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If life were fair...

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    Posted by RoseRodent (U1896879) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Had a little think about how some things just aren't fair and decided that if life were fair:

    You would get a calorie rebate on anything you eat that was revolting

    Selfish people would be on the receiving end of themselves

    Someone would invent a pain detector that doctors could look through to see just exactly how much your back is hurting you

    Horrible jobs would be worth more money

    Chocolate would make you thin and healthy

    Any more to add?

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    Posted by Chris Mac (U1760839) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Margaret Thatcher would have been killed in a freak yachting accident in 1978.

    Chelsea star John Terry would have a rare disease in which he kept poking himself in the eyes with his fingers whilst playing.

    I would be married to a six foot tall large breasted 25 year old incurable nymphomaniac.

    I had a rare condition in which I pooed twenty pound notes-which were completely legal tender.

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by Vicky (U1824764) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Chelsea star John Terry would have a rare disease in which he kept poking himself in the eyes with his fingers whilst playing.

    Leave John Terry alone he is loverly, just cause he is a brillaint player, and isnt a diver like most of the Arsenal team!

    If life was fair:

    I'd be a millionairess, my grandad would still be alive, my cousins would still be on this side of the world, and England would win the World Cup and Steven Gerrard would come to Chelsea!!

    Love Vicky xXx

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Just-intime (U1765209) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    If life were/was fair? (which do I use?)

    We could just get jobs without having to got through interviews. that would be nice.

    I'd be financially secure enough to get my own place and live separately from my family.

    All the good tasting food would be good for you smiley - laugh

    Beetroot would never have existed!

    I'd be related the Madonna smiley - cool

    My hair colour would be naturally brown/ginger or red. i don't mind which.

    We'd have decent summers, none of this is it gonna be cold next week, or scorching hot? I'd like our summers to be one or the two and stick to it.


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    Posted by U1234237 (U1234237) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    If life were fair...

    We would be (optionaly) telepathic and we would all know, or be able to learn, how to relate well to one another.

    I'd be naturally blonde!

    Cats would be grateful and dogs would charge for labour.

    We'd all be able to find satisfying work, no problem, and achieve our dreams.

    Giving birth wouldn't be such a pain, or so dangerous.

    Everyone in the world would have a safe bed to sleep in, clean safe water to drink or enough food to eat, while the richest people in the world would be doing great things, and not be intent on destroying the planet. Or is that too obvious?

    Sweaty socks would smell nice.

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by Djonma (U1827408) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    No one would be disabled.
    Everyone would have perfectly functioning bodies.
    Everyone would have a job they could do and get paid a good wage.
    Food would be abundant.
    Cats would be essential for all households smiley - smiley


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  • Message 7

    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by Chris_Page (U557481) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    We wouldn't be pressured to feel we should be "normal".

    Coventry City FC would win the FA Cup again before I die.

    Jennifer Aniston would realise I am the man for her!

    ...so would Charlize Theron...

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by rod spode (U846894) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    People would be judged on what they did and not what they looked like.

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by AbleGirl (U1912744) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    If life were fair we could:

    1. Society would be nice to all disabled people and listen to their access issues.

    2. Have as much money as we liked and choose what to buy with it( hot tub, and a trip on the QE2 for me!)

    3. Choose working hours we want.

    4. A right to choose the job we want if working at the BBC( yeah, working at Ouch for me!)

    5. Holidays when we want them.

    6. Chewing Gum banned( I hate the stuff)

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  • Message 10

    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by lucywills (U1820829) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Dogs would be happy, healthy and live forever!

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  • Message 11

    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by AbleGirl (U1912744) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Awww Lucy, You've got the right idea there, don't forget all guide dogs who are cute too in your comment.

    Especially Damon Rose, Lord Ouch's lovely gorgeous sweet doggie pal Liam!

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    , in reply to message 11.

    Posted by BlueStarBabe (U1845837) on Monday, 5th September 2005

    Ohhhhhhhh if life were fair... OK i know what you are going to think!!!! Pete would know!

    1. Yes you are right - to carry the Olympic Torch every 4 years... I am so greedy!!

    2. The Twin Towers to be re-built and left alone.

    3. People to learn sign language and people would be aware about deaf people.

    4. I will get a job straight away and be rich, filthy rich.

    5. Live in New York near my Twins.

    6. Houses to be cheap to disabled people and easy to look after.

    7. I could meet famous people every day and to meet my idol Pierce Brosnan, he would stay young forever!

    8. Take lots of holidays without barriers and travel a lot.

    9. People respect disabled people and they mix in society more.

    10. No more wars and Global Warming.

    StarBlueGal xx

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  • Message 13

    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by ThomasCA (U1804113) on Tuesday, 6th September 2005

    There would be no Political Correctness.
    There would be no Wars.
    There would be no Dogooders.
    There would be no Tax dodgers so our taxes would be less.
    There would be no Better quality football and no cheats like Arsenal,Man Utd,Chelsea,
    There would be no Poverty.
    There would be no people seaking sympathy all of the time.
    The list is endless.

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by Just-intime (U1765209) on Tuesday, 6th September 2005

    Oh, i should add more on this.

    If life were fair;

    magnification/screanreaders would be cheap just £40 for the latest zoomtext release.

    All mobiles would have a screanreader fascility that just needs enabling on purchase

    Supermarkets and shops would NOT be allowed to move there items about and change the shop floor. If they did, they'd face 28 day confiscation of their right to trade muwhahaha! that'll stop 'em smiley - cool

    People would instantly know that glasses are not the panacea to enabling full sight

    Every garden would have a swimming pool in it and, it would have no bearing on house prices

    University/college course would be free. no need for grants and paying tuition fees.

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  • Message 15

    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by crustycrip (U1820557) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    This seems apt and up to date-ish...


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  • Message 16

    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by auntieCtheM (U14260383) on Thursday, 7th July 2011


    Haven't you got anything else to do tonight?

    If not, please pop over here and help me lift and carry a few bits of heavy furniture, there's a good chap.

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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by crustycrip (U1820557) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    Tugs forelock, rolls up sleeves and swoons at the thought of work...

    I am not helping you take the confessional box as a souvenir!

    But I am very willing to have a drink with you smiley - winkeye

    I am still shell shocked, and grateful that you asked me for something.


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  • Message 18

    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by crustycrip (U1820557) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    Hey! There's groaning coming from that box!


    Shades of Arsenic and Old Lace!


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  • Message 19

    , in reply to message 18.

    Posted by auntieCtheM (U14260383) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    Hi pete,

    what would you like me to ask you for, may I ask?

    And put that box down please. It will really do your back in; it is very heavy. Hang on, it is even heavier than I thought it would be. What on earth is in there?

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