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How much money did it cost ...

...to run the ouch board?How much money does it cost the BBC to ...


Aroema Jul 8, 2011

Ouch Too

When the BBC announced the closure of BBC Ouch I opened Ouch Too. ...


SunshineMead ows Jul 8, 2011

ESA Appeal Lost

I had my tribunal appeal on Friday to be placed in Support Group.I ...


Pusscat01 Jul 8, 2011

Goodbye Q&A

Goodbye Q&A, where many a new poster cut their teeth, begged ...


hossylass Jul 8, 2011

Care Provision in Danger

Yesterday’s Suopreme Court finding against a disabled woman’s right ...


Wheelthing Jul 7, 2011

Work Capability Test

I have been on incapacity longterm and as this is all changing, ...


dexterblue Jul 7, 2011

Moving house.

I am 62 & disabled. I am having to move house through no fault of ...


cheesecloth Jul 7, 2011

folding crutches?

Dear all,I have not posted for a long time because I had a lot of ...


princesa Jul 6, 2011

Ill Health

I was wondering if any one could give me any advice, my husband ...


dawnkw Jul 6, 2011

Dla claim since Nov 2009

Hi I'm new here and would really appreciate some advice that ...


chinsup Jul 6, 2011

DLA claim lost again ...

hello i,m new on here my partner had to reclaim for dla as his ...


nicci Jul 6, 2011

Anybody have any experience ...

has anybody out there got experience of getting help from ...


nicci Jul 6, 2011

lost disability living ...

Can somebody please tell us what to do next. My husband became ...


denann3 Jul 6, 2011


I have just found out sort of by accident (I read my sons emails ...


honey3680 Jul 6, 2011

Funky Aids- ideas please!

Hi Everyone!My physio asked me if I would be a 'design consultant' ...


EEmmiillyy19 86 Jul 6, 2011

Redundancy and MS

This is my first time on a message board :-!I have MS (for over a ...


Plank Jul 6, 2011

I'm pregnant and have CP can ...

Hi thereI am 3 months pregnant with my first baby and a bit ...


laurenmargar et Jul 6, 2011

Portable ramp

I am looking for a ramp I can put into the ruck sack on the back ...


mrsfairyspar kle Jul 5, 2011

Drawing Software

I have athotoid cerebral palsy which makes controlling my ...


biskigirl Jul 5, 2011

Herniated disc 2008 claiming DLA

Hi all,Where do I Start..?I've had back problems a few years ago ...


darren Jul 3, 2011

Supporting parents of ...

We are the parents of a four year old who, due to contracting ...


and-me Jul 3, 2011

Price of motorised office chair?

Like it says on the tin, really. Has anyone actually had a ...


RoseRodent Jul 3, 2011

Powerstep lifts

Has anyone tried one of these Powerstep ...


ditchdweller s Jul 2, 2011

DLA - appeal

Is there a please "Read the form again properly" option before ...


KiraEdna Jul 2, 2011

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome ...

Hi,After years of pain, depression and extreme tiredness my Hubby ...


gail Jul 2, 2011

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