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24 September 2014
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July 2002
Nottinghamshire Deer Survey - Help needed!
Wollaton Park deer

A lone deer in Wollaton Park - there are many more throughout the county

A countywide deer survey has been launched to try to chart the deer population in Nottinghamshire.

For the next 12 months
deer enthusiast Dennis Ashcroft wants the public to help him by taking on the role of deer spotters [Deer spotting form].

Deer are part and parcel of Nottinghamshire history,
especially in connection with Sherwood Forest and the legendary Robin Hood.

Deer are even depicted on the city of Nottingham’s coat of arms.

Dennis Ashcroft
Notts very own deer hunter - Dennis Ashcroft

Nowadays, when the people of Notts think of deer they think of Wollaton Park's captive deer.

These deer are reputed to be direct descendants from the original deer of Sherwood Forest, where there used to be abundant numbers.

It's thought there are still large numbers of the animals in the county, although the breeds of deer may well have increased.

The aims of this project are to :-

1. Determine/estimate the numbers and species of deer within Nottinghamshire.

2. Determine/estimate sex ratios.

3. Determine/estimate the numbers of the individual species.

4. Determine/estimate sex ratio’s within the individual species.

5. Record, collate and plot the location, distribution and densities of the deer
within the Shire.

6. Record, collate and plot the distribution and densities of the individual species.

7. By comparing the findings with any obtainable existing/past records and taking
into account the findings of the project report Road Traffic Accidents Involving Deer, study, calculate variations, similarities and patterns that may help highlight pointers towards the future of/for the deer in Nottinghamshire and possibly their management.

8. Reach conclusions and produce a report.

If you want to help Dennis Ashcroft by going deer spotting remember to take our ready made deer spotters form.

Just so you know what you're looking for you might want our handy deep spotters guide.

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