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24 September 2014

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July 2004
Xylophone Man is dead
Frank Robinson
Frank Robinson - AKA Xylophone Man - in action

He might not have had the status of a superstar but Xylophone Man was every part a piece of Nottingham as Brian Clough and Robin Hood.

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Xylophone man was Frank Robinson.

He busked in Nottingham's city centre for nearly 15 years.
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For years the sound of Nottingham shopping centre was augmented by the, some would say, tuneless songs performed by Frank Robinson, AKA, Xylophone Man.

Read an interview with the man.

Sadly, in July 2004 Frank passed away in the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham.

We won't be able to hear his tunes anymore but his memory will live on.

audioXylophone man tributes

Your condolence message / your Xylophone memories.

Tell us your memories of Xylophone Man

Dan O
The Old Tune bought tears to my eyes old boy

Geoff Machin
To a harmless old man, sharing his xylophone. I salute you. Rest In Peace.

wot a great bloke, if we all could take a leaf out of his book, and smile more often, wot a great city it would be, god bless you Frank xxx

he was so nice not like the rest god bless his sole rip

man rocks. Wheres the tram that was supposed to be named after him??

ding, ding, ding, ding....briiiinnngg!! never forget the sound of that, we will all miss you...

yo u waz alwayz da man init even doe id chuk pennyz at u u new it waz a joke man u no idint mean it man but ne wayz u waz safe botderez respect all round man respect blud n ma boyz

Dominic Mugaseth
R.I.P old man

I remember skipping college and travelling to nottingham one day, we got talking to XM and he dedicated a song to us students from Derby, and we danced. It was ace. RIP.

His music always reminded me of the pheonix nights theme tune! A tram should deffinetly be named after him. We all love him!

Emz & Damien
Here we sit in our maths lesson, you will be missed ur great talents were brill.

The mysterious Morag Jones
The faint sound of your xylophones shall be missed by us as we made our short walk from the train station to the ice skating rink. Wen we found out about your death we put a little thing in our msn names in your memory. God bless

Emma N
xylophone man you will be missed! you were the coolest man ever ull always be in our memories keep on playing dude!!

The bloke was genius. I'm from Brum and thought he was a legend! RIP

Pepe Le Punque
The sadness overwhelms me. There should be summit more permanent than a tram being named after Xylophone man. I'm all for a statue to replace that stupid tulip-shaped thing in memorandum. Rock 'n' Roll Xylophone man.

Name a tram after him. and place a statue where he played

RIP Frank. Xmas shopping was so much more enjoyable with your Jingle Bells renditions!

Trisha Bergan
miss your smile rip

Oh. my, he will be missed. Those morose moments were always enlivened by those wonderful, a-melodic interludes, always delivered with style and panache. I know, in particular, that he will be missed by The Bear.

Adesanu family
We live in london and every time we go to nottingham we make a point of going to see xylophone man. we always looked forward to seeing him. The city centre wont be the same with out him and his unique music.

God bless you up in heaven, play my Granny a tune an' make her smile as you have made me.... xXxXxXxXx

he was a brilliant man and will be remembered forever

i remember xylophone man since i was a nipper. CLASSIC, will be missed, have a top time in heaven. XXX

Thomas N
I hope you get to play xylophone with Elvis's band up there. I agree that there should be a tram or street or something named after this special man. He was a magical addition to this city. You will be missed. R.I.P.

Fred C
May your harp playing be as good as your xylophone. rest in Peace, you shall always be remembered for the star you were.

you were just the best mr xylophne man. i remember seeing you outside c&a as a child and then h&m as an adult you were part of my growing up in nottingham i will never forget you. rip

Martin G
A true Nottingham legend. Always bought a smileto the faces of those passing. Rest in Peace.

frank would always brighton my day the man had guts to sit there and didnt care what he looked like and he gave all his heart to his music may he rest happily and always be remember they should name a bench after him

This man was a true legend, i will always cherish my photo of myself standing next to the great man. Nottingham wont be the same again.

The man was a legend.

old ronnie
i don,t know him,i would go for a pint way the old geezer !rip

Matt J
I wont be able to walk past H&M without thinking of him. Frank will be missed by the thousands of people he bought a smile to.

Beny Ramone
as lovely to here as the bells of bruge. ethereal. RIP

Jason Roberts
He touched me, I will always remember him xxx

Oh I loved that guy! He couldnt play any tunes but he was great. Im all for a xylophone memorial in his place. Rest in peace, Frank. x

Rock on Mr. xylophone dude!


The man was a legend, he'll be missed

Xlophone man rock on dude!

Forever in our hearts - and the heart of Nottingham. Thanks

ray of newark
a truly lovley man his smile was ajoy to see wee will all miss xylophone man .

a truly magnificent man to behold

Drew Peacock
My mate Jase loved him

Thanks Frank, you brought a smile to my face!

you made me smile when nothing else seems the angels have called on you to play for them now. youll be missed x

What will be done to remeber Frank? ...he deserves a great and permanent tribute... hope City Council will come across this site. Our hearts will be a little more empty from now on!

P Holland
I heard the tribute song to Frank on BBC Radio Nottingham's Karl Cooper show this morning. The lyrics say it all - Move over Robin Hood Frankies coming home. Will the guys who wrote it issue this song to raise money for a permanent memorial?

frank-my little 6 year old just find out-your gone. he wants to no what to do with the POUND that he alays give you. ill talk to him. god bless

kosk . arnold
thank you awsome xylophone man dude for the smiles and the memories rip

To lovely Xylophone man!! You will be surely missed by anyone who ever encountered any of your music. Everytime I saw you I would have a smile on my face, that is what you did , you made people smile, rest in peace dear Frank!! We will miss you lots and lots

I visited Nottingham 3 years ago, and thought it was wonderful. Part of it's streets and sounds was Frank. Just read the news and I feel very sad. He was a very nice man. =(

Chris Green
Frank Robinson a symbol of happiness for the common man and proved to everyone that the simple thing/tunes in life can bring happiness. Let's make sure he is remembered in some way

The Key
Hope all this tributes make City Council realise how much we all love you and give you a fitting permanent tribute! XXX

wow, hes alot more famous than we will ever be when we die. Ah well. New tramps are tryin to take his place...i saw a guy tryin to play a guitar with one arm and a nub.

He won't be forgotten!

Sounds of light that shatters the usually gray city with strange warmth. Missed but wont be forgotten

Frank you are soley missed, it is my regret we never got to do a duo together, rest in peace xylophone man

Chris Rossetto
An artist, a friend, a talissman and always 'just playing for the ladies..' Frank, thank you man, you saved my soul from despair many times with your sweet tunes!!!! Shine on you crazy diamond........... love peace and respect

I miss the sound of your sweet song and music....:(

The man was a legend, the city won't be the same without him. Rest in Peace

Si Hod
I think i speak for the students of Nottingham, when i say "Legend". Those afternoons when you are supposed to be at uni, but are in town, will never be as eventful again.

James, Hastings
On a visit to Nottingham in 1997 I saw this funny old man playing (or sort-of playing) a child's xylophone. He really brought a smile to my face and I chucked him 50p. I've told so many people about him since then, not realising he was a local landmark until I heard on Five Live that he had died! Heres to Xylophone Man - rest in peace.

Tinkle away on the big Xylophone in the sky, my good man!

He was so frinedly and polite, anwalys happy. Greatly missed Legend, deserves a statue to his memory.

Dave Witts
RIP Frank, you brightened up so many people's days in the city

we will miss you

I feel like crying every time I pass you now vacant spot outside SuperDrug. We will miss you very much! xxx

Will miss you always, I want to cry when I see your now vacant spot outside Superdrug. XXX

You always made me laugh in town. True genius and true legend!

Frank you LEGEND

Greg Short
Always made me smile. An inspiration to any budding xylophonists out there. I know he made a lot of people happy. Rest in peace

Shopping will never be the same without the familiar sound of xylophone man, always made me smile :)

Statue for Frank Society
For all of these reasons, we should not rest until he is justifiably honoured. When I brought people to my home city, they didn't come to see the 'Castle' or some mediaeval legend. They came to see a modern one. They came to see Frank. The City COuncil must erect a statue. Surely?

The heart of Notts is broken without you. Frank your a legend!

Marina and Ian
First Elvis then Lennon now Xylophone Man!!!! We'll miss you. Rest in Peace.

Nottingham won't be the same again. Rest in peace.

Ben Mit
He was a Mit Legend, made us laugh and made going into town a pleasure

man i will miss that dude he was awsome he actually braught abit of fun instead of violence on notts street cheers dude rip xx

He was a blessing, always made me smile.

You never seemed to let the c**p that is everyday life get you down, and everytime I saw you I could do that too for a moment. I'll miss you

Rest in peace Frank.

This man was my hero!! I learned to be more positivie because of him. He made me think. He was sitting in the street come rain or shine, and he was always happy. Will be greatly missed. RIP xxx

will never forget him he was part of the town, always there bringin joy, RIP

How saddening to hear. On march 20th of this year, I told him that he rocked and played a little bit on that xylophone of his. Such a nice guy, i'm gutted, rest in peace, may you keep rocking in heaven!

Little Blossom
shall miss u greatly...RIP..X

lisa pownall
he was a lovely man who i liked to borrow the beater and play a tune to him myself he was always happy and unfortunetly i was on holiday and couldnt make it to his funeral god bless frank and rest in peace xx

John Boy
xylophone man-true nottingham legend.

ross and jules
miss you xylophone man. Maybe the Hard Rock cafe should buy your instument and exhibit it alongside Clapton's guitar or something similarly iconic. RIP

Chris Grabowski
His playing and singing brought a smile to anyone that passed. No one ever minded giving money to him because they thought that he deserved it, which he did. Every time I showed someone round from another city I would make a point of finding him - no other city in the world had him. We did. Nottingham did. He was a part of the city and part of what makes it so great. He will be missed by one and all. A legend. And he was a Forest fan! Bye Frank.

QPR No. 10
Dear Frank, If you are reading these tributes from "up there", I guess that you are rightly proud of the esteem that you were (and are) held in. If only I could leave behind the legacy you have. Nottingham's Man Of The Year, shoud have his name on a Tram. RIP.

Forget Robin Hood this guy was a true Nottingham legend!

I still can't get over the sadness. You were a great man Frank. It's late, but now you know just how much you mean to all of us. RIP xxx

Well just about everyone who's been in Nottingham knows him. Never understood why he was there, but he will be missed. Nottingham has lost something important here.

Jemma Purnell
isnt it funny how , when he's here know one realises or in a way cares, now hes gone we realise how much apart of nottigham he was! at least he's gone to a better place, rest in peace.. Xylophone man!

Charlotte S
My mum went through a cancer battle and on the occasions when she would come into Nottingham Xylophone Man always used to cheer her up and bring a smile to her face - he was always happy and jolly. He was a joy to watch and he will be missed. He'll now be in heaven with my mum making her smile again. God bless, rest in peace.

One of the real musical geniuses of the modern era, up there with the greats; lennon, dylan, buckley,xylophone man... R.I.P

We never miss anything until its gone. And how we will miss you, Frank. PUT HIS NAME ON A TRAM (please) God be good to him. XX

West Bridgford shopaholic
Who would have thought it,a 62 year old man with a tear in his eye. Thanks for cheering me up Frank. I will miss "Jingle Bells" from November till March !! God Bless X man. I look forward to seeing "Frank Robinson" on a tram. Its bell reminds us of your Xylophone.

I moved to Nottingham about 15 years ago, and to be honest didn't like it much at first. Xylophone Man was one of the first things(people) to make me start liking the place. I'll miss him. The world needs more people like him.

Often talked of by any number of people, it's certainly a case of 'You don't know what you've got till it's gone'. I think i'm going to miss this man a lot! I wish I'd spoken to him now!

Thanks for making me smile every time I passed you! RIP.

Dan from New york
I have just read that the legend has past away. Whenever you think of a kind heart and a warming smile Frank is the 1st person that comes to mind. A genuine nice person who you didnt mind giving a quid too. I remember when he played on trent fm on new years eve, legend. God bless you mate, i wish all buskers were like you

I can feel this sadness in the air outside the Broadmarsh. I wish there will be something to remeber him by...a statue would be great.

malcolm martin
he was very good at his job i loved the sounds he made RIP

I remember Xylophone man in the 'eighties' when he was a rag and bone man who came up our road on a Thursday with his old pram collecting articles left out for him. He aways had a smile on his face whenever I saw him. He will be sadly missed.

It will not be the same without the xylophone playing. RIP

I left Trent Uni over 5 yearx ago but never will I forget Xylophone Man. Rest in Peace buddy

Joe Martin
living in Japan now and heard about the sad news, and I'm not the only out here to remember Frank. Listergate will be a shadow of its former self - thankyou Frank for making me smile.

Jordan Jackson
awww poor fella, yeah people used to be annoyed sometimes with him, but thats what makes the memories :) R.I.P Xylophone Man

Avalanche Ice Hockey Man
What can I say, read this column 2 weeks after Franks death, and can say I was stunned into silence knowing my trips into the City Centre will not be the same. Frank will be very much missed by many, but not forgotten, Franks Spirit will live long in Nottingham. rest in Peace Frank. Miles#74

Small Paul
I now live in Brighton but Frank was one of the things that used to make me smile. You're happy smile will be missed and Nottm won't be the same without you, rest in peace Frank

The most memorable busker in town. His smile and style always brightened up my day. Will be sadly missed.

would people please stop saying that FRANK is a legend. please dont compare him to the likes of Robin Hood and Brian Clough as he is no way near the status that those two people have in this city. he was a popular figure in this city no one can deny that fact, there was another side to this man!!!!!

Watched him for years in that same spot. I really wish I'd spoken to him. I hope a monument is erected-Nottingham will not be the same. A true character of the city will be missed. Rest peacefully in God's house.

What a guy! Lets get a tram named after this icon!

Just a tourist, but every memory I have of Nottingham City has his happy tune as a soundtrack. He was so cheerful, he made your day bright.

Notts will not feel the same without him,he will be dearly missed by the whole of the public, I think a memorial will ne a fitting tribute to such a character of nottingham, Rest in Peace

When I was new to the City, and felt really lost, you gave me a smile and said "let play this for you" Since then we always waved hello, and I made sure I always had a coin in my hand for you. Thanks for cheering us all up. We will miss you. We won't forget you.

Sob! sob! what about our babies!!!

I'll never look at a xylophone again without a tear in my eye. God Bless.

Everytime you walked past you couldn't help but smile R.I.P.

Greg T
Xylophone man, you will be missed. I remember visitng a friend at Nottingham Uni back in 98. I ended up studying there and you improved a lot during my 5 years in the East Midlands. God bless. RIP

Greg T
Xylophone man, you will be missed. I remember visitng a friend at Nottingham Uni back in 98. I ended up studying there and you improved a lot during my 5 years in the East Midlands. God bless. RIP

Greg T
Xylophone man, you will be missed. I remember visitng a friend at Nottingham Uni back in 98. I ended up studying there and you improved a lot during my 5 years in the East Midlands. God bless. RIP

Elaine & Family
We started to visit Nottingham about 9 years ago and Frank was one of the first memories we have of Nottingham centre. Since then we have moved to Nottingham and have often smiled at him out playing his tunes come rain or shine it will not be the the same with out him. Frank was the one busker we always enjoyed seeing in the city, he always had a smile for everyone. He will be sadly missed and I hope he gets a memorial, the years he has put in to entertaining us all he has earned one….You will stay in our memories Frank RIP

Everybody knew the xylophone man. He always had a smile and you couldn't help but smile back. The man was a legend, and Nottingham won't seem the same without him.

Its a great shame and he will be sadly missed... however it is a popular misconception that he was known as xylophone man when he actually played a glockenspiel... glock*en*spiel ( P ) Pronunciation Key (glkn-spl, -shpl) "A percussion instrument with a series of metal bars tuned to the chromatic scale and played with two light hammers." xy*lo*phone ( P ) Pronunciation Key (zl-fn) "A percussion instrument consisting of a mounted row of wooden bars graduated in length to sound a chromatic scale, played with two small mallets." RIP

Cookie & Larry
Nottingahm sure is a Rock City and you were the Sheriff of Rockingham

Samar + Eileen
The melodies (ish) will be missed greatly- such a loss!

franks stool
many a mad moment spent in the queu in the corner shop as frank bought 10 red band with all his pennies. the man was a lunatic, and i have much respect for him for enduring the grief he got from kids, he still carried on hitting the same 3 notes for hour after hour.

Stewart Chapman
It's a shame that he wnt get to see all the tributes and how popular he really was. Thanks x man.

William Jackson
He was my hero!

His smile will be lost to the city. He was a part of Nottingham that I'm sure will be missed by many. Rest in Peace Frank.

Quite possibly the best. Without fail this guy was playing everytime I was in the city centre, I remember when my parents came up to visit and he was around and they thought "What a Guy!", but he was more than that, he was a legend. Lest we forget. Always smiling, and he was happy all the time...... That was the best thing and you couldn't help but let it rub off on you. God Bless

Godd bless you, if only more of us could be just a little of what you were the world would indeed be a happier place. You'll certainly live on in my memory.

nicnac paddy wack
frank xylophone man, u will be missed by a number of people who walked the streets in nottingham.R I P my good fellow. Well what else can i say apart from that time i went out and had my photo took with you and all the change i gave to you. well sure its warmer up there then down ere. play your tunes up there now. Nottingham will be so slient shopping will be boaring R I P once again

nicnac paddy wack
frank xylophone man, u will be missed by a number of people who walked the streets in nottingham.R I P my good fellow. Well what else can i say apart from that time i went out and had my photo took with you and all the change i gave to you. well sure its warmer up there then down ere. play your tunes up there now. Nottingham will be so slient shopping will be boaring R I P once again

you are by far the most memorable person in nottingham, you were always so happy and cheerful and no matter the weather you were out there brightening up the lives of all of nottingham with your tune, im gonna get a xylophone and dedicate a day to you just sat in your spot, reminding people of you ensuring they dont forget you, rest in peace.

Neil J W
cant believe he's gone! classic xlophonist. Looked like such a nice bloke too. RIP frank.

Music is the fruit of life! Thank you Mr Xylophone man! Your legend will live on!

my friends and i watched him for ages, then went to fopp and got loadsa free drinks gave one to him... he just smiled and carried on. We all loved him, you'll be missed dude. When i was 5 9 i remember you. you just sat there and you carried on for ages, Miss you.x

a true zen master of entertainment

He will be sadly missed,i always used to smile walking past him on the way to studio sessions...always would get a bit about comissioning someone to make a wishing xylophone as a tribute(drop in some coins,play a tune & make a wish.(the cash could go to the hospitals??

Ernie Wright
Forget Robin Hood, this man was a legend. He always made me smile!

John from Newark
I'm a regular visitor to nottingham and i always heard this gentle oap playing he was a plesure to listen to. god bless him

Chris H
No visit to the city centre was the same, if the tinkle of the xylophone wasn't heard. RIP

Neil S
To a man that will be part of every graduates memories, a legend in life and now death. If music be the food of love, yours was a simple but sweet dish, so play on, play on.

Rest in peace big man, play a tune for me

R.I.P frank! i gave him a can of carling once n he seemed to b overjoyed!

You were one of Nottingham's landmarks - a true legend who will be very much missed by everyone. Your bobble hat was class, the xylophone never let you down and you always had a smile for us as we passed by. Keep playing, Xylophone Man. xxx

He was a legend, its a sad loss.

A Jones
He is probably one of my first memories of Nottingham town centre. Being a bunch of naive 19 year olds form the sticks we just giggled when we first saw him, but by the time we left, he was undoubtedly as much a part of Notts as Robin Hood, and more entertaining than the Goosefair.

You always made me & my 2 girls smile as soon as we left the broadmarsh doors & heard that distinctive tinkle.Shopping trips wont be the same again.

It's hard to put something like this into words... You were the best busker EVER and you'll never be forgotten! Always had a smile on your face as you played your random tunes. If a statue is not put up in memory of you or a tram or street isn't named after you, it'll be criminal. Rest in peace Xylophone man, teach those angels how to really play! x x x

A man who always brought a smile, with his original tunes. RIP

The xylophone man rocked!! he will still live on and we will remember his crazy tunes! It was great to be greeted when shopping by a happy tune and a happy face! :D we will miss you dearly R.I.P

Sadly missed. True shame. One memory my friends and I always discuss when reflecting of our 4 years at uni there.

A shopping trip to Notts wouild never be the same without seeing him. We'll miss you!

kieran crosby
please visit this website, so that we can get nottingham city council to put up a statue of our hero -

Carole, Arnold
I could never tell what you were playing but it was worth travelling in to Nottingham City Centre just to see your happy smiling face. You will be sadly missed. Hope you are bashing out those tunes with the angels!! xxx

Why is it we only appreciate the good things when they are gone? RIP Xylophone man !

i sware ive seen relations of his in prague and london. The guy in prague played very slow violin and the guy in london laughs to homself while pressing the demo buttons on a keyboard

Steve Cheeseman
Xylophone Man Xylophone Man Play me a tune, I know that you can. Hitting with sticks Coloured metal bricks Rest in peace, Xylophone Man.

What an entertainer, a real advert for Nottingham. I hope the other great Nottingham entertainer, the "Walking Backwards" Man, is still going strong!

There should be no doubt that a tribute to this great man should be put in place, be it a statue or tram or whatever. We all need to smile and keep our heads up. This is exaclty what this man did and inspired others to do. A lasting tribute will remind people that this is what we all need to do.

God bless you, thank you for brightening my days.

Rest in peace buddy, your infectious gleefulness will be sorely missed.

Rest in ding dong happy

I agree with having a statue to commemorate this special man. I saw him a couple of days before he passed away. Couldn't believe the news! Never stop playing Xylophone Man - you're still playing in all all hearts x-x-X-x-x

He always made me smile. A true legend.

Stuart Abela
4 years at university would have been empty without the sound of Mr Xylophone hammering away in my head during the saturday morning hungover ventures into the town centre. May he rest in peace.

I will forever regret the fact that I never got to sample his surreal rendition of the Eastenders theme tune and put a phat drumloop to it. I asked him if he was up foir it when I heard him play it and he said he was... I know he'll be still playing it in heaven... Peace

joel smith
gratly missed i even had a go on his xylaphone r.i.p. xxx

Its A shame all good things have to come to an end. rip

liz tombs
a true nottingham legend, and a staue of him should be placed in nottingham, RIP god bless x x x

what a pity you didnt get all this recognition whilst you were alive - youd have been a bit of a rich fella.Would have been well worth it - Reading all the tributes you were a well loved man - may you now rest in peace and give joy to all who are with you - God bless you xx

Not a giant amongst men, or musicians, but one that will be badly missed in Listergate. To the only busker I ever gave money to.

Xylophone man, you're an absolute legend and will be missed by all x x

Dozy, France
Keep the xylo going in heaven RIP.

Xylophone man has been in nottingham for longer than I can remember. Reading all this has brought a tear to my eye. Nottingham's loss is Heaven's gain

Dan Abo
The Xylophone Man Frank Robinson, always with us in memory, forever in our hearts, Rest In Peace

i love you xylophone man r.i.p

I cannot agree more about the monument for Frank. If bringing a smile to your face and pleasure into other peoples lives counts for anything, then Frank deserves to have the market square renamed after him. Frank you restored my faith that kind genuine people still exist in a troubled world. Take your place in pride amongst the other musical stars in heaven and add a little class to the jamming session. RIP.

In an age where ever city centre is the same rows upon rows of the same shops, Frank was someone truely unique to Nottingham. The council is running a coompetition to redesign market square - everyone should email them demanding Frank has a statue there, rather than yet another robin hood or someone else equally unimportant to the city today. Statue for Frank!

he always made me smile when i was shopping. RIP xylophone man! xxx

Jon Masters
He once showed me how he played his xylophone and that it had only certain notes which prevented playing in anything but a few different keys. Bought him a coffee and had a chat with this very rational and intelligent man. He brought something special to Nottingham city centre as many of us who studied at Nottingham recall him with fondness.

noooo, we'gonna miss that out of tune tinkle when were out shopping and hanging around *sniff sniff* i thought he would be around forever ..... rock on in tramp heaven xlaphone man ! you were a true gangster tramp

He was there,everytime i came into nottingham,since i was a little sprog. I'll miss how he always brightened my day. Nottingham has lost one of its greatest folk heroes. R.I.P Frank

Rosie B
May you always play in sunshine

You were a great inspiration and a great laugh you'll be remembered forever xylophone man aka Frank Robinson

I'll always remember him playing "the wedding march" as I picked up my morning suit from a shop on listergate a couple of days before I got married. Made me feel as though it was a personal message. Thank you Frank, everything went great. Your passing is a great loss to this city's streets.

Ashley Gallagher
An essence of the city has passed away with you Frank. God Bless.

sad to see you go, will miss the 'hey' at the end of the bar. when and where is the funeral? would be good to pay respects.

Keep on rocking in heaven, you rule Frank, R.I.P.

Frank was just another misunderstood genius. In time I hope all bands will try to be as original and as loved. Good luck mate.

big dave
frank, jus wanna say u da man, played the best music, an the best entertainment, i will miss u loads, town wont b the same without u, we really miss u, i hope a tribute is made 4 u, love big dave

matt walker
ur going to be missed and we r allways thinking of u keep up thebest music i ever herd god bless matt

He always made my heart smile even if I didn't feel like that day. A true diamond in the rough!

Amy and Claire
We loved the xylophone man he made us smile even when it was rainin. our shoppin trips will never be the same again!!! No1 cud take his place! xxxxxx ps who took his xylophone? can we have it? XXXX

Jem Jenkins-Jones
I can't believe he's gone! Notts will never be the same :(

Xylophone Man you rocked R.I.P old man you'll say in all our memorys

he deserves a place in the rock n' roll hall of fame

The man was a legend, id heard about him years before I got to see him. I'm told he used to do a little jig sometimes too.

I'll miss you. Nottingham just won't be the same. Rest in peace.

i hope you're up there laughing at us now because you're the only one who seemed to know what it's all made a good job of trying to show us, whenever i think of you i'll smile.

Johnny Golightly
Carry on playing the xylophone in heaven Mr Xylophone man - you rock!

A legend whose legacy deserves to live on. Rename Listergate as Frank Robinson Way...

shopping in nottingahm will never be the same again. RIP xylophone man


An absolute legend, a tram named after him could never do him justice. I'd say a statue would be more appropriate; he will be sorely missed.

He was great, there was even a pic of him on our common room notice board... i didnt know his name but he has been there throughout my life in town... he obviously enjoyed playing and it was lovely to see his enthusiasm. RIP Nottingham will miss you! -x-x-X-x-x-

Part of me thought he would be there forever, he was part of the city. Only the other week he threw a cheeky, but friendly comment to me. I wish I'd said something back to him now. Will miss you X-man. Heaven has gained. x

neil johnson
We should have a statue between Long Row and Pelham street. He deserves to be remembered. How can this many people be wrong? C'mon the city council - Do something.

The legend will live in our memories

Rest in Peace, you were a legend.

RIP it's been nice to have you around. We will miss your friendly face.

Something should certainly be named after Frank "Xylophone Man" Robinson. No other city had a busker quite like him. I shall feel that there is something missing every time I walk the streets in town from now on...

Steve W
RIP - a memorial should definately be made for a Nottingham legend

Always smiling-what a lovely wee man-give him a statue.

A genius. A legend. A king amongst men.

Better than Radiohead.

Kirsty H
He brightened up the dullest of days with his playing and will be sadly missed. He is now a part of Nottingham’s History.

An absolute ledgend! Nottingham will never be the same again!

I am so glad to see the amount of respect for xylophone man!Cheers Frank, for bringing so many smiles to Nottingham.You'll be remembered for a very long time mate.

The Aussies
Eternal Rest. Eternal rest grant to Frank, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace. Rolf Harris would have loved playing a duet with you Frank. RIP mate. From The Aussies

Trrriiiing, and its over.


Phil, Dublin
You'd see it happening. Two bars into When The Saints Go Marching in and he was off again with that signiture move. The wrist flick was the icing on the cake. Twenty years of that and it was still funny every time. A statue of Frank mid-flow and smiling would suit his old spot nicely. Keep on playing Xylophone man.

Dan, Matt, Jen and Chris
This guy was the most famous guy in nottingham and half of us didn't even know his real name, but needless to say we'll all miss him and his music, GIVE THE GUY A MONUMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rest in peace Xylophone man!! aka Frank Robinson

Bal, Naz, If, Nick, Ben and Sundeep
He won't be forgotten by us, he was a true legend.

Franks melody. Repetitive yet joyful always brought a smile to everyones face. A flourish with his stick as the last note was hit showed us all how much he enjoyed his days. RIP

now then frank - no soloing over those golden gate harpists. give and take. rest in peace.

Matt P
By the look of this page this many had a special place in the hearts of many. No man could 'glissando' like Frank, and his fun attitude to life brought enjoyment to many. RIP Frank.

A legend. The best busker in the world. van Morrison should make a tribute album. RIP old timer

One of the few TRUE greats! so happy and content with the simple things in life. An inspiration - RIP.

Samad Khan
Franks "tunes" will forever live on in Nottingham's memory. I will never forget his occassional wail - ahh ahhh ahhhhhh ahh ahhh ah as he plinkety plonked! This guy deserves to be recognised - God bless him.

Dan Escape
The man, the legend...RIP chap.

Rest in peace Xylophone Man. The city has just lost a part of its soul. They should put up a statue in his memory

Xylophone Man was the best thing about Nottingham by a mile! I used to find comfort in hearing his chimes as I walked the streets. What a massive loss to the city, I cant see what direction it can go in now.

It's a sad, sad day! I always hoped Frank and blues guitar man would form a band. Now my dream will never come try. RIP!

He provided a wonderful diversion from all the stress and surrounding commercial blight. Gotta name a tram after him

Xylophone man; Your tunes kept me from going mad as I stuggled in to Nottingham to suffer The-Worst-Job-In-The-World every day. I loved the little "fffrrrring" at the end of each tune. Rest In Peace mate.

I always remember this crazy old dude, just having a laugh and enjoying himself. Always made me smile.

The angels now have a Xylophone to accompany their harps.

you will be missed very much r.i.p xx

Ste Abbott
We nick named him Buster and he was a legend around the Trent campus for the 4 years we were there. He will be missed dearly and his legend will always live on.

What a hero! He’s even making me smile from beyond the grave, thinking about the look of achievement on his face after he finishes his legendary tune :-) RIP Frank, we’ll miss you.

Pete H
What a Guy!!!!!! I can't think of anyone else like him, and for this reason we all admired his contribution to Nottingham,I'm sure we will be talking about him for years to come. Thankyou Frank

G -Unit Gup
man was a Jagga still

Tio Snodi
Such a jolly character and loved by all! Town won't be the same. RIP Frank. Vaya con dios.

A worthy Nottingham legend. Always cheering everyone up with that note and that smile. A named Tram is the least for someone who gave so much. RIP.

im not from nottingham but i lived there for a while and he brought a smile to many of my visiting friends who came over to see me. the man was indeed a legend

Mark and Sally
Never forget once when me and my girlfriend were sat next to him and the end fell off his beater. He picked up both bits, looked at sally and just passed them over. She put the end back on and gave it back and off he went again. Not a word was spoken. Very sad to hear he's gone.

Xylophone man was a great part of the city and will be greatly missed. he always had that smiles on his face which cheered me up! with great respects to him, i think victoria centre should be renamed xylophone center, a bi9g giant xylaphone should be build in his honour, placed in the squared and be named, frank. Also there should be abn international holiday called "xylaphone day"

Marky H
A happy face in an unhappy world. The number of tributes on here can be no greater testament to someone very special.

i sure am going to miss you,heaven as just got a real gem.Rest in peace old friend.

You will be deeply missed. RIP

ive only seen him a few times and he always brought a smile to my face. I was looking forward to seeing him again when i next go to Nottingham but i cant now :( RIP mate may god hear your tunes

i'll never forget that little jig after he had gone through every note. The enjoyment on his face is what made this guy someone special - R.I.P Frank, Heavens got itself one great character.

he gave a day in town a wonderful atmosphere, his presence will be sadly missed. Rest in peace happy man.

i think that nottingham city council must put up a memorial for him i think the people of nottingham loved him very much the message board shows. i am stil trying to come to terms with his death.

What a legend, who made so many people happy. Goodbye Xylophone Man

Bless him - he always brought a smile to everyone's face. I don't think he knew how famous he was - I've heard many people mention him, including visiting comedians and students.

Mat "Dinoma" Buxton
One of my happiest days was when Frank invited me and a friend to play his xylophone with him. He will be sorely missed.

Nottingham will be a sadder place now! I hope they make a statue in honour of Frank especialy for the dedication and effort he went to, to entertain the masses of the nottingham shopping public! Rest in peace Frank, you will always be remembered!

Many try but few succeed to touch as many peoples lives as you. Everyone knew you. Even the mention of 'Xylaphone man' brings smiles to peoples faces.

Can't remember a trip into town without him. Will be sadly missed. Tribute needed! RIP

We will all miss Frank :( He was a legend! Something MUST be done in his honour.. whether it be a tram named after him, statue dedicated to him, street named after him, even a bench.. anything! Just something! R.I.P Frank Robinson.

I used to always look out for you when I went shopping in Nottingham. Its ging to be strange to never hear your classic tunes when I go shopping. I bet you never thought you were as famous as you are. It would be nice to see a statue of a xylophone playing the tunes you played. Rest In Peace.

rita veikens
frank was in town in all weathers.he always had a smile for you.god bless frank,thank you for making my dayxx

Andrew Smith
I came to Nottingham from Liverpool in the early nineties. I always remember the smiles on the faces of so many he touched and was sad to hear of his death. I now live in Canada and was told of his death by a friend who now lives in Australia. So Frank, you touched all of us and your legend is truly worldwide - RIP and my the happiness you gave to many be returned in your heart xx

Rapunzel M.A.P.
I am so sad, I can't believe the news and also how much its effected me, I'm crying as I write this. I was chatting about him this very morning and saying I wanted to get him to do a secret track on my future album. Yesterday I was chatting about hoping he was going to be playing at a future music event with myself and fellow busker Sam Lindo. I am so so sad. I even took a phone photo of him last week! He was a real sparkle in Nottingham,uplifting everyone.I hope he knew how much he was loved. love to a busker from a busker.x

Rest in peace old man! You always made me smile x.

And yet no one cared enough to notice it was a glockenspiel, not a xylophone. What a guy though! Never did master the wedding march....

"The idea is to die young as late as possible" - Ashley Montagu. Frank played his xylophone like a young child would, even after 15 years of playing! He smiled like a young child too, even after 72 years of life.

You will be missed

David Evans
A Nottingham hero along with Grandad

RIP to a much loved busker. I study at NTU and only encountered Frank once. I used to recieve phone calls from my flatmate whenever he saw Frank. He truly brought joy to our lives and will be greatly missed. The world has lost an inpirational figure. Who's next? James Brown?

The man, the legend. i am in shock, this is truely tragic. He will live on in the memories if thousands. and yes, a statue must be erected, he made a lot of people happy, bless him, RIP

Can remember being very surprised one xmas. I heard Frank playing jingle bells, only the first bar over and over, but it was a tune! RIP

Ben Whitehead
May your warm soul enlighten the saddened streets of nottingham for eternity. You were worth every penny. Rest in peace.

Goodbye Xylophone man. What else is there to say? Legend.

Jo, Kt and penny
Rest in peace xylophone man, you will be truely missed but nver forgotton! Thanks for the many years of entertainment! We love you! God Bless. x

R.I.P, now living in london, but still can hear the ting ting

A beautiful example of tireless persistance and enthusiam and optimsism. He will be missed by me.

There was this one time i check the old bank account at HSBC felt most sad after that, but Xylophone man playing such happy tunes mad me smile, for that i thank him. missed big style. such happy tunes.

So sorry to hear you are no longer with us, you will be sadly missed. Enjoyed your music, Nottingham will be quiet without you Frank. Miss you.xx

joseph marshall
Only a few weeks ago a good friend of mine visited nottingham for the first time, i took her to watch the xylophone man for a while. It made us both smile so much. Xylophone truely was part of Nottingham. Such a well loved character. Rest In Peace Frank. Your greatest tragedy is that you'll never truely know how loved you were. x

mark jasper
sorry to see him go. he always made me smile. xx

I think we should all buy our own Xylophones and hold a xylophone vigil in the market square -- who's with me?

Loved the foot-tapping and knee-jerking that accompanied each flourish. Thanks for brightening my day, day after day.

The city can never be the same again, there will always be something missing especially during the xmas period. I think the tram is a good idea however a statue of him would be even better he was as much of a legend as robin hood and he's got a statue...

Nottingham will never be the same again without you. Since I moved to nottingham in 1985 you have been a part of the city. Forget the tram build a statue and set up a fund to teach children the joys of playing the xylophone very badly and making people happy. You are a legend along side Brian Clough and Robin hood.

S Peaks
In the early 90's the Uni of Notts Rugby League team had some baseball caps made up. They asked for the castle crest on the front, put the printers just put the word "castle" accidently. The botched hats went to charity, and a few days later Xylophone man was proudly sporting one. I'm glad we kept the rain off his head!

Shopping trips to Notts won't be the same without xylophone man, you couldn't think about Nottingham without thinking about him.

Michael Vinegrad
Xylophone Man. The laughter, the tears, the music. It was an enchanted life of bitter sweet moments. A roller coaster ride of dramatic highs(£1 coins) and disparing lows (1p's). We will miss you.

As a child my trips to Nottingham were always brigtened by his happy tunes. When I moved here years later his presence made Nottingham feel like home. Frank - you will not be forgotten

John Riley
He was almost like a father figure. Every night he was there for you, playing that same old tune. I'll never rest as well as I did after hearing that playful melody.

It was only a few weeks ago my boyfriends sister took a video of him to take back and show their family in canada. Frank is international now!! Your smiley face will be missed.

John Llewellyn
Tragic loss. Xylophone Man, the king of the high street.

I always looked out for Frank everytime I was in town.. the highlight of my move to Nottingham in '92.. RIP Frank.. We Salute You!

Tom Cullen
I don't use the term Legend lightly. It seemed I never had enough 20 pence pieces. No two tunes were the same old timer. God Speed.

grant pelvey
he had it all...the flamboyant flick of the wrist and the little cant be taught that stuff. the ability to pull off playing the wrong notes is a quality not many had... you had it frank. i'll miss your crazy plunky pausey plunks.

Always made me smile when I'd had a bad day, all of Nottingham past present and future will miss you and your xylophone. R.I.P Frank

Xylophone man, you will me missed greatly, i think you deserve something named in your memory as you are a part of what makes nottingham nottingham.

Justin Toland
I lived in Nottingham for six and a half years in the 90s and Frank never failed to make me smile as I passed him on Lister Gate. Truly a Great British Eccentric.

Louise Long
He was definitely part of Nottingham. I hope he is now peaceful.

Ekua Et Vita

Peace out fella - You had an interesting taste in musical instrument but you never failed to make me smile. Peace out Geez - You'll be truely missed by us all.

RIP Frank, Xylophone man. You were and always will be a legend in Nottingham.

Lisa, Long Eaton
What can you say at the passing of a legend? As said over and over on this page, Frank had a unique ability to brighten everyone's day - the city centre will certainly be a duller place without him, and he should be recognised with some form of memorial - I'm sure Frank would be chuffed to have a Tram named after him. My enduring memory of Xylophone Man is from a few years back when we walked across town after a friend's wedding and he started playing 'Here Comes the Bride' - one of the highlights of their day!

Truely a loss to the streets of a great city. Here was a man who could brighten up the dullest of shopping trips. A real legend.

Sign-up for the petition to get Frank a tram: I think he would have been chuffed to bits...

The Charlton
I'll miss his christmas 'riffing'the most. The city won't be the same without him, my only hope is that he's now been upgraded to a glockenspiel. Cheers Franks, you'll be noteably missed.

A deserving tribute to a true ledgend. Frank, as you played you music throught Nottingham and made shoppers smile, i bet you never once thought that people would be making tribute pages for you on the internet and talking about you on the news. The reason is you brightened up so many peoples days with your fabulous music. You have gained so many peoples respect throughout Nottingham and shopping won't be as fun and definately won't be the same without the ting ting ting of your Xylophone. You always had a permanent smile on your face and you have put a smile on many other peoples faces to. Thankyou for keeping people entertained when they were shopping. The city is sad to have lost one of its Great ledgends. Now you at deserved peace and tranquility. Rest peacefully, Frank, you deserve it xxx

I used to make a detour to see Xylophone Man whenever I was in town. RIP.

James Greed
Fank was the sunshine in the rain of Nottingham. He may have been tuneless but he hit a chord with everyone.Thanks old boy.

Katie Burrows
He was a great man, always smiling and always cheery, it's a great shame that he is dead, I for one can barely believe it. He may have only been the little old man who played the xylophone, but he was our little man. We will miss him forever. Thank you to everyone who has sent a tribute to Frank, for those of you who find it funny to take the mick and make the situation into some kind of joke, you should be ashamed, it is childish and evil. He was a good man, what did he ever do to you? he smiled. Is that so wrong? I don't think so. R.I.P Frank, we will always remember you. xxx

there is a online petition to get one of the Trams named after him. Please sign if you can

A credit to the streets of Notts, it's amazing to know how many people think fondly of him. He put his life into making other people smile. There should definatley be a plaque for him. his memory should live on!!!

He only played a few notes, and I'm not even sure they constituted a tune, but nobody can deny that he had some kind of presence. He'll be missed.

Thank you Xylophone man for all the years of that happy slightly offtune but still excellent tinkly tune..and for making me smile! TRAM

When i first encounterd you freaked me out and i saw you as dark and mad but i grew to love your merry ascending and decending notes now you have died but i will never forget you.

Thank you Xylophone man for all the years of that happy slightly offtune but still excellent tinkly tune..and for making me smile!

Rosemary B
You will be very fondly missed. Rest in Peace and Hope you are smiling down on us playing away.

Richard Baldwin
No matter what he played it always sounded a bit like the Blankety Blank theme tune. Frank will be clearly missed RIP.

I always remeber the Xylophone man ever since I was little. He'll be missed.

A very happy soul who always brought a smile x

Tori Dunning
Mr Robinson never failed to make me smile. I loved his plinky plink music especially that flurry of notes at the end of a song. He will be sorely missed.

I guess some "TING" will be missing from all our lives!

"And here's to you Mr.Robinson, Jesus loves you more than you will know. God rest you please, Mr.Robinson, heaven holds a place for those who pray." Rest In Peace

The sound of the first 2 lines of "when the saints come marching in" will be sadly missed in Nottingham City. I think a plaque on the exchange building, near to Warehouse would be fitting to Frank's memory.

Peter Cotton
ting, ting twiiiiiiing!! nothing else in Nottingham could bring a smile to my face as quick as ting, ting, twiiiing, and always 'Jingle Bells ting, ting twiiing in December. Frank Robinson will always be part of Nottingham, just because he touched so many people with his music and great big smile. I think it would be a great idea to name a tram after him, and get it to play "ting, ting, are now at station street"

Debbie Boote
I am a portrait local artist. In spring 2000 was looking for a walking the streets of Nottingham looking for suitable subject when I remembered xylophone man. I found him on Lister Gate outside W H Smiths. He was very happy to let me sketch him and take some photographs and even did a little song and dance routine for me. I have my portaits of him as fond memories of that day. I will always remember him as a gentleman of five notes.

Alas, I never knew you, and haven't a clue what you did. But I'm sure you gave a lot of pleasure to many people.

Gutted. I'm never going back to Notts - there's no point now. RIP

I wonder if he knew how famous he was? He will be sadly missed and I wish now I had spared a minute to say hello.

A musical visionary and a fine gentleman.

The place just won't be the same without you. Never saw you without a smile in 20 odd years. RIP fella.

I'm not a Nottingham girl but always saw you in town, you seemed so happy, you were an inspiration.

Cath and Ollie
You brought a great big smile to both our faces when we saw you. The fact that you were enjoying yourself rubbed off on everyone else - thanks for your cheery notes Frank.

His own unique musical talent touched the heart of thousands and brought a smile to many a face. Lets not forget this musical ambassador for Nottingham, hounour him rightfully. RIP Xylophone Man (May your music live on!)

It is a sad day. Nottingham has lost a top man.

Wendy Oslo
One of the abiding memories of Nottingham is Frank. Hope you are still playing whereever you are. Thank you for making our days brighter. :~(

Frank, always put a smile on my face. He wil always be in our memories. RIP.

Although I would argue he never really had an ear for music, Frank really was an entertainer in the true sense of the word. Rest in peace my friend

Of all the things people remember from living in Nottingham, you are the one memory that people never forget! Rest In Peace x

Stoic in his single tune,this man always made me chuckle whenever I was in town :) Rest In Peace

You always brought a smile to my face and cheered me up. I'll miss you

I can't walk ar now and so,whilst my wife does the shopping,I would sit amd watch the Xylophone Man.It very soon became a treat and I really did look forward to seeing him again,and again,and again.I really hope he knew how much he was loved,the end of an era.Rest in peace Frank,you are missed so dreadfully.

A legend we'll all miss, always there for you when you felt down. Rest In Peace

I was only admiring his flair last week. My lunch time walk is strangely quiet now. I'll miss you old fella.

Rest in peace. You brought a smile to our faces and a ray of sunshine in our hearts. You will be missed.

an inspiration to us all, a true legend with a true heart. tring twing ying frank, you lovely man. peace :)

A sad loss of of nottingham's most colorfull character. Wherever he is I bet he's playing his merry little tune and making people smile. He will be sorely missed.

'ledge' is an absolute legend. the eigth wonder of the world...well nottingham. he shoul;d be honoured in some way, maybe instead of a minutes silence we have a minutes xylophone playing.

RIP Frank. You were a legend. Your memory will live one, and Nottingham’s is going to be a quieter and less friendly place now you are no longer with us. You were one of the contributing factors that made Nottingham "The Worlds Best City". I’m sure you will be sat at the Pearly gates playing away with your legendary smile etched on your face for eternity. Say Hi to my Gramps for me. Tazfaninafocus

Never met hit, never saw him and never heard him, bit I feel like I've known him all my life. Frank, we'll miss you, your music was wonderful. Rest in Peace.

A great man to have been true to himself while touching hundreds of others in a positive way every day. Memorial please. RIP Frank.

He made shopping in town what it was, it won't be the same without him. RIP Xylophone man!

Old Jim was brilliant.

Aww no way, Nottingham will lose so much with him gone, it's a black day. RIP

Thank you Frank. You were, and will always be unique. We will never see your like again. Write to the City Council, the BBC and the Evening Post. This man MUST be recognised.

Gary Hull
bye dad

i havent seen him for a wile since i saw him on the bus the other day , but he still raise a smile to my face , and also some respect as hes been bangin out them tunes for all that time . R.I.P dude . never forget ya

who i am
no other city can be proud to have had such a man bless it's street, every ting of metal brought a smile to a face, RIP xylophone man, may your spirit live on and may you spread your music and joy to those around you now.

Missing your tune at lunch times , you made us all smile,thanks for letting us play your xylophone.R I P

touching to see so many people giving their condolences.. i saw the man in full flight just a few weeks ago. it's truely upsetting to hear the news of his death.. i hope he's up there with that big xylophone in the sky!

Ross F
Xylophone man - you were truly a great person, and still remain that person. you will be greatly missed, you were one of my faveourite people! =), always put a smile on my face. Much love to you now, you were also known to me and friends as Plinky Plonky Man.. i'll never forget you, and neither will the rest of nottingham!

cant believe uva passed by, u always reminded me of grandad steptoe :) r.i.p xylophone man

I used to go in at the weekends and watch him. it made my weekend!he always put a smile on ur face and always took requests! he is more well known than robin hood within notts! i think we need a plaque where he last played. who agrees? sadly missed xylophone man! thanks for many years of laughs!

Lizzie crossley
You were and always will be the best xylophone player ever frank!! You always cheered me up when i walked through town shopping will always remember you!! Rest In Peace!!!!! you were nottingham most well loved character!!

Rev David McCoulough
Prayers will be said for Frank at the 11 a.m. service on Thursday 8th July in St Peter's Nottingham - thanksgiving for this shining example of joy and freedom.


Sara Kassam
Xylophone man always looked truly happy bashing away with his instrument and without a worry in this busy, stressed world. He always made me smile... Nottingham won't be the same without you!

jesse k
i seen u years and u always made me smile wen i walked past goin in town will neva b the same since uve gone. i will miss u love jesse

we loved you, keep on knocking ;)

I have never heard of you before, but RIP

RIP frank. I didn't know that was your name, but your music always made me smile since I was born.

Frank, What will the streets of Nottingham come to, you will be missed by all who came across you! You will live on forever in our hearts, as a much appreicated man who was there when we were walking through the streets bored of shopping, With all his talents, and admires brings this to a close, Rest In Peace, my friend no body else could be the same as you. Amen

Helen and Katie
'Plinky Plonky man' as we called him was part of and will always be part of Nottingham's heritage. We will miss Frank dearly. A shopping trip in town won't be the same without Frank and his music. Rest in peace plinky plonky man, we love you x

Just someone you always expected to see in Nottingham. I never once saw him unhappy. Its not going to be the same without him.

xylophone man was the best xylophone player in the world and i will really miss his cheery tunes, im all 4 a tram named afta him, bt i think mayb we should replace the lions with a xylophone statue and a statue of the most famous man in nottingham.. frank R.I.P xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dale Gadsby
i wish id given im money now i did sit wiv im tho and played is xylophone will b missed R.I.P.

-Nixi Da Pixi-
He was an amazing dude! He always used 2 put a gr8 big grin on my face even wen i felt depressed or angry wen walkin past him in town! I will miss the way he used 2 tap his foot 2 da tune he was playin, n da way he used 2 hav a big grin on his face wen i gave him muney. Da way he used 2 say 'thanku luv' wud always make me laf! I will miss him like mad! Love ya dude, rock on up in da clouds!! RIP frank! -Nixi Da Pixi- xxXxx

whenever i saw him he made me smile his tunes and with the tapping of his foot. he decerves a statue for us to remeber him r.i.p frank

I remember talking to you backstage at an outdoor gig at Nottingham Uni. Not many people know that Frank shared a bill with the Cooper Temple Clause! RIP You were a legend.

annie x x x
he was such a kul guy !! evrytyme u went into town u cud b sure of seein mr xylophone man ... ppl laffed ... ppl cheered but i will always have fond memories of mr xylophone man and i will miss him lots n lots. i hope he has a happy life in heaven x.x.x kiss kiss mr xylophone man x.x.x

lauren n georgia!
we love u xylophone man!!! we're going to miss you and shopping in nottingham will never be the same again!!! :( good bye tinkerbell(our nickname 4 him!) xxx

David Allen
I stood next to him for many years selling RAC membership on Clumber Street and he drove me crazy playing the one tune that he knew!! What a guy though, I will miss the tune and I will miss him. A Nottingham institution, if you were from Nottingham you either knew him or knew of him.

Richard C
I will miss seing him sat on Listergate during my diner hour. He has bee there for years and will be missed by people who saw him regularly sat there playing and singing. Sorry he's gone.

mr neal
r.i.p mate wont be the same without you go play your tunes to god now

Farewell to a man whose legend went further than Nottingham. I was told of his genius when a friend returned from Nottingham. I made sure to look out for him on every visit to the city thereafter and was never dissappointed. The man will definitely be missed. Goodbye, xylophone man

u were great n we all luved u, rest in peace u will be missed.

Mikey G
Frank, you always brought a smile to my face with your music, you will be missed, rest in peace

Fantastic guy, will miss him, definatly needs a tribute, will be mised, R.I.P

jessica flanagan
xylophone man was the life of nottingham and i can remeber since i was like 3 hearing him play outside of superdrung i heard about this from the news i just hope he rests in peace and we should have a memorial of him in nottingham i can remember tourists taking picturs of him and him tapping his foot to the unmelodic tune he played R.I.P XXX

Ever since I can remember, the xylophone man had been in his usual spot, playing. He even let me have a go when I was about 4! He truly was a legend and we hope that up their in xylophone heaven, he will learn the rest of "When the saints go marching in."

Frank was a true talent and it's not hard to see from all the messages here that he touched a lot of peoples lives. At the very least one of those blue plaques should be put up outside yorkshire bank saying Frank Robinson played here, or something to that effect. Either that or name a tram after him, and i also like the idea of the giant xylophone sculpture. R.I.P Frank, you will be sadly missed

The world wont be the same any more. I think there needs to be some kind of plaque outside yorkshire bank in his honour.

Frank your MUSIC came from your (HEART AND SOUL)to spread happiness to many now you have the whole of HEAVEN TO PLAY TO GOD BLESS YOU till we ALL MEET AGAIN R.I.P DEAR FRIEND

R.I.P. xylophone man. The best busker in Nottingham.

Xylophone man should be made a saint. his Legend should live on through a statue. Lets make a petition

I only hope he knew how much he brought to peoples lives. maybe he'll look down on the tram called Frank!!

Tom From Trent
Proper hero. Everytime i saw him banging his feet playing a 'song' it always made me smile. RIP dude; you deserve it.

In the hustle and the bustle, there sat a man. Amidst the rushing and the pushing, there sat a man. Who had the power to slow people down and bring a smile to everyone's face. For he was Xylophone Man, and may the streets echo with his memory for many a year!

what a great guy, ive just left nottingham since graduating and im gutted about the news

rich, long eaton
Heaven has been blessed. R.I.P. mate. now your free

I now regret I didn't take time to talk to you, Frank. I'll miss your signature tune with the swipe of the xylophone at the end and your Xmas tunes too! Rest in peace - but still play the xylophone. Goodbye.

:( I can't believe such a light has been extinguished from our lives. Man, how he played that glockenspiel was practically erotic. If music be the food of love, play on! I'll miss you, dude. I'm going to dig out my xylophone and play away in memory. I think a song should be written after him, forget Rocket Man, let's have Glockenspiel Man. RIP Frank xxxxx

stamford crew.
it takes a very special person to make so many people smile, lunch won't be the same. R.I.P.

Frank, You'll be sorely missed and I won't forget the tunes you played. You always knew you'd see a happy, friendly face when walking through Listergate. Goodbye, we'll miss you.

We will all miss Frank, he has become a part of all our lives, everyone at school was so sad to hear of the death of Frank. Keep on Rocking Fank!!

John Keegans
I first saw Xylophone man doing a gig outside the indoor market in Alfreton before making it to the big stage of Nottingham. He is a true local legend and we MUST have a statue! RIP Xylophone Man.

A Happy Chappy.RIP.Backing a 'tram for Frank'

I used to be a presenter at the University of Nottingham radio station, URN. The station manager at the time always said that he wanted to interview Xylophone Man. He was a cornerstone of Nottingham society, and will no doubt be forgotten all too quickly.

we won forget you

chris from cotgrave
We need something to remember him by, a plaque,a tram or even a bench, good old frank, we will miss you.

I say a sign or something about him is put up outside C and A... it's the least that we can do!

Andy H
Goodbye Frank. You will be there in rock 'n' roll heaven with all the best, Moon, Entwhistle, Lennon, Harrison, Hendrix, Presley etc RIP. Thanks for the cheering up after ice skating on a Saturday.

I'll never forget that sunny afternoon we sang 'hey jude,' you were always there with a smile. God be with you,gone but not forgotten.

Nottingham will not be the same without his own brand of street music , and more importantly his constant happiness , no matter how bad your day at work had been he could always bring a smile back to our faces. The Council MUST remember him in a decent way.

What a legend

cheerio frank i always remember your christmas tunes? although not in nottingham now will always remember you rip m8

Just a few days ago i sat listning to Frank, who was playing his tunes to a group of students who each had a go on his xylophone. Its sad that he will no longer be there to put a smile on our faces. We must have something to remember him by.

May your tunes fly with the birds. Rest in peace, Mr. Xylophone Man.

Frank you will be missed, you even did a request for me once, not perfect but you gave it your best as always, RIP

knock down the robin hood statue and put our frank there.

Tom R
I'll never forget the day he said " let's get some rhythm in here!"

ange taggart
much loved and will be missed

Helen Bebop
Xylophone Man touched so very very many people and made them smile for a while. Thats truly the life of an angel. How many of us can hope to achieve so much in our lifetimes. What a great man. He wil be sorely missed but remembered by all with fondness and a smile.

The streets will not be the same without him, he will be sorely missed. R.I.P.

We won't forget you xylophone man, you are an absolute legend who deserves to be remembered for putting smiles on peoples faces and bringing happiness to the streets of Nottingham. Shopping will never be the same without you. R.I.P FRANK ROBINSON A.K.A THE XYLOPHONE MAN

This man's smile ruled. He always made me smile when I saw him. He's going to be missed by everyone :(. Bet he's playing his xylophone wherever he is now.

this has hit me hard such a happy man notts will never be the same i was gunna ask him 2 play at my wedding :(

Andy S
He was always smiling while he played. Notts council should erect a giant multicolour xylophone in market square and give out smaller ones to every child below the age of 7 as a tribute to Nottingham's unsung musical genius!

The Harlaxton boys
We'll miss the few notes and the wave of the xylophone. Lets have a tram called Frank.

Frank, You touched the lives of millions of people every day. May your legend live on for years to come!

We lost Father Christmas now the Xylophone Man. Who will replace these characters who cheered up Nottingham City Centre.

We'll all miss you and your xylophone/glockenspiel! You made so many people smile.

Never would have passed my degree without your entertainment at weekends. RIP Frank

Embed a xylophone and striker on a chain into the side of one of the lions and Frank will live on.

Lesson to be learned here. Take the time to make the most of people while they're here. A tram for a tramp! Thanks for the memories Frank. RIP

i wonder if he is playing outside the pearly gates as the dead walk in ? sad to see ya go !

I cant believe it!!! Im shocked!!!! I just felt a huge lump in my throat... bless him, will be strange never to see him again!!!

All our lives are the richer for knowing him. Ever since I was a child I'd always give him 20p and watch him play. He'd always bring a smile to the faces of everyone. We HAVE to name a tram after him. We must all make sure his memory lives on, and we never forget. Xylophone man is with the man upstairs now. Rest in Peace Frank

if i go to heaven (and i hope i do) let the first thing i hear be your xylophone...God Bless

There has to be a tram for Frank he deserves it xx

"Just one tune"! The man was a genius misunderstood, will be greatly missed he was a part of everyones childhood.

He will be sorely missed on the streets of Nottingham. Rest in peace.

He was a lovely lovely man, and he was blessed with a love of music and an endless smile RIP Frank xxx

Julie Christie
Such sad news. I remeber that my housemate wanted him to be her surrogate Grandad. RIP Frank, you will not be forgotten.

He was the closest thing I had to a father.... Word of your passing has spread Kent. From now on I shall learn to play the Xylophone as well as you did in memory of you.

I hope you went with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. That's what you did for me every time I walked past x

Lucy And Dav
Frank will be missed so much, it won't be the same walking down there and not hearing his tunes. Rest in Peace

kez and leash
Thanks for making us smile :-)

nazza bekz
i oved the way he used to stomp his feet randomley

steven malkamus
i was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of this xylophone playing tramp , a true institution on the streets of our city. As a memorial, Nottingham City Council should erect a monument in the city centre, 100 feet high and made of solid gold. But will they? Will they my foot! Yet another example of Blaires' Britian!

steven malkamus
i was deeply saddened to hear of the tragic death of this xylophone playing tramp , a true institution on the streets of our city. As a memorial, Nottingham City Council should erect a monument in the city centre, 100 feet high and made of solid gold. But will they? Will they my foot! Yet another example of Blaires' Britian!

word to the xylaphone man. wish there was one like him back home. but i think there can be only one!

Just seeing all these tributes shows what a part of everyones life he was. God bless him.

What more can one ask from a life but to make everyone smile and to be fondly remembered? What he gave us was simple and profound.


I wonder if they'll let him swap a harp for a xylophone up in heaven? I'm all for backing the idea of naming a tram after him. Long live the memory of Xylophone Man!

Whenever i was shopping in town,even from wen i was a little girl,the xylophone man was always ther playin his songs,he will be missed badly,RIP xx

It's a great shame. He will be sorely missed. Maybe a plaque is in order?

You will be sorely missed on the streets of Nottingham. Rest in peace.

Sarah M
ding ding ding....ting ting ting...ding

Ginger Fool
The first time I saw him he was laying down some serious xylophone riffs whilst a shop assistant go-go danced in a shoe shop. His memory will endure.

Rob Dollar
Shame, he made me and all my mates chuckle. Those dark melodies softend with a happy grin. The man will be missed.

There was no one like him and never will be. Legend. You'll never be forgotten, sleep well.

R.I.P Frank me and me mate luved to tap our foot and sing long wiv u, town just wont b the same with out u xxx

His unique musical talent will be sorely missed in Nottingham. RIP Frank.

I gave him a tenner once! Should have given him more!! RIP FRANKY!

You are the only one who knows my song... I shall miss you frank :'(

Steve E
his dido renditions always brought a tear to my eye. So long and sleep well little man.

There will definately be something missing from Nottingham now. It just wont seem right, knowing he's definately not going to be there any more...

Gerald Sibon
A Legend ! Nottingham will never be the same. We will miss the sound of your xylophone.

Waht few peopel know about Xlophone Man is that he was classically trained. In Metalwork, admittedly, but he was the Grandaddy of Soul.

The most fun part of a shopping trip around Nottingham has no gone. It will never be quite the same without his tinkling.

Chris I
I did not matter what the weather was like Frank was always there with a song and his xylophone, he will be sadly missed.

Nick V
We need to have a statue of him - where he used to sit. An everlasting reminder to an absolute legend !!

Yam Dizzzle
He achieved a level of fame andadoration that most of us can only dream of, just wish I'd stoped and talked to that excentric old man. He'll be sorely missed. R I P Frank

I cant belive he is gone its almost like we depend on him being there and then 1 day hes not. I really hope they put something to remember him by!! R.I.P xylophone man :(

The best musician ever to come out of nottingham. Someone should put out a charity tribute album to pay for a commemorative statue.

Benny Benassi
A Tram named 'Frank' - what could be better? Well, maybe a statue of Frank on a tram, fixed in a position so he is perpetually playing the magical xylophone for all eternity. Hell, why not have a statue on every tram, and one sat on each Council House lion. Maybe we could change the course of Nottingham future history forever, by people saying 'Meet you at the left Franks Lion' or 'Meet you at the right Lion/Frank combo at 7.30pm'. God bless you, you crazy diamond.

stefan from foz feld
big shame - nothing but smiles, foot stomping and solid use of the major scale and impro on D dorian. A lesson to learn for all those sour faces out there! What a nice bloke. RIP Frank x

Big Billy Chunk
You would always bring a smile to my face, you will be missed but never forgoten

How little we miss the small things until they are gone, RIP frank :( He was a ray of sunshine amongst the beggers, street hustlers, big issue sellers and always had a smile for everyone. No more shall the sound of the childs Xylophone be heard across from Littlewoods or Lister gate, no more will we see the slight fragile Captain Birdseye lookalike sitting on his portable chair with his small tuppaware tub at his side. I used to say that in his head his tunes sounded perfect and thats what you had to imagine when you listened to him. I know I will still be looking and listening for him when I next go into town even though I know he has gone and I know many people that may walk past the places he played late at night may still here him. How strange that a little old man playing a childs Xylophone very badly could be etched into the memory of so many but like alot of others I wish I had took the time to talk to him before he left us. Ste

Well you always started off my day in Nottingham with a smile on my face, we will all sadly miss you but you will always be in our hearts. Notthingham isnt going to be the same without you, nobody will replace him and i think there should be a plaque in a memorie of Frank. Nottingham wont be the same without you. xXxXx

Rest in Peace Grandad.

I didnt know you but my friend did and hes very upset, so now you have touched another soul.......

rev steve "goodtimes" malone
a true musician. a true artist. i think God needed a xylophone player or got bored waiting for peter ustinov to die so will get him to sit in on glokenspiel.

Jimmy W
What a sad loss to Nottingham. He had the ability to bring a smile to anybodys face and brighten the otherwise mundane act of walking through town.

You always made my day. Rest In Peace

Awwww man, what a shame. I used to love the way he'd stamp his feet in a crazy out-of-time step, reminiscent of some crazy jazz flavour. The street was his stage. Long live Xylophone Man!

jamie m
i will miss him

he always ad a smile on his face wen e was playin that sweet, little tune! Rest in peace! x

kelly spenc
you will be missed so used to be a pleasure to see you playing your xylophone.i think we should all get a plaque made for you are a tram named the xylophone man xxxxxxx k in cotgrave

I'll miss the dude :'(

Notts won't be them same on a Saturday afternoon RIP

craigo - whitby
very sad news, things will never be the same. a memorial should be built,

musical genius in his own right - RIP

Student Net
A sad day. Hope QMC looked after you.

Ad C
god bless the man, 1 thing we can all say is that he brought us all a smile.

What will christmas shopping be like without the sound of his Xylophone? Greatly, Sadly and moarnfully missed. R.I.P!

All here at work will miss him, I hope to be as popular when I grow up. Rest in peace and smile

Frank was a busking legend that put a smile on every shoppers face, and the city will be poorer for his passing, may you rest in peace Frank

prof Lucius d whalebone 111
man i dug his licks and i aint afraid to say i copied his chops. He was one soul bro. he was doing avant/nu/freestyle jazz was most of y al were still digging riffs off the bird and the jellyroll. see you upstairs man, we will knock em dead. bebop style.

Jamie Reynolds (
Xylophone man you'll be sadly missed. I always meant to sample his music to use in one of my tunes but never did get round to it. If anyone has got a sample let me know. RIP frank.

Andy B
You brought a smile to my face everyday of the week. You and your manic music will be missed and the streets will never sound the same.

Glennman White Vanman
This guy is a legend, he needs to live on through a memorial. Come on BBC get something moving on this!!! You have the power to do this.

It's just a shock that he is gone. Nottingham won't be the same without him.

He always put a smile on your face.. God Bless

He defined cool. A legend in his own. Robin hood had nothing on him. RIP chap, gone but not forgotton

We'll miss your crazy tunes Xylophone Man. He was actually getting quite adventurous - using more notes! There should definately be a plaque or a tram named after him or something - he was a legend.

Ahh poor xylophone man. My trips into Nottingham wont be the same.

Noooooo! :(


Nottingham's own cultural icon - how will the city centre ever be the same?

A True Fan
Let's hope he is jamming with Jimi and all those other crazy cats in the orchestra in the sky. Later Frank - Shine On You Crazy Diamond...

Gary N
Uni wouldnt have been the same without the greatest musician in Nottingham.

John Fredericks
Sadly missed, what a man. my favourite tune he did was "we will rock you" by queen

In these days of bland corporate music and pointless sad acts piling onto Pop Idol, it was always nice to come across someone who enjoyed playing the music his own way and damn the rest of the world. Frank, we'll miss you mate. It just won't be the same. (p.s. Not that it matters one iota, but it was a glockenspiel, not a xylophone.)

There should be a plaque at his spot outside H and M


Des O'Connor
He taught me everything I know about music. I'm gutted.

Tony Blair
I think the real issue here is not that dear Frank has passed away but that the people of Iraq missed out on his recitals because of the savage dictatorship that Pluto and I have removed thus enabling the Iraqi people to kill each other with the help and assistance of the allied forces.

U always managed to put a smile on my face, even when i was down. U will be greatly missed.Shopping wont be the same.xx

Sometimes he smelt funny, but he was great to listen to. I love you Frankie RIP

I never went to Notts without seeing you, the echoes of your xylophone will echo in Nottingham for years to come. RIP

Gem Gem
Me and my family used to call him Jingling Jimmy. We never knew his real name. He was a great character and walking around Nottingham won't be the same without him. Rest in Piece

You where a good person who gave a smile to everyone.

Kevin from Nottingham
What better epitaph than to say'He put a smile on people's faces' Cheers Frank Rest in peace

Returns Grannies
To Mr Frank the xylophone man, We loved to hear your tink, tinkling around town. hope your still playing your music when we get to heaven. bye.xxxx

Never has one person made me smile so much, he will be sadly missed. I hope the city does do something to commerate one of Nottinghams cheeriest and most lovable entertainers. Bless him x

Its all been said

Joey Chickenskin
One of the most consistent nusicians ever. Those toy xylophones all come with a song book but Xylophone man didn't concern himself with those, just four notes going up, four notes going down, then slide the stick along the plates. A genuine character and a great loss. The City needs plaques where he played.

Legend.... Fact. Will be missed. RIP Xylophone Man.

I'm just glad people have remembered him. he'd be touched by knowing the number of people he brought a smile to. I guess i won't be the only one who misses his plinking.

Nottingham will never be the same without you mate, R.I.P, keep the sky alive with your magical music x x x

A true Notts legend, a statue would be more than fitting, RIP Frank forever part of notts history

xylophone man AKA ma main man Frank Robinson. ill never forget the time i was storming through town in a bad mood and as i walked past, you shouted "smile", and gave it the old *ting...ting...ting...."hey"* lol. now youll be a sendin the angels to sleep with you xylophone in the sky. R.I.P mate.x x x

Nottingham has lost a treasure. I hope he realised how much he was a part of city life for all of us. He'll be missed.

We always looked out for you in town, you will be missed.

What a true Legend, something needs to be done to honour his life. Now he can play his tunes to God! R.I.P Frank

Paul B
In the four years I was at Nottingham Uni, he always brought a smile when I was out shopping. A true legend. RIP.

Name a Tram after Frank!!!!! We asked about this before but were fobbed off. If they refuse again someone should be sacked!!!! This is what the people of Nottingham want...

I wish he had chance to read all these messages, I wish we could have told him how important he was while he was still alive. I've learnt something today. RIP x x

much love and respect to his friends and family - hope they get to read these tributes RIP x

Nottingham City Centre will never be the same..... RIP

I may only have been to Nottingham once but I heard about this man and was glad to meet him but I never knew it would be my last. Rest in peace, continue playing your five note tunes in heaven, we'll be glad to hear them.

First Robin Hood, then Xylophone Man, a true hero


Rest in peace Frank. Notts won't be quite the same again. Without question the best busker in the UK.

Were a small nottingham based band. Ever since we first set foot in the dank rainy streets of nottingham, the first sound that met our ears was the pasionate wailings of one man, and his xylophone. We promised ourselves that if we became half as big as him. Wed be happy. After reading all these tributes, we can see that many many people feel the same way. A statue or some kind of memorial has to be constructed for this great musician and entertainer. We hope somewhere up there he's still playing away with a smile on his face.

You everyone smile - and that's a rare gift

Brett from Leicester
I will always associate Nottingham with Xylophone man. I think his memory will live for decades to come. Nottingham should definitely remember him in a memorial so he can live on for generations to come. RIP Frank.

RIP frank you shall be missed

What a great man, probably one of the best things about Nottingam. Hope he knows he was appreciated : ) TRAM-do it!

Name a Tram after Frank. He would have really loved it! So much better than all the other choices...

A fantastic fella - i have spent literally HOURS watching and smiling with him since arriving in notts in '95. A fantastic sight to see in Nottingham...... Heres an idea - How about a Plaque to remember him by!

Please say someone recorded some of his amazing music, and is planning to release it in tribute. The man was a ledgand... RIP

Lets make sure he's gone but not forgotten, we would like to see a Charity set up in his name for good causes at street level.that way he could be still putting smiles on face's for aslong as Notts. still stands. RIP


Rob Hirst
This truly is sad news. A true legend who composed the unheard modern classics and the soundtrack to Nottingham

me and my sister used to call him the tink-a-tink man! used to bring a smile on the stressfull shopping trip into town. RIP

X-man, your memory will live on for longer than you could ever imagine. Others may busk in your place but they will never replace you.

We Will

Dave Mack aka Count Grishmack (The Cool Off)
Ruth Maddock, eat your heart out....farewell Frank. Never failed to raise a smile, ever since I moved to the area in '92. SAFE

Jessica Jade
Well what can i say, i will really miss the little fella! He was the reason i went into Notts, he was excellent! I can always remember saying i wanted to hire him as my personal entertainer! Now he's gone, and will probably be the entertainment of heaven! R.I.P dude!! Rock on!!

I enjoyed watching him play his simple tunes and the dedication he made in doing so. I agree that a tram should be named after him. God bless.

He'll certainly be missed for his ability to entertain the people from Nottingham

Trams come and go, but a ststue would most definitely be an amazing momento. This man was one of the single most recognisable things about the city of Nottingham. If the number of tributes that precede mine do not show this then i don't know what does. Nottingham is now a less interesting and colourful place.

So sad that such a wonderful character has disappeared from the world - your twinkling eyes and cheery smile will be sadly missed. Rest in peace Xylophone Man...

Lisa &Alice at Bilborough
Words cannot express our grief. I haven't felt like this since the Queen Mother passed away. Rock on heaven \m/

Bilborough college (Han, vanessa, sandeep,jenny)
The xylophone man, cheered up our clan, he played his merry tune, now hes with the stars and the moon,we'll miss the tune without the beat it was all so sweet, no matter the weather theres no one better than the xylophone man!!!! god bless him Bilborough college love him and always will!

R.I.P - Keep Up The Good Work, You Wont Be Forgoton.

You brightened up the city centre with your smile. I'll miss the sight and sound of you.

Can't believe you're gone mate. You always had a smile on your face, and you always put a smile on my face. RIP.

Carter (forest fields)
I will not forget you man, you were outside when i started my first job at Game and sittign behind the counter listening to you made me v.happy, you will be missed.....

How about a musical tribute? Why not bring along a Xylophone to one of his popular haunts next Saturday morning at 11am and create a Frank Xylophone orchestra?

No-one can come to Nottingham and not know about Frank, a true local celebrity and no doubt! The on;y shame is i never got to hear him more than once....RIP and you'll always be remembered

i hope sales of toy xylophones will rocket as a tribute to this great man

Bye Frank, You will be missed!! You brought a smile to so many peoples faces and were a legend in your own right. I definatly think we need a statue of our 21st century Legend!! M xx

it was very sad to hear of Mr Robinsons passing, he will be sadly missed and was very much a part of the weekly shopping trip to town......may he rest in peace.

Mrs Pants

Gareth Duffield
I always remember seeing students sitting round listening and playing with the 'ping ping man'. We should have a street named after him and have a statue of him outside H&M or M&S. There should be a memorial service aswell. The streets are going o be so quiet without him

jay fcuk:(
will be sadly missed as i walk thru nottingham shopping:( keep playin frank(Y) xylophone rock n roll, lives on up above mate. r.i.p. jay jay n kimmy xxxx

Bobby, katie n jess
we will miss him loads. Nottingham will neva b da same agen!! Is the xylophone up for auction cuz we will buy it. R.I.P. XXX

James S.
A statue would be fitting. Perhaps with a button to 'listen to the man' on it?! Will be sorely missed.

The best busker in Britain.

I am truly sorry to hear the news of Franks death. I remember that at Xmas he used to play little bits of carols. He always made me smile. It would be nice if all these emails could get forwarded to Nottm County Council and some sort of tribute arranged in his memory in the centre of town.

Rah Rah and Mealie
You brought smiles to our faces and joy to our hearts with your 'ting ting ting' and your lovely big

Harley Boy
The proof of true greatness is when so many who never knew you mourn your passing.A true Nottingham legend. RIP Frank

What more can people say? He was the MAN! How about a road call Xylophone Walk? A statue? Aswell as a Tram!

We feel so sad that Frank has gone, To forget about him would be wrong. A permanent reminder to make us smile and help us reminisce a while. A tinkerling wind chime would be fun and ensure our xylophone man 'Frank's memory lives on. You don't realise how special someone is until they have gone. God bless.

John & Yvonne
Frank, We didn't realize you were so famous. So more power to your 'sticks'. Can we contribute anything to a plaque, sign or statue to this entertainer?.

Missing you
After reading all the above nothing seems appropriate. All i can say is farewell to a man who touched so many lives and will be sadly missed. I hope your looking down on us and playing us a special tune. We will never forget you. Take care and keep playing

Gaz from awsworth
frank you wil be missed by so many ppl that you didnt kno n that didnt kno you.shows how gentle and nice a person you truley were. r.i.p :(

Rest in peace, you will be sadly missed.

awwwww i loved him i can always reamber one time wen i was in town with my mates and it was cummin up 2 mothersday,as we walked past him he shouted "hey girls its nearly chrismas lets have a carol"and started playin this random tune that no 1 new what it was it wenrt even near xmas.But he was great always had a smile on his face and guarenteed to put a smile on every 1 elses.Nottm aint gonna be the same,i'll b still walkin down sayin 2 every 1 awww weres that lill old man gone.R.I.P m8 xxxx

The radiant smile and twinkling eye have faded, as has the pleasing little tune, but Frank's memory will live on and his passionate drive to entertain will secure him a place in musicians' heaven.

He was definately the best musician nott's has produced in a long long time. Let's all take to the streets with toy Xylophones and share this grief together.

A genuine character on the streets of Nottingham, it is a sad day now that he has passed on. RIP.

Who needed a man dressed in green tights wielding a bow and arrow when you could have this late great! Here's to Saint Frank of Nottingham - a true hero amongst men!

It is a sad day - Nottingham has lost one of it's best known characters. Gone but not forgotten, Xylophone Man will always be in our hearts. Give this man a decent tribute for entertaining us for so many years. Good night God Bless.

The Loft
Our event at the Arboreturm this sunday will now be dedicated to the loss of this true icon. R.I.P

Keep on rockin' in Heaven. RIP my man - you made Notts so much brighter xx

The unworthy one
Its a sad loss for Nottingham. He might not of been the most musically gifted guy in the world, but he always made people smile with his own unique tunes. Ding ding ding ding (quick drag on his fag) Ding Ding ding ding. R.I.P. Fella.

The unworthy one
Its a sad loss for Nottingham. He might not of been the most musically gifted guy in the world, but he always made people smile with his own unique tunes. Ding ding ding ding (quick drag on his fag) Ding Ding ding ding. R.I.P. Fella.

Ian Whitcombe
What a sad day. One of those people you don't realise you card about until they've gone. RIP Frank

Oh please! Between Xylophone Man and that astonishingly tone-deaf blues guitarist, Nottingham hasn't had any competent buskers for years. It's embarrassing!

carry on rockin' in Heaven mate - you made evgeryones day that little bit happier RIP xx

Jonathan Krarup
I only moved to Nottingham about a year ago. I come from a fairly small town in Denmark where we don't have a lot of beggars and I was quickly overwhelmed with the masses of them in Nottingham. At first when I saw Xylophone man, I mistook him for being just another beggar - boy was I wrong, and I very quickly realized this. As has been said so many times already, he was a steady part of the city, and one that would never fail to make you giggle or just smile and shake your head. There's not many of these wonderful colourful people around, and now there is one less. A great loss for the city indeed. You have many more fans than I think you ever knew. R.I.P Frank.

Dr Curtis
I spend many a day listening to that chap when I worked in the tiny newspaper hut on exchange walk. Brings back fond memories of Nottingham.

You made Christmas every year. Rest in peace.

Absolute legend-Notts won't be the same without him. He brought character and always had a smile on his face...give the man a statue!!! R.I.P

I came to Nottingham 12 years ago and the first memory I have is of hearing Frank. It brought a smile to my face and every time after whenever I heard him it had the same effect. It just won't be the same without him. A statue really is a good idea - he should be remembered as a local hero.

everyone should take a little something from xylophone man...... happiness is easy! good on the wee fellah! just a small statue of him doin his thang, should be put in his fav spot! at least it will have meaning, unlike some of the 'street furniture' weve had lately!

Loved your When the saints go marching In piece of music, RIP FRANK your certainly going to be missed

If Frank didn't put a smile on your face then you must be made of wood. Cheerio Frank, you were a gentleman and will be missed by many.

mr. reason
A trip into town wasn't complete without hearing at least four carefully selected notes from Frank. You mention X-Man and everyone knows who you mean - just look at the number of people writing tributes here - he knew how to spread a little bit of happiness far and wide. he'll live on in folklore for sure, but he definitely deserves a more tangible tribute like a bronze statue of him playing the 'phone, or maybe even his actual xylophone kept as a museum piece. he is our robin hood for the 21st century. peace.

Gutted! He was the best busker around! RIP hope he knew how many people would be touched by his music! and how many people he put a smile on their faces!

I come to Nottingham for 2 things. 1 is Forest the second was to hear you play great tunes including the phoenix nights tune that was funny. I hope you get a proper tribute you made Nottingham a friendly City. RIP Frank

loved your music,i found you always very friendly and nice to chat to,thanks frank for making us smile RIP

I have lived in Nottingam my whole life and you have been a apart of that and many others. Always a smile on your face no matter what the weather or time of year. You will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace you sweet little man. The people of Nottingham will hear your tunes always xx

He was a legend. May he rest in Peace.

Nick, Mapperley
Xylophone man- everyone take note of the number of tributes this man has received, loved by all, some form of memoriam is definitely required- Tram! "Ting, Ting, Ting,...bllllliing!Doors opening..."

RIP Frank

Frank, You were what legends are made of. We'll miss you, mate. RIP :(

The idea of a memorial to Frank is perfect. Nottingham won't be the same without him.

The most recognisable figure in the city. Admittedly not the best at playing the Xylophone but we wouldn't have him any other way. RIP.

Cathy Rowson
I'm relatively new to Nottingham but I felt like a belonged when i would tell people about you with a smile. Bless you.

A2 Drama group at Lakeview
Frank was a bloody legend, He will be missed by all. Everyone loved his jovial smile and endless playing of that same tune. We have dubbed it "The Frank" Sam cried over the news, we had to buy more kleenex.

Where's the justice in that! Frank was awesome, while that blues playing dude lives on... God does move in mysterious ways.

Nick, Mapperley
Xylophone man- everyone take note of the number of tributes this man has received, loved by all, some form of memoriam is definitely required- Tram! "Ting, Ting, Ting,...bllllliing!Doors opening..."

B and liv
we will miss you Frank and your jazzy multicoloured xylophone RIP forever xxxxxx

RIP dude. You made the whole town a happy place to be. I loved it at Christmas and you always seemd so happy. You'll be missed.

RIP - a true part of Nottingham's heritage

Sam J
A true Nottingham legend! We will all miss his happy tunes and happy face. Rest in Peace Frank.

A brilliant person, nothing more to say. R.I.P

I Think Xylophone Man deserves a tram or even something more he brought nottinghams city streets to life God Bless You Frank R.I.P =(

I'm with the statue idea - so few people are like Frank, he deserves to be remembered so we can remember in the future, every day, that it's the simple things that make all the difference. Thanks Frank.

Frank. Miss you already. Notts won't be the same without you. My friends will miss you too!!!x

Even though you know he's passed away you have to smile,bless him,R.I.P Frank x

Every time I used to travel to Nottingham for a day out with my Mum from Newark we would see him in Nottingham and have continued seeing him over the years. When I was little I was really curious about this fabulous career choice! I have great respect for someone who will carry out any job with such dedication. A sad loss to all of us who visit Nottingham but I bet he's enjoying playing that xylophone in the sky!

Andrew and Leanne
A man that brought a smile to a thousand faces. Nottingham will never be the same again. Rest in peace. After searching the internet i found a site that has him on it, go on to the site then click the HOBO HUNT on the left side.

Its amazing how someone can do something so simple and get such a reaction from so many people..your notes will echo through the streets of notts 4ever..

rob bulwell
god bless u always put a smile on my face when i was down goin through town

Tracey and Steve
rest in piece - you will be really missed

He was no pop idle, and he'd not been to the Eric Clapton school of Musicianship. But what a hat he had!

Sharon and Shane Guy
We used to look forward to Christmas because he would be there playin an almost identifiable 'silent night'. This man brightened our day whenever we heard him. Frank may you rest in peace.

When the weather was grey and the shops were heaving, he was always there to put a smile back on your face. Such a sad loss. Thanks for brightening my days.

Give the man a statue in the square!! the man deserves it just for that little bit of happiness he gave to so many people in the city, Give him a statue in the square!! Email nottingham city council, lets try and get him a tribute he deserves.

A brilliant act that characterised the streets of nottingham. Better than the mad derby balloon scratcher by miles.

Ted Wood
ting ting ting ting.....bliiiinnng (cheesy grin) hmmm hmmmmmmm......

Scott P
Frank - Lets hope you are playing your xylophone outside the white pearly gates. Rest in peace. We'll miss you.

Bridget and Carla
Frank - we never knew what you were playing, but we loved it anyway. Rest in peace xx xx

tony ferrol
Always a smile on his face, always there, day in, day out....the dude just appeared to enjoy every second of life, which i guess is a lesson to us all! in these days of people being miserable and not giving the time of day to anyone else, Frank was a guy who could teach us alot about how to enjoy ourselves! A true gent, and embodyment of a community person...peace out have made an impact on peoples lives...and how many of us can truly say that?

Hi Frank maybe the angels will teach you some new tunes. R.I.P.

Ken Yeadon
What a sad loss for the shoppers of Nottingham,. Frank although a small man he had great passion for what he did best,playing his instrument and bringing lots of joy to his passing public. The local authorities shoud replace the Leaf Stem monument outside M + S with a memorial in honour of Frank. R.I.P

God Bless You matey, you are the best!

vodka man
I wonder if as a tribute some record company should release a Frank single ? Money raised could be used to locate a new talent for our streets amusement.


Rest in peace, Frank mate - you've been in town as long as I can remember, I'm not looking forward to seeing the place without you to brighten it up. Notts Council, let's have a statue to the legend, as well as a tram named after him! And to Forest - as he was a Forest fan - let's get promotion now as tribute!

Nottingham will never be the same again... you will be missed. Rest in peace. xxxxx

Eric M
His memory could live on through the creation of a small bronze statue to be funded by the "Carl Xylophone Man Statue Appeal" and I will donate an early £50.

He was always cheerful and made everyone smile. I will miss seeing him. May he rest in peace in heaven.

R.I.P Xylophone Man notts wont be the same without you

Xylophone man was the greatest Nottingham legend simply for the fact that he would smile with the same joy whether you gave him a penny or a pound. RIP.

Once seen/heard never forgotten, a rare gift. thanks rest gently

Once seen/heard never forgotten, a rare gift. thanks rest gently

Listening to his tunes, I realised that they WERE actual tunes, but he played a bit, and then imagined a bit, and then played the next bit ... He was such a character! :(

Play your musc with the angels Frank our loss their gain God Bless

steve owen
rip..frank ...keep them all happy up there wont ya ...god bless

Nathan Hage
To say that i was moved to hear of Franks passing is an understatement. The joyful simplicitly of his music and meaning will be sorely missed. Cheerio old chap.

Harry Honde
I fell sad for failing to give a single penny while he was alive! RIP. Forgive us all!

you were a superstar!!!!!!!!!!! often i walked past and heard that fav tune of yours and thought fair play i couldnt sit there all day and do that!. you will be missed, God bless RIP frank, your playing the better place now :)

Xylophone Man was the greatest of all homeless people, the whole of Nottingham now mourns the death of a hero, Nottingham should hav a statue of him for all to remember him by

Rest In Peace, you will never be forgotten, you were always so happy and knew how to put a smile on peoples face.

i talked to the man and he was so nice to talk to and so sensitive he entertained us all with is tunes and made us laugh with his actions but he laughed with us he will be missed RIP see you on the other side

sleep in peace you will be greatly missed by my children who always used to stop to see you play.from cotgrave resident

RIP Now you can play to the Gods

Very sad news, it just won't be the same without him.


Present History must not allow such a noble man of our times to perish with his passing... Name a tram after this legend!!!!!

random john
this guy was cool he always made me laugh when i went in to nottingham and he always had a smile on his face

gonna miss u mr. xylophone man ur crazy ass music:(....u superstar!

danny 4
R I P xylophone man

TRAM FOR FRANK!! the legend must live on

Joe M
If this guy doesn't get a tram named after him then I shall cry. He deserves it soooo much. Now we just have the bass guitarist dude.

Brenda D.
A heartfelt tribute for Frank, I always listened out for you but sadly no more `special little tunes` Heartfelt sympathy to his family on the sudden loss of one of Nottinghams favourite legends. God Bless Frank.

Helen and Dave. W.B.
Framk may be no longer with us but he still makes us smile with a warmth.He will be greatly missed by many,many people but not forgotten.

the man is a true legend and the city centre will never be the same again. 1 in a million, frank. rip

RIP Xylophone Man. I grew up watching you hone your skills, but still ploughing your own musical furrow. Nottingham has lost a real character.

Paula Peters
He was a pleasure to listen to and always brought a smile to my face. Goodnight sleep tight, Nottingham will never be the same

if someone can make such an impact with such means, he must be ace. Big up

awww Frankie Frankie Frankie... what can i say? He was what i went to town for man! he was great! i can remember him lways being there, nd i always used to buy him sum bickys for xmas... me and my friends, bilal and martin had some picures with him on the 18th of june if anyone wants them email me love you xx



R/I/P i no ule still be jamming in heaven! shopping will neva be the same with out hearing u

Frank should definately have some kind of memorial. Nottingham wont be the same without him. RIP!

I saw him the other day. I thought - I love that man, I'm glad he's still here. He made me feel safe. I'd like to see a memorial, but it should include a colourful xylophone and some 'sound' music. Smewhere near H and M. Didn't Frank start outside the old Frank Innes Est Agents? RIP XXX

i loved the xylophone man he waz always there rain or shine i will really miss him his twinkle will live on 4eva godbless and rip luv u xylophone man xxx

The world has lost a true great. God bless you Frank.

whens the funeral?

How subtley he made an impression on so many lives. I remember my children copying his "tune" on their own xylophones. I agree name a tram after him and when they re-design the market square let there be a tribute to a true friend of Nottingham. God Bless Frank.

Frank... Mr Xylophone man.. you will be missed! we will miss your tunes and your positive soul. R.I.P! god bless

Bless you Frank. At least you've gone somewhere nicer now... He truly was awesome. Dude, it's so sad...:( ~RIP Frank~

The Xylophone Man always made me smile. RIP. You will be sorely missed.

I'm so happy to see that he brought a smile to so many peopls faces as he did to mine. He will be missed by many. I think naming something after him or having something to remeber him by would be great. R.I.P.

u made us laugh man god bless. rest in peace.

RIP xylophone man, sadly missed always bought a smile to me

I always remember Frank for the smile on his face before his music

I'll miss you Mr Xylophone Man :( You were supposed to be invincible :(

The Truth
is his hat up fof grabs, he is a legend in his own right, i always expect him to be tapping away when i walk through the city centre, RIP xylophone man.

-- Brown --
A minutes silence should be held in that man's honour. He was one of the TRUE characters of his day. RIP, Franky.

Cheers xylophone man you inspired me to learn the xylophone for myself :D the whole of nottingham will miss ya. name a tram frank! and build a mamorial in town square playing the music rip

the zylophone man was always there plyin his merry little tune making out shopping more enjoyable. he always hade a smile on his face. RIP

i walked past him every day, and every day he smiled at me and i smiled back. It's so sad.

I always saw you on my breaks from work, You always made me smile :D R.I.P I know you'll be playing your Xylophone like crazy in Heaven :D

A Legend In Itself Give This Man A Tribute

What about commisioning someone from Notts Uni to design a Stainless steel Xylophone clock that plays tinkly tunes on the hour....It's gotta be better than that thing in Derby and it would honour the man nicely. I worked at Radio Rentals in Listergate for a while and I watched his career grow from humble beginnings... Peace out X-Man

I always wanted him and Sam Lindo, the busking blues man to do a duet together. Guess I'll never see that happen now. RIP

If you all respected him, you'd know he mostly actually played the Glockenspiel. You rule, Glockenspiel man. You rule.

Slick Shaf
Huh this is gonna sound weird but I thought he died 2 weeks ago and they had a memorial statue of him and everything. Then last Week I saw him and was shocked and now he's dead again. Well anyways Rest in Peace if you really have passed.

he's a legend, everyone knew who he was, every time you saw him he was happily playing his Xylophone, making you smile. Nottingham wont be the same. rest in peace Frank.

Bazza (Norfolk)
Having moved away from Nottingham nearly 5 years ago it is one more part of Nottingham that will be missed.

sonic sinclaire
frank was the sh*t! at one time, i used to see him everyday. A TRAM FOR FRANK!!!!!

Jay Tasker
The hustle and bustle will be all that is herd now this enthusiastic old man has left us. Always happy and joyful and certainly is irreplacable.Give nottingham something to remember him by!RIP Frank

Dude you will be sadly missed from all at our mtb and bmx street rides wilkl never be the same. Take it easy and rest up now.

Scott the Punk
nottingham has lost an important legend Xylophone Man beats robin hood any day

hold it dwn, no doubt a tru struggler

This man was a legend. Never will my jaunts through town have the same spring in the steps I take. RIP XM.

We'll always miss the Xylaphone man. He was always there, brightening the streets.

A legend has passed... shopping will never have quite the same surreal edge again.

J-Time Dagless
The greatest are never admired enough untill their passing. We all respect Frank. Rest In Eternal Bliss Frank. Play on.

we will miss the way you would lunge out at us as we walked past, and the sound of your blessed xylophone. you can never be replaced

oh man notts wont be the same without that happy smile and timeless foot tapping whilst he played with such in peace frank

that guy always rocked out, he is a legend without a shoadow of a doubt, very very very sad to hear of his death, will be missed very badly R.I.P (name a tram after this legend!)

never met him but always smiled if you walked past. even if you never dropped any money, he was worth every penney given to

Luke Rad
I never realised how much of an Icon this guy was until he went. I just want to know what's happening to his xylophone now, maybe a charity auction? We'll miss you frank.

Me and my friends would always say hello, he was always there, he always remembered us aswell, i think! we'll miss our old musical friend before our usual shopping trip into town. god bless xylophone man!

I didn't see him that often as I don't go to nottingham very often but he seemed cool. RIP Frank

The city won't be the same, he was the last great busker. Always a smile for everyone. RIP Frank. Keep it up on the big xylophone in the sky.

He was always there with a smile on his face looking like he was enjoying himself. He added a sense of happiness to the weary shoppers and helped perk up spirits for that i thank him.

A part of Nottingham has gone forever...god bless

I'm from Leicester but I fully appreciated the Xylophone Man everytime I came down... without a doubt, rain or shine, he would be there playing. I'll miss him. RIP

Adam G
Notitnghams only true musical legend. He will be missed greatly. Rest in peace xylophone man

He was not a smart man nor was he a handsom man but he sure could play the xylophone and for that we will all miss him.

Rest In Peace, Frank. You brought a smile to all xXXXx

Good guy, he knew music was more about the emotions it provoked than how it sounded, he knew the score, big up frank

always used 2 c u in town since i was a little kid i fort u was amazin ! and i always had 2 giv u a little bit of money..and wen i put it in tha pot it was always a big grin n a big THANK YOU !! me n my m8z used 2 always tlk about u n how u made us laff wif ur little songz and how sweet u were! n wen i fount out u ad gone i was devestated because ill neva see ur little happy self whilst im in town wif my mates agen! will miss ya xylophone man give em sum ov ur good old tunes u gave Nottz up in heaven !! R.I.P FRANK !! loadsa luv elle x-x-x

JohnT respects Frank. He deserves all the tributes and love of any musician. A memorial must be placed for this man. He is the most recognisable figure in Nottingham. Along with Sam Lindo he lights up the City Centre.

The amount of times u made me and all my m8s smile frank! thankyou so much for all ur happy tunes! nottingham will always have something missing! RIP God bless

Frank was a legend! He kept millions entertained for hours and we all thought he would die years ago. But he soldiered on and kept us happy! What a dude. RIP Frank. God Bless!

Phil Ayres
What a tribute :) To be remembered with so much love by so many people. Sadly a true star no longer shines.

Matt Price
A true legend to many, whose presence was the unmistakable tinkle and the smile, at all times of the day or night. He has played for all of my living memory in our streets, and it is a tragedy to see him go. RIP

What a guy, never failed to be happy and knock out some tunes, brightened up the day, i think a statue is in order, sleep well Frank

Zara and Chas
It's sad to think that everytime we went past him playing his xylophone he put a smile on our faces, but how many of us actually took the time of day to acknowledge him and say hello? Although he never knew it,he was appreciated,and people will miss him.Everytime we walk past his famous spot we will think of the music he played,and once again can smile at the years of (maybe not great)but musical chants which floated through the streets, and into our hearts? A tribute should be made to him. a new kind of music will now be heard at the gates of heaven and for the people of Nottingham, a most memorable one

a true legend, nottingham will seem awful quiet from now on.

xylophone waz so kool.but i bet none of u talked about him or made such a fuss over him while he was u didnt did u.feel bad ppl coz he waz de gr8test

A true Nottingham legend, his wonderful, smiling tunelessness was his greatness. RIP Frank

Zara and Chas
Rest in Peace,the streets just won't be the same anymore.the happy tunes he played bought a smile to everyone's face, no matter how young or old

If ever I was having a bad day, he'd always bring a smile back on my face. Such a sweet guy, he even let me play it a couple of times. He will be missed :-(

The streets of Nottingham will never be the same without his cheerful tunes, we'll miss you man *salutes*

OMG! noooo! it can't be .. he can't be .. aww gawd, i dont think i can ever go into town again just incase i see that empty space on the street where frank used to sit :( R.I.P we love you xx

I love you Xylohone man

R.I.P Xylophone man!

The sound of the Xylophone will be sorely missed...

gracie xXx
i remember when i used to walk through town and he would be sitting near the cashpoint tapping his foot and playing his xylophone. He made me and all my friends laugh. Gonna miss you xylophone man. R.I.P xXx

awww xylaphone man?!?! I love you dude! seriously. I always gave you a pound or two whenever i saw you... You made me smile so so much on sad days.

Laura Morris
xylophone man used to make my day! he will be sorely missed :o(

Xylophone man rocked, harder than those who frequent rock city. We loved his thoughtful and happy tunes that filled the bustling nottingham streets. You will be missed dearly. R.I.P :(

R.I.P. he made me laugh he was the happiest man i hav ever met. shoppin will never EVER be the same. i didnt get to know him well but yet i still feel like cryin 4 him! god bless u xylophone man u will be greatly missed by me and my mum! xxx

every time i walked past he was humming a tune and playing his cheerful songs i will never forget the ting tong of him rip the zylophone guy

What a shame, please name a tram after this man!!!

he was always so jolly outside H + M and now he's gone!!! miss u xylophone man, rest in piece

everytime i go 2 town... there he was the xylophone man.. sweet music to our ears.. god bless him and his xylophone x

everyones going to miss the little tunes and you always had a smile on your face...keep on playing it...we'll never forget..r.i.p

pete, bulwell
what a shame.... the city will never sound the same...always brought a smile to your face come rain or shine... rip.

:0( so sad

He was a part of our town. It's only now that he's gone that we'll realise how big a part he was, and how much we'll miss the man we knew but never noticed...

Never met the guy but RIP. He should definitely get a tram named after him.

me and my m8 were in town and we played on his xylophone bless him! i have a picture on my mobile wiv him aaaarrrr R.I.P u were entertaining!

kate f
nooooo, i can't believe it! he was soooo cute. he always made my day. he always had a smile on his face and he even brought a smile to the mardiest of people! please jesus, do your stuff, bring him back to life. xxx

i don't go into nottingham a lot, but everytime i did, he was always there playing his music. He will be sadly missed. Rest in Peace Xylophone man

Lukeybabey ;)
Gb Xylophone man :'( - NAME A TRAM AFTER HIM!!!! :'(

Mark L
you could always hear Frank's tinkles from quite a distance away and it always made me smile. but it was the way he would finish his so called tune with a big wave with his arm, that was the highlight for me. R.I.P. Xylophone Man.

Lukeybabey ;)
Gb Xylophone man :'(

omg i cnt believe he is gone me and ma mum both love u!! u was always there all smiley n happy...only wishd i had a go on ur xylophone- NAME A TRAM AFTER HIM HE IS A NOTTINGHAM LEGEND. RIP god bless! xxxxxxx

Frank was an absolute legend. RIP Frank

kate f
awww, that has ruined my day, finding out this news. i luved him, he really made my day. he was always smiling and brought many smiles to even the mardiest of people's faces! i can't believe it. noooooooo

tuneless though his music was, it was the only time bad music sounded good. Bless his soul. R I P

he always brought a smile to everyones face in nottingham no matter how good or bad the day was going.. he will be truly missed by everyone who walks the streets of nottingham. if only we had all shown more appreciation when he could know how much we treasured his lack of musical talent. this guy deserves total respect. rip frank you will be missed. xx

Nige in Arnold
Friday nights are so quiet now.He will be keeping them amused somewhere a bit futher away now.

Thanks Frank for making everyone grin when they heard your tunes. Xylophone Man rocked!

Awww..I believe he is gone,he will be sadly missed not only in Nottingham but where I saw him in Sheffield and Lincoln.He was amazing and every part a piece of Nottingham.R.I.P

nottingham wont be nottingham with out him,

James Starnes
RIP dude, he was great and he let us play his xylophone from time to time.... I'll miss him and so will many other.

You can't have nottingham without the xylophone man.I think we all have lost something inside of us. God bless him and rest his soul.

i cant beleive hes gone, wil be missed so much:( RIP

everytime me and my grandma used 2 go in2 town she used 2 pay him a pound and he let me play his xylophone! R.I.P we will al miss u!

I never knew the guy, or heard of him. But now I know of him I feel sad that I never knew him. Its hard to accept that he's gone now, forever. We shalnt be seeing him anytime soon though I know the next time you go shopping even though you know he's dead, you will look see if he's there playing his little instrument ever so badly but all you shall see is an empty space kind of like the one inside of you now he's dead. His home, empty. Heis belongings not belonged he had no family and writ no will he passed away alone.

R.I.P xylophone man, u wil be dearly missed by many.

matt, stoke-on-trent
since moving away i've missed the xylophone man, but as a kid i remember his tunes... rambling on his little xylophone. the tunes sounded no different when i was 12 than they do now at 22. a true legend of the city to go with robin hood, brian clough and jesse boot.

We want to buy xylophones, flowers and make a banner to hold a tribute. This guy was so cute and he always tried so so hard.

He was an amazing man and he always had a massive smile on my will not be the same without him and I hope he carries on playing in the skies...RIP XXX

everyone will miss the Xylophone man! He was our mini celebrity and whatever the weather he would always be smiling!! We'll all miss his "songs"!

God bless xylophone man. He was a legend. Does anyone know if he is having a funeral? I, for one, would go.

U danced like a god, he played like an angel, he was the xylaphone man

used2 luv seein uu wen i went in2 twn, always made me smile! goin past H and M without seein uu there just wnt b the same! R.I.P xylophone man!

Rest in peace Xylophone man! You will be missed! I loved seeing you!

:'( no words can describe the emptiness in our hearts RIP Xylophone Man \m/(>_

What a guy, I'm sure someone sampled his music for a uni project.

i think there should be a tribute made for wher he sat so that everyone will remember him,he deserves it after all the years he spent entertaining us,he was a gd man ,a legend. rip xylophone man xXxXx

He truly understood his music in a way we couldn't, but he had it right all along.

R.I.P Frank,your spirit will live on and so will your music.God bless

lauren from notts
i saw him weneva i went in notts and it was a pleasure 2 hear him,he was ther in wind and rain just 2 entertain us all with a smile on his face.i shall miss him,no more little tunes in the bakground as im shopping.bless ya xXx

Steve, Diy and family.
Whenever we walked by you, you always offered our daughter a go on your Xylophone which embarassed her considerably. You always brought a smile to our faces which seemed as if the sun was permanently out. Sadly the sun has now gone in. You will be very sadly missed, not just by us but the whole of Nottingham and anyone visiting who had the great pleasure of meeting you. Play them a song up there Frank. R.I.P

i'll deeply miss him :( i really loved that sweet lil man + his beautiful music, how will nottingham be the same without him?

what an awsome guy he was. always smiling and playing that 4 note song!

The city won't be the same without this legend to the busking world. Rest in Peace

Walking into H + M i used to love as i could hear playing his happy tunes and smiling, now i will be sad to see the empty space there, i think somthing should be placed there to remember him.

Harry L
Xylophone Man was a truly wonderful performer, you would rarely see someone walking past him without a smile on their face. God Bless

You let me play on your wonderful Xylophone!! I will never forget it! Thanks Frankie

gna miss the xylophone man aka frank.he always put a smile on my face!RIP

Ah crap, he ruled

Dude, you were the coolest!. We will all miss you. kirky

Sorely missed....RIP

ema =)
yes, xylophone man kicked ass, but 4 all those smiles he brought 2 ur face, did any of u give him anything 2 smile about? bless him i hope he's sat with the old man up in heaven shootin arrows in the asses of all those people who thought he played his ickle xylophone coz it made him smile-if u didnt spare him any change, at least spare him a thought of peace. and as 4 his xylophone-i say put it on display in the nottingham information thingy place! bless him! xx

nottingham will neva be the same now we'll neva 4get u miss u R.I.P xylophone man

He always put a smile on my face. Over the last few years I could actually recognise the tunes he was playing, which was a big improvement on when I first heard him!! He will be sadly missed.

Shopping will never be the same again. I think a plaque should be put outside his old spot in memory of a nottingham legend. We wont forget you XM

John H
Everytime Im in town i always used to see him and smile, he was there watever the weather and will be truly missed Rest In peace Xylophone man

Fran and all Trinity people
The memory of him will go through the generations, and he will play his music to the people in heaven, bibi Xylophone Man

Ollie Whanty
I dont care if he couldnt play he was the best RIP

I think the tram idea is a good one, it would be a great way to remember him.

Deb in Clifton
will be truly missed rest in peace frank and god bless

i don't think there's anyone who won't miss him, even a little bit. i no i'll miss the way he'd finish with a swipe over one note.

Please build a wind chime dedicated to Xylophone Man.

He will be sadly missed by so many people in the City and beyond. Let us all remember his gentleness, good cheer and joy of life and try our hardest to find these virtues in ourselves.

Dr S
keep 'em entertained in heaven Xylophone man

He will be missed very much, he was the man to put a smile on my childrens face, tantrums would stop when they saw him, wether you gave a penney or pound he would still be around in town. he will live in our memories.God Bless, rest in peace

Never really understood what he was about, but you couldn't knock him for effort! I hope someone as entertainingly bizarre can be found to brighten up Lister Gate in the future!

he will be missed greatly. it won't be the same with out you. R.I.P Frank.

he was always sumthin i looked forward to seeing when i went to nottingham. he always put a smile on my face. i will miss him. XX

He made people smile, a rare and precious gift. Why not name a tram after him ?

So sorry to see you go. First saw in 15 years ago with my young daughter who's now 16. We always pointed the xylophone man out with his tunes,while shopping. Will be missed my many.

Adam and debbie
a truly sad loss for nottingham, a sad day for us all, how many times he made us laugh is countless, it was not to laugh at him but just the way he was taking the micky out of all!!! bless his family bless frank!! rip m8

A tram? Name a street after this legend!

Craig B
It is sad news. I think he will be missed by most of Nottingham.

I will never, ever hear the start of Eastenders on a Xylophone again. RIP.

Mr Ikasu
I was devasted when I heard the news A think a little sign or something just be put up. Great man.

Cara and Euan
Xylophone man - its too tragic for words. So, we reckon the council should erect a statue of him in the market square - a dignified tribute to a great man. Failing that though, we would settle for a tram. The ding ding of a passing tram would echo the sound of his xylophone throughout the ages. God bless you Frank.

I love the foot tapping. Beautiful.

Joe Norman
i am very sad and shocked as i had always planned to walk up to him one of these days,give him a £20 note and tell him how i'd appriciated him over the years.I'm sure hes up in heaven ruining the angelic harp orchestra

His cheerful face as he tapped his foot along with a tune only he could follow... RIP Xylophone Man

Lee. C.
Im 32 now but remember him from my teenage years sitting outside M and S playing his erratic but brilliant little tunes - He will be sadly missed.

really funny guy,made everyone cheerful with his fun lil tunes, r.i.p frank robinson from belfast

Damian Benner
A sad loss to the city. He was famous throughout the country. When I tell people from Nottingham, they ask about Xylophone man. He deserves a good send off.

A legend has left us , RIP Frank

I will miss the xylophone man. Whatever the weather, he was always there, making you smile with that happy look on his face,and the tune that only he knew what it was.

I can't believe he's gone. I never thought he'd die, ever! It's so sad. RIP xylophone man.

Xylophono man always brought a smile to my face. Nottingham wont be the same. God Bless him

Terry from Basford
Such a nice, gentle man - he'll be sadly missed by people of all ages. Heaven has a new sort of music now.

RIP Xylophone Man. You were great,always a smile.

this guy ruled

Daz T
the first time i heard the man i laughed like crazy.... the 1000th time i heard him he still makes me laugh.... the novalty never wore off... god bless

The man was a nationwide legend. When in other cities, on mentioning I was from Nottingham people would say 'is that cool xylophone man still there?'. I'll have to say 'no' now :( RIP Frank

Sharlie Kirsty alex nd olly! Bausor
Ded sad well never 4get him!!! he was pretty darn groovy m8! he cudda cum in our band!! we will never 4get his little twinkling tunes! Alex wanted him to join his band!! R.I.P m8!

John West
Truly a sad loss. Rain or shine, he would always leave you with a smile on your face. He couldn't string two notes together, but that was why we all loved him. Sadly missed.

i have so many pictures of him on my pc, town will not be the same with out his smiles and tunes, he even taught me and my friends some of his tunes, its too sad to comprehend

Gutted! The city wont be the same without him.

He was a legend, always entertaining people. R.I.P

WOW! the xylophone man was so kule! he rocks \m/ RIP

He should have released an album, it no doubt would have made it to the shops in Nottingham, God Bless Xylophone man.

I agree Nottingham City Council should definately name a tram after Frank.

Frank I will miss not seeing you on my shopping trips to put a smile on my face.

Mark Mugaseth
I will miss listening to him playing when I walk in Listergate .R.I.P

Richard G
He was the guy you could always count to have a smile on his face. The place wont be the same without him.

Xylophone Man never failed to put a smile on my face when shopping, I would go out of my way just to make sure I went past him. Well now he gets to entertain in heaven.


ron from kwon
The pleasure on his face when he completed yet another glissando. I think that once I heard the hint of a real tune there! Frank will be a hard act to follow.

*gutted* he was a local legend. he will be missed by everybody :(

He made me smile everytime I passed him and his tuneless music. Now I have a lump in my throat thinking about someone Ive never even spoken too.......

shoping in nottingham will not be the same, rest in peace,

Its a shame that only now does he get the recognition from humnaity he deserved whilst alive. May his death make all of Nottingham think again about walking by someone in his position.

Goodbye Frank, you always provided us with great entertainment on our days of shopping!! R.I.P xx

When The Saints Go Marching In, Frank will be marching with them now...

Nothing ever made me feel better after a few hours of shopping than hearing Xylophone Man playing his instrument with all the entusiasm of a small child. The streets of Nottingham will never be the same again. RIP Frank. You'll be sadly missed.

Jared LeftLion
Nottingham's most legendary busker. NAME A TRAM AFTER THIS MAN!!!!

Mark in Sherwood
Can't believe he's gone! He worked all the hours god sent, i remember him from Friday night's out with the boys.

The cultural fabric of our city is a little poorer today.

He was awesome, if ever there's been a case for a memorial on market square its now. Lets start a campaign to get a memorial set up in honour of this legend.

Frank has bought more smiles to the lives of Nottingham folk than any local politican has ever managed. His simple, charming manner and natural joy even in the foulest of weather bought cheer to people's hearts. Robin Hood and Torville and Dean may well have bought Nottingham international recognition but to the people of Nottingham the most instantly recognisable face of the city Frank was the daily face of the city. Thanks for everything x-man S

Steve in Beeston
It's realy sad to hear of Frank's death. I went to Jongleurs a couple of years back and the comedian asked the audience, "So, what do you have in Nottingham apart from Robin Hood and a man playing a xylophone outside C and A?" The place erupted and he stole the show. Goodbye Frank, Nottingham won't be the same without you.

he was a propa legend! a great guy! rip

When you heard that - ting, ting, ting, twiiiiiiiig - you always knew you were in Nottingham. There aren't many buskers that can create an individual sound everyone recognises.

Let's be honest - he couldn't play his instrument but he did bring a smile to your face.

Shopping won't ever be the same. We'll miss you.

Frank. I'm sure you'll be lighting up the streets in the sky with your tunes. The Xylophone Man will live on in our memories.

We won't forget your tinkle. We'll all miss those five notes. Rest in Peace.

Tell us your Xylophone Man memories and what he meant to Nottingham?



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