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29 October 2014

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November 2003
Sonique - the interview
Sonique - the interview
Sonique tells Karen Gillet how to run a marathon, how to cut it with blokes and what Judge Jules was like at school.

Karen Gillet
A NTU Platform article
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How to offend a celeb in less than 30 seconds!

Sonique stood right in front of me! It was so obvious, this 6ft-stunning statue that is Sonique. So why did I walk up to her and come out with the words, "Neil, when do you think she will be here?" to the manager who was chaperoning Sonique and her PA? How could anyone do that?

I think it was a look of disbelief for the first split second and I don’t know who was more shocked! But I recovered fast in a way that anyone would after committing such celeb review suicide. I grinned and blurted "Where? Oh yes!, so it is! Hi ya! Oops!" I proceeded to scamper off into the office, hoping that she would forget what had just happened.

A few minutes later Sonique walked into the office and stood there, giving off a vibe of attitude. Then she looked at me, sat down and began to laugh!

Luckily Sonique has a sense of humour and is very down to earth! Phew!! I took the moment and rattled on with my questions; in order to save what little credibility I now had left.


Alive is your latest single to the album Born to be Free. What was the inspiration behind this song?
It wasn’t a song that I actually wrote. It was written for me and I heard it and really liked it because it’s so feel good. It was totally opposite to what was going on at the time around me in the music industry and it’s happy and uplifting! It was done really well in Europe, although over here it didn’t take off to the same extreme.

What advice would you give to anyone wanting a career in the DJ industry?
Take your vitamins! Find good people around you and focus on what you want to achieve. Professionally, I was a singer before I did the DJing and I never expected to come quite as far as I have, which I am very aware of and grateful about, but you have to work hard to make it.

Who inspires your work?
God… But musically, Aretha Franklin, Peter Gabriel, Eurythmics and Kate Bush.

You sang on Celebrity Stars in their Eyes as Donna Summer. Why did you choose such an artist?
I was given the option of that song, Billie Holiday and Nina Simone. But the first song I ever bought was "I feel love" (by Donna) and I am a fan. Also she has fire and stage presence, which is something I hope I have! I can relate her to myself.

You went to school with Judge Jules. He has described you as ‘a DJ who can cut it over and above the blokes’. But how does the music industry react to female artists?
They’re great with me! I think that your sex shouldn’t come into it; it’s about playing records that people like. And I did go to school with Judge Jules, yes! But I hardly knew him! I seem to remember him wearing eyeliner, but that is it as far as memories of him at school go, I was in the cool crowd (and she laughs, jokingly).

You have been a keen athlete in the past. Do you have any tips for someone who has applied to run the London marathon? (Come on, I need as many tips as I can get!)
Eat plenty of veg and healthy stuff! And train hard. I was captain of the hockey team and the swimming team and I also played netball, as well as my sprinting training four times a week. So you just have to put in the work!


Sonique then wished me well on my write up and complimented me on my questions, possibly impressed that I had actually proven some level of IQ!

I went over to the DJ booth where she had already begun working the decks. As I looked around the room I saw Jodie O’Rourke (Clubbing society President, who wouldn’t-be-seen-dead-in-a-mainstream-club) dancing merrily in the Works. It was then that I knew this DJ was something special to the music industry!

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