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The BBC has been using and contibuting to open source projects for as long as we've had a website. This site brings together all the open source projects across the BBC with links to all our documentation and source code and information on how to get involved.

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BBC Open source projects are made available under a number of licences. We aim to make uptake and contribution as easy as possible and we'd love for you to get involved — whether that's through discussion or code.

Some of our projects require you to sign a Contributor Licence Agreement. A CLA grants us a licence to include your contributions. It protect your rights as a contributor, and ensures the contributions can be used by everyone. Look at the contribution guidance on individual projects for more information on how to start contributing.

Take a look at the projects here, or head over to github to start contributing.


Get in touch if you have any questions about Open Source at the BBC or want to get involved. These pages are still fairly new so if you have suggestions to improve the content we'd love to hear from you.


Interested in a career at the BBC?

We build a large number of systems and applications using a wide range of frameworks and technologies. We're heavily invested in open source, and committed to making more of our code available externally.