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Draft letter to RNID Trustees.

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    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    Comments and recommendations for improvement welcome:


    I am a deaf member of RNID and I am writing to express my unease at a number of ways in which the charity operates. My first concern is that of accountability at RNID. The standard response that I have been given by independent parties is that I should liaise with the board. After asking John Low on how to go about this, he advised me to contact board members individually by post via Featherstone Street. This seems rather cumbersome and I think, in the age of internet, there are better ways to expedite a feedback process. I see the role of trustee as rather like that of an MP – where the interests of constituents are carried forward through surgeries/consultation and that is what I think should happen at RNID. Simply giving out information unilaterally in the form of impact reports is inadequate.

    My other main area of concern is that of the employment of deaf and hard of hearing people at RNID in general and especially at senior management level. A lot of the vacancies advertised by RNID seem to carry a stipulation of at least two years experience. Whilst normally this would be fine, it is disregarding the fact, which is often shown through RNID’s own research, that deaf and hard of hearing people are less likely through no fault of their own to have this experience. The lack of deaf and hoh people at SMT (senior management team) level seems to contradict many of RNID’s claims and aspirations; it is a dramatic vote of no confidence in deaf people if they are deemed unfit to hold a single vacancy at the highest level of a deaf organisation. How can RNID champion our suitability to work at all levels in other organisations if their own record is poor? How can it be in the best interests of deaf people not to speak and act for themselves and control their own affairs?

    I would respectfully urge you to take on board these concerns.

    Yours sincerely,

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    , in reply to message 1.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    It is interesting to observe that the situation at the top of the RNID has changed substantially since you first wrote that in 2006.
    For example several of the people you mention have moved on and there has been a saving in costs. I believe the RNID is now moving towards a more grass-roots approach under the current management and I support that. They are actually doing some of the things that we have suggested in here and elsewhere and I don't claim that we have influenced them but it does show that they are more in tune with what deaf people are thinking. If they want our support they need to go further with these reforms and I think that will win people over.

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    , in reply to message 2.

    Posted by tishcat (U14708219) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    As a 45 yr old average deafie, i agree with the sentiments in the draft letter. I hope a copy was actually sent to the RNID.
    I hope it's not wishful thinking that someone at the various deaf charities actually reads this site.They could pick up on a lot of what "grass roots" deafies actually consider important and want..
    I am still waiting to hear if there will be a video display unit to show when I am being called in for a hearing aid appointment. Though to be fair, these things can take time.

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    , in reply to message 3.

    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    Thanks for the positive response, tishcat, it is good to know that somebody who is new and independent to this matter casts a fresh pair of eyes over my letter and sees nothing unreasonable about it.

    I did send the letter and although there was not an enthusiastic response to begin with, we are seeing some improvements in engaging with deaf people online. But you're quite right, these things move slowly.

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    , in reply to message 4.

    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    Thanks also to the central communities team for hearing my appeal against the moderator's decision to remove my original posting - I see that it has been reinstated.

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    , in reply to message 5.

    Posted by tishcat (U14708219) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    i am looking forward to a response from the RNID though given the scammers and killjoys that prevail the web, it mite be a private response to you personally.
    Please share with us the main points of any reply you do get, as i would be interested.

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    , in reply to message 6.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    I'm not going to do a reprise of the last topic, 1,007 criticisms of the RNID should be a warning to them already. I would also like the RNID to consider autonomy of RNID Cymru, in line with our political aspiration and recognising the welsh assembly and not the Westminster government has total control over welsh affairs any more, we can't keep running a service in Wales that is funded and decisions taken in London. It's not democratic.

    Soon we are to have an referendum asking for quite important control over areas of support for deaf people here. The RNID is already aware and has apparently submitted an 'welsh manifesto' of some kind, again and sad to say with no consultation whatever with welsh deaf people, like TIM has stated, they still need to stop treating deaf people as an afterthought and engage with them.

    So why weren't welsh deaf consulted on their support options by the RNID ? and where is this mythical manifesto so we can read it ?

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    , in reply to message 7.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Tuesday, 18th January 2011

    Thanks also to the central communities team for hearing my appeal against the moderator's decision to remove my original posting - I see that it has been reinstated. 

    Great Scott! There is a god!

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    , in reply to message 8.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Sunday, 30th January 2011

    "RNID is changing. We are looking for a talented individual to help Action on Hearing Loss become a household name. The supporter engagement and brand management team is responsible for delivering integrated communications campaigns, providing strategic marketing advice to internal clients and acting as stewards for our new brand. You will ensure that our key audiences get the right message at the time."

    Erm.. right... got it... how about AOHL reaches the Hard of Hearing parts, deaf cannot reach, as a campaign ? Download your avoid the deafie application now ? Free AOHL T-shirt given with your legacy donations ? For fund raising, "Give us the Dosh or we'll spam you to death.. "?

    How to make AOHL as famous a household name as Domestos....? We seem to have moved from charity to saatchi and saatchi somewhere...

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    , in reply to message 9.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Sunday, 30th January 2011

    This springs from their research with the finding that hardly anyone had heard of the RNID outside of the deaf world. It follows that if people have never heard of the RNID then they can't possibly join it.
    So this is part of the strategy to raise awareness of the existence of help for people with hearing problems. The situation that is developing is that there are large numbers of Baby Boomers now getting a bit deaf as they grow older. Life is becoming that bit tougher for them and they are looking for advice and help with the situation. Enter the RNID wearing its knickers on the outside to fill that gap.

    This will be a crunch job for some unlucky person. Unlucky because it will be uphill every inch of the way. On the other hand if they can pull it off then their reputation will be made. I think the RNID is right to get a pro on the case, it's the logical thing to do.

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    , in reply to message 10.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Sunday, 30th January 2011

    By the way, I have had some problems with contacting the RNID by email. I have sent several important messages which have just not arrived.
    The RNID Technical Dept say there is no log of them having arrived, but I have a log here that shows they were sent and didn't bounce! I think it might be their firewall or spam filter but it's only a guess.
    So if you have sent anything by email in the last week or two and not had a reply then contact them and see if they got it. I have never known this to happen before.

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    , in reply to message 11.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Sunday, 30th January 2011

    They aren't interested in what you have to say I suppose, they want to sell AOHL to people with money to give them. The whole idea of selling our disability seems repugnant to me..... We don't want their money.

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    , in reply to message 12.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Monday, 31st January 2011

    I have thought for some years that they have neglected to keep their membership expanding. It seems to have been static for some time. As we know they haven't been too worried about their members but there are signs that things are changing.

    Logically, if no-one has heard of them then they are not in a position to join them! I have thought for years that they ought to be on a membership drive. They could have at least a million members out of those 9 million people out there! They would make a good income from the subscriptions, low as they are.

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    , in reply to message 13.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Monday, 31st January 2011

    I refute no-one has heard of them, the issue is the RNID sees deaf people as a loser, Ms Ballard said as much, joe public prefers to give donations to dogs and cats not deaf, albeit she was opposed at the RSPCA, for wasting money on fancy offices ..... Membership is immaterial, they have no voting power and no power to change anything, it is why I never joined when asked to, more deaf means more power there ? I never saw it, still don't. It is all in the hands of trustees, a collection of z-rated celebs, and business people moved up and out etc.... who can overrule whatever they want. Membership is just a number, adds kudos to their 'campaigns' and sells 1 in 7.

    They would look bad if they had none at all. Has ANYONE ever seen the RNID campaigning militantly about ANYTHING ? members doing that ? 35,000 invisible people. Even recent lobbies for lip-reading were lobbied for by non-rnid people, they just take the credit for organisation then stamp we did this, on everything.

    But all RNID members mostly, are aged hard of hearing anyway, or ex-hearing concern, tupperware people, audiologists, rnid staff, or BT cast offs, with a smattering of luvvie support from the occasional obscure message boards.... AOHL as a re-brand is totally pointless as there are at least 7 other groups with the same name already, perhaps they are hoping to pick up stray support as people log into them by mistake. I'm willing to bet if you put up both titles to joe public and ask which one would you more easily recognise, then RNID would be the one they did.

    They had to re-brand to get rid of the deaf. Now they have to revert to blagging fund raisers who they are again. They aren't daft they are retaining the RNID title aren't they ! As they realise deaf are the pulling power,people have more sympathy (!) with a profound loss as averse to being hard of hearing. Why would 9 million of us subscribe to 1 in 7 ? it's junk, when did we last even read a deaf person was in it ? All gloss no substance. No-one has read an article or contribution by an grass-root member of the deaf community for years.....

    All deaf can do is oppose,and fight for their own recognition and support away from this group. We are forced to go up against a media savvy charity that wants to call all the shots. We are worth £10m to them they aren't going to give that up.

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    , in reply to message 14.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Wednesday, 2nd February 2011

    www.actiondeafness.o... and AOHL spot the realities....

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    , in reply to message 15.

    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Tuesday, 8th February 2011


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    , in reply to message 16.

    Posted by Tim (U14258428) on Tuesday, 8th February 2011

    My jaw bounced off the floor and ricocheted into outer space.

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    , in reply to message 17.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Tuesday, 8th February 2011

    The man is an idiot, but a rich one so that's all the RNID care about.

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    , in reply to message 18.

    Posted by stueyyy (U8300187) on Tuesday, 8th February 2011

    EXACTLY, but what an idiot, but I guess hes opposite of those who want to be classed as DEAF. But he still an idiot. RNID getting more and more Political.

    " In answer to my Honourable friend RNID, is YES" lol

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    , in reply to message 19.

    Posted by M M (U14200747) on Wednesday, 9th February 2011

    Another foot in mouth plug for the RNID lol do what we say not as we do... or lobby against noise pollution by holding loud discos yourself etc ect.. A recent campaign to make noise illegal erm... it already IS AOHL or whatever they are called these days... enforcement seems to be the issue, along with bans on sound equipment (Including those from sound advantage), that exceed safety db levels... ipods why lobby at users ? take manufacturers to court and set volume limits, too easy ? We know youth is too stupid to turn it down,so ban the excess,then they can't turn it UP.... simples.... Instead we see bake a cupcake for the RNID day DOH !!!! I think we have discovered another alternative reality......

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