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24 September 2014
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March 2002
Tony James - UFO researcher
Tony James

Tony James at the infamous Area 51, Nevada, USA 1994.

Tony James has been interested in the UFO phenomenon for over three decades.

Inspired by a speech by UFO researcher Stanton T Friedman, he founded the 'East Midlands UFO Research Association' (EMUFORA).

Stanton said, "If you are not in a group, go out and start one". So Tony did just that.

After several months of making contacts, designing questionnaires, and meeting other enthusiasts, EMUFORA was set up in August 1990.

By this time Tony had already investigated a crop circle that appeared in Linby, Nottinghamshire.

Tony and his wife Carole, also took trips to UFO hot spots in Gulf Breeze, Florida, and the notorious Area 51 in Nevada. The trips were successful in creating contacts.

Huge interest
By 1993 EMUFORA succumbed to public pressure to have regular meetings. So they began to meet every three months, which funded the running of the group, and also a quarterly magazine.

Tony says, "I never intended the group to go this far, all I wanted to do was collect first hand experiences to see if reports differed from what were printed in books".

The meetings were a success, new volunteers joined and helped to run the group. They had contacts all over Europe, America and some in Australia and Japan.

Crop circles
Tony investigated crop circles in Linby, Nottinghamshire.
By 1995, Tony was travelling the country representing EMUFORA, but the group had difficulties.

He says, "the workload was getting hectic and our staff seemed to be doing less and less".

It was getting too much for Tony and Carole, they seemed to be doing all the work as well as having full time jobs.

He says, " it eventually got too much so I disbanded the group in the summer of 1997".

EMUFORA had a brief revival in 1998, but it was short lived. However, Tony doesn't see the group's eight year existence as pointless.

He says, "I don’t regret a minute of my years given to this subject. It’s a learning experience and very rewarding, we live in exciting times".

Tony now works on his own, providing an on-line newsletter, which is read all over the world, and who knows all over the galaxy!

E-mail us with your UFO stories and your thoughts about this fascinating subject
Interview with Tony James
When did you become interested in the UFO phenomenon?
I first became interested during the mid 1970's when I just happened to buy four book about UFO's, I was always interested in things connected to space which I believe developed from watching the Moon landing project by NASA back in the 1960's and 70's.
What made you become a UFO investigator and researcher?
I read a lot of books and saw many program’s about UFO's, and I began to wonder how accurate these reports were. I had to see if there were any difference between the book UFO reports and the raw statements. I decided to join a UFO group that I believed was based in South Notts', but when I finally tracked them down, they had disbanded and their house was empty. I consulted a good friend of mine, UFO researcher and Author Jenny Randles, who spurred me on to start my own group, so that's what I did.
What's the most baffling case you've been involved in?
It's hard to pinpoint one particular baffling case. UFO's are weird things to the general public and I think the best cases usually come from people who did not believe in UFO's until they saw one. I suppose one of the strangest cases happened over Bonsall Moore a good ten years ago (Details are on my records).

This gentleman and his family had hired a cottage on the Moore for the Christmas period and were packing to go home on December 31st before dawn. A bright light was seen to fly erratically on the horizon and then flew straight for the cottage and stopped dead above the witness. He called his wife and children outside whom were shocked and frightened at the sight of a huge strange craft hovering at treetop level, silently above the cottage, in full view of the family.

After a few minutes, this craft seemed to turn itself inside out (changing shape) to make a triangular shaped craft, without making a sound. The family was petrified and ran inside, except for the husband, who was amazed. The craft moved off at walking pace, again without making a sound and the husband followed. After about 100 meters, the craft gained speed and then shot off into the distance at tremendous speed.

What has been Nottingham's biggest UFO case?
We interviewed over 100 witnesses to two triangular objects that flew in from the East over Calverton, Arnold, Bestwood, and Bulwell and were last seen over Ilkeston going west. The witnesses included several police officers including Traffic Police, Engineers, Housewives, Miners and virtually any selection of 100 people you could meet on the street, most described the same thing before the story hit the newspapers. Even the 'Ministry of Defence' were involved.

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