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24 September 2014
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3rd July 2002
Interview with Ralf Little
Ralf Little

Ralf Little plays Richard Eustace, a Notts County fan.

When filming 'Paradise Heights', Ralf Little enjoyed his time in Nottingham, his memories include drink, pubs, drink and pubs.

The last five years have been eventful to say the least for Ralf.
He starred in The Royal Family as Anthony, and the sitcom 'Two Pints of lager and a Packet of Crisps.'

Now he's starring in Paradise Heights which is set here in Nottingham.

His character Richard, is the youngest of three brothers and is about to go off to University, but it looks as if he might get tangled up in family affairs.

Below is an interview with Ralf when he visited BBC Nottingham. But before you read it, he has an appeal.

Ralf's character is a Notts County fan, and he has to sing the 'Wheel barrow' song, but he doesn't know what it means! And to that matter neither do we, so can you let us know?

Interview with Ralf Little
Tell us about the characters...
They are great characters, they're very real. Richard's (Ralf's character) a great character, but the most normal person I've played in my entire life, he's more normal and closer to me than the characters I've ever played, he's quite quick, banters with his brothers, just a normal 22 year old lad, who reacts normally to what's going on around him. He's close to me.
Was it easy playing your character?
I was a little worried I was going to be playing myself, I tried to find little nuances, like I made myself right handed because I'm left handed. After few days I realised I was playing myself but right handed, so in essence I'm just called Richard and I'm right handed!
Did you find the Nottingham accent hard to do?
Jo [Joanne Froggatt] spent all her time worrying that she couldn't do a Nottingham accent - but it was actually spot on, Charlie's [Dale] was spot on, Neil [Morrisey] was doing a vague Stoke accent and for the first couple of days I tried a Nottingham accent, but then I thought 'I can't be doing with this'.
What are your memories of Nottingham?
My memories of Nottingham involve drink, pubs, drink and pubs. I had a couple of pints in The Trip to Jerusalem. I think I went to ever dodgy club in Nottingham, the ones where your feet stick to the floor!
What's the programme say about Nottingham?
It's full of gangsters! And dodgy deals. There's also references to the mining background.

How does 'Paradise Heights' make Nottingham look?

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