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What will PIPs involve?

I really don't know anything about them except they will be ...


Yvette Jul 1, 2011

What happens at a DLA appeal?

I may have to go to one of these soon.Please can someone tell me ...


sofie89 Jul 1, 2011

Ill Health Retirement

Hi AllI wonder if anyone is able to offer me any advice please. ...


Bowers25 Jul 1, 2011

Bed exercises for ...

Hello my name is Marc, Im 25 and recently broke my hip. I am on ...


mlc2k11 Jun 30, 2011

Reading about illnesses

Just like doctors patients can read about their relevant ...


Swoosh2020 Jun 30, 2011

clothing that just doesn't ...

I am a final year mobility disabled student on a fashion ...


catriona Jun 30, 2011

Alcohol or medicine

..can both damage your liver and lead to physical problems so why ...


Swoosh2020 Jun 29, 2011

Can you help ?

In August this year I was told I needed a Trapezietomy and MCPJ / ...


Toni Jun 29, 2011

Crps suffers

Hi everyone, has anyone on here with crps been taken off ESA ? ...


Toni Jun 29, 2011

ESA suddenly stopped

Hi,I hope Im putting this post in the correct place. I was ...


pussycat1961 Jun 28, 2011

Motability Scooter

I am looking at motability scooter at moment and have got choice ...


k Jun 28, 2011

coloured grab rails

hi i have a neice who is disabled and her mother is always asking ...


heatherturne r1985 Jun 28, 2011

Morphine Patches in hot weather

Hi AllI started using morphine/butrans patches back in ...


Penthesalie Jun 27, 2011

Blue badge timer

The timer for my blue badge is damaged from lots of use, only ...


Mike Jun 26, 2011

Which way to turn.

My son who lives with me is my carer. He claims carers ...


cheesecloth Jun 26, 2011

Who qualifies for the ...

Does anyone know who and what conditions applies for the ...


malabui Jun 26, 2011

Registering disabled

I am visually impaired, and although I do not qualify to be ...


Joanna Jun 25, 2011

Discrimination against young ...

My son aged 17 in a couple of weeks discovered he has a rare ...


FrustratedMu m Jun 25, 2011

Petition ..alast reminder.. a ...

Tomorrow evening I will be printing off th petition to send ...


myrtlemaid Jun 23, 2011

Really confused about benefits

Hi,My partner gets pension credit for both of us ( he is 70 I am ...


alico2 Jun 23, 2011

What pet do you have?

Do you have a pet? If not what kind would you have?I would like ...


Lisa Jane Jun 22, 2011

new member

hi - im a new member on here and found the site when looking for ...


geordie Jun 21, 2011

DLA Assessment Has Been Rejected

Hi Guys Can anyone please advise as to what course of action that ...


Peter Jun 21, 2011

Plug labels - RNIB?

We used to have a set of big yellow plastic labels for ...


RoseRodent Jun 21, 2011

House contents insurance

Does anyone know of an insurance company who doesn't charge the ...


Penthesalie Jun 20, 2011

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