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Deaf Fcebook

A la Rachel from Hollyoaks, do not attempt to read the captions ...


M M May 10, 2011

Smoke alarms - who pays?

Just wondering if anyone here had had their local authority pay ...


IanIlly May 10, 2011

If your (NHS) hearing aid is ...

Yes, that is the latest line from the good people at audiology. I ...


RoseRodent May 6, 2011

Wedding day congrats

I know we talk through our problems and get advise for ...


jools Apr 30, 2011


Hi everyone,I have recently moved back to Hertfordshire and was ...


bean78 Apr 28, 2011

Experiences at the theatre?

Hello,I'm an acoustics and theatre consultant, currently studying ...


Ian Rees Apr 27, 2011

See hear and 9 million Deaf ...

Ok - I'm hoh ad I sometimes watch see hear Nice intoduction to the ...


RonM Apr 24, 2011

Fun with Charlie

Speaks for itself. Nice one Chas.


AndyfromCorn wall Apr 22, 2011

Dear National Media...

May rules out burka ban in BritainI would like to comment ...


AndyfromCorn wall Apr 19, 2011

Deaf Faker ep 4

I'm a deaf actor and writer. Here is a spoof I made. I play a ...


mrsevil Apr 19, 2011

My home insurance

About to receive a demo pair of private hearing aids into my ...


RoseRodent Apr 16, 2011

Fun games and abuse at Mary Hare 04/promiscuous-culture-at-deaf-sc...


M M Apr 16, 2011

See Hear - Education

Hello,See Hear are planning to make a programme special on ...


AS Apr 15, 2011

So you think you can hear ? /showbiz/tv/3517791/Partially-dea...


M M Apr 12, 2011

see hear on i-player

Due to being at work during the week, and in bed asleep at ...


carpettony Apr 11, 2011

esa probs

Hi can anyone help please I have just been to an ATOS ...


terry3fy Apr 9, 2011

learning sign language in prison

I have a friend who is in prison for another 4 years who has ...


hec Apr 8, 2011

Rachel Fenton on deafness 82148 Her Dad went deaf, she is ...


M M Apr 6, 2011

Signing frustration

Hi,(Sorry for spelling in advance!)I am 16 and have CP. I ...


happymanica Apr 3, 2011

Drama Therapy

Hello all, I seem to run out of ideas and need your help…. I am ...


HandYoda Apr 3, 2011

Future of See Hear Talk? ...

There is a possibility that the board might close.See this ...


AndyfromCorn wall Apr 2, 2011

Hearing aid Fail

Soooo many companies: Please can I come in for a hearing aid ...


RoseRodent Mar 31, 2011

Wasp in the hearing aid part 6

Some of you will be following my story about my Siemens Reflex ...


RoseRodent Mar 31, 2011

NHS Falkirk or Lanarkshire?

Anyone get audiology services in Falkirk or Lanarkshire? Any ...


RoseRodent Mar 29, 2011

BBC research on background ...

I hear on another forum that the BBC is conducting research to ...


RoseRodent Mar 28, 2011

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