The Holocaust and disabled people

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The Holocaust and disabled people

Although the Holocaust is usually seen in the context of the killing of six million Jewish people, an estimated 200,000 disabled people were also killed by the Nazis.
Auschwitz concentration camp
Holocaust Memorial Day, which in 2009 falls on Tuesday 27 January, commemorates those who suffered as a result of the Holocaust and Nazi persecution, including its disabled victims, and aims to demonstrate that the Holocaust is relevant to all sections of UK society today.

The Day provides a focus - through the national event, plus local events and activities - for people to think about the continuing repercussions of the Holocaust on society.

These pages provide a general overview of the crimes against disabled people by the Nazis, plus information that will help you with further personal research.
Photograph © United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM).
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    • 1. At 10:05am on 21 Oct 2008, Vaughan Simons wrote:

      One of the interesting things about the Ouch! relaunch is finding content from the archives like this. A very thought-provoking and often moving look into a dark episode in disability history.

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    • 2. At 8:01pm on 08 Apr 2009, borntobethird wrote:

      The worst thing about the holocaust is that it's based on eugenics theories. These theories have since been proven to be flawed. I'm saddened to note that Eugenics societies still operate worldwide. You would have thought we'd learned from history. Incidentally I'm running a 'Facebookers Against Eugenics' group if anyone's interested in joining.

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