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Fed up with positive Disabled ?

I know they bluddy annoy me ! recent pod casts (Few if any ...


M M Dec 29, 2010

Deaf petitioning to ...

The Condems have said they WILL debate online petitions in ...


M M Dec 29, 2010

aaaand ... a winner! /woman/real_life/3198037/I-was-bu...


AndyfromCorn wall Dec 23, 2010


I have just watched See Hear for the first time in a very long ...


londonbongo Dec 23, 2010

Why there are UK terp shortages

They are training people in Malawi instead....http:// ...


M M Dec 22, 2010

Hate Crime against Deaf s/4573211.Yobs_make_deaf_mum_s_li...


MM Dec 20, 2010

Hearing aids in the hat season

I'm getting really fed up with constantly hitting the volume ...


RoseRodent Dec 17, 2010

What do you think...

of the chances of this new action group succeeding?As we know ...


AndyfromCorn wall Dec 15, 2010


Has anyone on this site who is Deaf thought about DLA which is ...


sweetpetal Dec 12, 2010


i have only been online for a year and have been having the time of ...


tishcat Dec 11, 2010

Leslie Nielsen 1926-2010

Leslie Nielsen (Star of Naked Gun series) died yesterday. The ...


Fiona Dec 1, 2010

New Hearing Aid for first ...

I have had my hearing test both privately and with the local ...


Heatherjp-k Nov 30, 2010

Education for a deaf child???

Hello I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice. Im ...


Anna Hayes Nov 28, 2010

Emergency SMS

Just wanted to find out if anyone has registered with this service ...


mimomimo77 Nov 24, 2010

Sigh ... it's happened again...

Words almost, but not quite, fail me.


AndyfromCorn wall Nov 20, 2010

First posting

Hi.This is my first posting on this site, and I must admit I ...


powerrider Nov 11, 2010

Subtitles on DVD's - useful site

I may be wrong but I think I remeber a recent thread just ...


Fiona Nov 7, 2010

BSL - good manners

If you understand BSL and you are aware that you are being ...


Otter25 Oct 31, 2010

Me, Cyborg

OK I have been done. I now have a brand new Cochlear Implant and I ...


AndyfromCorn wall Oct 29, 2010

Bluesky and Cornishandy

It's been a big week for you both - been thinking of you and ...


Pigletwiglet Oct 28, 2010


This post has been removed.


Tim Oct 26, 2010

Bus Pass Concession ... a ...

I have had a bus pass for some time and until now it has been ...


AndyfromCorn wall Oct 24, 2010

New Casting Call for Deaf Drama sting-call/C&B Productions are ...


DomoArigatoM rRoboto Oct 18, 2010


Just wondering how many deaf receive D.L.A or if any have put ...


stueyyy Oct 12, 2010

charges for lost hearing aid?!

HiI misplaced my hearing aid on saturday, searched everywhere ...


chocnnut Oct 12, 2010

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