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  • I Love Pat: Celebrate a Walford Legend

    10:51pm on 29 Dec 2011

    I think my favourite Pat moment is when Peggy found out about her and Frank's affair when Peggy was married to Frank, and they are all standing at the the bar on firework night, I love it when Peggy slaps them both , right in the front of the punters in the pub! "Hope you enjoyed the fireowrks, GODD NIGHT!" Classic line!

    I think Frank was the one that really loved Pat , with his cheekiness and wicked ways , he was the only man to make her smile! The classic other moment has to be Frank standing on Pat's doorstep naked except for a bow tie that spins!

  • Christmas crackers from the Ouch! archives: part one

    4:36pm on 15 Dec 2011

    Where's the christmas single done by our very own Santa lovely Mat Fraser? Excuse me , while I sob into some tissues!

  • Ouch! Talk Show 78: Did he just say 'crip'?

    3:32pm on 07 Nov 2011

    I know what you shpuld do for a Christmas special! Have an audience special again , maybe in the radio theatre , have a fans quiz where me and another fan are pitting their wits against Mat and Liz , they get something from Mat and Liz's houses as a winners gift. LOL! Mat sings the christmas single again and Liz should make another Queen Liz's speech!

  • Ouch! Talk Show 76: What to watch at the Paralympics, disabled twins, life changing injuries and more.

    12:54pm on 16 Sep 2011

    Looking great! Cant wait to hear it , and loving Mat's selfishly tanning experience by being abroad! Get him! LOL!

  • For the love of Television Centre

    8:09pm on 17 Jun 2011

    It's so sad that such a iconic building is to be sold off! As a BBC fan I love the building , and have been in it , on a tour which I really enjoyed.

    I will miss the chance to go around it again , and they should make it a listed building so that they preserve it!

  • Podcast #69: first dates and learning disabled radio

    10:41pm on 13 May 2011

    How about having an Ouch superfans quiz,where listeners come into the studio to pit their wits about Ouch and anything disability related, the contestants all give a prize or gift as its the BBC and you dont do competition prize, the gift will be a piece from their houses , that they think the Ouch person will love. For example if I was to come and play against Mat , the gift or something will be a funny thing from my house! LOL!

  • Latest Podcast: Brown footers and blind gunslingers (show notes)

    01:51am on 03 Feb 2011

    I was thinking you should have some sort of superfriends type thing quiz one day,invite me to compete against Mat and someone to compete against Liz. If Liz or Mat win, they get something that me and the other person has brought from their house , and if me or the other person wins, we get something from Mat and Liz. Rob would be compere, and the quiz would be disability themed!

    Ha! ha!

  • Gym'll Fix it

    3:27pm on 31 Jan 2011

    That's really good Liz! I use a gym myself near me , and have a personal trainer. He always allows me to do exercise that will allow me to do it within the confines of my osteoporosis and takes regular breaks inbetween, and checks wther I d it right and I have lost weight while doing it and have had a good tick from the specialists that losing weight is good for my condition.

  • When disability just isn't funny.

    6:14pm on 31 Oct 2010

    Ha! ha! Glad the Ouch talk show is a staple of your work so people recognise you from that!

  • Disability up north.

    12:57pm on 27 Oct 2010

    Sounds great Emma! Aww am I allowed to have a Blue Badger poster? I'd love it to put up at work! LOL! Disability Bitch is on my wall nearest my desk , as I got a postcard of her when I came to Liberty , and I'd love a travel mug too!

  • Is it harder to be a disabled man or a disabled woman?

    9:46pm on 11 Oct 2010

    My opinion is that it can be harder for both a disabled man and disabled woman.

    In my experience, think of all the things I have to do , being someone with a "hidden" impairment and one who calls herself "osteocrip" for a laugh , has to work long hours , when she gets tired easily, looks after her house , gets everything sorted, and makes mistakes and gets emotional when she has a bad day.

    Other than that I'm fine! LOL! ha! ha!

  • Disabilityville's got talent

    6:23pm on 29 Jun 2010

    I can send you a video of me acting and doing a comedy fall when we had our forum theatre play last year with Mat if you like! My conversations are hilarious in it!

  • Are You Having a laugh? - disability on TV

    9:59pm on 26 Jun 2010

    LOL Thanks Bodge! Made me smile at his presenting again! Meeting the Mikster Thursday for saomething he is helping us with at work!

  • Are You Having a laugh? - disability on TV

    11:35pm on 25 Jun 2010

    There you go Mik! There's a mention for you!

  • Are You Having a laugh? - disability on TV

    11:31pm on 25 Jun 2010

    LOL Mik! Aww yeah I was wondering where your mention was sweetie! Well you know if I had made that show you would have a mention!

    Come on people,they should have him in shows! In my eyes Mik , you and Mat are top of my list of "disabled people who I like on telly"!

  • Are You Having a laugh? - disability on TV

    10:02pm on 23 Jun 2010

    I'll be watching as I got up early to see Mat and Kate on BBC breakfast , fantastic! And great show too!

  • Ouch! is 8 years old today

    3:24pm on 18 Jun 2010

    Happy belated birthday Ouch!!!!!!
    Oh wow there have been so many great stuff from your past cant name any!
    The crippled cocktails were fantastic! Bring those back! Cherry Moore going shopping , and her video diaries of her life, your columns were great , miss those Damon! and other faces from the past, are we going to see any of them again?

    Hmm.... Also loved your interview with Mat when he starred in Every Time you Look at me , the full interview was great, talking about the show and a lady who he liked from the Dove advert!

  • Lovelace, pianos and neo-Victorianism. Ouch!

    8:58pm on 31 Mar 2010

    Wow that sounds exciting! I'm a long time fan of the Ouch podcast or talk show and presenters and I hope their 50th edition will be very exciting!

  • Geocaching the accessible way

    01:09am on 23 Mar 2010

    Lol! I loved this article! Sounds a fun thing to do it's probably like
    orienteering where you have to find things too by using a map and co ordinates but a hugh tech way of doing it! Wouldn't mind getting involved
    in geocaching myself very fun!

  • Messed up, death obsessed cripple

    3:51pm on 22 Feb 2010

    I don't really like talking about death Liz , especially when a member of my own family has died. I suppose it must an issue though what with all the stuff at the moment going around in the news and through personal emails about assisted dying , and Liz is involved with me on the email list for that.

    Good issue though but I am sure not many disabled people will talk about it.

  • Name the BBC accessibility tool - the story continues

    11:54am on 14 Feb 2010

    I still go with my idea of calling it AbleAccess!

  • Today we are mostly thinking about ...

    10:59pm on 27 Jan 2010

    Ha! ha! Thinking about lots in the office then!

    Currently I am thinking about:

    1. My work with ALLFIE (Alliance for Inclusive Education) and my plans for campaign work with them

    2. Emailing or phoning Damon to discuss possible interaction with him in the future to do with ALLFIE and our campaigns

    3. The book and DVD that we have coming out with the lovely Ouch podcast host, star of Cast Offs and my friend Mat Fraser as director of our forum theatre play Jack and The Benstalk where Mat overwhemingly discusses how cinematic , beautiful and tragic my comedy fall was and saying it was the best piece of physical theatre he's ever seen! And making me go red at the same time! Ha! ha!

  • The ghost of Christmases past

    6:47pm on 17 Dec 2009

    LOL Liz! I loved reading that! I know how you feel, my presents were normally sometimes either socks or educational toys or smellies (were they implying I smelt as child?) LOL!

    Have a great Christmas!

  • Disability TV stripped naked

    7:06pm on 01 Dec 2009

    Sophie Morgan popped up last night at the RADAR Disabled People of the Year awards! She was in the same category like us for winning an award for her website but lost! Shame! Like we did! Boo! Apparently she has a website called IMperfect now!

  • You wait ages for some disability awards and then ...

    7:15pm on 25 Nov 2009

    Hey Damon! Did I tell that WorkABILITY that I work for is up for a Disabled Young person's award on Monday at the RADAR Disabled People of the Year awards? Ha! ha! It's me and my two colleagues that have been nominated for this award by our manager Nigel. Wish us luck, will you be there Damon and the rest of the Ouch team? Come it will be fun!

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