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24 September 2014

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Your theatre reviews
Think you can do a better job than the BBC Nottingham review team. Send us your verdicts on the latest shows to tread the boards in Nottinghamshire. Fill in the form below to have your say.
Blood Brothers 4out of 5
went to see blood brothers last week as sean jones (mickey) is a friend of the family, the show was brilliant, and a real tearjerker! we had a great surprise when we got their to find out that Barbara Dickson was to play mrs. johnston! Sean Jones was a real credit to Denbigh, Wales. Were all proud of him to make it this far! Well done to all the cast.

Beverly Jones, Denbigh, Wales - 31-May-2004
Blood Brothers 4out of 5
can anyone help me find a website which tells you about the actors performance i,ve been trying and nothing has helped me. i,m doing blood brothers for my gcse and i am going to write about there performance and how they acted there charactors

Helen, Liverpool - 31-May-2004
A Different Way Home 4out of 5
Great! Kenneth Alan Taylor was amazing.

Mark Whit, Nottingham - 30-March-2004
Blood Brothers 5out of 5

I went to see Blood Brothers last night with part of my drama GCSE group at Leeds Grand Theatre, and i absolutely loved it, i cant believe how good it was! i thought Sean Jones was amazing, and gorgeous! They were all brilliant actors especially Mickey (Sexy Sean!), Eddie (Daniel Fine) and Mrs Johnstone (Linda Nolen). Oh it was FAB and i am definately off to go see it again! i would give Blood Brothers.. well Sean Jones 10/10 !! well done! xXx

Vikki, Leeds -

I went to see blood brothers at nottingham on wednesday it was fantastic i am studying the play as part of my gcses and the characters were amazing i thought mickey was ded nice but i thought linda played a gd part as a 7 year old i wud defo see it again!!!


wot a wonderful performance i was in tears well acted by everyone well done !


Of Mice and Men 4out of 5
Last night i went to see "Of mice and men" starring Mathew Kelly as Lennie and George Costigan as George. This was a performance to remember by Mr Kelly, convincing in delineating the simple childishness of the character while, at the same time, showing the underlying fear of life and what it could do to him. Lennie is a loveable, but mentally retarded giant, who does not know his own strength and unwittingly kills the animals he loves to pet. His companion, George, has adopted the burden of looking after Lennie and trying to make a life for them, which will ultimately enable them to settle down in their own farm, where Lennie can fulfil his dreams of looking after rabbits. One empathised with him and his longing to stroke things that enabled him to retreat from a world where people with his mental disability are treated with repugnance and lack of understanding. The final denouement was therefore as horrifying and as poignant as Steinbeck intended, leaving the shattered aud! ie! nce nothing to do but applaud vigorously a superb piece of acting and theatre. The play has a very sad ending which left the people sitting behind me in tears.

Swix, Hertford, England -
Othello 1 out of 5
shoddy workmanship from a shoddy cast.
I think that too many people give shakespeare too much reverence,. If you don't know what i mean go to the nottingham playhouse and watch othello. this is 2004 and you're doing a play, it's a play, not anything more or less. the actors speak, but knowone can understand, your job as an actor is to make me understand. you could a lot better that go and see this pile of do!

kent countryside, Nottingham -

Hobson's Choice 5 out of 5
I think this website is useful and the book 'Hobsons Choice' is brillant it has been cleverly written to entertain a wide range of people and has so very outstanding and memberable characters.

laura, england -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5

As I study Drama at AS Level, I lukily got a SECOND chance to see 'Blood Brothers' at the Buxton Opera House, with GCSE students from Trinity School, Nottingham. It was the most breath-taking, sensational, energetic and moving play I had ever experienced, written by Willy Russell. Each member of the cast (with Linda Nolan as 'Mrs Johnstone', Sean Jones as 'Mickey') made the play so memorable and seem so realistic you'd find it hard to believe it wasn't a true story. In particular, from a female point of view, Sean Jones is such an incredible, phenomenal and attractive actor, and has a great personality, which I encountered when he did a workshop at our school. If you've never seen a play before, I'd no doubt recommend 'Blood Brothers', and if you've already seen it, see it again and again til your heart's content!

Valda, Nottingham -

i have been yo see blood brothers many times but my favourite performance is by far the one i saw in the west end, with the lead roles being superbly played by linda nolan, sean jones and keith burns (narrator.) linda nolan is absolutly fantastic, and was extremely friendly when i met her after the show, and kept telling me it wasnt real due to my relentless tears! sean jones is amazing, hilarious as a child and tear jerkingly brilliant as a depressed and deprived adult. the scene where he has an argument with linda about the pills is played so fantastically well i could not see one person who wasnt crying or brimming with emotion. when i met him after the show, he was kind, friendly and really funny. keith burns was fantastic as the narrator, and played it brilliantly with precisely the right amount of prominance, dominance and movement. an amazing show, which i shall be going to see time and time again! anyone who does not cry at this production either has a hear! t of stone or is unbelievably tough! thank you sooooo munch, and WOW, FANTASTIC!

Kate, Tyne & Wear - 04-November-2003

Return to the Forbidden Planet 5 out of 5
clearly a critic who needs to review his own taste in musicals! This blew me away when i first saw it and now have joined the university of leeds theatre group to help stage it. Playing ariel is an honour! Come see it if you can! DEC 2nd-6th at leeds uni!

Dan, Durham -
View From A Bridge 5 out of 5
This play has to be the best ever written. This is by far the best play written by Arthur Miller. Every character is loveable you are so absorbed into the play. The setting is magical, and the whole cast are magic.

Sarah, Essex -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
Fantastic. We had to go and watch it for a drama course, but trust me, as soon as it comes back to Sheffield, I'll definitely go again. Sean Jones was brilliant, played the part perfectly. Eddy (Daniel Fine) was excellent too, very funny. If I had to say anything bad about it I would say Denise Nolan overplayed the Mrs Johnstone part a bit at the end....she was still crying when they took the bows!! Its a definitely have to see!

Megan Clatworthy, Sheffield -
Of Mice and Men 5 out of 5
i went to see of mice and men last night because we are doing it for our english g.c.s.e!i just thought i'd tell you that i really enjoyed it, it was fantastic.much better than the book! mathew kelly waved at me on the balcony!!hehe :)

Lucy -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
It is the most amazing experience to sit down and watch this show. I've seen it five times now, once in London without Rebecca Storm, which wasn't half as good i have to say. Seriously though, i plan on acting in a few years time and my goal in life is to someday play Linda. It's difficult to express in words how much i am in love with the show. Amazing cast helps a lot.

Sinead Gallagher, Dublin, Ireland -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
I think Daniel Fine is exceptionally Fine just like his name. I also think that Sean Jones is just as cute. I have one problem with this reveiw, wheres the pictures of Daniel. Apart from the gorgous brothers i think this is the most amazing performance i have ever seen and we were this close to performing it as a schoolplay. I think al of the actors are so amazing at acting and equally as talented at singing. I am just about to go see it again and i will give it 12 out of 10!!!

Sarah, Stoke-on-Trent -
Blood Brothers 0 out of 5
this was a crud play i wish id never watched it!

Lee cooney, widnes -

Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
Blood Brothers IS BRILLIANT!! Sean Jones is the BESt actor in the world, and is GORGEUS

Kelly Martindale, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, England -
MacBeth 5 out of 5
i think macbeth is a good play but it can be abit boring in some times of the play

claire hewes -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
I have seen Blood Brothers at least 25 times now, and I never tire of it. As the papers say: 'If you havn't seen it go, if you have go again!'. Both the touring and London cast are excellent. They are very professional, putting 100% effort into each and every performance. Highly recommended.

Helen, Surrey. -
Blood Brothers 5 out of 5
i have seen the play by willy and i thought the performance was excellent. this was the best theatre play i have seen so far. i like the theme of the story, of about how you end up to be what you are either by nature or nurture. if i had the money i would see it again definately.

joe, gravesend, kent -
Beauty And The Beast 5 out of 5
i thuoght the production was very well made and set and everything i especially thuoght paul gaberial and kenneth alan taylor was really good i came to see mother goose and my family and me thuoght paul gaberial played a great part as the witch. I also came to see dick whittington and i really liked it keep up the good everyone and i will see you in Aladin at the end of this year good luck to you all bye xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

katie, nottingham/mapperley -

Dick Whittington 5out of 5

I thought dick whittington was great amd i went to sees it lots of times and i really enjoyed it. My faveourte adctors in the play was paul who played sarah the cook and amanda who played fairy bowbells lewis philips who played idle jack

katie nottingham/mapperley -
Blood Brothers 5out of 5

I went to see Blood Brothers first as part of a Drama course- put it this way, I loved it so much I bought tickets to see it again the next day! It was superb both times, Sean Jones was absolutely phenomenal as Mickey- I've never seen so much energy on stage! Daniel Fine had the whole audience laughing at his perfectly timed one-liners. 11/10, a must see for anyone who claims to be a fan of musicals!

Gemma Rogers -
Beauty and the Beast 4 out of 5

I was visiting from Canada and my friends from Keyworth brought me as their guest. It was very intertaining and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. The costumes of Madam FiFi were incrediable. It was very touching to see everyone holding ahnds and singing Auld Lang Syne at the end of the play. The play just helped to make my New Years Eve away from home and family alot of fun.

Linda Andres, Edmonton/Alberta/Canada -

Mother Goose 5 out of 5
excellent kate edgar and colin wakefield did a smashing job the sets were fantastic especially with the use of perspective in the whole set.The coryography was very energetic and exciting and the children were great magicians gymnasts and singers.With all of the effects included the overall message is that it was the best that I have ever seen

mark stiven, salisbury -
Peter Pan 5 out of 5
I took my son,mum and friends sister to see peter pan for christmas. My son loved it especially that peter pan could fly my friends sister loved tinker bell and my mum just loved it all we had a good family night out.It was a well acted panto that everyone should see. Thanx to all the cast for a good show.

Sam, Notts -
Aladin 5 out of 5
Fantastic! great family entertainment. Funny and well presented! A woundefull night out!

Helen, Mansfield -

Chinese State Circus 5 out of 5

Lucy Marland, Nottingham, - 13-January-2003
peter pan 5 out of 5
well performed,highly entertaining family show!!!

, -

Peter Pan 5 out of 5
astounding! the best production for a long time, all the actors and actresses were great and the scenes and backgrounds were excellent, a better £20 than a saturday at forest.

chris moody, radcliffe on trent, nottingham -
Annual City Education Seasonal celebration 5 out of 5
The Royal Concert Hall hosted the Annual City Education Seasonal celebration on Monday night. The evening featured performances by 24 of Nottingham’s Primary Schools, 8 Secondary Schools, the Adult Education Community Choir and a variety of ensembles from Nottingham Music School, which runs on a Saturday morning at Ellis Guilford School. What a fantastic evening! Community carol singing, African drums, hand bell ringers (a particular highlight), a song sung in Botswanan, traditional Christmas music, music from Harry Potter, a fantastic rendition of Gimme Some loving by Rachel King and Nottingham Music School Stage Band and, what must have been the highlight of the evening, a brand new work (Canto Virginem ) by Nottingham composer Robert Steadman which combined a choir of 150 with orchestra and African drums. To cap the evening there was an appearance by Santa himself! I understood that Nottingham City was meant to be a struggling LEA - perhaps the doubters should have been at the RCH on Monday and seen this stunning concert with so many of our youngsters shiningand showing just how talented they are.

William Warwick, Beeston -
View from a Bridge 5 out of 5
This performance brought alive the atmosphere of 40's Brooklyn and was a joy to watch. It was powerful and moving and I was captured by the authenticity and the magnificent character performances of the actors. A truly magical, absorbing and beatifully tragic evening.

Judith Eade, Nottingham, UK -

Blood Brothers 5 out of 5

i went to see blood brothers for the first time,at the birmingham hippodrome, and i have to say i was blown away.i was so moved by the story i felt i had to go back and see it again, i enjoyed it more second time around. sean jones was captivating as mickey jhonstone,wow! what a performance. daniel fine was excellent too, as was all the cast. come again soon please. but please bring sean jones back as mickey, mmmm.. gorgeous.dawn west midlands.

dawn, west midlands -

i went up to london yesterday to watch blood brothers - what a show it is certainly the best show i have ever seen!!! all characters were played brilliantly, they were outstanding. when the show finished I started off the standing avation!! my fav of course had to be mark hucthinson who played eddie. he is very good looking as well!!! well done to all the cast, musicians and everyone else who took part behind stage! U were all great! i shall defenately be going to see it again!! well done to everyone! keep up the good work XxX ps does any one know if mark is single!! ha ha XxX

Stacey, Wales - 22-November-2002

To KIll a Mockingbird 5 out of 5
It was fabulously acted and totally thought-provoking
Catrin Rhys was just astonishing as Scout, a magnificent performance

Martin Garvey, Nottingham -

Reduced Shakespeare Company - Works of God 5 out of 5
I loved it. Enough said.

Fibble, Manchester 07
Return to Forbidden Planet 5 out of 5
I've been to see it. and it is totally class. well worth seeing!

christine m, durham
Thick as Thieves 5 out of 5
Innovative theatre in an unusual venue, with a story-line that will make you laugh and cry, and be glad you took the time to share the experience.
'Hard Graft' graft hard at their art. It's a joy to know that such talented actors exist. This young theatre company have created a fantastic piece of drama that takes you on the sad but hilarious journey of 2 friends who see thieving as being their ticket to riches and status. But it all goes horribly wrong, though I won't spoil the ending by telling you why! Just go and see it, and be brave, sit on the sofa and be part of the action. For some extra fun, take the time to poke around the wonderful stage set, and check the sell-by date on the lettuce in the fridge!

Fay Harrison, Nottingham -

Thick as Theives 5 out of 5
new and creative use of space and a fantastic plot and two fantastic actors to carry out the play.
i have never seen a play like this, the story was simple enough but the development of characters was great and the audience were thrown into the lives of these two simple robbers. a fantastic play well worth the entrance fee.

leana, nottingham -

Thick as Thieves 5 out of 5
I take my hat off to you, or I would if I wore one.
We go to the theatre at least twice a week. Last year we went 121 times. That's why we don't have any money. We went to the Nottingham Playhouse to see 'Be My Baby' and outside we were accosted by Mark Whiteley who asked us to go to see his play. We thought it was very courageous that he had a, hired his unusual venue and b, was getting 'bums on seats' by sheer hard work and using his interpersonal skills. We were delighted to support them by going to see 'Thick as Thieves' and took a party of 5 - ranging from 13 to 64 years in age. We all THOROUGHLY enjoyed it. It made us laugh and it made us feel as though we were in the situation with them. We sat on the settee and felt such a part of the action that I was tempted to join in with the dialogue. They are both obviously very talented gentlemen and I hope that one night there is someone very influential in the audience who will give them the break they obviously deserve. We would certainly support them in future ventures and wouldn't hesitate to recommend 'Thick as Thieves' to anyone.

Yvette Price-Mear, Mansfield Woodhouse, Notts. -

Thick as Thieves 5 out of 5
Original, hilarious, simple and yet so effective, how theatre should be - a definate for virgin theatre goers.
Brilliant play, simple but very well thought out and complimented by a fantastic set and very original idea. Sitting on the sofa is definately the best seat in the house and if you can brave it, the dining room table! You feel like you're sat watching what could be your own life and you experience all the emotions that the hapless Barry and Steph do. The comedy is absolutely first class, and the more serious aspect merely emphesises the extent of how versatile these two talented men really are.

Emma, Nottingham -

BE MY BABY 5 out of 5
BE MY BABY by Amanda Whittington Played to a 600 strong packed house at the Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday night. It is along time since I was present in this theatre with such a warmth and a buzz about a new play. The play was a joy to watch and a good debut at the Playhouse for Nottingham born Amanda Whittington. Her play is well written and a joy to hear , the words are like lyrics to a song or a verse of a poem . The audience laughed along freely at all the comic moments well performed by the talented young cast. The Matron and Mrs Adams were greatly cast and easily held there own without being stereotyped. The music was a joy to hear in the theatre and judging by the audiences reaction and three encores later a great time was had by all .

Gina Reeves, Nottingham -

Joseph 5 out of 5
An absorbing, vibrant and professional production, very enjoyable.

Jean Bell, Normanton Nottingham -


Anyone who hasn't seen Honk just has to! It's the best musical I've ever seen, possibly the best production I've ever seen. It combines great comedy, great songs, great dances, great plots and great characters!!! It's GREAT!!! I saw it over a year ago and I still talk about it all the time! When is it going to come to the West End?!?!!!

Jessica Smith
Deal, Kent

A Taste of Honey

i thought the script and the play was excellent but the ending could have been better

terriann stewart, birkenhead

Ghost Train

I saw this in Cardiff with a slightly different cast as appauling as Nottingham it would appear. We are to recreate a production of this soon at a local railway station where I am to play Teddy Deakin funnily enough .I usually play the Dame in panto. I shall take your advice and add some mustard to the ham this time.

Gary Knowles
Reduced Shakespeare Company : The Bible (abridged)

Look 'ere. Is the world gone tonto? What is it with all the riligious nutters? I went and saw this play and thought the acting was pretty sweet. I am shocked that people didn't understand the humor that was in the play. I mean, no one really thinks that any of them storys are real anymore, do they? So come on, lay off the vicar talk and get with the programe!

Frank Handysize, Bethnal Green

I think that deathtrap is the best play ever i am an 18 year old who loves starsky and hutch star david soul. When i went to see david in deathtrap in bath and also in stoke on trent that man was a fabolous actor that i have ever saw ever. each time there was something new that david put to the play . he is a very talented and fantastic actor. It was a great play.! would recommend it to anyone without any hessitation!!

Amy Rowland, Wiltshire
Blood Brothers

I have seen several productions of 'Blood Brothers' and have always enjoyed it emencely, but i couldn't help feeling a little jilted as i left the theatre with a rather bad taste in my mouth. I must agree that the story itself is a wonderful tale about friendship and how we allow fate to govern our lives, but in this production i felt that Mrs. Johnstone was cast incorrectly as her vocals both spoken and whilst singing were unclear and awfully piecing, the Narrator spoke as if he had a serious speech problem, luckily the brothers themselves pulled off a top class performance to save a large proportion of the audience leaving at the interval.

Cate Williamson, Nottingham
Ethel and Ernest

Ethel and Ernest is a bittersweet story of life. A truely captivating blend of humour, pathos and thought-provoking moments. The detailed set brings the audience into Ethel and Ernest's home, sharing with them their life together. Wonderful.

Phil - Nottingham

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