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24 September 2014

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April 2004
My first... strip search
My first... strip search

Many words can go after strip - strip tease, strip poker... and strip search!

Loay El Hady
Loay Hady meets one student who has had the pleasure of a strip search!
My first...

Strip search



Yoga session

Body board

Hole in one


Lesbian experience



Modelling shoot

Nose job

OZ exchange

Martial art




STD test

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The word strip on its own is quite an innocent word, it could refer to a piece of something or maybe even the kit of a team, but start sticking words after it and it becomes a bit of an eye opener.

On the one hand you have the more pleasurable end of the scale such as strip tease, or the beloved drunken game strip poker but on the other side of the coin comes the dreaded strip search.

Although normally only referred to jokingly when someone's going for a medical and almost displaced as an urban myth that doesn't happen, the truth is it does.

So is it all rubber gloves, vaseline and the dreaded line of 'this is an invasion of privacy'?.

Loay Hady caught up with a guy who ahem ... had been through the motions, to find out what was up... or for want of a better phrase what went up?

Rhys Roberts is a 21 yr old student at the Nottingham Trent university who had the pleasure of a strip search at the tender age of 18.


So what were you trying to smuggle into the country?
Nothing, I wasn't strip searched at customs, I was at a friends house party.

You and your friends just wanted to try something different with each other?
No, the police raided the place...

Oh, that makes more sense. Why did they 'bust' you?
Apparently the guy who's house it is was up to some shady things and we just happened to go along with some friends of friends. Everything was cool, we were just chilling, and then there was a knock on the door, didn't think anything of it and then four police men walked in...

(interrupting) And just for the record these were real police right? Not some strippers you'd ordered?
No... they came in and proceeded to tell us that they had a warrant to search the premises for illegal substances and they did so.

...and the first place they looked was up your...
No of course not, they were just searching the flat...

Oh right, so they didn't search you?
Not a first, but after they looked all over the flat they came back to us and asked us to go with them into a room.

All at once?
No, one at a time.

(I could sense that Rhys was gonna need some cajoling in the next sentence). So then the policeman said...?
... He asked me to take off my top, I felt really embarrassed and humiliated but to be fair the officer really didn't want to do this either. He tried to make small talk, he said nice vest and then he asked me to take it off...

'Nice vest'? what an ice breaker...
... then he asked me to take off my trousers and my boxers and he checked the lining at the top of both.

He was touching your underwear? Sometimes the police have the worst job. Please tell me it wasn't laundry day?
Well, I was a little nervous when they came in so my pants were...

(interrupting) No one needs to know the end of that sentence. Did the search go any further?
No, I wasn't probed or anything, thank god, but there was one more really humiliating experience.

Prey tell...
He asked me to 'lift my sac' and then he had to take a peak underneath to make sure I hadn't snuck anything under there.

So you're standing there holding your balls? That's not so bad, you could've just closed your eyes and pretending you were defending a free kick.
Not that easy when you're naked and a policeman's staring at you.


Rhys' Story was humiliating rather than excruciating and though he wasn't happy to do it, he understands the police have a job to do.

The moral of the story here is don't go round dodgy houses and though it's not exactly clear why Rhys was at this guys gaff when he wasn't there, one thing I am certain he wished he hadn't been there either.

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