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The RNID Twit-IN

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    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Wednesday, 20th April 2011

    Positive proof you CAN fool all the people all the time, get in a studio, pick and choose the questions you want to answer, dodge the ones you don't, talk for an hour and say nothing, simples, what we read was one failed politician talking with another and talking bull manure when they tried. Until we get these people off social medias and face to face we are never going to get an answer, any wonder they won't put themselves in public face to face ? The tory appeared to have no idea the RNID represented no deaf people, despite being informed 4 weeks prior.... Yet they held a twit-in to put flesh on that RNID skeleton... Even fawning fans of the RNID at D4L were slapped down by Ms Ballard, gluttons for punishment aren't they !

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    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Thursday, 21st April 2011

    Note how they are now trying to dilute the word 'deaf' so that it means absolutely anybody with any degree of hearing loss. I may not have as strict a definition of 'deaf' as you do, but in my book 'deaf' has to mean something more severe than minor loss. Ms Ballard said that there are 'many deaf MPs' in the the House of Commons, which is nonsense. But it saves them from having to push for better representation.

    And yes, part of the problem is that they get to dictate the agenda.

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    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Thursday, 21st April 2011

    It consolidates my own view in that the social medias can be manipulated just as much as any pre-recorded show on a TV set. It gives a semblance of interaction but doesn't actually have any, because they can still edit out searching questions and have complete control over proceedings. To suggest this is an charity leading the way on including and communicating direct to its alloted sector is rubbish.

    A failed lib-dem MP at a charity, and an arrogant tory who said waging wars in the middle east is more valid than providing for its own vulnerable, whom his superiors and medias have stated are work shy freeloaders and frauds...... I'm disgusted there are some deaf supporting any of this.... then again they hold whole topics on their deaf sites about RNID cupcakes, the world has gone mad....

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    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Monday, 6th June 2011

    Someone taking the proverbial ! You'd need the samaritans after reading the second name put up.... how can you compare life savers with deaf wannabees ?

    Voluntary Sector Achiever of the Year (Shortlist).

    Lucy Caslon, Director, Msizi Africa

    Jackie Ballard, Chief Executive, RNID

    Sophie Andrews, Chair of Samaritans, The Samaritans

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    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Tuesday, 7th June 2011


    As usual, nobody asks deaf people what they think. What about the ending of the casework team and cutting back the employment advisory service at the time that it is needed the most?

    I can see a lot of deaf people being dumped on JSA and effectively being punished because they are deaf.

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