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29 October 2014

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Does Nottinghamshire need a new image?
Robin Hood is associated with Nottinghamshire but is this the right image for the 21st Century? Use the form to contribute to this debateRead up on the Robin Hood Festival. Visit our 'Virtual tour of Sherwood Forest' or 'Search Robin Hood'. Fill in the form below to have your say.

This page exists as an archive. If you would like to discuss this or other local topics or issues with other visitors to BBC Nottingham website, please visit our new message board.
Robin Hood
Its a shame that the local dodgies have turned it round - as now they rob from the rich and the poor and keep it all to themselves to fund there drug habits !!!


Keep Robin Hood!
Robin Hood attracts a lot of tourists and we should keep him. I love going to the paegent every year. (I'm 13.) Why is Nottingham Castle called aa castle when it is a Manor House?

Joanne, Nottingham

Robin Hood
Leave Robin Hood alone he belongs to Nottingham and brings in hoilday makers from all over the world. Too many thigs are being put by the waste side. We all love Robin Hood he has to stay he is part of Nottinghams long history

Bridget George, Nottingham

New Robin Hood
I believe we need a new robin hood a 21st century Robin but not just to steal from the rich but to help give us back our Nottingham. We are well know for our 3 women to every 1 man and we relish in the beautiful women of our city but things are changing, different cultures , different religions ,asylum seekers,. When will it end !! I try to remember the days of Palais and bali Hi . Northern soul and hip guys . Now all i see are foreigners. and poor people being robbed . We need a new Robin , a real Robin .

Robin of Bestwood, Nottingham
Robin Hood
Nottingham does need a new image. One that's free of crime, drugs, high Council tax bills, and poverty, and where manufacturing industry has been brought back into the city You may as well give the Robin Hood statue a gun and stick a r***** in his gob, to reflect the 'modern city', cos thats where its going at the moment

Chris Richards, Notts UK

Robin Hood Values
That's right, scrap the only internationally recognised historic icon that Nottingham has. And while you're at it, why not bulldoze Castle Rock and replace it with penthouse flats for rich people to live in. If you remember, Robin Hood used to 'take from the rich and give to the poor' and that's still a worthy sentiment to be teaching our kids even in this day and age. Seems to me that we could do with Robin Hood to sort the local council out! Now where did I put them green tights our kid? Paul F (

Paul Fillingham, Nottingham, England

A new Image For Nottingham
You want a new image for Nottingham. Why not close Nott's County football club down. They've been hopeless for years. Sell the ground and build the worlds tallest building there if it's possible and put a great big statue of Robin Hood with floodlights on the top so that tourist can't steal his arrows. That should satisfy everybody.

Derrick Marshall, Shellharbour-Australia

Scrap Robin Hood....????
Britains heritage will gradually fade into obscurity. Its inevitable that eventually this will happen. Why you might well ask? Robin Hood will be viewed as outdated, old fashioned, and just a hollywood money grabbing far fetched story. Other historical icons will eventually be viewed as outdated [not all at once I might add] don`t apply to modern multi cultural society. Slowly but surely as our society becomes more integrated with people from other lands, historical landmarks, buildings etc will either get purchased for developement or fall into disrepair. The rate of immigration/asylum seekers is happening to quickly. Robin Hood is Nottingham and should always be so, forever and a day.

A Top Valley resident, Nottingham

Scrap Robin Hood? Are you mad?!?
There are so many places around the country that claim to have some association with Robin Hood, but only Nottingham has the lion's share of the outlaw and his legend. I live a few minutes walk from the village of Loxley where one of the men claimed to be the original Robin Hood was born. In times past there was an old cottage there that had been shown to tourists for generations as the home of the man himself, but now there is nothing remaining of this dwelling or the tradition of fleecing daft tourists. Nottingham on the other hand is still the centre of the legend and should continue to cultivate this status. Not only is the outlaw a part of the town's history, he is a part of the nation's as well and so far Nottingham has done a good job of keeping it alive. Let Robin stay for goodness sake.

Mat, Rivelin Valley, Sheffield

Robin Hood.
I can't, for one minute, think why on earth NCC would want to rid us of Robin Hood and his Merry Men - and what gives THEM the right to decide, anyway? Robin Hood has been part of Nottinghamshires history for years and thats the way it should stay! As a child I visited Sherwood Forest on school trips on several occasions and it was always magical. Even as a teenager, when visiting with younger family members, that magical feeling came back and still does to this day! I think it would be a hugh mistake to scrap Robin Hood, our future generations need to learn about local history! Get rid of Robin Hood and whats next? Knocking down Nottingham Castle! Maybe I shouldn't have said the council more stupid ideas!

Lindsay, Mansfield

scrapping robin hood
this should be resisted at all costs. as an exiled yorkshireman i see county emblems as very important. some years ago an idea was mooted to scrap the white rose. until it was pointed out that the last time this happened the perpetrator had his head displayed on a pole at micklegate bar in york!! Robin Hood will rise again so BEWARE.

gordon buckman, jacksdale notts.
oh my god!! how could anyone ever think of scrapping robbin hood!! I mean come on. Nottingham = robin hood, sherwood forest! take a look at the counties around icon at all! Nottingham has to keep ROBIN! hell, you have a massive blockbuster film on the guy and nottingham! everyone knows of it, in the states it seems the only places people really know in the UK is london and edinburgh, but neither of them are attached to any such legend as robin hood! if you lose robin hood you lose nottinghams fame...

Dylan, San Francisco, US
Robin Hood

Of course Robin Hood is one of the most important people/ symbols for the city of Nottingham...but he's not the only one! I think it would be a shame just to restrict the importance or the significance of the city to him alone. That's like saying that the only important aspect to Britain is 'the weather'. or 'the Roayal Family', or 'fish and chips', as if nothing else mattered. We need a broader perspective on this!

Chris R
Brum, now but originally from Nott'm
Robin Hood
Don't dump Robin Hood. I live in a beautiful part of North Western Ontario, Canada and people always ask me where I am from. I proudly reply, Nottingham, Robin Hood Country and they all know where I mean. Robin hood is part of Nottinghams heritage and that is something that we should be very proud of

Liz, Thunder Bay, Canada

Why doo we waste Robin Hood
I think that Nottingham should make a lot more of Robin Hood. If it was America then we'd have a Robin Hood theme park, Robin Hood action figures. I think that we really should use Robin Hood to bring more tourists into the county. That's one of the things that Nottingham and England are well known for is castles and knights, so why don't we cash in on it.

Nick, Sutton-in-Ashfield

Dump our childhood hero? Never!!
True, the ROBIN legend identifies us (Nottinghamians)geographically when we tell people where we come from. And as an ex-Pat who emigrated to Canada in 1966 with my family,I have always beern a Robin Hood booster. I have given talks to schoolchildren who are fascinated by the legend. In fact I just wrote an article in my column in our local paper on the Major Oak and Sherwood Forest! For the record, I am an ex-West Bridgfordian, attended West Bridgford C.Secondary. Probably not many of my old buddies left over there as I am 85.(Nearly old enough to be one of Robin' Merry Men!)

Ed Culley, Oyama, B.C.Canada

Robin Hood
I think Robin Hood is brilliant! He's one of my greatest heroes. I can't agree that he should be scrapped - if you have a scap with him you'd come off worse! When I went to Sherwood Forest last summer a boy shouted 'ROBIN HOOD!' when he saw me wearing my hat and collar! That was nice of him and it was nice to see a young buy interested in him. I yearn for the days when children played at being Robin Hood and the Sheriff or knights in armour. Now they'd rather play computer games all day. I reckon if Nottinghamshire lost Robin Hood it would be a tragedy and nothing would replace him.

Dan Sellers, Chesterfield, England

Robin Hood
He was, according to legend, a hero, the people of this county, and especially Edwinstowe and surrounding areas, where the remaining Sherwood Forest is, now apparently English Nature have decided it is important to keep this area for future generations and Nottingham County Council want to get rid of him, come on! But then again, Edwinstowe is North of Nottingham, so probably we here Up North don't exist, only when it comes to the rates!

Ali - Notts, Mansfield

WOW - thanks to the BBC Nottingham page for showing my Robin Hood poem - I am so honored! I really am in love with the tale. I have told the story of Robin Hood now to hundreds of school children about eight years old, and they all really LOVE IT! When I sing that ballad they seem entranced... and transported back in time... which seems magical and yet real. Then I tell them how gruesome the punsihments for small infractions were, how harsh the conditions for the poor, how Robin arrived and improved life for some of them, fighting the system. Why do you think that we need hero figures so much? Elevating him to myth leaves the door wide open for us to speculate, imagine and reconstruct certain pieces of the story the way WE want them. Just some thoughts. -----> -----> Barbara Paxson

Barbara Paxson, Cleveland, USA

Robin Hood
Robin Hood is a great legend and think any idea of removing him from Nottinghamshire would be a big mistake. He is a important person to link to Nottinghamshire and should always be linked to Nottinghamshire.

Stephen Rule, Nottinghamshire, UK

robin hood
robin hood will always live in the minds and imagination of children and adults all over the world. it is one of them most famous legends of all time, and around the globe.

salvador zorrilla alcala, monterrey, n.l.mexico

Robin Hood, what else.
My late uncle, Jim Lees spent over forty years researching into the legend of Robin Hood. Many occassions he approached both the City Council and County Council offering his services in helping Nottingham promote what most people know our city for, the legend of Robin Hood. The response in general was, "We don't want to promote a lie." Then the Tales of Robin Hood opened and the Yorkshire version of the legend was put forward. All the early extant ballads of Robin Hood place him close to Nottingham town centre. A tunnel has recently been discovered below the Galleries of Justice, a tenuous link again with Robin Hood. When ever Jim was asked about Robin Hood, he would reply, "What do you want to hear, the truth or the legend." Without fail it was always the legend that folks wanted to hear. Walt Disney created his empire on a cartoon mouse, we have the best known folk hero in the world, let's keep him, be proud of the fact and promote him shamelessly. Long live the legend, people will not let it die, regardless of what authority deems fit. Great site, Robert Henshaw.

Robert Henshaw, Newthorpe Notts

Robin Hood
Imagine the town council of Pisa saying let's lose the tower thing and go for a more upmarket tack! There are some things that are destined to be forever synonymous China = WALL, Paris =Eifel Tower, you know what I mean. If Nottingham went away from Robin Hood what is the other thing that is so completely tied to Nottingham that nearly everyone on the face of the earth knows about it, well I can tell you the answer if it does; The shooting-themselves-in-the-foot champions supreme!

frank, dublin

Robin Hood
Robin Hood is Nottingham. Go anywhere in the world and if you are asked we're you're from and you say Nottingham. They might not understand you but say Robin Hood and pretend to pull a bow and thet say oh Nottingham Robin Hood yes. Some people get some stupid ideas don't they?

Derrick Marshall, Shellharbour Australia

Robin Hood's email
Someone was asking for Robin Hood's email address. It is :- Thanks.

Graham, Sheffield
Like everyone else I'm horrified about the ideal that Nottingham would ever try to distance itself from Robin Hood by distorting his legend or trying to bury the truth. Like Mr. Bakewell I also live in Louisville, Ky. and even here in the U.S. I grew up on the legend of Robin Hood. I realize that Nottingham has so much more to offer in the way of culture and history than just Robin Hood, but Robin Hood and the "stories" surrounding him have made him what he is today for a reason. Robin and the people he associated with were always ment to be a cultural icons not just for the U.K., but the entire mideval period. I love the topic of Robin Hood and wish that the U.S. had half as many historical sites that the U.K. has. Those in the U.K. that wish to distort or forget events in their countries' past have no ideal how fortunate they are that they have that historical past at all. I envy the countries that consist of the United Kingdom for the history they have. Here in America ma! ny! of us are considered lucky if we are able to trace are family history back to our great-grandparents. Where as in the U.K. the vast majority are able to trace there entire family trees back hundreds of years. Here is a warning for those in the U.K. that wish to forget your ancestry and your countries' past.If you choose to disregard your heritage, not only will you repeat the errors made by your ancestors, but you will do a dishonor to all your countrymen that came before you. You will also end up with what so many of us in the U.S. have in the way of history. Nothing at all. Consider yourselves and all those in the U.K. blessed for the history that your countries' poccess. The various histories may be bloody and filled with strife, but at least you have it.

Courtney Crabtree, Louisville, Kentucky (U.S.)
Nothing much really
Is "s c rap Robin" any relation to "m c Hammer".

Just someone out there, light years away
Scrap Robin Hood
Why do people want to have a fight with Robin Hood, scrapping with Robin Hood maybe bad for ones health

BIG JOHN, A tree near Sherwood

Robin Hood
The spirit of Robin Hood is very much alive and kicking in modern day field archery. Nottinghamshire and the surrounding counties have hundreds of archers in any number of archery clubs. The midlands and in particular Nottingham should be the home of archery.

Doug Hart, Toton, Nottingham

How can anyone possibly attempt to eradicate history, and try to maanipulate what's popular and what is not?? Surely we live in a time when people can decide what to believe and know for themselves. . . and not be pawns in some giant scheme to determine what is in. . . or out. . . and then resurect at our convenience again what is in again? Sound confusing? Robin's legend has been aorund this long. . . so I'm sure will surivive into future millenniums, despite the current whims of some higher order invisible "governing body" to make him non existant. ------> ---------> Long live Robin!

Barbara Paxson, Cleveland, Ohio USA
does Nottingham need a new image
1 Robn Hood ..Robin Hood riding through the glen. Robin Hood..Robin Hood with his band of men. Feared by the bad loved by the good Robin Hood.
2 He called the greatest archers to gather on the green. He vowed to help the people and the King He handled all the trouble on the english country scene. He still found plenty of time to sing. In the early sixties there was a Robin Hood episode on every saturday night.

The above song and possibly more verses was the intro. Richard Greene played Robin.Alan Wheatley played the sheriff. On the street where I lived in Lowestoft we renacted as kids did in those days, our heroes off the T.V and cinema. Robin and his band of men was always a favourite.How times have changed to the present day. Robin Hood is Nottingham. He is the symbol of Nottinghams heritage.People throughout the world know him well.To see some fellow in green tights and carrying a longbow is ..for some totally absurd ! It is after all a window on the past, what the tourist wants to see, how they have visualised Nottinhams legendary folk hero.Nottingham must take full advantage of its historical past with Robin, and look for ways to ensure he stays with us well into the future.

Lincoln Green, Nottingham
Robin Hood
He is our heritage and everyone through out the world knows that when you say I'm from Nottingham they reply "do you know Robin Hood". I bet when people say i'm from London they aren't replied with "do you know the Queen." Long live our history it's all we've got in this "politically correct world."

Jay Waite, Nottingham, England
GUESS WHAT,I JUST SAW MY SON'S LITTLE E-MAIL,ANDREW FROM LOUISVILLE KENTUCKY,IT'S TRUE WHAT HE SAID,YOU DON'T EVEN REALISE WHAT YOU HAVE.WE GREW UP WITH 'ROBIN HOOD 'SHERWOOD FOREST,and we are still trying to get the Guy's over here to beleive in the Great fortune we had in HISTORY.It's still the best place in the world to live.later! Trevor---Bulwell

trevor bakewell, FRIENDSWOOD TEXAS USA
Why is History considered bad?
Why should the tale of Robin Hood be considered as being the wrong image. It provides Nottingham with a sense of identification and something to be proud of. It is an exciting tale of old england and something which everyone can enjoy and get into.

Ian Price, Nottingham
An end to poverty !!!!
Instead of burning all the old bank notes why not give them to the poor.

Prince Charles, Wales

Robin Hood
No matter where you are in the world everyone knows something about Robin Hood. It's a great story to be told to children and we should be proud. Think of the tourist aspect connected as well, the city must make millions as a result.

Rachael, Nottingham
Robin Hood
It's the middle of winter right kids, the snow is deep and crisp and even upon Woolo Park hill. All your mates have the latest in sledge technology, but mean old dad being wot ee is, won't shell out on a new sledge will he. But don't despair oh poor youth of ye olde nottingham city, for all is not yet lost. Just do what we used to do in the olden days, nip down the local scrap yard, and ask the attendant if he'd let you have the scrapped Hood from a Robin reliant for nout. And if you get lucky...well, lubbly jubly, a recycled Robin Hood sledge given to the poor youth of today courtesy of the rich scrap yard owner. And you can't get much more poignant than that can yer. A merry christmas to you all.

Tis I., Nottingham
Robin Hood
When I explain to anyone around the world that my roots are in Nottingham the easiest way to get them to know Nottingham is to mention Robin Hood!! Although Notts has plenty of other hero's...DH Lawrence, William Booth, Torvill and Dean one is as well known and associated with the county as our friend Mr Hood

Serge Collishaw, Edenbridge, Kent

Robin Hood
Can anyone give Robin's e-mail address please, he sounds quite a character. I didn't know the sheriff was so evil, who voted him in? Surely we can vote him out. Vote for Robin that's what I say. He'll win by a landslide. He'll be PM next, just think.. a local boy Prime Minister??? Magic!!

Oddjob, Hucknall

Robin Hood
Robin Hood is here to stay! We pride ourselves on having a history, unlike our disadvantaged neighbors from Derby!

Sherwood, Nottingham

Theres only one reason people don't like Robin Hood, and thats because he stands for taking from the rich and giving to the poor. I bet if Robin was alive today he'd be a Lib dem member of parliament fighting for higher taxes.

steve, Nottingham City


Who in the world is Robin Hood, Only an idiot would run around the city wearing green tights an carrying a bow and arrow? talk about scary.

Nik, Snottingham

I have named my Jack Russel terrier Robin Hood, and my dalmation Little John, and my Rotweiler Friar Tuck, and my poodle is Maid Marian.

N&D, Nottingham
Robin Hood..
We strongly dissagree.. We are regular visitors of Nottingham..And we love Ralph...He reminds me of Robin Hood especially when he is wearing his Green tights..We love nottingham in fact obsessed..!!And if u scrap robin hood we will make ralph Dress up and run around sherwood Forest until Nottingham Council Bring him back!!!

Robin Hood Fans , Kent!
4th September 2002
Robin Hood

I don't think that it is anybodies right to destroy the imaginations of children and even adults. If Robin Hood and his Merry Men go who will fuel our imaginations? We don't want to be left in a world with people who have no imagination.
Bob, Perth
29th July 2002
Robin Hood

I live in Leicestershire but it is clear to me that Robin Hood is such an icon for Nottingham. It's the first thing most people associate with Nottingham, such a powerful and worldwide symbol for the county should not be lost. Keep Him.

29th July 2002
Robin Hood

I only live 2 miles away from edwinstowe where sherewood forest is.I go to the local comprehensive school there.If they abanden the robin hood what would be special about edwinstowe.It is a classical old history story.As soon as you say Nottinghamshire to any one they always think of robin hood.Nottinghamshire is always related to its history of robin hood , so keep robin hood other wise loose nottinghamshires history and fame.

stefan prest
bilsthorpe england
25th July 2002
Robin Hood

The very idea that Nottingham should drop the Hooded Man as an emblem for the city is ridiculous. Even though the legend of Robin Hood is an amlagum of tales and ballards about a collection of rogues, the fact is that the tale has grown in the retelling to mean much more. Okay, the guy never robbed the rich to give to the poor, but he was halfway there. Should we really be abandoning local heroes because we find they have a chequered past? Churchill slobbed in bed until midday, Eienstein's wife spent her evenings correcting the mistakes he made in his calculations, but people still hold them up as praise-worthy. Why should Nottingham abandon its most recognisable cultural figure just becuase someone gets a little twitchy at the fact that they have a criminal record?

Loxley, Sheffield
15th July 2002
robin hood

livin in nottingham all my life i woz told about robin hood and how proud i woz , now as a member of nottingham scooter club we are so proud to be in nottingham and of robin hood . to loose the legend we would loose a lot of peoples pleasures and pastimes so keep robin hood in nottingham 4 ever .

andy unwin
10th July 2002
Robin Hood and the Sheriff

As an ex-pat. I have many people ask about Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham(the bad guy). My uncle Thomas Harby was the Sheriff of Nottingham for 2 years. In 1981 when my parents and brother were now living in Denver the Denver Sheriff wrote a letter to my uncle stating he would look after the family with great attention, knowing that they are related to the most famous of all sheriffs in Christendom - the Sheriff of Nottingham. He went on to say that we hope that Robin Hood and his Sherwood Forest Gang do not make your tenure unpleasant. My uncle responded that Robin Hood is enjoying a fortnights "pardon" at the moment, but immediately afterwards I intend to track him down - all in the name of Charity, of course. So yes, let us keep the Major oak and Robin Hood country going for many years to come.

Sheila Shoun(nee Harby)
Canon City, Co. USA
10th July 2002
Robin Hood

Does Nottm need a new image? NOPE. How could anyone possible get rid of Robin Hood? Look out Arthur and Merlin, you'll probably be next!

Queensland, Australia.
9th July 2002
Robin Hood

I was born in Nottingham and now live in louisville Kentucky, getting rid of ROBIN HOOD would be like doing away with the Kentucky Derby, when I come back to NOTTM AND PEOPLE ask where I live in the states I say Kentucky, whats the first thing that comes to mind when I say that COLENEL SANDERS KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN, shall we get rid of that.Who ever came up with getting rid of heritage get a life.

Andrew Bakewell
louisville KY USA
6th July 2002
Robin hood

Anyone in green tights is OK with me. I often use Robbo as an example for how I run my life, walking the streets late at night feels a lot safer knowing Little John and Friar Tuck have 'got my back'. Just as long as I don't look like Kevin Costner...

Dan Morse
4th July 2002
robin hood

i was born in kirkby in ashfield a few miles from sherwood forest,my brothers and father seved in the sherwood foresters regiment we love the legend of robin hood and long may it live.

ray charlesworth
2nd July 2002
Robin Hood

After reading many of the comments on Robin Hood, is probably fair to say that he is a fictitious character, but his roots may be based on some fact...although i doubt very much that he robbed the rich to give to the poor, he probably did it to line his own pockets. As for the debate upon whether Robin of Loxley came from Sheffield as his name suggests, or from Nottingham as the legend goes well...who am i to say? But he's made such an impact on Nottingham that i think he should stay associated with Nottingham and not Sheffield, anyway Sheffield has other historical importance...mainly regarding steel.

Stocksbridge, Sheffield, formerly from Retford, Nottinghamshire.
1st July 2002
Robin Hood

I am a student in Nottingham. I have travelled to other countries and as Neil Allen said people all over the world will instantly know where I'm from if I mention Robin Hood. But what do we have to offer? The castle, 'The Tales of Robin Hood' center. Are these really good enough or are touristsd visiting the city dissapointed? It seems to me that at the moment people would be better off staying at home and watching 'Robin Hood Prince of Thieves'!

Mathew Youngs
1st July 2002

Long Live Robin Hood/ It would be a great shame to stop teaching are children about this part of English history!!!

Daniel &April Kelleher
LasVegas NV.U.S.A.
1st July 2002

Robinhood was a good man he took from the rich to give to the poor. He may be a legend now but think of all the tourism it brings to our area and the extra customers it brings to our local shops who would most probably struggle without it.

27th June 2002
Robin Hood

Get rid of Robin Hood? Why an earth would anyone want to do that???! I was born and bred in Nottingham and now live abroad. Wherever I am and wherever I travel if asked where I'm from I am proud to say Nottm - people then usually respond, 'ah yes, Robin Hood, Sherwood Forest...' and sometimes even 'Nottm Forest FC'! Its a quaint little legend we have there so why not keep it?

Rashida Rahim

24th June 2002
Robin Hood poem

ROBIN WHO???? We need the educate the rest of the world about this inspirational character! Here is a poem I wrote based on a true life experience! While recently in Houston, Texas
I thought a yank was trying to vex us...
For as we talked of many things...
Lying leaders and future kings
The conversation took a turn
To what we do and what we earn
Yanks are pretty forward, see...
So this didn't really bother me
But when he asked our nearest city
My empathy soon turned to pity
He said he'd hear of "NottingHAM
The wiley sheriff and Mar-i-an...."
"Sherwood Forest ... Friar Tuck..."
But at Robin Hood he came unstuck "
And Robin Hood, that guy in tights...
Who robs the rich and gets in fights...
All dressed in green, he sure is swell...
And there's his buddy: Tinkerbell!"
At this point I stopped him quick...
Could he really be that thick?
But correcting him, would seem rude
My good intentions, misconstrued
So I just smiled and told a lie..
"Must stop you there ... I have to fly!"
We said goodbye, his hand I shook
Before he got to Captain Hook
But he just grinned from ear to ear..
"Ya'll all come back to Texas, hear!"
And till this day, I'm sure that man Still thinks Robin's Peter Pan!

Brita Bevis
Sleaford, Lincolnshire

17th June 2002
Robin Hood

Good god no!!! Im actually on holiday in New York and people say one of two things...are you from london - if not where...i go Nottingham and their eyes still glaze over - then i say Robin Hood and then they know where it is - some even still say is that near London - so being born and raised in Nottingham, Robin gives us a sense of identity!

English lad in New York
New York
11th June 2002

Could someone please tell me who the hell is Robin Hood when he is out?

10th June 2002
Robin Hood

I think that Robin Hood is a great part of Nottingham heritage and should not be scrapped. Nottingham has already lost so much including Raleigh. How much more do we have to give up?

10th June 2002
robin hood

I think that Robin Hood is an important piece of Nottinghamshire history, but I hate him because he shot my Great GreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreatGreat grandad with his bow and arrow!

w bridgford england
5th June 2002
Robin Hood

I live in South Australia, originally from Sheffield,Robin Hood still lives on in my heart& always will,I went to Nottingham Castle,saw little John,s grave, all on a school outing, around 1966,I thought it was wonderful,I have seen every Movie and TV show ever made,"Long Live Robin Hood" I say, try living in Country with no history,I know where I would rather be. Kathy Hall Whyalla South Australia

Kathy Hall
Whyalla, South Australia
1st June 2002
Robin Hood

I love Robin Hood, and think he lives on in most of Notts peoples heartsand should stay there and in Nottingham forever


Last reply... 11th June 2002
hello I'am 12 years old I have read some of your replys and i'm puzzld about ie:10 robbin hoods please tell me more from a puzzed vicki


and in reply..
Just seen your query Vicki and I am pleased to supply you with information and explanation why there were so many "Robin Hoods" about during the 12th century. During that period, any outlaw from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire who were actively working outside the law were regarded, and indeed, took on the name of our hero. to read all about him log in to (search}"BBC.Co.Uk/History",and then search and go "Robin Hood". But there is only one true Robin, and the whole world knows where he operated Vicki----Nottingham This will put you into the history of our legendary hero. Give us your views later on. b.clyde 10th June 2002 Nottingham


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