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29 October 2014

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Voices: Turning words into action
Harry Potter reviewers What next for Harry Potter?

The countdown is on to the book event of the year - the publication of The Order of the Phoenix.
Can they guess what will happen next?

It's the fifth book in JK Rowling's Harry Potter series. It's not due to go on sale until 21st June but pupils from a school in the Meadows can't wait until the big day.

They've been guessing what will happen to Harry and his friends, Ron and Hermione, when the trio return to Hogwarts (that's the school for wizards and witches).

How close do you think these plotlines will be?

Thomas seems happy someone might get killed

Thomas (10 years old)
I think that they might find a bird, they'll have to chase it and it'll go through a great big fire. Somehow Ron lands on top of the bird while it's in the fire and he gets killed. I think it would be good if that happened because there'd be some good action. Sometimes when I read the Harry Potter books it makes wish that I could do magic like them. I'm trying to get my sister to read them too.

Sofia's nearly finished

Sofia (9 years old)
I reckon something will happen like Harry goes in the dark and he wears an invisible cloak. Voldemort sets some traps and Harry has to get out, to get away from Voldemort he has to use all kinds of spells. When Harry uses some spells on Voldemort there's still a bit of Voldemort left - he's still alive, so they still haven't got rid of him for the next one. I really like the books, I didn't know what it was all about but when I read the first one I really liked it, all the action and its adventurous.

Adam's engrossed

Adam (10 years old)
I think they'll find a bird, Phoenix, like the one in The Chamber Of Secrets. The bird will turn evil, Harry and his friends kill it and when it dies Voldemort comes out of it. We've heard that someone's going to die in this one. I think it'll be Hagrid if someone does die. My cousin started reading the books and said to me "you've got to read this", and once I'd read the first one I just had to read another.

Something's tickled Chantelle

Chantelle (11 years old)
I'm not sure what will happen next because they're all so unexpected, you don't get any clues in the other ones. I do think that Ron will die. I think maybe Voldemort will come back and he kills Ron when they're fighting. Voldemort casts a spell to kill Harry but it accidentally kills Ron. It would be really bad if Ron dies because he's my favourite character.

Imran can't put it down

Imran (11 years old)
I'd like this to happen: early in the story Harry and Hermione get sent to Dumbledore's office and Dumbledore's pet phoenix is in there. While they're there it dies and turns into flames, Harry and Hermione get detention. Later on they're in a maze, Voldemort gets full power and he can transport himself anywhere in the maze, he shoots a spell that can kill anything, Harry jumps to save Hermione but the spell hits Ron and it kills him. Hermione turns back time with another spell goes back to earlier when they were in the office and she does another spell and takes the phoenix to Ron. The Phoenix goes inside Ron through his mouth and Ron comes back to life but the Phoenix never comes back. They all do a big spell together and kill Voldemort.

Haleeah gets stuck in

Haleeah (11 years old)
I don't really know what's going to happen in the next book it's always hard to know and it's something you don't expect. I think someone could die - probably not the main characters, maybe Hedwig the Owl. I like the books because they're adventurous and because they're kids that have really good fun with magic.


What do you think will happen? Let us know.

Read what some adults think.

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