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24 September 2014

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Voices: Turning words into action

Skateboarders call for park

A group of kids in the Meadows are calling for a skate park to be built as they say they have nowhere to do tricks.

The boys of their boards
A group of skateboarders from the Meadows are pushing the local council to build a skate park for them practice their ollies.

Ricky - Age 15
Ricky - Skateboarder
Matthew - Age 13
Matthew - Skateboarder
Chris - Age 14
Chris - Skateboarder
Liam - Age 12
Liam - Skateboarder
With the help of Kevin Brown, from the Play Development Team for the Meadows area, the boarders are putting together a proposal for their own local park.

The Meadows skateboarders are visiting other skate parks such as the one in Derby to help decide what features they might like in their own back yard.

They are also weighing up suitable locations for the park in the Meadows.

Five of the boarders tell us in their own words why they think the park is needed:

Ricky : Age 15
"I would like a skate park built because there is nowhere else for us to skate. If we do try and skate we get kicked off. Also, we have to pay alot of money to get to the skate park that is closest to us."
Best tricks: 360 Fakie Shove-it, Kickflip, Heelflip, Manual, 360 Flip, Nose Slide, 50-50 Grind, So-So.

Matt Sharman : Age 13
"I would like a skate park in the Meadows because wherever we go we get kicked off and we can't go anywhere."
Best tricks: Nose Slide, 50-50 Grind, Manual, Rock, Fake Rock, Drop-in, Nose Stall, Aerial Kickflip, Old School

Chris : Age 14
"I want a skate park in the Meadows because we are quite fed up of people moaning about us going into their area and then get accused of vandalising stuff when we just want to have fun and skate around. We also want people to stop moaning at us and I think a skate park would get rid of the perceived problem."
Best tricks: Ariel Kickflip, Kickflip, 360 Flip

Liam : Age 12
"We need a skatepark...
Because people find us annoying.
Because we are under their feet.
Because we have nowhere else to go.
A skatepark would be the answer."
Best tricks: One Fooled Manual, Ollie, Fakie Rock, Rock Fakie, So-So

Ryan : Age 8
"I think we should have a skate park. Everywhere we go we get kicked off."
Best tricks:
The Goo, 50-50, 5-0, Rock to Fakie, Fakie Rock, Ariel Kick Flip and Hellflip.
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