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13 Questions: David Weir

by Ouch Team

17th April 2008

Uppermost in my mind today is ...

Travelling to Portugal on Thursday for eight days of intense training. Hopefully it will prepare us for the hot weather in Beijing.

People think I'm ...

David Weir
The world's best racer. A lot of people say that to me on Facebook. I have 200 and something friends on there, and I got loads of congratulations comments after the Marathon win.

Not a lot of people know that I ...

David Weir racing
DJ. I don't do much at the moment because of my career, but it's been a hobby for ten years and I used to do some work in small Croydon clubs. I like funky electro house.

The best piece of advice I would pass on is ...

Don't get too stressed out by things. Take each day as it comes. In the build-up to this London Marathon I'd been a bit ill, so I thought I'd be getting stressed, but I was relaxed about things and not really too worried. I knew that if I was there with the pack at the end I'd have a good chance because I'm a sprinter.

I struggle with ...

Relationships. I always pick the wrong person. I seem to get attached too quickly. I'm single at the moment, and have a little girl called Ronie from a seven-year relationship.

I excel at ...

Winning. My big thing is success. I'm always setting myself targets. The next is to win a gold medal in Beijing.

My ideal dinner guest is ...

David Weir racing
Probably Sir Henry Cooper. because I'd like to know what he was thinking when he knocked out Muhammad Ali. I like boxing. I'd like to know if he thinks that were he fighting today, with better doctors and technology, would he cut as badly?

Where do you spend most of your time?

At home. I train in the mornings, then come back and relax. I go on my record decks and spend time with friends and family.

My first job was ...

I have never been in a job. This was quite difficult at first, but luckily my racing career took off. When I was looking, I hadn't many qualifications and there was a lot of discrimination. They would look at the chair and not at the person. All my family are in the building trade and I'm good with my hands. I'd like to work outdoors or do something to do with sport or DJing. My dream would be to run a club.

When I come home in the evenings, I ...

Chill out with mates watching telly or, even though I'm not drinking, I'll be in the pub playing pool or watching football. All my parties happen in November when I'm not training.

If I didn't live in the UK, I'd live in ...

David Weir racing
Australia. The weather is warm and sunny and the people are brilliant. America would be my second choice.

The most important thing to remember before I start a race is ...

To make sure the index and middle fingers of each hand are taped up well so that I don't get blisters, and to have the right amount of air in my tyres. I don't like people doing this for me, because that way I have no one to blame if something goes wrong.

Winning the London Marathon is ...

The best feeling ever. I was on top of the world. It's always great to win this race because I'm from London and there is a lot of pressure on me. The expectation gets bigger and bigger every year.

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