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24 September 2014
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Eyewitness Accounts
UFOs: Eyewitness accounts

UFOs: Eyewitness accounts
Over the River Trent, West Bridgford, Beeston, Grantham...

Silver saucers, men in black, mother ships, flashing lights...

Sightings from across Nottinghamshire...

Mavis in Arnold
First sighting
I’ve seen a couple of UFOs. I saw one in Ingoldmells in the late 1960s. We went to a little caravan site when my children were small.

We’d just left the social club to go back to the caravan. I looked up and there in the sky was this flying saucer thing.

It moved as though it was watching us. I felt as though we were being watched. It wasn’t very big. It wasn’t very high either, I could see the underneath of it. I even drew it, I’ve still got the drawing all these years later.

It had a band round the middle of it that moved very slowly. As we ran along the caravan to watch it, it moved very slowly along with us, then it just vanished.

I’ve no idea where it went - there wasn’t a hole in the ground or anything

Second sighting
The second one was in Arnold, lots of people saw it, there was about 50 sightings of that one.

I wrote it all down at the time. We’d been babysitting, it was late at night, about 11 o clock.

We looked up and it was like two big car headlights in the sky. It was moving very slowly. It took about 10 minutes to get down the avenue and it’s only a small avenue.

I think it was just passing by and observing. Later, it passed over Basford, Hucknall and ended up in Ilkeston.

I can only say it’s got to be from outer space.

Mike from Hucknall
It was about 11 years ago. We were coming back from the city, by the Forest. It was quite dark and there was this bright light in the sky.

It was strange the way it caught our attention. Then it moved very suddenly to the side, too fast to be anything that’s natural or airborne - it moved several miles in a split second.

Then it was stationery for a while - we stopped and had a look,. It went off at a 30 degree angles and sped off. It must have travelled 20 miles in the sky in that time. Then it disappeared.

I’ve been used to flying for 30 odd years, there’s nothing on earth that could travel that fast in that space of time.

It went in different directions, there’s no question what it was.

I’m a firm believer in UFOS. When you consider the size of the universe, why should we be the only asteroid blessed with life? There’s got to be something out there.

Ruth in Stapleford
It was about 1978/9 in Stapleford. It was about 7.30pm and I went out to get the washing in. I thought ‘the moon’s bright tonight’ as I was lifting the clothes off the line and when I looked up there it was, it had lights all over it.

I went in to fetch my 9 year old twins and came out again. It was still there, hovering. All three of us were looking up at it, then it shot off and I’ve never seen anything move so fast in all my life.

We ran through the house and it was going off over the school nearby. We never mentioned it to anyone else because they would think there was something wrong with us.

We still talk about it though whenever we get together.

Peter (my son) says there was a low humming sound, I didn’t hear that.

In the Evening Post the night after there was a report of a courting couple in a field who saw it land in a field in Arnold and it made headlines in the Evening Post. I’ve never forgotten it.

Pat in Southwell
It’s 34 year ago now. I was pregnant with my son and we lived in Grantham and every Friday evening my husband used to go out with a friend and I used to go to his wifes house.

It happened every Friday evening for about six weeks. We saw an awful lot of activity over her house in Grantham. It was summer. It was very warm.

We did actually report it because we’d seen aeroplanes going up and chasing after these things and obviously losing them.

What did they look like?
There was a real assortment. It was almost like a display. And as I say, every week. But we actually saw what you call a mother ship opening up and little ships coming out. It was unbelievable. And they were coming low over us.

At first we were petrified but when it kept happening week after week we weren’t any more. We were almost willing them to come.

Why did they come on Fridays?
I have no idea. Maybe they did come other evenings but it just happened to be when we’re outside.

When you’re staying at your friends house were you on the bottle a bit?
No. I honestly wasn’t. I was seven months pregnant at the time.

One evening my friend actually rang one of the local airforce bases. We were trying to see what they knew because they were obviously chasing these things. They denied all knowledge.

Then a short while afterwards she had a visit by two gentlemen. One very, very strange man who didn’t speak at all and the other one that spoke very aggressively.

They told her that she hadn’t seen anything and was never to repeat that she had seen anything to anyone else.

Who were these people?

We don’t know.

Well, honestly, men in black springs to mind. That was the way it was. It was very very strange.

Did you take any photos?
No. But my friend kept a diary and wrote everything down but I’ve lost touch with her.

What do you think it was?

What we thought it was back then. We weren’t dreaming. I am quite sane, honest.

Barbara and Terry, Newbury
Having listened to BBC Radio Nottingham on Tuesday I went searching for new clippings on 1987 which my husband and myself witnessed.

It was 5.15pm on Wednesday December 9th 1987. On my way home for work in Hucknall my husband Terry met me on Kingsway Road off Watnall Road.

As we were nearing, I looked up as I heard a drone and it was a huge object.

Lots of windows and lights going not too fast and not too high as it seemed to fill a big area. It just passed over. We couldn’t believed what we saw. I was pleased to see it in the Evening Post the next day.

Nottingham Evening Post:
Mystery of City ‘UFO’ Sightings

Baffled police and airport officials have admitted they are stumped by reports of a close encounter with a mysterious flying object over Nottingham loast night.

Calls from Broxtowe, West Bridgford and Sherwood areas reported sightings of strange lights in the sky on an object the size of a football pitch, travelling very slowly and accompanied by a deep hum. But inquiries revealed there were no aircraft in the area at the time.
"I just don’t know what it was," a police spokesman said. "We checked with the Civil Aviation Authority, East Midlands Airport and RAF bases but no one was able to help." But police have had no reports of anyone being beamed aboard the mystery craft.

DB Maycroft, Beeston
First sighting
The incident occurred in 1950. I was working with a Nottingham firm doing contract work for the BBC.

While working at 600ft up with a TV Mast on a very clear day I observed a UFO in the direction of Huddersfield. The UFO was saucer shaped and silver in colour.

This object was observed for approximately two hours by at least twenty people most of the staff of the BBC station including the station manager.

After about two hours it acclerated upwards at very fast rate and vanished. I was told that the incident was reported to authority .

Second sighting
The second incident is seeing a very large silver and orange disc. This was in 1954.

I was walking down an unlit country lane. The disc was stationary and low in the sky towards Hardwick Hall. I only saw it for about five minutes. Then it just vanished. On this occasion I was on my own.

Third sighting
The third time I saw something unusual was in 1989. I was walking home from and afternoon at work. It was about 11pm in December and it was a cold frosty clear night.

I was drawn to look upwards to a noise like a loud buzzing bee. Looking towards Long Eaton.

I saw a triangular shaped object. It was about 60ft long on each side and along the underside of each edge there was alternating read and blue lights. The whole thing was slowly rotating in a clockwise direction.

After approximately ten minutes the lights started to go out and the object vanished.

Fourth sighting
My last sighting was in 1997. At about 11.30am in February.

I saw a pulsating orange ball over the River Trent. The ball appeared to be stationary. After less than a minute it moved away at a tremendous rate and vanished.

IB Edgson, Mansfield Woodhouse
I wish to record an incident that happened to me at Skegby, Notts some 25 years ago, so scary that I still remember it vividly.

We had gone to baby-sit for our daughter and son-in-law whilst they had an evening out. After putting my two grand-daughters to bed around 9pm I left my husband in charge whilst I took their dog for a walk.

They lived in Wheatfield Way at Skegby and I walked the dog onto Buttery Lane when I was stopped in my tracks by a sudden uneasy feeling.

I became aware of an object hovering above me, similar in shape to the old Hoover Constellation vacuum cleaner.

There was a very low humming sound, and small red and yellow lights flashing around the top. It was a very clear night, but unfortunately there was no one else around.

I felt very uneasy, as if I was being watched, and the dog, a usually boisterous Beagle, sat quietly at my feet.

I watched nervously for several minutes. Then the object slowly moved away in the direction of Kings Mill Hospital towards Mansfield.

It was an experience I will never forget, and remains vividly in my mind. The area is very open, very light traffic and at night very quiet.

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