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Essential links 2011.

Hi, this is the updated version, as the last one was very popular ...


hossylass Jun 6, 2011

Travel insurance / general ...

I am thinking of going abroad, would probably have to be next ...


Sofie2 Jun 6, 2011

"Doing" London on wheels

How do people recommend doing the tourist trail in London with a ...


RoseRodent Jun 5, 2011


HelloCan any one help,my husband is having a WET ROOM fitted as ...



Parts for a mob scooter

Im trying to find parts to fix my disability scooter its a ...


Lilly Jun 5, 2011

Buying First Powerchair

I'm currently using a manual wheelchair to get about, but ...


Emma Jun 5, 2011

OTs and perching stools and ...

Hello!I am going to try and get an OT assessment at home to see if ...


Cynical Optimist Jun 4, 2011

what is loss of water ?

could anybody explain to me what loss of water in the3 lumber ...


sambo-79 Jun 4, 2011

Cauda Equina help please

Hi there I'm still recovering from prolapsed disc surgery (L4) ...


navmoto Jun 4, 2011

DLA and change of ...

Could some please advise. I am currently claiming DLA (lowest ...


squiblet Jun 3, 2011

side effects

I wonder if anyone can help me, I'm taking gabapentin, Fentanyl ...


monopolydog Jun 3, 2011

Relax gelcell / G2

Anyone have the Relax Gelcell or G2 wheelchair cushion? Any ...


RoseRodent Jun 3, 2011

Carer Credit

Hi, Just a quick question,...I have been awarded the 'Carer ...


gail Jun 3, 2011

Occy health !

Hi guys,,hope you can help ,,i've just been to work for meeting ...


Jackie Jun 2, 2011

dla medical

Hi,My Husband had a phone call today from a Dla Doctor wanting ...


gail Jun 2, 2011

anyone deaf done the new ...

Hi i am profound deaf with speech impediment on esa wrag and due ...


thessalonian s Jun 2, 2011

DLA Tribunal Success - DLA ...

My wife was turned down for DLA, went to appeal and won High Rate ...


1jg10 Jun 2, 2011

DSA process in England

I'm looking for a bit of help with the DSA funding process in ...


RoseRodent Jun 2, 2011

Degenerative Disc Disease

Recently I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease after ...


9Eeyore9 Jun 1, 2011

DLA - when does payment start?

Hello, I just got a letter today explaining I been awarded to ...


Rossyboss Jun 1, 2011

wheelchair car stickers please

Hello Oucher, my car has a back tinted window and I need space ...


glummum Jun 1, 2011

ESA & DLA - Can two appeals ...

I have been waiting for my appeals to be heard for nearly a year, ...


TJ Jun 1, 2011

Should i have to lose my home ...

Hii have two prolapsed discs at the base of my spine, various ...


Pikeychu May 31, 2011

Slow Release Ibuprofen

Does anybody on here take this or any other slow release pain ...


hurtallover May 31, 2011

How long have electric ...

I'm fighting a council which claims their facilities were put ...


RoseRodent May 31, 2011

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