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    Posted by Joytuc (U1870349) on Saturday, 25th June 2011

    I wonder if anyone knows the answer to this. My friend has a CSW that she has used for years. Her boss got upset because they thought the CSW lied about a casual conversation between staff members that my friend asked to be interpreted . But her CSW had said she couldn't hear clearly what was said & said she could be wrong.

    Her boss wants her to sack the CSW, but my friend really likes the service her CSW gives her & doesn't think anything wrong was done.

    ATW pays, not the boss.

    Does she have to sack her CSW? Or is it her choice who she wants to use? She thinks the DDA says something about her being able to choose who she wants to work for her. Is this correct?


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    Posted by amytan (U14926969) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    On the face of it this has nothing to do with the DDA and everything to do with your friend's boss not understanding employment law and generally being a bully.

    Of course he can't ask or expect your friend to sack her CSW.

    It should not matter who funds the post of the CSW.

    However, if you or your friend feel that his behaviour is symptomatic of how he generally treats your Deaf friend then you may have a case for his 'Unreasonable' behaviour towards her as a 'Disabled employee' with regard to the DDA.

    Ask yourself this - do you think he's angry and is ignorant of employment law - or has his behaviour been antagonistic to your friend before and this is just another example of it?

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    Posted by Joytuc (U1870349) on Thursday, 7th July 2011

    Thanks! I'll pass this on to my friend!

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