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Spondylolisthesis what chance ...

I have Spondylolisthesis,I find walking impossible because of ...


Benjy Jun 11, 2011

Parking signs

Does anyone know where I stand with regard to parking tickets ...


RoseRodent Jun 10, 2011

Wheelchair insurance

I've discovered too late that the travel insurance I've taken out ...


2dot Jun 10, 2011

Comminity Grant.

Can anyone help me regarding a community grant. I am being ...


cheesecloth Jun 10, 2011

Upper tier tribunal re ...

Hi allI have been fighting for over 2 and a half years re dla ...


Tinks Jun 10, 2011

Housing Need Extra Room But ...

Hi Everyone,I have read all over the internet and on here as well ...


annoyeddisab ledPerson Jun 10, 2011

GRO splints or afo's any ...

I've finally got an appointment with orthotics and feel I could ...


niceboots Jun 10, 2011

Suicides of people concerned ...

I, am very concerned,if national reporting is true of people ...


samuel Jun 9, 2011

Diagnosed with CRPS, would ...

I was diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome last ...


legpainsarah Jun 9, 2011


Hi everyone well what a time im having just a quick note of my ...


sambo-79 Jun 9, 2011

CRPS Suffers

Hi everyoneAs most of you on here will know me as I've posted here ...


Toni Jun 9, 2011

Needing Advice

I am a 26 year old Type 1 diabetic i was diagnosed at the age of 18 ...


LiccleLea Jun 8, 2011

Repairs in Plymouth

Hi,Does anyone know if there's a company in Plymouth that repairs ...


Norrin Radd Jun 8, 2011

Missed the dead line

Hi can some one please tell me if the dla miss the month deadline ...


stephen Jun 8, 2011

asthma and secondhand smoke ...

(apologies in advance for this being such a long message)Hi ...


Dave Jun 8, 2011

Can you have two claims for DLA?

I applied for DLA june last year got turned down now I'm at the ...


sambo-79 Jun 8, 2011


Hi all thanks for your advise i am just after a little bit more ...


stephen Jun 7, 2011

dla care component

hi there hope you can help i have reasontly asked for a ...


60mick1964 Jun 7, 2011

DLA tribunal they want copies ...

Hi i'm new to this so any help or advice I would be very ...


sambo-79 Jun 7, 2011

DLA Certificate of Entitlement

Last week I went to order my next Motability Vehicle. I took all ...


Tafffy Jun 7, 2011

Crohns Disease and ESA Medical

Hey, was just wondering if anyone has Crohns Disease and gas gone ...


neilfisk Jun 7, 2011

have cp and having a footwear ...

I am having real issues getting suitable footwear at the moment, ...


niceboots Jun 7, 2011

Dla Tribunal

Hi my son has core autism we won are case for high rate mobility ...


stephen Jun 7, 2011

is there any help with moving

Hiim just wondering if there is any help out there for moving ...


cath Jun 6, 2011

Typing wearing hand splints?

Anyone else have difficulty when attempting to type when wearing ...


Yvette Jun 6, 2011

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