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    Posted by powerrider (U14264041) on Thursday, 11th November 2010

    This is my first posting on this site, and I must admit I have not read people's comments on here either.
    I have been hard of hearing for a good number of years and have worn a hearing aid all of that time.
    My recent hearing test determined my hearing has worsened in both ears, so I am now waiting for my two new hearing aids courtesy of the NHS. These are supposed to be the most up to date aids they have, being digital too..
    I can hear sounds but I do not know where they are coming from, perhaps my new aids will be able to rectify this and allow me to hear what people are saying in a 'noisy' background.
    Does anyone who posts on here use these latest hearing aids from the NHS, and how do you get on with them?
    Regards to all.

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    Posted by AndyfromCornwall (U14342750) on Thursday, 11th November 2010

    Hi John. We get a fair number of people asking this question but the threads tend to scroll off onto older pages and get lost.

    It would be worth your while finding out more about the exact type and degree of your hearing loss when you get your new aids fitted. This will help you to recognise possible problems and deal with them.
    If you have for example, high frequency hearing loss then everything will sound rather squeaky and a bit piercing for a while. This will improve.
    You have to take time to get used to the new sound and then you can keep going back for adjustments until finally your hearing will adapt to the new aids. It is exactly the same with all new aids but digital aids and CI's take longer periods for adjustment than the old analogue types. The main thing is it does take time.

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    Posted by mateti (U4470931) on Thursday, 11th November 2010

    Hello John!

    I used to wear hearing aids provided by the NHS (digtal and they were good) unfortunately my hearing got so bad that I finally decided to opt for a Cochlear implant instead. My hearing tests showed that I was a candidate for an implant and I have never looked back!!

    The beauty about my implant that I can turn the volume as high as I want and I never will get that awful squealing/whistling feedback, like my hearing aids used to to and what's more the quality of sound is far better and as a result I hear more. I am so happy with my Advanced Bionics device - another big selling point with the Advanced Bionics is that they have a program within the device called ClearVoice and this cuts out all the mechanical and noisy frequencies and hones in only on the speech frequencies and so noisy environments are not a problem for me. This is a godsend.

    You may not qualify for a cochlear implant, and do quite well with your new hearing aids, but it is worth investigating this, since it may be that your hearing might possibly deteriorate further. But nevertheless I wish you well with your new hearing devices.

    Kind regards

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