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29 October 2014
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18th July 2002
Ant explosion

Crawling around a house near you

It's one of the most sought after items this summer and if you don't hurry you'll miss out - and potentially be left with a creepy crawly problem.

We're talking about ant spray and ant powder.

Apparently there's an ant explosion in Notts and hardware stores are rapidly running out of one of the chief weapons against the insect (other than your foot).

So if you can't find any spray what can you do to get rid of the beasties?

Who you gonna call?
You could try calling in your local council, but beware, some won't send anybody to deal with a nasty nest and others will charge you.

Here are some helpful numbers:-

Gedling Borough Council
Tel:- 0115 901 3836 / 3837
They don't send anyone if there's a problem but they have got a leaflet you can request on the number above.
Bassetlaw District Council
Tel:- 01909 533533 and ask for Pest Control
They only send out if the ants are in your home. OAPs in council homes are treated free but those in their own home are charged £13.50. Everyone else is charged £26 with business charged £34.
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Tel:- 0115 981 9911 x 524
It's £35 for a home visit. They have a website for pest tips.
Ashfield District Council
Tel:- 01623 457284
They don't treat for ants but they do issue a leaflet or you can go to their website.
Mansfield District Council
Tel:- 01623 463189
They offer advice and leaflets but won't come out to help.
Broxtowe Borough Council
Tel:- 0115 917 7777 x 3485
They advise you to carry out your own ant removal but do have a pest control officer to give advice on the number above.
Nottingham City Council
Telephone Helpline:- 0115 915 6123 / 6224
They will only come out for the elderly (best to 'phone the help desk).

Don't encourage them
Ants like sweet food products so:-

  • Keep cupboards, shelves and work surfaces clean.
  • Make sure food containers, like jam jars, are firmly closed and the lids clean.

Stopping them entering the house
Being little creatures, ants can squeeze through just about anything so extra time needs to be taken sealing all cracks and gaps in the home.

Common access areas are around skirting boards, cracks in the floor/wall and around windows.

Put the insecticides around these areas but ensure you follow the instructions and don't use near any foodstuffs.

If you find a nest
You can normally locate a nest by following a trail of worker ants.

Once it's been located, treat it with a suitable insecticide (if you can find one).

If you can't find any, you could pour boiling hot water over the nest. It'll control the nest occupants...but only for a short time.

Where are they?
Help us determine the worst spots in Notts for ants. If you've been overrun by them let us know where they are so we can create a map of ant infestations.

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