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  • MPs urge mobile firms to fill in rural 'notspots'

    09:33am on 04 Nov 2011

    I live in a village that has a fast train line to London, but we have no gas, no cable, and very poor mobile reception. I can still remember the joy when the village I grew up in was finally connected to mains sewers instead of everyone having septic tanks.

    What we are seeing here is a continuation of what happens when things that people in London consider essential are privatised.

  • The tale of the accessible eBook

    08:14am on 17 Apr 2010

    I have used many phones and devices, from the early palm ebooks through to my current iPhone. I tried a 7" samsung ultra fir a while, but this was way too heavy. I have peripheral neuropathy, fibromyalgia etc.! And can't lift a book for any length of time, so ebooks are my saviour. If I an very bad, Audibles membership scheme is great for reduced price audio books, but I can't find a comfy pillow speaker, so have to limit this to daytimes.

    The backlit nature of the phones is great for me as I can have a sleepless night and read without waking my husband. The pinch to increase text size is great, as is the good range of colours and the ability to set a day and night scheme to easily switch between. Be warned though, that this only works for the native application. Kindle for the iPhone doesn't have anything like this capability.

    Finally, buyer beware! I have just had a deletion of entire series of already purchased books from the barnes and noble sites - ereader, fictionwise, books on board - and they won't let me redownload either due to publisher squabbles. I view this as theft, and am trying to get a refund, after all I paid for them and 2 I hadn't had chance to read and they gave me no warnings. Sadly most British sites don't work on the iPhone so I am stuffedfor a supplier either way for some of my favourite series.

    I think we should start a petition!

  • Who needs airport assistance?

    2:28pm on 26 Jun 2009

    I get odd looks too - I have a very rare neuropathy and can walk 10 yards fine, but 30 more and am in agony. People who are in wheelchairs arent supposed to be able to hop on and off apparently :)

    At least the locals in my village are used to me scooting round with dog in tow - but I got some very confused looks at first. You also arent supposed to look god/young/happy whilst on a mobility scooter it would seem.....

  • Disability Bitch in benefits shocker!

    2:21pm on 26 Jun 2009

    It took me 14 months to get HRMC, but a year on from that am still waiting for a response for my Care component, so would think I count for a part of that :(

  • Have you heard a cuckoo?

    8:33pm on 28 May 2009

    There are at least 2 in the field to the east of Ball Road in Pewsey - SN9 5BL. I hear them most days answering each other at the moment which is lovely.

  • The Mascara Massacre

    1:11pm on 08 Apr 2009

    A bit after the fact, but I have fallen in love with an alternative for most of the issues - mineral make up! - I use the bare escentuals range which is available online, which I chose for many reasons, but the foremost one was that it is made up with no preservatives, talcs or anything else like that. It is just very finely ground powdered chalk, iron oxide and similar. When was the last time you had foundation with only 5 ingredients, all of them identifiable natural products?!

    What is so great is that you can get the starter packs really cheap, and they work by using a very big brush and slowly building up coverage. No fluids or creams means no splodges or blending issues - the foundation brush is also too big to go on your eye (except during a bad bout of bells palsy!)

    But it isnt just foundation, you can also get blushes, illuminators, tans, etc for your base.

    If you are feeling extra brave then there are the eye shadows, which can also be built up naturally. Add this to a set of tinted lashes, either done by yourself or a friend, and some nice lip gloss that wont show up the edges too much, and voila.

    Everyone keeps telling me I look so much better, which though I am not really makes me feel a bit better to just hear it.

    I am now ditching all my liquids and creams onto a grateful teenager, and also loving the fact that I have stopped getting spots and eczema :)

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