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The Best Bet Diet: Week 3

by Ian Cook

6th October 2008

They say that MS is a relapsing remitting condition, and believe me I've relapsed big time over the last seven days. Not with my MS, but with a diet supposed to help it. So thanks to all of you who have pointed out the error of my ways.
For the past two weeks I've been on a special diet, supposed to help me with my MS. The diet I've signed up to is called The Best Bet Diet. It's based on white meat, fish, fruit and vegetables with lots of vitamin and mineral supplements. The diet is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, legume-free, yeast restrictive and sugar-free or restrictive. No red meat either. You also have to take an allergy test.
My mistake was a fundamental one. I ate bread and baked beans, despite the fact that the diet is gluten-free and legume-free. Basic error? Yes, they don't get much more basic than that. So rapped knuckles there. All I would say is that I'm learning as I go along. And there's a lot to learn. One thing I have learned is that while it's possible to eat a new diet on your own, it's difficult to rope other people in - if you eat with other people that is, which I do. So I have decided to go solo on the food front from now on.
In the process of re-considering my diet I have also discovered an interesting fact. A visit to the average British restaurant or takeaway is a no-no for Best Bet dieters. I had suspected this when I started, and ruled out any trips to places like KFC, even though white meat is allowed. Is there a Best Bet Diet approved restaurant chain, I wonder? If not, I doubt whether I will be doing much eating out on the diet.
Still it's not all bad news. I've had lots of messages of support - thanks to the person who recommended vanilla-flavoured Rice Dream. I quite like the regular flavour, but I've put the vanilla flavour on my shopping list. A change is as good as a rest and all that.

In spite of the diet problems, I feel quite well this week. My leg spasms have actually been quite under control over the past seven days, and I feel less fatigued. But then again, as I say MS is a relapsing remitting condition so it's hard to read too much into that.

In conclusion, I think that I'm finally getting it right on the diet front, so hopefully I should start to see the results ... well, as long as there are no more lapses!
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