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    Posted by SunshineMeadows (U14657824) on Tuesday, 14th June 2011

    When the BBC announced the closure of BBC Ouch I opened Ouch Too. Auntie
    Cthe M already post a thread similar to this on on Ouch Talk. It is a good idea to put the information here too.

    I understand that once the BBC close BBC Ouch they are going to leave this message board as a read only archive, which means leaving this post near the top with be like leaving a trail of bread crumbs to places which are trying to fill the void.

    Ouch Too is progressing well and I am pleased with how it is turning out..
    smiley - smiley

    Alternatives to Ouch Too include:

    Out of Hours 2


    and there is at least one other one but I can't find the link.

    The system would not let me post the link to Out of Hours 2, but it can be Googled. If people have other links I hope they post those too.

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by sirgarg (U14244439) on Thursday, 16th June 2011

    If anybody wishes to see what all the fuss is about on Deaf4life, then please feel welcome to check it out...

    I don't know why the link for OOH2 isn't permitted, as its an excellent forum for all, it provided a place to go over the Christmas periods of ouch closure, and it is fairly moderated by Andy, very informative and supportive.

    I'd like to wish the best of luck to Ouch Too, and I'd like to contribute myself on occasion...

    I am saddened to hear of the closures here, as its been a support network for so many over the years, but I'm sure the success will continue via Ouch Too, with the present and right leadership.

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by MM (U14911913) on Friday, 17th June 2011

    I'd just like to take this one-off opportunity of stating that contrary to this person and one other from D4L MM was NOT suspended from OUCH, so will D4L members please stop promoting rumours that are entirely untrue.

    Thank you.

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Saturday, 18th June 2011

    It isn't widely known (but it soon will be) that I am one of the forst moderators of an online community >in the world<. This came about when I was studying with the Open University for a degree in computing. The OU were at that time experimenting with the Internet as a learning medium at also supported social forums on its closed system.
    So it was that I helped to found the first online social club and I ended up being the Chair and Head Mod. It was called the Virtual Open University Society or VOUS ( which is French for "you"), because it was formed entirely by a group of undergraduates for other undergrads. Having proved the point that it was possible to run an online society we then closed it down again. But not without an awful lot of shenanigans along the way.
    That was when I learned that the Internet can also be used for a lot of abuse. And so it has proved in practice. Since leaving Uni I have tried to promote the idea of using the Internet as a communication tool amongst deaf people and at first it seemed successful.
    Deafness causes a problem with communication, deaf people are typically short of information because we just don't pick things up as quickly as hearing people. This shortage of information also causes deaf people to become angry and resentful at being left out in the real world, so many people have found it a huge relief to be able to talk and learn entirely online. This is our version of independence.

    Unfortunate;y some deaf people also regard the Internet as a tool to be used for bullying. I have lost count of the number of deaf forums I have joined and tried to impart the gist of my experience to them so that they would grow and prosper. Instead I have seen them torn apart by bullying, jealousy, underhand plots by groups to take over forums and naked aggression. You have only to look at the turmoil on the BBC See Hear forum to realise that there is something wrong.

    Frankly given the aggression that some people have shown online they should have long ago been suspended. This is why the BBC moderation is rubbish. They long ago should have picked up on this behaviour and dealt with it. I have myself complained numerous times but just met with a blank wall from the BBC's professional excuse makers.

    The problem is that having taken root on the Beeb these activities have now spread beyond that to the wider sphere of blogging and social networking. It is becoming a form of social engineering because it stops people from having a free and full discussion of whatever topic they choose.

    The cure is in the hands of moderators. Don't stand for any nonsense, suspend people who wilfully misbehave. Follow the conversation, don't moderate threads in isolation from the rest.
    Learn to tell the real trolls from the people who are naturally controversial. There's a difference between attacking an organisation such as the RNID and making personal attacks on people.
    Unfortunately you can't help ignorant people so the way forward is to moderate them. I gather that the problems over at Your Able were around the quality or otherwise of the moderation. They were subjected to a lot of plotting and behind the scenes manipulation. As moderators we should be wary of this. It's a favourite trick for bringing about trouble on a forum.

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by sirgarg (U14244439) on Sunday, 19th June 2011

    I wasn't aware of your suspension from ouch, so cannot comment on the rumour..

    I merely wanted to mention that OOH2 is a good and well moderated forum, I remember having a look in a number of years ago, and I thought it was a good forum for all.

    I would have stayed but I wanted to have a "deaf defined focus" and therefor was invited to join D4L.

    Sadly people were taking "one off opportunities" to have a pop, in the name of satire, using with respect to them a better understanding, and experience of "deaf culture" to belittle. So in effect caused trouble and gave the younger members a very bitter and dim view of deafness, and it became uncomfortable at times.

    If I agreed with a focus, or forward thinking approach I too became a point of attack, and its continued to the present.

    I accept your clarification on the matter of your suspension, and I hope you find a suitable platform other than your "dark" blog for your sometimes valid/misleading points.

    Maybe there isn't room for satire anymore, as it does get misinterp'ed ...

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Monday, 20th June 2011

    Making no sense at all to me. Rephrase, perhaps?

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Monday, 20th June 2011

    The message I would like to get over is that it is wrong for deaf people to cause problems for other deaf people. It is perfectly OK for people to have different opinions about deafness. The experience is different for everyone.

    It is absolutely not OK for other people to call them stupid, ban them from forums, set up hate sites to attack them or falsely report them to moderators and get their messages banned. I am saddened and sickened by the people who claim to be "sticking up for the Deaf" but are in fact petty bullies. That really shows us all up.

    Anyone who knows their stuff about deafness understands that it is a complicated and wide-ranging affliction. Its effects can vary from a mild inconvenience to a life-changing problem. It's not up to any individual or especially any scheming, plotting group of individuals to go around bullying others into agreeing with their point of view. There is NO one-size-fits-all in the deaf world. The views of a small number of Deaf people are by no means representative of us all.

    If I see fit to criticise the RNID or indeed any other organisation I expect people to consider that criticism the entitlement of a long-standing member who in the long term wishes the RNID to do better.
    Yes, of course I am critical but it is never from malice and always strictly in accordance with the facts as I know them. I first joined the RNID in the 1960's and have seen them change considerably since then. Not always for the better. I don't expect to be personally criticised by other RNID members who are obviously less well informed than me!

    If you like a good reasoned argument, failry moderated and with full entitlementto say your piece on any deaf topic I do have a deaf board within OOH2. In fact it was started as a deaf board and went over to the wider disability area later. I'm more than happy to host a deaf discussion, political soapbox and other sounding board for deaf opinion. It will of course be moderated fairly and with a lack of nonsense that I hope will be a model for other less democratic boards.

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    , in reply to message 7.

    All this user's posts have been removed. Why?

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Monday, 20th June 2011

    Good luck to you! I hope it does well. The more forums the more choice. I don't think that forums should fight for members. They should not regard themselves as rivals. Every forum has its own flavour and style, there's a lot of variety.
    If people like them they will stay, if not they will go somewhere else. So it's important that there IS a somewhere else.

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    Posted by karloshull (U14903207) on Tuesday, 21st June 2011

    You can use the disability forum on is an international socializing website for disabled people, friends, parents and carers. This website is 100% run and controlled by disabled people.
    Able Here is 100% free membership to the users

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by mistynow (U14586639) on Friday, 1st July 2011


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    , in reply to message 11.

    Posted by Dale (U14258985) on Saturday, 2nd July 2011

    To reiterate, is a friendly place for all deaf and HOH, and we won't turn away Deaf either. In five years we've had exactly one problem and had to ban exactly one person (if someone comes on here and complains about the Deaf Village, you'll know who it is), otherwise it is mostly just plain fun, support and information, and meet-ups get arranged from time to time, too.

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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by Ironic John (U14258694) on Tuesday, 5th July 2011


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