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Children in Need

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    , in reply to message 191.

    Posted by The Goldfish (U1818903) on Thursday, 1st December 2005

    Think of it like a ramp, no-one here criticises those who request ramps or lifts as being lazy even though with an effort they might be able to use steps, why is it therefore wrong that we create the intellectual equivalent (i.e. uncomplicated language) for those with cognitive impairments.

    Or perhaps we do have an hierarchy of impairments after all. shame

    Paul and everyone,

    I hate to join in a discussion just to labour a critical point but the irony was too much to resist.

    Please could one of you start a new thread, click "Start New Discussion" on the main page. Entitle it appropriately and continue your discussion there.

    Anybody genuinely concerned about accessibility to people with cognitive impairments, let alone basic nettiquette would have already done this at some point since the discussion moved away from the original subject of "Children In Need". Actions and words, remember?

    Not only is it courteous and allows others to participate who are currently unable to, you are also more likely to have your opinions heard by the largest possible number of readers if you do this. A win win strategy if ever there was one.

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  • Message 202

    , in reply to message 198.

    Posted by U1826985 (U1826985) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    Well someone has to stand up and be counted......or we'll all contineu to be overlooked. 

    Well Chris I think that says it all....those many disabled people who are working for change but don't purport to be unelected spokespersons for all disabled people are just lying down and being overlooked..an interesting point of view

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  • Message 203

    , in reply to message 202.

    Posted by Chris_Page (U557481) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    That wasn't what I said - and you know it isn't. There are many ways of doing what needs to be done. Simply by doing something you ARE standing up to be counted. Stop being pedantic.

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  • Message 204

    , in reply to message 202.

    Posted by U2213803 (U2213803) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    Well, I suppose those just quietly doing what they can wouldn't really have time to spend all day and every day posting on forums saying what they do, would they?

    They'd sort of just be doing it.

    Whatever they are doing.

    And, never end up overlooked really.

    Lin smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 205

    , in reply to message 204.

    Posted by Chris_Page (U557481) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    All of it is a valid contribution, whether philosophical debate or actively in the community. We're all doing a mix of it, aren't we? I know I am. Are you?

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  • Message 206

    , in reply to message 205.

    Posted by BirdinFlight (U2399314) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    Hi Chris - having a bad time on the forum!

    Actually just to defend myself from critics - the org for which I work has over 650 members (disabled people) so we are a tad accountable!

    I am not purporting to represent you on this forum I was just having a good and interesting talk with Chris and others - that's all - no hidden agenda - interesting experience!

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  • Message 207

    , in reply to message 206.

    Posted by Chris_Page (U557481) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    Nothing I can't handle....smiley - winkeye

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  • Message 208

    , in reply to message 207.

    Posted by BirdinFlight (U2399314) on Friday, 2nd December 2005

    I guessed that - just expressing my affection and support for you - after all haven't been on this forum for 5 minutes and you can smell each other out!

    Got to chill now - bottle of red wine, mate and video!

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  • Message 209

    , in reply to message 203.

    Posted by U1826985 (U1826985) on Saturday, 3rd December 2005

    That wasn't what I said - and you know it isn't. There are many ways of doing what needs to be done. Simply by doing something you ARE standing up to be counted. Stop being pedantic. 

    I wasn't being pedantic...I can only go by what you write ...I can't read your mind.
    Are you now telling me not only how I think but how I act? Go on Chris let us run our own lives please.

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  • Message 210

    , in reply to message 209.

    Posted by Chris_Page (U557481) on Sunday, 4th December 2005

    My message was clear - how you continually misinterpret me is a matter for you to work out.

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  • Message 211

    , in reply to message 210.

    Posted by U1826985 (U1826985) on Sunday, 4th December 2005

    <quote user='Chris_Page' userid='557481'>My message was clear -

    That must have been a first

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