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BBC Hive

BBC Hive is an initiative within BBC Digital to make our internal test tools and libraries available to the wider testing community.

Software testing is a particular area where we are massively reliant on on open source software -- and also an area where we invest a lot of time building tools and libraries to make the testing effort easier -- particularly when it comes to testing our products on physical devices such as mobile phones and smart TVs.

We established the BBC Hive project as a way of sharing our device-testing innovations and experiments as open source code and libraries -- driven particularly by external interest in our on-device CI system: Hive CI.

We're making everything available on github on our BBC organisation.

Hive CI

Hive CI is the BBC's device testing platform. The mobile Hive-CI code is all available on github so you can build your own in-house device cloud.

Take a look at the Hive documentation site for more details.