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Getting away with murder

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    Posted by sparklecloudnine (U13248245) on Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

    Have you all read this report 'Getting Away with Murder' just published by Disability Now, Scope and the UK Disabled People's Council?

    The report highlights the fact there is a widespread lack of understanding among police, lawyers, judges and the media of the extent of hate crime against disabled people.


    It is a shocking report and details some of the most horrific hate crimes committed against disabled people in the UK. I just hope that the law is changed to ensure that the people recognise that in its worst form, the consequences of disablism is as serious as racism or any other hate crime.

    As a disabled person myself I have on occasion experienced very minor harassment, name-calling etc in the street because of my impairment (which is visible) and have often thought that if people were calling me names because of my race I could report it to the police. But I don't feel that the police would take such disability harassment seriously.

    I think it is also interesting that the report makes the comparison between disabled people being seen as 'vulnerable' and therefore the acceptance that they are more likely to be victims of crime and the old cliche that women who were victims of violent crime somehow needed to change their behaviour (not go out alone at night, not dress in a certain way etc) rather than tackling the people committing the crimes.

    I remember that here in Scotland we had a zero tolerence campaign which sought to stop minor offenses being committed against women in order to stop the progression to serious crime and violence against women. Perhaps we need to have a big Zero Tolerence campaign for Disabled People.

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    Posted by bulekingfisher (U8365651) on Tuesday, 2nd September 2008

    Hello Sparkligcloudnine

    The police,Lawyers, Judge's ect are all bound by Political Correctness and P.C bears no recembalnce to human behavior so all polations are a bloody waste of space and ecconomically not viable

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