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NHS Mental Health Improvement ...

I enjoyed the 'presentation' on Mental Health provision, and the ...


twinner Nov 6, 2005

contacting see hear

I want to send feedback to see hear, but when I click on the ...


trail3 Nov 4, 2005

we do not have youth deaf ...

today i looked at the internet and come across a website called ...


jasmni Nov 2, 2005

Hidden Lives - A documentary

Hidden Lives : A documentaryA few months ago See Hear profiled a ...


U1819128 Nov 1, 2005

School Closure

Does anyone have any information on closure of a School which has ...


Noddy80 Oct 31, 2005

What do you think about the ...

I've only seen one programme all the way through so far, but they ...


U1234237 Oct 29, 2005


i really enjoy watching the see hear.i am deaf my self... and ...


deaf_rock_no t_dumb Oct 28, 2005

Today See Hear no interpreter ...

Hello I am new memberToday I watch See Hear programme talk about ...


BSLsmile Oct 26, 2005

interpreter shortage

I too would like to become an interpreter. I have level 2. ...


pastasmissus Oct 26, 2005

internet, news, different etc ...

i looked at internet video news, yahoo without subiltles or ...


veeray78 Oct 26, 2005

can anyone help?

APPLAUSED to francis elton for talking about her experiences of ...


jellytots Oct 25, 2005

Disabled Tax Credits for my ...

Hello,Could anyone help me? My Fiance who I am going to move in ...


HunnyHay Oct 24, 2005


I was astonished that CACDP decided to relay their comments, ...


Fenlander2 Oct 24, 2005


Hello, i am hearing and just started a cacdp course , doing ...


interscot Oct 24, 2005

Panic when dealing with Deaf

For some reason I always panic when dealing with profoundly or ...


NuttySurvivo r Oct 24, 2005

college project - please help!

Hi everyone! I’m taking health and social care at college and as a ...


yellowjellyb eans Oct 24, 2005

The Sound of Silence ?

Read Hear (BBC2 page 641), the ceefax page published an ...


MM Oct 23, 2005

we all uselipreading

Our local authoprity has decided, after many years of providing ...


deafnotdaft Oct 23, 2005

Police force: Deaf aware?

Just watched todays See Hear programme:Saturday 8 October, ...


pandaplodder Oct 21, 2005

8th July See Hear

I wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching the part on Caroline ...


Fenlander2 Oct 18, 2005

Seconds Out !

So battle is joined between the CACDP and the BDA. The CACDP ...


MM Oct 18, 2005

Fascinating voyage across the ...

Well done to Gerry Hughes and it was fascinating to watch his ...


U1819128 Oct 17, 2005

BSL confused ?

I am a hearing person and have a profoundly Deaf partner, i have ...


amaxblue Oct 16, 2005

So much for BSL classes

I did BSL stage 1 about 3 years ago. Since then, I've been very ...


NuttySurvivo r Oct 16, 2005

What's the music?

In this week's show, some of the background music for the ...


twowords Oct 15, 2005

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