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    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Wednesday, 9th February 2011

    The future is upon us!

    Note that this is not a CI-type aid. It stimulates the >middle< ear so you still have to have a good cochlea and working pathway to it, but it looks as if you can manage without an eardrum.
    So ... not an aid for everyone but it's certainly getting there.

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    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Wednesday, 9th February 2011

    All ya need is £30K smiley - smiley

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    Posted by twinaided (U12097107) on Thursday, 10th February 2011

    Hi Andy

    From the picture shown it stimulates the ossicles. As mine have dissolved away due to ear infections it would be no good for me.

    Ah well back to the drawing board with my nhs impacts and the search for a cheap tek.

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    Posted by RoseRodent (U1896879) on Saturday, 12th February 2011

    Has been implanted in Germany for years, as has the partially implanted Med-El Vibrant Soundbridge. I am just disappointed that the Soundbridge doesn't have a fitting for any external input such as FM, headphones, etc. And the Otologics similarly doesn't have a coil you can purchase to directly input sound from sources such as the telephone. In fact, it took *fifteen* enquiries to them before they understood that I didn't mean "Will I still be able to wear headphones in my busted ears without affecting the implant" and in fact meant "Will there be a way to pass sound THROUGH the hearing aid from an external source". The answer is no.

    I was interested in them cos I think it would give me better quality sound, I have a mixed hearing loss and am not sufficiently conductively deaf for a BAHA as I'd get an echo, but combination is too challenging for many hearing aids because of my cookie-bite. And I quite fancy hearing in a swimming pool, but not for £30k!

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    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Saturday, 12th February 2011

    Thirty grand isn't the price of the hearing aid, it's the price of carrying out the procedure. That would include things like CAT and MRI scans, X rays, consulting with various experts for assessment and so on. All these people have to be paid. Then there's the operation itself which is done by a whole team of people not forgetting the pre-op and aftercare. Then finally there are the rehab visits to make adjustments and deal with problems.
    I have insured my CI for £4000. No problems.

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    Posted by dee (U14786258) on Monday, 14th February 2011

    hi, im new to all of this,you guys know so much about your hearing loss. ive not had hardly anything explained to learning so much on hear. thanks

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    Posted by stueyyy (U8300187) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    Whats a Middle Ear haha.....

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    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    The Middle ear is the ear of Middle England. Blame that nice Mr Blair, forsooth he spake with forked tongue.

    The RNID have some interesting articles on Tinnitus in the latest 1 in 7. Might be worth asking them for advice if they have been doing research on it. You never know, they might be able to suggest something.

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    Posted by stueyyy (U8300187) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    Andy When you had your Cochlear Implant did they seal up your ear canal, i.e take skin from Tummy and graft into ear ear canal?

    I find it bit much everytime I get earache they cant see in and I have to go straight onto Antibiotics, and then wait for MRI Scan.

    My last Dr I saw Friday, she Typed onto monitor "Oh I cant look in" Better give you Antibiotics and wait for scan appointment.. I know its not much, we get used to our ears and can tell if it was something sinister, I think!

    Ive been Having earaches and electronic buzzz type noise shooting from Implanted ear across head to left ear!! Its strange feeling.

    Well I see Mr Pringle On Monday, so maybe he can shed more light on this, and whats going on...



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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by stueyyy (U8300187) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    I will take a peek at Tinnitus, but as far as RNID go they have come back with nothing, but wait and see whats in the future for you, that was last reply anyway..

    I will look at 1 in 7......

    Hows your tinnitus or have ye none?


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    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    Andy When you had your Cochlear Implant did they seal up your ear canal, i.e take skin from Tummy and graft into ear ear canal?  

    No it's not done routinely in CI ops. As far as I know the ear canal operation is only done if they think that there is a need to keep bacteria out of the ear canal. It's a last resort.
    I have heard from people who have had that presented as an option, for example when there are a lot of abscesses forming in the ear canal. Most of the time it can be controlled before sealing the canal becomes necessary. The point is, if you >still< get an infection in the canal after it has been sealed, they can't get to it with direct medication.

    What I suggest you do is look back at the messages you have posted about your progress. Note down anything that you want to take up with the doctors and have it all out with them. Frankly all this is doing your morale no good at all so I think you should have it out with him next week.

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    Posted by stueyyy (U8300187) on Tuesday, 15th February 2011

    Strange you saying "have it out with him next week"

    Since last message Ive been signing and writing with wife about it, and she said right, I WILL tell him EVERYTHING as you DONT, Lets get it sorted.

    Yes I had to have Ear Canal sealed as you know ive had abscesses inside ears, brain etc. so yes you are right, I wondered why I had it done, I never ask questions like I used to Andy.

    Apart from me, Hows things going with you ? A OK I hope

    Take Care.

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