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  • Ouch! Talk Show 75: Say it again ... and again

    02:04am on 24 Aug 2011

    On the subject of speech impairment, I remember meeting Lawrence Clark at the first Ouch Christmas Podcast recording. He said something and after a few goes I had to say "look, my hearing's not great, I'm really sorry but I don't understand you" and moved along... to hear, crystal clear from behind me "I was only trying to say hello!"

    I felt awful but what else could I do?

    Sorry Lawrence...

  • comment-in-story

    3:17pm on 10 Feb 2011

    In our borough - Waltham Forest - the council pay a small fee to local businesses who are prepared to allow the public to use the toilets. They then display a "community toilet" sign in the window. This means that in our High Road I can use toilets in a cafe, the library, a pub and a fast food restaurant. The businesses benefit, and the public have access to a choice of clean toilets.

  • comment-in-story

    4:08pm on 20 Jan 2011

    I was taught to avoid religion, politics and money. But politics seems to be commonly discussed nowadays.

    One heads up - don't ask a vegetarian why they don't eat meat, at least not at the dinner table. They might feel "got at" but more to the point may make you feel sick about what you're eating...

  • Standards make the world accessible for all

    00:36am on 19 Oct 2010

    Steve I agree, and I am not going to advocate that all standards are perfect. But I think they are important, they set minimums, they get designers forced to consider user groups which they might otherwise exclude in the interest of design.

    I know what you mean. For example First Great Western's first class wheelchair bay is inaccessible to many users because someone in their wisdom put an armrest in the way. But standards reduce the chance of that happening. Sure, they can't accommodate everyone (for example they can't anticipate adaptive equipment that has not yet been created, or one offs, or exceptions to a general rule) but it's a start, and I think it is a *good* start. At least it's a base from which to move forward.

  • Standards make the world accessible for all

    5:13pm on 14 Oct 2010

    There are actually a few films, Dan - you've linked to the one about accessibility in buildings, but there are two others; one about accessibility in transport and another about accessibility in websites (There's also a fourth film which is an overview of them all.)

    I mention it because they've been very good and included several disabled contributors (nothing about us without us!) so, er, you might spot me in the two films I've just linked to...

    Personally I think it's great to have been able to be involved in a good news story for a change - too many disability news stories are complaining about something or other. So here we are talking about how to get things right.

    Of course if you do come up against access barriers - maybe a building which doesn't have an adapted toilet, or a website you can't use - you could use the films to point out that it's not just one person they affect, and that there are standards they should be following?

    Anyway, it is a fairly dry subject but an important one, I'm sure you'll agree. I'm glad you mentioned it.

  • Is it harder to be a disabled man or a disabled woman?

    7:05pm on 07 Oct 2010

    Probably worse being a man, as out of a heterosexual couple they are statistically more likely to have the higher income, so any reduced capacity to work caused by disability will have more impact if it's the man who can't work...

  • Your classic grand prix - race 14

    2:06pm on 03 Sep 2010

    1996 please!

  • Your classic Belgian Grand Prix

    1:13pm on 25 Aug 2010

    Rigadon - I've been bored waiting for the F1 coverage to kick off again too, but don't forget that the people running the website may have families and/or want a break over the summer holidays. Jake Humphrey was saying how a whole week with his wife was something unheard of at the moment! Summer is lazy and boring as a whole lot of things shut down and the schools are out, so I can't expect the BBC F1 team to keep going at full pelt. And with the closedown I suspect there are fewer stories around anyway.

  • Deaf country life v deaf city life

    4:59pm on 20 Aug 2010

    "And if you do bravely venture out during the day, pushchairs are difficult to transport along London's busy tube platforms if you don't possess the skills of a heptathlete."

    And if you're a wheelchair user, you find the terminally slow lifts are full because someone brought a pushchair! ;-)

  • Your classic grand prix - race 13

    3:38pm on 08 Aug 2010

    1979 please - I love seeing the "olden days", would be interested to see Zolder, and it sounds like a great race too.

  • Special Effects

    11:35am on 29 Jul 2010

    The best way to make this blog interactive would be to add polls to it. Everyone loves a ticky box!

  • German Grand Prix shenanigans

    00:59am on 29 Jul 2010

    I think you did a good job this weekend - the maverick EJ getting an interview with Dominicali right after the race was great - but one complaint.

    Surely the old adage is "leave them wanting more"?

    I love the red button forum and always watch, noticing when an hour is up and hoping it won't end but knowing it has to do so. But this time, you ran for 90 minutes and almost all of it was taken up by the presenters' opinions on the Ferrari swap, rather than the usual appearances by different drivers and team personnel discussing a variety of issues.

    I know the Ferrari swap was the talk of the race - I am a lifelong Ferrari fan and very angry about how poorly Massa was treated - but the forum was not as interesting as usual because you spent more time on the presenters' views rather than getting interesting interviewees (Gascoigne and Vettel excepted) and you were hoping for the FIA verdict so kept stringing the forum out long past the time when you should have said goodnight and closed the show.

    Just my opinion but I hope a more normal service is restored in Hungary.

    And although I am gutted for poor Karun Chandhok that he isn't driving again, his commentary on Friday practise was wonderful - engaged, accurate, interesting - more of the same please, and Jonathan Legard, watch out!

  • Your classic grand prix - race 11

    10:33pm on 21 Jul 2010

    Very close thing between the first three, but I'll go for a recent one for a change - 1998 please!

  • How should incompetent teachers be handled?

    5:02pm on 04 Jul 2010

    The comment about inadequate teachers being recycled is appropriate.

    The head of a school I was involved with was suspended while investigations into some serious allegations were made. The head chose to resign, so the investigation was irrelevant and never concluded. I see from google that the person in question is now head of another school, although not in the same county as before. A difficult situation because the investigation was not continued, so there is no way to know whether there was any truth in the allegations.

  • Formula 1 meets the fans

    12:02pm on 04 Jul 2010

    In response to "Kíllìnghölmê_Clᥠ(aka Charlie Cheesecake)" I did notice the irony of there not being any drivers present. Of course this weekend you CAN get close to the drivers - many of them are at Goodwood where the paddock is open and you can run into many famous drivers past and present - I know I have! I'd recommend it for anyone who loves racing.

    Perhaps if there is another forum, a more prominent driver will be brought along.

  • Pick your classic grand prix - race 10

    1:06pm on 01 Jul 2010

    1986 please. That was the year my dad first took me to Friday practice, and suddenly I understood why F1 was fun and got hooked - the 1986 British GP is the first one I watched and enjoyed!

  • Ouch! is 8 years old today

    4:49pm on 18 Jun 2010

    Happy birthday Ouch! And yes, I know what it's like to be sniped about, not on Popbitch but on DigitalSpy when I was on Deal or No Deal. If you stand up to them people soon back down and realise they've been rumbled!

    Anyway Happy Birthday, enjoy the cake. You HAVE got cake, I trust?

  • How public is the "Public Transport Games"?

    1:44pm on 14 Jun 2010

    Peter - it was a pleasure to go on the Olympic trip with you. You're right about the bugbears. As for jumping into a taxi, they are prohibitively expensive for a distance from Heathrow to Stratford - even from Paddington (presuming you take the Heathrow Express) a pre-booked minicab is about £25 and a black taxi far more. I would hope and expect there will be many disabled people on public transport.

    I too have blogged about the journey, from a wheelchair user's perspective. It's at

    I hope that by the next time we undertake the trip, not only will access have improved but also the information be provided in a joined up manner, which it isn't at present.

    - Flash Bristow

  • Voyeurism, surveillance and the camera

    6:50pm on 01 Jun 2010

    I went out and about in my local area over the weekend, to take some snaps for a local photo competition. I kept feeling cautious that people would think I was a paedophile (despite being female) and that I oughtn't to take photos of children playing or similar, unless perhaps they were motion shots and their faces were blurred. I do think it's sad that I felt awkward to hold a camera around families.

  • Pick your classic grand prix - race seven

    4:08pm on 20 May 2010

    1985 for me as that was the year when I first went to see F1 live and left the circuit proudly wearing a navy Canon Williams sweatshirt. Would love to relive that year.

    My second choice would be San Marino 81 - not fussed about the others.

  • Iain Duncan Smith, new DWP chief

    6:32pm on 12 May 2010

    I was very disappointed to hear that IDS is now in charge of the DWP.

    I am chair of Waltham Forest Mobility Forum, which covers IDS's constituency area.

    Twice, the members of our forum have asked me to write to him, asking him to sign Early Day Motions relating to disability. The first time (asking for a moratorium on Shared Surfaces) I got no reply, and the second time (asking for support for the Guide Dogs' Talking Buses campaign) I received a short letter saying he didn't sign Early Day Motions as he thought they were pointless.

    So far I have been very unimpressed with my interactions with him, and I don't think this bodes well for the future.

  • Pick your classic grand prix - race five

    1:34pm on 27 Apr 2010

    1977 is my first choice (haven't seen it, sounds interesting) and the others follow in date order with most recent as my least favourite option.

  • Pick your classic grand prix - race four

    1:18pm on 11 Apr 2010

    1983 please. I'm not a McLaren fan but it sounds like a great race (I started watching around 1984/5...)

    Thanks for offering us so many older races - spoilt for choice this time around.

  • Your classic grand prix - race two

    6:10pm on 25 Mar 2010

    1990 highlights were great, especially the last 3m 20s of the programme (the montage of the year's highlights) - what a fab year it was!

    For the next one, I'd like 2001 please. I know people used to revile Schumacher but he really was great in that race. Let's re-live it.

  • Pick your classic grand prix - race two

    12:33pm on 21 Mar 2010

    1st 1990 for me, 2nd choice would be 1985.

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