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27 November 2014

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May 2004
Drowned out
Swimming pool
Plenty of fun for these children but what's going to happen to swimming pools in Nottingham?

Four Nottingham swimming pools are to close. The decision was finally made this afternoon and comes despite widespread opposition.

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Swimming pools in Nottingham
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The idea to close a number of pools and the last remaining lido in the city came from a consultant's report which said that the number of people wanting to swim had fallen and many of the pools needed extensive work to bring them up to scratch.

Today's decision means that the Bulwell Lido, Beechdale, Noel Street and New Lenton pools will close, with the Elliott Durham pool being transferred to the Elliott Durham School.

But some comments received from protestors opposed to the closure have been taken on board, for instance the deep water facility which will be lost at Beechdale will be replaced by having moveabe floors in the new Harvey Hadden pool.

Should the pools have been saved or if they're not being used did it make economic sense to get rid of them? Have your say.

Does Nottingham need so many swimming pools?

they should not close Beachdale baths because it is my local if so we would have to go to bulwell or kimberley

Another 1930's lido gone to a greedy developer and even greedier council with no thought to those that have used it, do use it and would have continued to use it.

By closing down these swimming pools the opportunity to teach our children a vital skill that could some day save their lives, is being taken away from us. I think its appaling

Just discovered that they have closed Beechdale Swimming baths, what a disgrace!!!! With the government trying to cut the obiesity leveles in this country why shut leisure centers??? Are they just daft?

I think it is absolutely disgusting that you shuld shut down all of these pools with no thought to even making the improvements they need. As a student occupational therapist a swimming teacher and a swimmer myself i know the importance of swimming, it is a sport that so many people in the community can take part in from the young to the old and for people with different injuries and disabilities can take part. It is important for overall health and wellbeing and it is being taken away, social inclusion in the areas in which these pools are being closed is going to increase due to no facilities!!!! Local children won't be able to go to the pool at the weekend or in the evening with there friends. In conclusion, its a bad idea case closed!!!

As a regular swimmer I user Erewash pools in Ilkeston or a Long Eaton's West Park. Why because they have far more flexible adult swimming times in the evening. Lately however Long Eaton has been spolied by the random appearance of staff and "accidents" which close the pool resulting in everyone being turned away. Should a nottingham pool acutally remain open until 10.30pm I would gladly make use of it. Sadly there isn't one.

Steve D
The only reason that our local swimming pools have declining use, is because they have been deprived of funding for so mny years. It is utter madness to close local swimming pools. If new modern sports facilities will be comercially viable, then why wouldn't the investment in bringing existing facilities up to scratch be viable? Oh sorry I forgot, we're not interested in the local community are we. The important thing is to provide luxury leasure for the well off.

Isn't it John Prescot that is going on about how unfit our kids are, and it going to give them extra physical exersise in schools? So why hasn't this Council got the message. Beechdale Baths has the only deep pool left in Nottingham that trains Scuba-Divers, what happens now, thats another sport put at risk due to the lack of training.

Being over 50 myself, swimming is a very important exercise which helps me maintain a healthy body and betterquality of life. What price can you place on good health, swimming pools are vital and if necessary should be subsidised to keep them open.

i think that these 4 swimming baths should not be closed down. people are complaining about bored kids in the street, and that too many children sit infront of tv and the computer not losing any weight, and if you go through with your decision about closing them then this would be more common for people not doing any excercise. swimming is a fun way to lose weight and stay fit. maybe if you lowered the prices, more people would use them and you would make profits! so what were you going to do instead of swimming baths? things that we don't need? or that hardly anyone will use? please think this through carefully, and see how many children and parents you disappoint.

Just another good way to fail our kids...well done! When more and more reports come in during the summer of people being harrassed by bored kids in the street, we'll know who to blame.

if they brought down the price of swimming maybe more people would be able to afford it and they might make a profit that would also benefit the public because they would be able to go and exercise more regular kids need to learn to swim DON'T CLOSE THEM

the pools cant be closed, maybe their are less people who like to swim, but their still is some! excercise and fitness is being let down, we are being deprived of fun! referbishment is understandable but to close them is not! think about it!

This Council seem hell bent on running down our public services in spite of through the roof increases in Council Tax. Parks, libraries and now it seems swimming pools have suffered over the years by lack of investment from Nottingham City Council. the result is that the Council tell us these public amenities would cost too much to refurbish and maintain - end result: closure. It's time that the Council listened to what the people want rather then them telling us what they think we want.

Of course it was bound to happen with the council and the councillers that are in charge of Nottingham. Lets face it they are only for them selves and you only have to look around and see that all council properties have gone down hill including the swimming pools.They are so important for children to learn how to swim and they keep fit at the same time. Perhaps it,s me or I,m getting old butNottingham has changed so much over the years and I blame the council. You can protest all you want but if they have made their minds up you haven't got a chance

deffinately no way should we close swimming pools. because no pools means this OBEASATY/ DIABETES/ HEART ATTACKS/ and children not having a place to learn to swim safely. so come on nottingham council LEAVE THE POOLS OPEN. BECAUSE WHATS MORE IMPORTANT YOUR HEALTH OR MONEY? ID TAKE HEALTH ALL THE TIME. NOTTINGHAM COUNCIL PLEASE RE THINK YOUR DESSISION

Why should public money be wasted on facilities that are not being used fully. Despite any amount of protests the bottom line is that local people are NOT using local pools in the numbers that make them financially viable. They are very expensive to run and the money could be much better spent encouraging other forms of exercise particularly walking. Spend the money making our streets safer and greener and encouraging more people onto them.

It seems better to me to convert Bulwell Lido into a multi sports centre. There is already an indoor pool and there is space to build an all weather 5-a-side football pitch, covered badminton/tennis courts etc, whilst also extending the fitness centre there. More people would use it and it would be a far more cost effective way than have a pool that's only open 3-4 weeks a year losing money. You don't have to lose the fitness aspect just use the space more efficiently. You can win all ways round. Will the council put OUR money where their mouth's are ?

How stupid to close swimming pools when the government are telling us we need to exercise more, rather than do nothing about dwindling numbers shouldn't they be actively encouraging people to take up the sport, I know finding the money puts a lot of families off going, what about having free open days to advertise the fact that as well as good for you swimming can be fun.

Dave at Belvoir
Bulwell Lido season should be extended rather than closing the pool. It keeps people fit. The LIDO is a day out, not just an hour's swim.

Pools in local communities are for local communities. we,our children and the elderly are entitled to the facilities. My family are great users of the Lenton pool and I know what a great loss it will be for them and lots of others if it were to close. On one hand you hear the governent stressing the need for exercise and on the other hand, they take away the opportunity for people to do so.

The pools should be saved and refurbished. Lower the cost of using the pools to encourage more people to use them! Raising prices doesn't always equal cost effectiveness!

As long as Beechdale is replaced with a modern pool then that will be fine, it is out of date and rundown. Bulwell Lido should be updated, NOT CLOSED !!! Swimming is a great way for children to play and keep fit, i take my children every week, they love it !!


More people in Britain meed to be more active. Swimming is an activity which anyone can do, whether you are really sporty or just want to get out and be a bit more active. Keep the pools open - a small investment in keeping them clean and well maintained means a big gain for the people of Nottingham.

It seems incredible with all the talk of obesity that the council is considering closing these pools - they should be refurbished with strict usage rules to stop kids using them as a water playground

I understood that Beechdale was being closed to make way for a new swimming pool at Harvey Haden. A new clean pool would attract more users. I personally wont go to Beechdale as it is disgusting.

These days lads just want to go and nm=mes about so you can't do any "serious" lengths anyway, it's awaste of time and you have to go at ridiculous times of the day to get a clear pool to swim in. Beechdale is just disgusting, dirty and scruffy with disinterested, lazy staff and obnoxious clients who want to run around and swear all the time. It's a horrible place. At least Lenton has nice clientele, so I go there mostly

David Boyes
No half the time the pools are closed for schools and you cannot swim so people dont bother I try many pools and you get the same answer if we could swim when we want pools would get more money and perhaps they would service them?or dont have so many parties in the council house and use the money for the up keep

tony moore
We shoud be investing in teh pools to keep them up to standard and encouraging people to use them. We need more pools and less pubs!

Beechdale is well ovredue a re-fit, closing it to open a new pool like in Mansfield water meadows would be better for all. Then you might stand a chance of people using the facilities.

we need pools - it is self-evident that our society is getting lardy - lets try to offer as much exercise as we can to everyone

Bulwell Lido is the last lido in Nottinghamshire. Many other Local Auuthorities are investing in their outdoor swimming pools, but not Nottingham Council, who seem to know the price of eberything, and the value of nothing.

Of course the pools should be kept open; Perhaps Nottingham is a healthier place because it has more pools than other cities. Shouldn't the council give health and fitness a higher priority?

nottingham does need all the swimming pools.not everyone can aford to become members of expensive gyms.with out pools like beechdale more and more kids from low income homes will have little or no access to leisure short no pools = fat kids.

Should the pools be closed?

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