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    Posted by jabber63 (U1050770) on Sunday, 21st August 2005

    hi , im new and a compleate mesige bord novice im about to start learning BSL and i was just after advice really beacause i have 1 slight worie

    hear gose i was wondering aboout finger spelling like if ur rubbich at spelling any way and spell something rong will peeps b able to guess what im saying and

    if ur deaf do u think that it makes u better at spellin

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    Posted by deaf_rock_not_dumb (U1899247) on Monday, 22nd August 2005

    hi Jabber68,

    I believe that if you are deaf it doesnt make your spelling better cos i am 16 and my reading age is that same as a ' hearing' 10 years old.

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    Posted by U1819128 (U1819128) on Monday, 22nd August 2005

    I dont think spelling matters very much with fingerspelling either. I cant imagine that it would be. I use fingerspelling when signing alot as I am learning BSL and have a long way to go before I get to a level where I can have an in depth conversation. I have noticed when I start to fingerspell a word that I do not know the sign for, Deaf people ofteb guess the word I'm looking for after I have started fingerspelling the first two or three letters of the word, and 'mouth' the word to me to lipread and acknowledge that it is correct. I cant promise that it doesnt matter but I don't think it does.

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    Posted by shelle02 (U1909470) on Monday, 22nd August 2005

    Being deaf is not really all that relevant to whether you can spell. There are plenty of hearing people who can spell, and plenty who cannot. Just like deaf people too, some can and some cant. Being born deaf also does not mean you cannot talk, although some may not be able to. There are lots of variables involved, so you should not assume that all deaf people born that way cannot talk, and that those born hearing do talk.

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    Posted by deaf_rock_not_dumb (U1899247) on Monday, 22nd August 2005

    yeah i agree... i am deaf and my spelling is rubbish, but i have an older friend and she is hearing and her spelling is worse than mine,

    i believe that strong BSL user, their spelling this better than some oral deaf people because they have to finger spell.. but i am a strong BSL user aswell..... but i dont do much finger spelling..

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