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24 September 2014
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Spooky Nottinghamshire tales

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to BBC Nottingham website, please visit our new message board.

7th August 2002
Unicorn Hotel

While working as an assistant manager at the Unicorn Hotel in Gunthorpe one of my main tasks was checking guests in to the hotel in the evening and then checking them out in the morning. On one such occasion I was checking two Canadian ladies in who were staying with a wedding party. While checking them in they made it quite clear that they didn't want to stay in room seven and that if that was the room that they were getting they wanted to be moved, I was a little curious as to why they were so reluctant to have this room so I asked them why. It turned out that the two ladies had stayed in the hotel 15 years before when they were children, they had been given room 7 (a twin room) and had gone to bed at about 7 pm. One of the girls woke up in the middle of the night to find her sister stood at the end of the bed, she asked her why she was out of bed only to hear her sisters voice fro! m the next bed answer 'I'm not out of bed'! She claimed that she was not dreaming and that she had a clear image of a little girl standing at the end of the bed. This was not the first occasion that things had happened in room 7. Only a couple of months before my collegue had been waiting to check a guest out of room 7 only to see him emerge from his car in the car park looking like he had been dragged through a bush backwards. John politely asked him why he had slept in his car, to which the gentleman replied that he had been asleep in the bed the night before and had woken to find the covers on the floor, he pulled them back on and tried to get back to sleep only to find that the covers flew onto the floor again. He descrided how the covers felt as if they were been ripped off him everytime he pulled them back on. He got so scared he slept in his car and was so desperate to get away from the hotel the next morning that he didnt even quibble about the £39.50 charge for the room.

5th August 2002
Banging Stairs

My fiance used to live in this house where a little girl was killed years before, and when he and his family first moved in they would here banging down the stairs. They were told by a neighbour that the little girl was suffocated then thrown down the stairs by her stepdad. His parents still live there but theres no more banging.

12th July 2002
The White Lady

This name is also common to a ghost that once haunted our village. It was said to roam the old Calverton Hall on Main Street.Indeed it scared two Derby builders "Witless" in the early 60's when they demolished the hall and built the old Miners Welfare. The ghost hasn't been seen since the old welfare was knocked down in 1990. More stories of ghosts around Calverton can be found on the Ghosts page on

JK Williams
Calverton Nottingham UK
12th July 2002
Man and his dog
It was sept 1978, I was heavly pregnant, I was waddling up Green Hill Rise in Carlton Nottm, a quarter of the way up there is a turn off to the right which leads to my home , I was getting quite close to the turn off when I saw this man walking with his dog down the rise towards the turn off, I don't know why I was thinking this but I thought I could get there before him, as I tried to rush up to the turn off I watched the man and the dog walk straight through the hedge. At the turn off you still have to walk about 100 yards to get to the road so he would still been walking towards the road at the same time as me, but he and the dog was nowhere in sight.

Sheila Horton
6th July 2002
Little blue man

When i was about 4 or 5 my sister and i shared a bedroom. Most nights our parents came into our room to tell us to go to sleep, But we would always say the same thing. We always said that we were talking to the 'little blue man in the corner'. I remember talking to an old man, Who sat in the corner of our bedroom, Surrounded by a blue glow. I remember the conversations we had with him to this day. I miss that house, But i still go and see it occasionally.

Bex Culver
Sussex, England
2nd July 2002
I'm a skeptic...but...

The Rose of england, The yorker, The filly and firkin..... banging, smashing glasses, voices, Apparitions, shivers...etc etc etc etc!!!!! The refurbishment that has recently taken place (including the removal of the horse picture...supposedly the horse that won the race, and financed the construction and design of the building) seems to have shut him for now...but revenge is in the air.. the place has so many stories to tell, the manager who fell down the steller stairs, the bar man ... who chatters away to you in the upstairs bar.. the ghostly hand which runs down your back, the entertainer who loves to play with the pa system, the little chicken who wonders aimlessly around the mens toilets (???) the plates on the stairs etc etc etc....and still some which are left undiscovered

23rd June 2002
Notts Ghost Story
It was the hot summer of 1976 when we moved in to the "new house" as we all called it. It was a four bedroomed detatched, with large garden, and situated just at the back of the Five Ways pub in Sherwood, Nottingham. The house always had an atmosphere to it, which to me at the time seemed to be a just a little bit threatening. Not that I felt anything meant me to do me any harm or anything, it was just a feeling I had that's all, it was like that when I was left by myself in the house , I was not alone if you know what I mean. It always felt as something or someone was close byin another room of the house. A surreal feeling that grew in intensity, until it felt as if my back was freshly sunburnt and was chaffing against a prickly woolen jumper. We'd been in the house about six months as I remember when it happened, when, I was left alone one evening to look after my little brother. Micky was and still is his name.He was one of those kids that couldn't sleep. Constantly you'd hear his restless footsteps padding across the bedroom floor, , until eventually he'd come downstairs, knowing full well that you'd have to carry him all the way back up again and tell him yet another story. I was fourteen at the time, and watching TV, when I heard the Mickey making his way down the stairs, "ahh no," I thought "here we go". I distinctly saw a young child (Mickey) then walk by the mottled glass door which lead into the living room, befor dissapearing from sight as usual, as he walked behind the far side of the armchair . A few seconds passed, Mickey still hadn't walked out from behind the armchair. "Ok" I smiled "come on Mickey, stop messing around bedtime" I then vividly remember walking over to the chair,in my mind I absolutley and utterly expected to find Mickey there, a sleepy grin upon his face, staring up at me, waiting to be carried back up to bed for his story. But, as terrifying a sight as anything I had ever until then seen greeted my eyes...absolutely nothing, no-one(Mickey) was there. But Micky should have been there. A moment or two then passed, all I could do was stare at the empty space, my eyes saying one thing, logic telling me another. Sudden! ly! I unfroze, finding my voice,I shouted upstairs to Mickey, but there came no reply. Half panicking I sprinted into Mickey's room, but one thing was for sure alright, Mickey had definately not moved from his room, he was one hundred percent sound and snuggly asleep. I just could not figure it, I'd definitely seen Mickey come down and walk into the room, but then again I couldn't have, in the end I just didn't know what to think, but that night I listened to each and every creak and sound of that sleeping house, wondering, just wondering. Next morning, I mentioned what had happened to my dad, and to my surprise, he'd also had a similar experience. Earlier in the week he'd also caught sight of what looked like a young child wandering about the garden, but by the time he'd got into the garden to see what was going on, the child had disappeared . Dad then mentioned to me that he'd recently been talking to an old man in the pub, a real local character by all accounts, Alf his name, and a man who'd lived his entire life in the Sherwood area. The local story teller if you like, to who'm everyone told their own tale, with each tale then being passed on again to anyone with half a valid interest. He told or rather explained to my Dad, that the beneath the house where we now lived had once been an old lake, (a fact until then had been totally unbeknown to my dad,). Inside this lake, or so the story goes Alf told dad, that many years ago a young child had drowned, a young child of five years old. Exactly the same age! a! s my little brother at the time.

19th June 2002
Once a Nurse, Always a Nurse

My aunt's name was Doris Rainbow. She died in either the late 1970s or early 1980s, under somewhat tragic circumstances. For many years before that she was a nurse at a hospital in Nottingham, I don't know which one. She always worked the night shift, and her favorite snack in the middle of the night was to make herself some toast. After she died, my family got some curious reports from the hospital staff. It seems that on many nights, there would be the distinct aroma of freshly toasted bread wafting down the halls, but whenever the kitchen was checked, there was no one in it and there was no toast being made. On one occasion, a patient rang for a nurse and the nurse on duty was delayed. When she finally arrived in the patient's room to answer the bell, she was told "Never mind, the other nurse took care of it." The only problem was that there was no other nurse on duty on the floor or in the area all night. The patient then proceeded to describe my aunt to a "t;" he especially noted the fact that she was of very short stature, which she had always been (and evidently still is).

Susan Potter Stephens
Savannah, Georgia, USA
10th June 2002
Mary Kings Close

Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh is a tourist attraction. Many years ago when the plague came to Edinburgh this close was walled up with everyone inside. One of the inhabitants was a young girl of about 9 or 10 years old. She died in a very small dark room in the close of the plague, her ghost is said to haunt it. Visitors to this place are told the story as they approach it, by a tour guide. As my husband and I waited to be shown the room I could hear crying, I didn't mention it as I assumed eveyone else could hear it too. Just before we entered the room the crying stopped. The inside of the room was incredible, visitors had left toys, sweets and money for the little girl. Afterwards I asked my husband about the crying but he said he had not heard anything.

Lynda McGarrity
Livingston, Scotland
3rd June 2002
Friend or Foe?

I live in a fairly regularly house, but lately I have felt a strange presance in my room. I'm not afraid because it dosen't want to harm me, or so I think. Anyhow I feel extremely cold hands pulling my blanket off. And when I open my eyes no one is there. I just hope it dosen't harm my family or me.

Adolfo Suniaga
Houston, Texas,USA
1st June 2002
the white lady

this story is true. the white lady did in fact exist, and after her sudden freak death at the newstead gates over 400 years ago people have kept her memory alive in stories of her spirit still occupying the place she loved the most. this is one of those very stories. it begins with a report I was writing on the abbey buildings. I did a lot of research and found lots of literature on the abbey and the ghost stories surrounding it. I didn't believe one of them. however, I wanted to give the ghost hunting a bash. by that I mean getting red whist walking around the park. although vision was impaired, we (I wasn't the only one) did honestly see a ghostly clear white figure standing over the man-made banks of the lake. a short ugly feature wearing long shall. you think you would be apprehensive and stay and see what you happen. no, would you (heck), you'd run. so we did, we ran a fair distance then broke out in uncontrollable laughter for a good few minutes. thoroughly enjoyable.

mr bouges
nottingham, england
27th May 2002
eleanor is back
this girl age three is a ghost . she called our house and said something i cant remember. we called the phone # back and a man said "shes dead"

s.beloit IL US
The german officer
When I was 12 we visited France for the first time. My dad and uncle are very interested in World War II battle sites and we visited an old German Gun station on the coast of Brittany. On the morning that we visited it was particularly foggy, the fog was quite dense so the visability was about 75 meters and you couldn't see out to sea. The gun stations were made of 4 concrete slabs a central slab forming the back, two adjacent slabs to either side and a large slab on the top forming a roof,so they were open fronted with the huge guns pointing out to the sea. Most of the stations were intact, but I had gone ahead of everyone else and was looking at one which had been shelled on my own. Everyone else was looking at the station next to the one I was looking at, they were about 150 meters away. The back of this station had caved right in when the shell had hit exposing the steel support rods in the middle of the concrete, the roof was slightyly caved as well and the gun (which when intact is abot 3.5 meters long) was broken into several pieces which had been embedded into the earth below. I was standing exactly on top of one of the gun fragments, looking across at the wall that had been damaged. I noticed that this particular gun station had a rank smell about it, like sulphur, damp, and rotting vegetation. A patch of fog over by the damaged wall caught my eye and as I looked at it it seemed to increase in size and density and began to take a form. A man wearing a uniform developed right in front of my eyes, he had a moustache, i remember quite clearly and i could count the buttons on his uniform he was looking right at me, but looking through me, and then his eyes met mine, I felt sick and absolutely terrified, the hairs on my neck were standing right up, I wanted to scream, I wanted to get as far away from there as possible as his prescence was not a welcoming one. I couldn't move and my feet were glued to the floor my heart went so fast I thought it would burst. we were just stood there looking at each other for about 2 minutes then my cousin approached calling my name and I fell onto the ground, I got up without even looking to see if he was still there I ran to the car where my mum was and I have never ran so fast in my life. My mum asked me what had happened as I was pale, shaking uncontrollably and crying. I told her what I just told you but she refused to believe me thinking that the spooky atmosphere, fog and an overactive imagination was the explanation for the german officer. I know what I saw and know what I felt. I still get goose pimples thinking about it now. I sometimes sit and wonder who he was and how he died and why he appeared to me. He said nothing, the only emotion I felt in his prescence was fear. I know that he didn't hold any messages to me so perhaps I had disturbed him from the place where he had fallen, I simply don't know. I definately believe on ghosts and stand by my word on this story. Wherever and howerev that officer is I wish him peace and hope that no one else encounters him in such a fearful way.

Becky Burns
Middlesbrough, England
17th May 2002
Ghost man

I seen a ghost in my old house, he used to call himself Muggs. He would tell me his name and then just disapear. One day me and a freind where sat talking about him when my mate Doug got slapped across the face, it wasn't me and there was nobody else in the room !! Spooky err.

10th May 2002

I lived in Lowdham, Notts for several years in the 1990s. My house was an old cottage. I thought I could often hear muffled voices and sometimes footsteps in the upstairs rooms. My wife never did, and thought I was imagining it. One evening I was running a bath, and was suddenly aware that the sound of the running water was 'slowing down'. I turned to see both bath taps turning themselves off. Just a trick of water pressure, I thought. But as it continued it was clear that the taps were 'pausing' just about every two thirds of a turn, rather than turning in a constant motion. Just as if someone were turning the taps off by hand. This was over in a few seconds, and the water stopped. I checked the taps, and they were turned off! Again, my wife thought I must have imagined it. Perhaps I did?! Then, on the day we moved out of the house she was left alone there for a while. During this time she heard the muffled voices and movement upstairs, just as I had described. Not once did the house ever feel creepy or unwelcoming, and we loved living there. I never had a sense of anyone else being there. But these things did happen.

Newbury, UK
2nd May 2002

i slept at a friends house and about 2 in the morning she woke me up, swore at me and then said she was going to sleep by her mother. the next morning she was in her own bed and i asked her why she was cross with me, not knowing what i was talking about i explained and she said that she never got up. the next night 10 minutes after the lights were out we heard the sound of glass crashing against the wall and we put the light to find that an orniment placed in the middle of her dressing table had been shot against the wall.

south africa
1st May 2002
we were haunted

i was staying at my mates house, we all were having dinner when we saw droplets of blood dripping from the ceiling, we were all scared so we ran into the bedroom where something seemed to be following us. my friend was in the corner when she was picked up and thrown across the room by an invisible force. we all legged it out of the house and didn't go back for 2 weeks, and when we did the force was still following us around the house.

katy cofield, aileen vass, reetu kumar and sammy hoy
Blackbird Leys, Oxford,England
27th April 2002

My dad was going to chatsworth one evening when he saw an unexplaining object infront of the windshield it was banging on the glass he explained he took my mum the following night and the same thing happened creepy or what!!!!!!!!!!!

Chesterfield Derbishire
25th April 2002
Naked Woman

I remember a local newspaper follow-up story on a 6 month old boy who had survived 2 days without food or water,strapped in a car seat as his mother lay dead behind the wheel. This is off of an isolated mountain pass here in California,2 days later an eldery women notices a naked lady laying by the side of the road, shes afraid to stop, so reports to local sheriffs, who investigate. No naked women was discoverd, but the the baby was. 1988

S. Peterson
20th April 2002
School in Gloustershire
I went to an all girls boarding school. A new girl arrived mid term and was allocated a bed in my dorm. As I was asked to help settle her in I went to the linen cupboard which was situated on the floor above us, in the attic. To get to the attic you needed to go through a doorway and up some narrow winding stairs. As I went up these stairs a little girl, younger than the age range of girls at the school,tried to get passed me. I moved to one side and she brushed against me as she went down. She looked upset and I called out to ask if she was ok. She turned and looked back but said nothing. I got the bedding I had gone for and went down the stairs. One of the Nuns who was helping the newcomer to unpack asked me why I had been so long. I explained that I'd met a little girl on the stairs wearing a long white nighty and a little frilly bedcap. The nun said well you've jus! t ! met Lucy Locket our little ghost. Apparently she was the illegitimate daughter of a servant who lived in the house many many years prior!

Mo Dutka
26th March 2002

Both my dad and I have seen the white lady, her name is actually Sophie. My dad saw her when he was about my age, and then about a year ago, I saw her to. It was dark and I was sat with my girlfreind in the car. As I turned off the headlights a white figure was about 200 yards in front of us. I quickly turned them back on and we could see nothing, again I turned them off, the figure was back again. I looked at my girlfreind and see was speachless, she had gone white and just screamed. I started the car and we sped of at speed. I have never been so scared I drove over them speed bumps at about 50mph.

20th March 2002

Am I the only person who considers this section to be an utter and complete waste of space. Ghosts -- I have come across many such claims such as these in the past both via the media and in person. Remember these are extraordinary claims, which if true would vioalte the known laws of science. Yet there is not one shred of evidence to back them up, therefore at some point in my life I came to the reasonable conclusion that there were no such things as ghosts. I am not being closed-minded, therefore, if I dont believe any of these people did actually experiece a ghost becuase I have already come to a rational, informed decision on the subject. Of course some people may feel slighted becuase it appears that I have dismissed their particular belief/theory/claim out of hand. They may well counter that "I was not there so I can't know for sure" ot "that I can't prove that ghosts don't exist". Such arguments are irrelevant (as well as fallacious). To make me reconsider my position all I ask is to be presented with some evidence. So I'm not being closed-minded if I do not take on baord every story posted here, it is neither necessary nor constructive to do this. As Robert Carol points out "Being open-minded does not mean that one has an obligation to examine every crackpot idea or claim made". I've had this discussion before so in response to those people who will want to write and accuse me of being "closed minded"

West Bridgford
20th March 2002

It all start's at my grandma's house their are these ghost that want somthing so bad they try to hurt us to get our attention!One time my aunt was trying to come down stairs when somebody or something pushed her so she fell down the stairs and she broke her leg!But seriously the first experience was at night when my aunts friends were sleeping over and my aunt woke up in the middle of the night and woke up her friends and after they woke up they saw a little boy peaking at them from her door and when he left they ran down the stairs screaming and yelling and they were so scared they didnt go back up their for two days.And belive me stuff has happened to me to.

maricella G.marrero
lawton camanche oklahoma
George's Lane
There have been many a rumour about the haunted status of a road in Calverton called George's Lane. The road itself is a long, dark, windy and unlit country lane, where many accidents have taken place due to the its conditions and the blind corners. Nearby residents can relate an urban myth which states that persons driving alone along this road in the dark often see, if they happen to glance in their rear view mirror, an old lady sitting in the back of the car. If anyone else knows anything about this urban myth then please get in touch at:

Nicholas AC Blake
Nottingham, England
friend's strange visitor
my friend and her husband was asleep in bed when her husband got woken up by a noise he sat up and looked near his door was a man standing in a black cloak and hat he told it to go away and it left my friends has had there house blessed and was told that it was haunted but believe's the house's visitor is back in there childrens bedroom Oo spooky oO


After a night at the local curry house, i returned home and finished the last of the drinks from the party earlier. At approximately 3.00am that morning, i was woken by a haunting smell, i climbed up from behind the settee I looked around the room and it appeared to be filled with strange people i couldnt make out their faces or their shapes properly but they were definately there. i clambered to my feet rising into a mist of aramatic herby smells. At this point i felt a strange presence beside me, it was two spirits: johnny walker & jack daniels.

t.jhump in the night

my friends house is haunted and when i went to her house once we went up stairs and we was standing in the hall and the light switch on then off, her mum was down stairs but there isn't a light switch down stairs.

dartford, kent
i was the assistant manager at horspools bakery in ruddington. Another girl called helen and myself were stood in the kitchen looking through the serving hatch to the shop. we both saw somebody open the shop door and walk over to the display of cobs. we both went through to the shop to serve the man but he had disappeared. we were then told my other staff that the shop is haunted by a man wearing a black coat. who he is we didn't know but it definitely spooked us

ghost in palace theatre
theres this ghost in mansfiled palace theatre and i was inthis group one day and me and my friend were walking with our group for the interval when we turned round and saw yellow big boots walking across the stage we said to our other friend to look and the stage she looked at the stage and the boots were gone -spooky

While living in a large old house on Long Island, NY, USA, I saw a cloudy, smoke like fog at the end of a long hall in the house. It scared the heck out of me and I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was not imagining this.
Supposedly the house had been build near indian burial grounds and we found many indian artifacts through the years.
Others would hear strange noises.
At the time the cleaning lady was complaining that she felt she was being watched and that something was strange in the house.
We also felt cold spots and wicker chairs would make noises as if someone was sitting in them. The handyman complained that there were footsteps on the stairs and he saw a chandelier that was slowly turning despite the fact that there was no draft in the room.
The spaniel would growl as if something was in the room and the hair on his back would stand on end.
After seeing the figure I no longer stayed alone in the house. The house was sold shortly after.

J. Sherman
New York, USA
My family and i had just moved into a house that was rented. The location of this house is built where king arthur had supposedly camped giving it the name now "Aucken". Anyway as soon as u were in the house u could feel a prescence i didn't think much of it at the time but soon after we started to hear things and i also started getting very bad headaches. My brother had came over from America and he and my mum had been getting strange dreams about Gobblins or elves or something and also about snakes. My big brother swears he was always being tripped up on the stairs( whether this has got something to do with it i don't know). Another strange thing , again i don't know if this has got anything to do with it, every house i hav lived in is linked to the number four, my father also died when i was four. I lived in house numbers 40, 13, 409, 45. i don't know if this is all linked but i do believe in ghosts, being chritsains, my mum has told me things about demons and stuff and if u've been in similiar situations then please e-mail me.

Iain Long
Barrhead, Glasgow, Scotland

church rabbit
i dont know if its true or if its just a rumor but egloshale church has a ghost rabbit in its grave yard. and if you catch a sight of it, it is said that somone close to you will DIE! and also at night you can see a vicar praying, on the top(roof)

luke gee
wadebridge cornwall england
Ghost story
I live in a self contained flat ie two bedrooms,bathroom, wc,kitchern and livingroom .This flat is on the first floor,my landlady has the ground floor flat she owns the house.We have seperate front doors to the property.Now apart from having our living room and bed room in the same position in the house, the other rooms are different ie bath room in my flat is in the middle on one side of the property, hers at the back of the property. But running from front to back of the property is a passage,hers is a hallway, mine is the landing. I am trying to place you in the locale of the building,thats in between the living room and the bed room. You would be standing in the hallway of her flat but if you were in my flat you would be standing on my landing directly above.Now it is at this point that you get a sense of some thing sometimes a feeling, but most times a strong smell of perfume.My! l! andlady is in her late seventies i often pop in to have a cup of tea and have a chat,i have lived in my flat nineteen years and in those years there have been regular visits of this kind. Like i say i have a chat and a cup of tea and have asked my friend come landlady about these episodes she as not smelt the perfume herself, but has said that the previous tennents have . There as never been any type of threat feeling in fact it as been a warm type.the perfume as a very pleasent smell to it.Just to add something else to this i have a cat and he will often sit bolt upright look round the place towards that point of the property,his ears pricked as if he is looking at someone or something.

Steve Hobbs
ghost stories
Are these people taking drugs or something?. You ought to worry about those living rather than the dead. How many people have ever been mugged or had their car stolen by a ghost!

bert fegg
Sunburst in the Window
A little over a year ago a cherished friend of mine passed away who was also a psychic. She and I were close and I thought about her a lot. One day in July of 2000 I was headed out the door to meet with a friend and when I went down the hall to leave I saw this "sunburst of light" with my friends face in the middle of it poised in front of the front picture window of my house. I took it to mean that she was there to let me know she was doing ok.

Gale Carrier
Nashville, TN USA
Pioneer Ghosts in San Francisco!!!
Hi! My son was living in an apartment near the ocean in San Francisco, around 1991 and called me at about 2 AM one morning, with a frantic voice. He had awakened and WAS SEEING three people, two adults and a child, standing at the foot of his bed. They were dressed in clothing that looked like turn of the century or before. The woman';s dress reached to her ankles. My son said they looked like pioneers. They asked him for help, as they didn't know where they were, or what to do, like they didn't know they had died on this earth and where next to go. He was still seeing them, as he was talking to me on the phone. Well, what would YOU say, if somebody asked you this??? All I could think to say was to tell my son to tell these three people to call on their spirit guides to help them find their way to wherever it was they were suppose to be. I didn't say ! Go! To The Light, as I don't know if that would have been very helpful!! He had another episode where a ghost cat was sitting by his leg, as he was falling asleep. That didn't bother him near as much as the three people. These are the only two times we have had this to happen in our family!!

Sacramento, California, USA
never mess with ancient prophecys
I messed once with a ancient prophecy that was supposed to be unsolvable. I solved it. BIG MISTAKE! DON"T DO THAT. IT"S SCARY.
What happened was 2 supernatural events happened. The first was a vision that contained important hidden details of the prophecy including the numerology of the prophecy and the god behind it.
The 2nd was something straight out of the Raiders of the Ark movie.
I was outside alone in broad daylight a day later and I was suddenly surrounded by a swirl of Ghosts!!! And as in the movie one stopped, looked at me directly in the face and then vanished! AAAAAHHHH!
And now I stuck with the knowledge I may have released a terrible thing upon the planet.
God save us all.

Sioux City Ia USA
i saw the marchers,slowing proceeding (navy parlance). seaward, on big island (local words),and i weren't sposed to.ha ha...on Oahu,very heavy equipment fell over at night,after crews defied kahunas warnings to stay out of valley,trying to do improvement;kahunas had to offer blessings,to allow them in.heeby jeeby

john narcisi
My daughter Mattie and her gift.
My daughter, Mattie, is now fifteen. When she was a child, we lived in an small, old house. Mattie was deathly afraid of her room at night. She would play in there during the day, but not cross the threshold at night...she slept on the livingroom couch. When she was three, she began having conversations with a "friend" named TeeNeeAnna. When I asked her what she looked like, Mattie told me she had black hair, black eyes, and black lips. She was wearing a pink dress. Oh, yeah, don't forget the blood all over her chest. Mattie said, very calmly, that TeeNeeAnna's father had killed her with an axe. Also in this house, I heard a woman singing a lullabye several times. I also saw her looking out of the door at me as I washed the car. She was dressed in a cotton homespun dress of the 1800's. Our stereo would come on and off, the volume would go up and down, and the channels would change...even when unplugged. Mattie is quite psychic. Even today. We moved from that house years ago. Mattie told us then that TeeNeeAnna could not go with us. We have since moved back to the same neighborhood. Just two months ago, Mattie came in all out of breath and excited. She had seen TeeNeeAnna she exclaimed. Mattie sees someone named Edward in the 120 year-old house we live in now. We live across the street from our town's largest and oldest cemetery. Mattie sometimes goes over there, and if you watch, she will sit down next to a grave and talk. Mattie is not a fruitcake...she is very popular in school and enjoys all the things normal high schoolers do. She is an honor student, and a trumpet player in the band. She has an extrodinary gift of "seeing dead people" and keeps her mind open to all things. I have never been afraid in any house we have had ghosts, but I must admit, Mattie sometimes unnerves me.

Nashville, USA
The Dark Strangler
Laying in my bed, awake, my bed begins to shake lightly. Thinking it's my imagination, I ignore it. Then my door flies open and this black figure comes over me, trying to suffocate me and strangle me. It was a dark shadow with hands. I could feel pressure and couldn't breath, move, or even scream. In a matter of seconds it stopped. The shadow goes out my door and my door is left open. I still couldn't move, as if my legs were paralyzed. I fell off my bed and kinda crawled down my hallway. I lost my voice for a week and strange things continue to happen. I'll see black figures go under my couch during broad daylight. The strangling only took place in my room, which happened to me 3 times wide awake. I refuse to sleep in my bedroom anymore. I was told my situation is a type of witch craft called "Old Hags Sydrome" which is a paralysis of the brain. In my situation, t! he! spirit is called the "strangler" where the spirit tries to strangle you and attacks. I was told if you fight back, it's worse and the longer the spirit messes with you, but if you are able to wiggle your fingers or toes or any part of your body, since you are "paralyzed", the spirit will go away. You just have to concentrate on moving. At first I thought I was crazy, then find other people have had the same experiences. I do collect black Jaguar cats and have very old antique black cats with jems in their eyes. I got a couple at a garage sale and some were from my grandma who is now deceased. I wonder if they are the cause of something evil.

Julie Dolan
Hiram OH Portage County
I dont know if this is true or rumour, ive never witnessed it, and have no wish to. i live in a village called west deeping, and apperntly our church and railways crossing in the nearby village of tallington are both haunted. the story goes that a village resident's wife died on the 14th of january, and on that night, he can be heard crying in the church. the next afternoon, his ghost is suppoused to be seen and heard throwing himself off the footbrigde onto the train below (the 5.50 to london if your intrsed). apperlty you can see his ghost fall from the side of the bridge, and hear him scream as he hits the train. Again, i would like to stress ive never heard this, or seen it, but heard it from my neighbour, and the events are re-encted every 14th january, at 1 am in our church,. and at 5.50 on 15th january at tallington railway crossing

Addy Ward
Deeping, England
We where driving on the road past belvoir castle towards Knipton.It was around this time of year.We had passed the front carpark to the castle and were heading round the winding road towards the T junction where you you turn left to Knipton.We spotted a figure thumbing a lift,this we thought very strange,as we got closer we could see this person was sort of floating drifting had no legs ,feet etc the closer we became it was certain that he had a long coat(like trenchcoat) and was all in grey.We slowed down, very uncertain as to what it was.When we were about 5meters away the figure appeared to walk accross in front of the car ,we braked suddenly the figure walked and vapourised infront of the car,the vapour seemed to dispurse into nothing. I very sheepishly got out to see if we had hit somebody,but at the speed we where going it was very certain that there was nobody there.We drove off at speed and told many people of our encounter not certain that anybody believed us.We contacted a ghost specialist via the internet but they were very unhelpful.....I listened to Jeff owen on radio Nottm this morning and was very uncertain whether to call,can anybody take me seriously Kind regards

David Burrows
P.S This event took place in 1994
Children on the stairs
A couple of months ago I walked in from a night out. As i walked into the kitchen door i heard cryin comin from the Hallway, i proceeded to go to bed as i reached the bottom of the stairs i noticed two figures of a young boy and girl. The little boy was sat on the stair just below the girl, with her hands on his shoulders as i got closer she pushed him down the stairs.After doing this she stayed there for a little while, i then proceeded to walk upstairs as i was doing so the girl faintly disapeared. And nothing has happened since that night.

ghost storys
i took my child to nottingham castle to the picture gallery.we went to ues the lifts by the left hand side we all saw a black shadow it was there for about 3 to 4 seconds then some people came to use the lifts but they said they would walk down the stairs they most have seen it as well? we looked again but it had gone!! we told the staff one of them said someone has seen it befor at the same place or on the picture gallery by a painting of a lady but she did not say which one.I was told later it was a lady with a white dress on? and it has been seen again

Ghosts ?
We got married in 1975,Our first house was a terraced property.We moved in in Dec 1975.On new years day 1976 we were in bed at about 8.00am when we herd someone coming upstairs[we had no carpet down]we thought it might as she had got a key.The footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs,my wife would not go and have alook so we dived under the bedclothesand did not move half hour.We said it someone using the entry although we knew it was not.We never heard the footsteps again .But very occasionally when going from the kitchen to the frontroom [the stairs split the rooms]out the corner of my eye I could see a black shape crouching at the top of the stairs,when I looked straight up there was nothing there

Pete Walker
long eaton
ghost story
A few years back, a group of friends and I rented an 1840's farmhouse on a gorgeous seaside farm on Martha's Vineyard for some summer fun. Typically, there was always a large group of us there but where I had some extra vacation time that year, I began the weekend early and enjoyed a few days all to myself. The first day was lovely - I spent the day in the sun, treated myself to a great dinner and watched an old black & white movie before retiring for the evening. I was a little nervous being by myself on such a secluded part of the island but soundly fell asleep regardless. The next morning however, I woke up earlier than expected to voices coming from downstairs! I grabbed the nearest thing resembling a weapon -my hairspray bottle - and quietly creeped down the stairs only to find that the voices were from the TV. I thought I had turned it off. Silly me. During that day I fol! lo! wed the same plan as the previous but this time before I went to bed I made absolutely, positively sure the television was turned off. The next morning, once again quite early, I was woken by voices downstairs. The television was blaring! Now I was shaken. I went and spoke with the farm manager;I knew there'd been no storms but he confirmed that no electrical disturbances or cable work had been done on the farm either. However, he did tell me that before the farmhouse had become a rental property the family's grandmother - the last family member to actually work the farm - had died there and this wasn't the first strange story he'd heard. Now I can't prove a ghost and, at most, it was probably a harmless message to get up and do some chores but I never slept there by myself again and, never with the group of us there did the TV turn itself on again.

Patti Weisgerber
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Smelly Ghost?
I live in a shared flat in Guildford with 2 other guys. Shortly after one of them, a student from Plymouth named Paddy, moved in we started to smell a strange odour coming from his room. No one could work out what it was but it was certainly unpleasant and we were determined to get rid of it. Alas nothing seemed to work and we began to suspect the paranormal. Desperate to remove the smell we turned to a friend of my uncle who was a priest. We convinced him to perform an exorcism; it seemed like our last hope. We were very excited about the ceremony and got all dressed up especially. Paddy even had a shower! Well my Uncles friend did the business and sure enough the smell seemed to have disappeared. We were very pleased as you can imagine and although the smell does sometimes return it is not nearly as bad as it used to be.


Not sure about this one! - Ed.
I’ve lived in lima and cusco for almost all my live but i had never expirienced such phenomena as i was about to i was walking throw a very old park called el olivar it is the oldest plantacion of olives in south america and a very beutiful site i was in my way to a party suddenly from a bush of roses i heard voices of children that was rather odd being late at night i aproched and suddenly i heard a ratteling sound and the sound of a turbine i did what i was told by a friend to swear and so i did in both languges (english and spanish)and suddenly the sound stop at the time i got to my freinds house i told the incident but they told my not to say the name elf because they might apear in the house dixit :they obey to the calling

lima/surco peru
my cat
it was in the morning and ive got a bunk bed and i looked over the top of the bed and seen my cat just sitting there and then she just started to run around in circles i just thought she was just being a lunitic so i lied back and then i heard my drawer being open and looked to see whats happening and my cat opened the drawer by its self so i said im to tired to clean it up i'll do it later but then after a while i decided to clean it up so i got up and seen a black mist going round and round and the clothes were cleaned up i dont ever sleep in that room

kathleen wreford
ghostly images
one day thre was a sound coming from my bedroom i thought i must of left my t.v on though so i went back downstaires untill my sister went up with me so then we walked in and all my stuff was trashed all over the flor it really scaredme but also all my ornaments was smashed apart from this one but i had never actually seen it before i dont know where it came from!!!

Hong Kong ghost
An friend of mine recounted a story one night about her father in Hong Kong. He was walking through the mountains one evening on his way home. It was quite dark so he followed a guy in front of him who was holding a lamp. During the journey, the man in front appeared to grow very tall indeed, then seemed to shrink behind a boulder...the flame flickered away very rapidly too until her father was standing there in complete darkness up a cold mountain..... Harry.

Harry Jina
baby cot
i saw a man leaning over my friends sons cot at about 3.00 in the morning i was the only person in the house with the baby and i asked what he was doing and he didnt reply he then walked out through the wall i then went to see my friend a the next day i went to see the baby who was asleep in his cot when i got there he was half dead his face was blue and he was rushed in to hospital the doctors said if he had got there 15 minutes later he would have died he is alright now though and we still dont know weather it was related to the ghost or not but we will never know

ghost mad
it was 1 year now seen we moved in are old house there was ghost in every room the history of the house was a women about 20 years old was beaten by her sisters when way we go a person how new about ghosts and saind in my room was the 20 yrs old women was crying and in the bathroom there was a hole and one part was covered the side which was covered was bad that not why me/kim(sister)/dad /mum moved no one things ghost are relly at my school

april hills-harrop
strange but true
It was christmas time, and we had our friend Julie visiting (we hadn't seen her for ages) so we decided to open a bottle of champagne.Whilst we were opening it, we were telling her of a friend that had recently died and that the following week we were going to his funeral.His name was Bob, after the cork came out, she asked what was his name again I told her and there printed on the cork...was BOB.I thought it was abbreviation of the champagne...but it wasn't,even the shop couldn't explain it.So we poured him a glass and thought it was really strange !!!!

After moving into a new house, which was built in the 1940's My wife and I started to renovate it , new wiring, central heating, etc.It wasn't untill I knocked the kitchen units out did anything occur.Strange banging sounds came from down stairs while we laid in bed,things began to move in the house,such things as a vase would be in a different place in the morning to where it was left the night before? Things went from bad to worse,hardcore had been laid in the kitchen for a new concrete floor, a piece of hardcore was throw out of the kitchen door by invisible hands at head height, the hardcore piece just missed my mother who was visiting. So many other things happened, voices, doors opening, friends who wouldn't come round because of the feeling the house had we decided to sell,we had been there for just nine months, and spent £10000 on the place.People came to look round but nobody put an offe! r ! in, we where told by a friend that they had spoken to somebody that had looked round the house but new nothing of the problems within the house, they had told them it was very nice but it had a very eerie feel to it, so they didn't want to buy it for that reason. Eventually we did sell the house, I often wander if they have had the same problems as we experienced,who knows?

Steve wright
Lincoln, England
cards on the telly
I moved house two months ago. In our old house, we used to put birthday cards on the top of the t.v. However, when we put my son's cards up last month, the cards would not stay up. Everytime we stood them up they fell back down again even though there was no possible draught. We also noticed a sudden chill just before the cards fell - spooky!!!

Catrina Lowry
County Durham England
I have a ghost living in my parents house. He only comes out between september and november and the best times to see it is on the 31.10.2001. It lives in the fireplace and has a habbit of coming out when you at least expect it!! I will he would give us some warning before hand. As we have lived with it for 20 years.

Emma Richards
Ashford, Kent England
The shadow man
I was walking up the stairs to my bedroom at 3 am and suddenly i became aware of the sound of footsteps behind me. I did not look back but as I continued to walk the stairway suddenly turned ice cold. i looked behind me and i saw the shadowy figure of a man.

Ghost or Imaginary Friend?
My friend told me recently how his girlfriend had a very vivid imaginary friend when she was young. Although she had dismissed the memories and experienced nothing for many years, things have started to happen since she began to move out. They are expecting their first child and are moving into their first home. Since this was decided, unexplained knocks and bangs have been heard in the house. This culminated, when she finally left, in her name sign falling off the door which had been securely fixed there nearly all her life...

Mark Godfrey
I was in the super market once when he lights suddenly went off, the weather quickly changed from sunny to thundering. I then felt a chill.About 5 mins later the lights came back on. Every time i go to that super market it is freezing cold.


In the Rock Lounge of the Trip to Jerusalem is a model galleon hanging from the ceiling, covered by what looks like 50 years of dust and cobwebs. No one will clean the galleon because it is cursed.The last three people who have cleaned it are said to have died mysterious and unexpected deaths within 12 months of doing so.

Landlady 1994

"I was aware that somebody was following some three stairs behind me. I dismissed it as fanciful, but a chill came over me that was hard to ignore."

Claire Underwood,
Manageress Trip to Jerusalem
shadow people?
i'm crossing,afoot in waikiki;half way over a male,five seven, slender, haole,approaches, facing; passing center, he vanishes;of an alert mind, i quickly look behind me,around in area he might have entered;nothing; i scan larger area. what the hell? i'm sober,wide awake.Hawaii is powerful psychic land; kahunas warned of kapu in valley by improvers.sacred aspect of valley; kahunas ignored; at night,very heavy equipment falls over;see newspaper;entity followed me at night on puueo (owl) street, Hilo,big island; ghost presences in area where tsunami wiped out village in Hilo suppressive feeling in bay area to this moment.

john narcisi
reno nv usa
It seem a little unusual for the moment but three night's my friends decided to have a monty python halloween party going on as we speek. current residents anyone was envited "but" on the very exespect on this particular night. one night my friend jamies thought he heard a nosie coming for the back yard some where in the forty acre that my parents own a shadow of a man emerge from the far right side of the yard and became visible to see we ask him repeativily to state his prepose on my property he was silence a little encoherent possible a punk-rocker friend that my brother associate with but all his friend were up in big bear,california camping for the two nights i don't believe it he stated walking up towards my steps,james ran upto sean not aware of the current situation came to assist use but the unknown man vanish with -out leaving any thing distur! b.! it was 3:28 a.m. in the morning and everyone decided to stay over night in my bedroom a few minutes later i felt a presents in my bedroom i awoke to my amazement to find the body of a 38 year old man about 6'0" hang from a rope i awaken my friend and ran for all god life and never slept in that same room ever again.

Nacuma Conant
Corona,California united states of america
Ghosts in Guernsey
When my husband was a student he worked in Guernsey for the summer as a comi-chef. One night he was walking in a place called the Val De Terrs. It was a very warm, summer's night. Suddenly it got very cold, like a fridge. It was pitch black but in the distance my husband could hear male voices. They were talking about a car that had broken down and saying they would push it. One of the men was called George because my husband heard this name being mentioned. Because my husband couldn't see these people and was a bit frightened, he shouted out to them and asked the time. There was no reply from them. Then, just as suddenly as it had gone cold, it became very warm again and he went back to the pub where he worked and told of his experience to his friends. One of them said they would never walk up the Val De Terrs because a few years previously his friends had been involv! ed! in a hit and run accident there and were killed. One of the men was called George!!

Rose Sheridan
Coatbridge, Scotland

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