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25 July 2014
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Voices: Turning words into action
JR outside the newsagent

Bridgeway Precinct: The newsagent

James Roberts, or JR, works in the newsagents (Nooze 'n' Booze).

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JR and a customer (blue shirt)

My Meadows - James Roberts
I have lived in The Meadows for about 37 years now; I used to be a window cleaner so I know thousands of people around here. I have worked in Nooze and Booze for 6 months.

The Meadows used to be a great place years ago. When I was a young lad, the Meadowsí people used to be fantastic. People used to leave their doors unlocked and would flit from one house to another having a drink of tea and a chat; everybody knew everybody else and their business.

We were all friends with each other. The thing that has changed the most is the people, they are not the same anymore, half the time these days you donít even know who your neighbours are. It has changed terribly.

People from all over the place live here now; the foreigners who moved here changed the community.

The man who redesigned The Meadows actually got an award; what they should have done was to take him outside and shoot him.

Theyíve killed The Meadows totally; it used to be busy.

If I could change the place I would bring Arkwright Street back and all the shops. You could buy everything there from a pin to a motorcar; you never needed to go into town, and there used to be a pub on almost every corner.

I canít believe itís the same place. People donít care anymore; they dump stuff outside their houses, and the place is really scruffy, everywhere you go thereís mess all over the place.

The Council need to give The Meadows a really good clean up. There are too many thieves and drug dealers around nowadays.

I know someone who got robbed in the time that it took them to go to the corner shop and back. I canít understand the mentality of people, thereís burnt out cars everywhere.

People keep themselves to themselves these days. I think crime has done that; you donít like people to know your business, so you donít talk to them.

Itís ridiculous. Something needs doing; the police are useless, I havenít got any respect for them anymore. They seem to have given up, they arrest people and the court just lets them back onto the streets, so they feel like theyíve wasted their time.

We need more things to keep the kids off the streets and more jobs. Some people seem to find it easier to rob than go to work. I canít believe itís the same Meadows.

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The Meadows
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