya Em,
    what an excellent idea! I use a stick and basically for me it's anything that doesn't look like an old persons stick. There's a few coloured ones on the web :D I've found but they all have old people handles and I'm in my 20s and not ready for that yet!!!

    Bathroom aids I wonder if you can get them in really neat metal instead of plastic so they'd be like another bathroom fitting rather than an add on disabled extra. I don't use these though so I don't know if they already exist or it would be impractical.

    Good luck!!!

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    Posted by ruthie117 (U2543573) on Monday, 24th July 2006

    hi there re the metal rather than plactic bathroom equipment...grab rails are available in chrome. the plastic coating does help to prevent them rusting but does look a bit drab.

    there are alternatives for toilets etc. for example if a toilet is needed at a higher level then rather than providing a raised toilet seat the toilet itself could be refitted on a plinth or with the wall fixed type they could be placed at a higher level.....a slightly more drastic method but more asethetic.

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    Posted by EEmmiillyy1986 (U3930662) on Wednesday, 26th July 2006

    Hiya - just to say thank you for your replies! smiley - smiley
    Xxx em xxX

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Tuesday, 1st August 2006

    Hi,i like the idea of funky, happy stuff for the disabled,& no, i,m not a spring chicken.I,m 58, grand mother to 12, but they keep telling me not to grow up,as they like me as i am.Ifind most of the equipment out there is just soooooo boring.Isaw some smiley face stickers the other day,i might get some to put on my sticks, they were reflective so that would be a added bonus.Sandy

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    Posted by Swift (U4972464) on Tuesday, 1st August 2006

    You can get the opposite as well - some of the equipment I need only comes in nice, bright, 3-year old patterns.

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    Posted by Lisy (U1824334) on Tuesday, 1st August 2006

    I need "special" knives, both table knives for cutting my dinner with, and preparation knives to use while cooking, have done all my life, but, didn't actually get one until I was about 13.

    Oxo (not the gravy people, these people http://www.oxo.com/) used to make some brilliant knives in their "good grips" range, but, they've discontinued all the ones with the handle at a right angle to the blade.

    Meaning that the only knives I can get now look like they've come from an OT, and don't remotely look anything like the rest of my cutlery. I'd like to use knives designed to look like trendy, functional knives. Not like they were designed to pad out an OT's office.

    The same basic premise for me applies to everything. I want handrails to match my bathroom/garden furniture (the only 2 places I have them in my flat). I want knives that look like the rest of my cutlery.

    I have a purple wheelchair which goes well with the kind of clothes I wear, so, why can't my "about the house" equipment go with my interior design scheme?

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Wednesday, 2nd August 2006

    Could i please ask, Lisy Babe, did your social services o t actually offer you large handle cutlery. I,m not being snide or nasty, it,s just that when i asked for help,i was made to feel like i was nothing more than a pain in there necks for even bothering to ask for help.The only help i got was a set of cups to go under the casters on my chair,& a raised toilet seat.They both went back,as i couldn,t get out of my chair,& the toilet seat wasn,t of any use as i need a ladder to get on the loo.Iwas told my bathroom could not be altered,so i asked for grab rails only to be told they would not be suitable for me. I thought bugger that & bought my own.O k rant over, i do hope you find cutlery that will help you. sandy

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    Posted by Loopy_S (U1819434) on Friday, 4th August 2006

    I'm not a teenager any more, but was when I started being sick. What I would like is to be able to customise my mobility equipment.

    For example I "lost" my wooden NHS stick and now have a black folding aluminium one with a different handle and a wrist strap. I like it a lot but would like to be able to make it look a bit different according to my mood or even what I am wearing! I would like to be able to add something like a removable wraparound metallic coloured material and have them in all sorts of different colours.

    I'd like the same thing for my wheelchair. I can't change the colour because it is an NHS one. But if I could have removable wrap around coloured "things", it would be great. They could go on the bars, or maybe even across the back.

    It wouldn't even need to cover the whole stick or wheelchair. I'm thinking more of strips. It would just give it a bit more interest than having it one single colour all the way along.

    I suppose coloured metallic sticky tape would be kind of what I'm proposing, but it would need to be removable. I'm sure it would be doable.

    Does what I'm saying make any sense to anyone??!

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    Posted by Irish Emma (U2375749) on Friday, 4th August 2006

    Maybe try www.wheeliefactor.co.... I'm pretty sure they make covers for chairs and sticks which might be considered "cool".

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by Lisy (U1824334) on Friday, 4th August 2006


    Yes, my OT did give me a knife. I asked for a bread knife, she gave me a knife about the right size to saw a bap. It's far too small for a loaf of bread. Fortunately, in the end, I found exactly the knife I was looking for (they're discontinued now) on eBay.

    I didn't ask for any cutlery knives from her because I already have a couple ("special" as they look).

    I had the opposite experience with grab rails in my bathroom. I don't really need one, but, the OT insisted that I have one. I'm really not that fussed. It's not in my way at all, it just hangs off the wall there, unused, gathering dust.

    The thing I found frustrating was trying to get a non-slip floor in my bathroom. I was told I wasn't allowed one because I have a bath rather than a shower. And, according to the OT dept, baths are more dangerous for crips than slippery floors.

    The OT in charge may believe that to be the case, but, how does refusing me a non-slip floor make using the bath safer?

    In the end I wrote a long Email, in which I asked just that. I also detailed every single accident I've ever had by slipping over on a slippery floor. As I said, the Email was long! At the end I pointed out the number of accidents I've had in/getting in/out of the bath: 0.

    They gave me my flooring.

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Friday, 4th August 2006

    Lisy Babe, many thanks for your reply.I have osteo & rhumatiod arthritis,& getting in & out of my shower is laughable to say the least.I weigh about half as much again as my husband,thanks to the steriods. I need his help to steady me as i get in, as i have to get up 2 steps,but he just about has to pull me out, if i fell i would flatten the darling man.I think i may get in touch with the S S and see if they can at least help with some cutlery. The ultimate help they could give me would be to lower the shower to groud level,then my darling O H would be safe from the threat of being flattened. Thanks again, Sandy

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    Posted by honestgreensteven (U3393437) on Sunday, 6th August 2006

    Hello Emilllllllly

    I use a mobilty scooter and would love to turn it in to some thing like an off road B.M.X buggy with wide knobly tyers, a role bar over the the top and go man go and live life to the max and show our over protective patronising able bodied scoiety just what we are capable off

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Monday, 7th August 2006

    Ialso have a mobility scooter,but i,m a little old for the b m x tracks.I totally agree though, some people talk to my husband about me, as if i,m not there, also when i,m out on my own on my wheels i might aswell be bloody invisable.A couple of weeks ago i almost got a bloke in my lap,he said i should look where i was going,i was stood still at the time waiting to see which way he was going to go,might not have been to bad if he,d been good looking.It could have made my day.lol.

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    Posted by honestgreensteven (U3393437) on Monday, 7th August 2006

    Hello Loopy Sarha

    Yes you make a lot of sense the stipe's, circles, triangles would dtop sticks, chair's, crutchs ect been mixed up like when they are lifted out of a coach boot on a trip and I'm tthinking a big fashion house could help then you might see a funky wheelchair been modeled by a famous crip on a Paris catwalk. Maybe Wizard of Oz can have a word with a famous photography

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    Posted by honestgreensteven (U3393437) on Tuesday, 8th August 2006

    Hello hudyjudy

    To be honest I'm a bit old for a B.M.X I'm 51 but I just want to burn a lot of enagy off and break the staid patronising image disabled people have, I just want to be an indevidual not a prossed standidsied package that fits neatly in to a stereo type at least our dreams and imagations can not be packaged on a commercial convayer belt imatting life in the fast lane

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    Posted by FourthBronteSister (U2647694) on Tuesday, 8th August 2006

    Well said, Steven!

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Wednesday, 9th August 2006

    Hi Steven,i do understand what your getting at,my grandchildren call me daft nana,& tell me not to grow up
    .My son graham has been calling me hell,s granny for ages,so when i get my new scooter in a couple of weeks time,i think i,ll get a number plate,H G 58 perhaps
    .My darling O H say,s the new scooter looks like something from the Roger Rabbit movie.

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    Posted by beccaviola (U1100197) on Wednesday, 9th August 2006

    At 21 I'm not strictly a teenager and I've never been particularly bothered with 'funky' but I'd love things to just... come from the same style-set as the rest of the world gets to choose from. Easy-grip cutlery that matches the Ikea stuff. Grab-rails that I can coordinate with how my house is decorated. Stairlifts in colours other than 'coral' or 'peach'. Getting more than one set of any kind of orthopaedic splint so that you're not accessorising your entire wardrobe to white plastic and beige velcro straps. My slinky black crutches cost me a small fortune to import from the USA - but I'm pretty sure they don't have the monopoly on the means to lacquer metal tubing. That kind of stuff.

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    Posted by Turtle (U1818856) on Wednesday, 9th August 2006

    i have the same crutches i had when i was 8. this means it has bits of snoopy stickers, love hearts painted in nail varnish etc etc....but i don't want to change them. i tried but they had funny handles.

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    Posted by honestgreensteven (U3393437) on Sunday, 13th August 2006

    Hello Hurdy Judy

    I think we disabled people should get together and compete against each other to manifacture and produce our own aids because history shows patronicing able bodied people are like chocolate tea-pots when it comes to giving disabled people an econommic choice

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    Posted by gimpy_mumpy (U2126838) on Monday, 14th August 2006

    Where to begin?

    I'd love to see some great iPod-like covers for my TENS unit. I have been using a *hiking* style stick but have to admit it is not as comfortable as the less fashionable ones from the medical supply. Also long for body braces that don't make a person look like they are the Michelin Man...

    I think, at one time, what could have made the largest impact socially would have been a hospital style bed that didn't *look* like a hospital bed! It would have been great to have had the motorized functionality of that bed with something that blended a bit, perhaps looking a bit more like a futon or something out of a Pottery Barn catalog. I hated having anyone come over to visit with me stuck in that bed in the living room. Yuck! No matter how cool you are it's hard to feel cool in one of those old things. Maybe they could cover all the metal bits with stylish upholstery.....hey! that would even *feel* better too. smiley - smiley

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Wednesday, 16th August 2006

    Hi Steven, sorry a reply took a while.I,ve not been to grand the last couple of day,s. I was at the hospital for a check up ,& got some tabs that didn,t agree with me,& ended up in A& E.
    I don,t know about competing, but a design forum would be a good idea,is there anyone out there at all with any idea of what we need, or what we would like.
    I mean,do designers even know what colour is,o k scooters are red, blue, e,c,t, but anything else costs a bloody fortune,as do the scooters.Some customizing kits with reflecting properties for sticks for example would be brilliant.
    I nearly get run over on a regular bacis when i cross my street as cars are going so fast they don,t see the oneway sign.
    It looks like i,d better get those smiley faces .Sandy

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    Posted by TemporallyLoopy (U3237315) on Sunday, 20th August 2006

    I having been saying for the last year or so that I think someone should produce a really trendy stairlift. It can't be only oldies that need and purchase them?

    I could just picture something snazzy in leather and chrome sliding up the stairs, and that is just the actor in the promotional video hee hee. But seriously, the majority of companies provide stairlifts in peach or beige (!); Stannah have brought out chocolate and dark blue leather ones but they are rather expensive. If you live in a modern, open plan type house, the last thing you want is an old-fashioned peach coloured, plastic seated stairlift in prime view. Especially if you have already painted your walls blue, green, mauve or red smiley - sadface

    Oh yes, and can we have some promotional videos with younger actors in too, I had to endure no end of mickey taking from my parents when we watched the videos from both Stannah and Acorn before they bought me my stairlift.

    I suppose much of it comes down to cost. A lot of the things that were available through Social Services originally were pretty basic and, for example, the bathroom fittings were made of white plastic or of other serviceable materials. They were designed to do a job in, hopefully, a safe manner. Even now if you buy a cheaper stairlift you don't get much, or any, choice of colour but if you pay more then you have a range to choose from. NHS crutches come in a uniform dull grey metal but if you can afford to purchase your own then you can pay to have some imported. Some of the American online stores are absolutely magnificent there is one called something like "Disability Superstore" and you can spend hours looking at all the different things they offer.

    One thing I have seen recently which I thought was an excellent idea is a small bag which clips onto a crutch. It loops over the handle and then clips underneath back onto the stick part of the crutch - it wasn't very large (obviously) but if you were out and about it would be big enough to put your wallet and essentials in. I just wish I could remember where I saw it.

    I certainly think that some kind of peel off crutch and wheelchair accessory kits would be a wonderful idea. I can remember when I had braces on my teeth just how excited I was when they introduced the coloured bands that fitted onto each tooth. Every month I could choose a different colour scheme of luminous colours - very tasteful in your mid twenties! smiley - erm So stickers and snazzy strips or wrap around covers that can fit over crutches etc would be excellent. You definitely want some things that are easily removable though so you don't get a lot of sticky residue left afterwards or, worse, you end up having to scratch the metal in order to get the offending article off.

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    , in reply to message 22.

    Posted by DavidG (U2600889) on Sunday, 20th August 2006

    >> I'd love to see some great iPod-like covers for my TENS unit. <<

    I use camera pouches for mine and you can certainly get them in a variety of colours for less than the typical iPod accessory.

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    , in reply to message 25.

    Posted by RoseRodent (U1896879) on Tuesday, 22nd August 2006

    I'd like equipment that doesn't have permanent massive turning knobs on it! I have some bathroom rails, and helpful as it was to have the huge knobs on them to do the initial fit, now they are fitted they need no further adjustment, so why can't I pull off the knobs and store them away somewhere, leaving normal screw heads? One of the rails comes with sunken screws for the floor and huge turning knobs for the bathside - if you couldn't turn the floor screws you wouldn't buy it anyway, so why the huge knobs on the bathside? And why don't they come in bathroom colours? Everything is grey - does anyone have a grey bathroom? Would be much better to match them to a bathroom suite. Huge rubber feet are just not the only way to make something non-slip. Sometimes you just KNOW that an idea hasn't been throught through. I've got an evil-looking step and handrail for the bath, but there are a million other places that you get stairs, and none are as ugly. I've wanted to do this for years, but sadly I don't have the right sort of skills to design things. On most occasions the equipment has already been designed in principal, and just needs a moderate adaptation to the disability market, instead of a total re-design in white plastic with grey knobs on!

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    Posted by CRACKERS_ON_WHEELS (U5418828) on Friday, 25th August 2006

    Funky aids well im a wheelchair user i hope to get my bathroom done in a sort of techno industrial seventies pschodelic look. I wish it looks like a display room but ive found glitter paint both for walls metal an plastic this does the bars and im getting a new shower bath as well that doesnt look like it for disabled. check out the disability lifesyles theres a directory in the back of the magazine and theres a list of companies that design and make what you want from crutches to bycycles and knifes and forks you help in the design. im geting bespoke gym equipment from them. As for design your own for your ot it depends what size and equipment you need you say your on crutches you can get ulliminus or glitter crutches and stick, girl pink ones with feather boas or in your favourit team or pop group on. Design a pouch for your crouches to carry things in or a special container to hide away all the small gadgets.i like funky glitter special cutly in takes the weirdness off using them u could desing a funky pouch for cutlry for when you have to take them with you to places. or go bizzaire and design a lazy boy toliot like the chairs .

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    Posted by CRACKERS_ON_WHEELS (U5418828) on Friday, 25th August 2006

    I dont no where you live but in manchester we have the equipment and adaptions team they provide equipment from cutlery and bars to grants for kitchens and bathrooms i found them a lot easier than social services even if there is a waiting list. I dont actualy have a social worker not entitle to one because i have a care manager but they will only cater for my PNP lost the help for my other other disabilities.

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Monday, 28th August 2006

    Hi fredgirl, like the idea of a bit jazz n glitter, could you please tell me the name of the magazine,you are refering to,thanks Sandy.

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    , in reply to message 29.

    Posted by CRACKERS_ON_WHEELS (U5418828) on Tuesday, 29th August 2006

    Hi Huddy Judy the magazine is called "lifestyle" the magazine for mobility scheme customers, but it can be found at most shop a mobiliy places at least old versions.

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    Posted by mad wheely (U3610294) on Wednesday, 30th August 2006

    Hi fredgirl, i,ll pop into my local shop mob & see if they will let me borrow a copy for a couple of day,s.It might give this old bird a bit of insperation. Thanks Sandy.

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    , in reply to message 31.

    Posted by hossylass (U3749845) on Sunday, 3rd September 2006

    Plastikote - lots of colours, coats plastic with a 'plastic feel' colour, and metal with a paint like finish. Probably only suitable for your own stuff though...

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    , in reply to message 20.

    Posted by NuttySurvivor (U2017168) on Sunday, 3rd September 2006

    I used to put stickers on my hearing aids and change them at intervals. I particularly liked dolphins, which curve round with the aid. But then I got grey aids to match my grey hair and specs, and I've stopped decorating them.

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    , in reply to message 33.

    Posted by CharlieS57 (U12842291) on Sunday, 3rd August 2008

    Hiya this is EEmmiillyy1986 - i can't remember my password!!!
    What brilliant replies!! Whereabouts do people live?? Do you think we could meet up to have a meeting about it - maybe have to have different meetings to where people live and then join forces!!! smiley - winkeye
    What do people think?? I live in worcestershire.
    Xxx emily xxX

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by yachtie59 (U12849758) on Wednesday, 6th August 2008

    I'm one of the few people to have done a sideways wheelie in a scooter. You have to do a very sharp U-turn.

    Look for "Tank Chair" on the net - that is more of the sort of wheelchair I would like! Claire

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by that girl hannah (U12007343) on Wednesday, 6th August 2008

    "I suppose coloured metallic sticky tape would be kind of what I'm proposing, but it would need to be removable. I'm sure it would be doable." loopy_s, sorry i don't know how to quote!

    For something to wrap round sticks/crutches to accesorise, I'm thinking something like a bigger version of one of those crazy snap bracelets you have when you're five that you hit on your wrist then magically they curl up smiley - smiley easily removable and you could have any number of different colours. i wouldn't imagine they'd be that expensive either...


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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by you2me2 (U12769164) on Wednesday, 6th August 2008

    mad wheely, we have been assesed for equipment and they are sending cutlery out, we too have toilet seat you need a ladder for, at present until wet room is fitted we have a bath lift, hand rails everywhere, bed rails, long handled special sponges and flannels to do your feet, can't fault our OT department. made a ghuge difference for hubby to have the equipment, perhaps you live in the wrong postcode eh?

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    , in reply to message 36.

    Posted by bracalle (U13295582) on Monday, 8th September 2008

    I have just been looking at web site for crutches. I found one in the states that does lycra sleeves for crutches. I'm sorry I can't remember the site.
    As for bags for attaching for crutches, I'm always looking for suitable ones. Any small bag with a belt loop can usually be modified, or clutch bags that have a wrist loop.

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    , in reply to message 38.

    Posted by elka3131 (U13255322) on Wednesday, 10th September 2008


    I have just caught up on this thread- I think it has been hidfding from me or I would have replkied earlier. I am 17and think that decorations designed for teenagers is a great idea. Maybee not just crtutches and things. Last year I was given a whole load of equipment by the hospital and they were all the same boring coloured grey.
    For a long time I used a zimmer frame at schoiol and college (they are typiucally for the older generation so I used to get teased by some people). I could not use any thing else (eg crutches because I was not stable enough) so I thought I would try home made decoration. I used to stick coloured paper, ribbons etc on it. This meant they i got better comments from people rather than 'what are you- an old person'). I received an invitation to a black tie event but felt uncomforatble due to the greyness of the zimmer frame. I was wearing a beautiful black dress and the frame looked rediculous! I wrapped a feather bower roound it. People evenm wanted to have a go on it. By the end of the evening it was coverd is streamer and balloons aswell.
    Maybee also covers for the parts of the wheel chair trhat you use to moce yourself? EG rubber that can be slipped on and off to match different clothing. How about different coloured splints for arms and legs. Wearing the same colour everyday gets repetative... who wears exactly the same colour clothes evey single day.
    I could go on forever about ideas. I have used so many different peices of equipment from leg and arm splints to crutches, walking sticks, wheelchairs. I had such a problem finding patterns that were suitable for people of my age range because it i kind of rare to see a 17 year old using a zimmer frame or somethinig else. I have so many ideas that I could just keep writing and writing and writing...................
    So many ideas................

    Ellis x

    As for were people live- I live in Colchester (Essex) - anybody close by to me


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    , in reply to message 39.

    Posted by spikeysoul (U10462804) on Thursday, 11th September 2008

    I don't know whether this counts but I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE and can I say it again HATE my splints. I have a varying collection but they are all ugly nasty hidious things - I may be 25 but certainly not over the hill. Beige ughhhhh I have loads of gloves to cover up my wrist ones but it would be nice if they just came in colours, or maybe even prints?

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    , in reply to message 40.

    Posted by elka3131 (U13255322) on Friday, 12th September 2008

    I absolutely know what you mean. I have beige ankle splints that go all the way up to my knee. I hate the colour, so in summer I can not wear skirts or shorts because i don't what people to see the splint. Especially at the age of 17 and going round college, there are loads of people to see them. When I wear wrist splints I wear long sleeve tops to cover them up. So it would be great if they can in different colours (to the yucky beige) so that they would look better with coloured top etc.
    Ellis x

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    , in reply to message 41.

    Posted by Sarah (U14925872) on Wednesday, 6th July 2011

    Hi, I see this thread is quite old now. Was there any progress on the design of funky aids?

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