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24 September 2014
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July 2002
Deer Identification Guide 2002

Fallow Deer
(Dama dama)
Fallow Deer
  • Introduced by the Normans
  • Colours range from white to pitch black.
  • Thier summer coat is chestnut with white/cream spots.
  • The Buck grows a palmate set of antlers each year.
  • Half the year they live in small mixed herds, then in seperate buck and doe herds the rest.
  • Found throughout the UK including Wollaton Park in Nottinghamshire


Roe Deer
(Capreolus capreolus)

Roe Deer
  • The roe can be traced back to the pre-ice age
  • Their summer coat is a foxy red and in winter it turns a greyish colour
  • The buck is very territorial, and also co-habits with the same doe for many years
  • Found throughout Scotland, Northern England, and most of the Southern Counties
  • No roe have been found in the midlands, but you never know.


Chinese Water Deer
(Hydropotes inermes)
Chinese Water Deer
  • Both the roe and the buck are roughly the same height
  • Both have a uniform sandy-chestnut colour
  • Most of the year the bucks prefer solitude
  • They prefer marshland area and can be found on the Cambridge Fens.

Japanese Sika Deer
(Cervus nippon nippon)
Japanese Sika Deer
  • Introduced to Britain in the 2nd half of the 19C.
  • Sika deer have flanks of a warm brown with yellowish white spots during summer
  • A black dorsal line extends down the tail
  • Sika are capable of Hybridisation with red deer
  • Found in the New Forest

Read more about the deer species in Britain.

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