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24 September 2014
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March 2002
UFO researcher Tony James, looks at recent cases from around the country...

Lancashire, 4th March 2002, 23:33pm
Bill was in the White Coppice area of Chorley and noticed what appeared to be a "string of pearls" configuration travelling toward the northbound M62 motorway. The "pearls" were highly luminous and not "lit up" in the usual sense of the word.

The configuration was moving quite slowly so he took off in the car in an attempt to follow the "thing". Bill met up with it near to the motorway junction at Chorley. It was easy to follow because of its slow speed.

Tony James
Tony James - UFO researcher.

It continued to fly over the M62 north then turned toward Blackburn. It didn't increase its speed until it passed the BA works at Salmesbury, he then had to hit the gas to keep it in sight.

Luckily the road was quiet so he could put my foot down. Even though he was really shifting the "thing" soon outpaced him and he lost sight of it near to Great Harwood, it then simply vanished over Pendle Hill. There were 6 "pearls", he has no idea of the size but they must have been quite large. Bill got the impression that the "lights" belonged to one object rather than several, though he could be mistaken.

There were no strobe lights. Throughout the "sighting" he didn't feel at all well, lightheaded and talking to himself in a sort of moaning and muttering way. Once the "pearls" left he began to recover. Bill later stopped at a shop to buy a can of Pepsi and mentioned what he'd seen, the shopkeeper told him that he too had seen such a phenomenon when stood at his shop door chatting to a customer. His opinion was that it was the witches of Pendle on their broomsticks!

Dartmoor, UK 18th February 2002, 20:00pm
George is a novice amateur astronomer, and at 8pm on the 18th February he was trying out a new telescope by viewing the Moon and Jupiter at a place called Hay Tor on the edge of the moors. He was facing East when he saw a swirling display of lights, apparently above a small patch of cloud.

The swirling pattern appeared to be circular, but inclined at an angle of about 45 degrees, making it elliptical. He estimates the size as that of a football at arms length. The first sighting only lasted  2 or 3 seconds, but was repeated close to the same spot 3 more times during the next 5 minutes.  

The position of the light source was close to that of the moon, but much closer. There were no car headlights evident at the time, no sign of laser shows, disco's, helicopters, or other aircraft. The weather was very cold, with some light cloud. He specifically chose the spot because of the low light pollution, a very rural area on the edge of Dartmoor.

Cornwall, February 15th 2002
UFO investigator David Kingston was planning the 7th Dorchester Conference on the 'unexplained', when he received reports of a bizarre triangular craft with red and blue lights, zooming across the skies from Cornwall to Poole in Dorset.

The mystery machine, some 100ft long, was first spotted in St Austell, Cornwall. There were also reports of it not far from Lyme Regis later the same day, then over Portland and Poole,   Mr Kingston, who first witnessed unexplained flying objects while serving with an RAF intelligence unit during nuclear tests in the Pacific, is at a loss to explain the latest sightings.

He says: "I received a number of consistent reports of a craft flying over the West country on February 15 and there is nothing like it in the world aircraft guide. It was said to be triangular, 100ft long with red lights all the way up on the right hand side and blue lights on the left hand side. "Underneath was what appeared to be a very large light, in the middle, glowing pale electric blue through to purple with a corona surrounding it.

"Four or five people witnessed it and described it as gliding silently at about 2,000 to 3,000ft. Covert aircraft would not be flown in the daytime over an area like this. It was described as hovering quietly at Portland. The last sighting was near Poole, about two hours after the first." Since he first heard aircrew talk of seeing UFO's, during the nuclear tests on Christmas Island in 1957, he has catalogued hundreds of reports and witnessed many strange sights himself.

These days Mr Kingston's details are passed on from the Police  who ring them reporting strange sightings. Living on the rolling Dorset downland he and his wife, Virginia, are ideally placed for a clear view of the skies. He said: "Last year I saw two or three sightings on the horizon which were definitely not normal aircraft. One appeared as a very bright star, although I looked at it with binoculars and it definitely wasn't. It eventually disappeared very suddenly."  

Oakham, Leicestershire, February 6th 2002, 9:45pm.
We saw a triangular object with a bright white glow around it darting about in the eastern sky on February 6, 2002. At 9:45 PM, I first noticed a very bright light darting about in the eastern sky but at a closer look we could see it seemed to be a triangular shaped object which had a bright white glow around it, at one point it got very bright but faded again and almost disappeared.

It was moving around very quickly and in very strange shapes, sometimes it would move up, then to the left, to the right and back again, other times it would fly in a big circle. We left after an hour of watching the object. Oakham is on the western edge of Rutland Water, about 15 miles east of Leicester.

Gatwick Airport, London - January 31st 2002, 5:00am.
A retired telecom engineer Jerry Horlan, stood in his
Broadfield kitchen, and he was gripped by an eerie sense that he was not alone. He was astounded to see a circle of strange lights hovering over the south side of Gatwick Airport. He explained: "I had been up all night and was just making myself a cup of coffee when I saw something very strange out of the window. 

"Hovering over the south side of the airport were 12 bright lights circling slowly round. I just could not believe what I was witnessing." The father of two tracked the objects for more than an hour until dawn began to break, and the lights slowly moved away from the airport and disappeared.  

Mr. Horlan, 58, who lives in Farnham Close, Broadfield, continued: "It was a unique experience. I have travelled all around the world and never seen anything like that before. "I am not saying it was definitely a UFO but it would be good to get some sort of explanation to account for what I saw." 

The skies over Gatwick Airport have seen a number of close encounters over the years with witnesses reporting seven suspected UFO sightings alone in the summer of 1996. This prompted sky watcher Larry Dean, from Brighton's Skysearch agency to suggest aliens were watching Gatwick to study earthly air travel.

Government officials and BAA have continued to dismiss these strange events and refused to recognise the existence of UFOs. Commenting on the latest spotting, a BAA spokesman said: "We have run a check and can report nothing out of the ordinary at that time, but we have passed the information on to air traffic control which is looking into it." 

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