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29 October 2014

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April 2004
Build 'em up / Knock 'em down
bricks (no mortar)
Which buildings in Nottinghamshire do you love and which do you love to hate?

Have your say.
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We're compiling two top ten lists - one of buildings we love and one of buildings we love to hate in Nottinghamshire.

Buildings are always causing a stir...

When the new Fox Road Stand at Trent Bridge was built local residents complained about it blocking out their light. Tourists moan about Nottingham Castle not looking like that portrayed in Kevin Costner's Robin Hood - Prince Of Theives. The Victoria Centre flats are a public eyesore.

The city has been stamped with Watson Fothergill's individual style. The new Captial One building has won awards for its design as has Nottingham's new tax office. Everyone loves the Sneinton windmill in their skyline don't they?

Have your say
Tell us what you love and hate about Nottinghamshire's skyline...

Buildings we love / hate


Agree with all the comments about Victoria Flats, they are disgusting. Love the developmentd around Nottm Trent Uni. Hate the car park opposite the Midland Station, when is the City going to get a definite character? It doesn't seem able to make up its mind whether its old or new!

I don't live in Nottingham,but I love every inch of it.It's vibrant,colourful,alive..what more could you ask for.Whoever mentioned Milton Keynes is way out,that's just a concrete jungle with vertical and horizontal names for roads and streets.What sort of place is that.

The Nttoingham Trainstations main hall is wonderful, but the platforms are awful, they are dirty, poorly lit, the PA syste is dreadfull, there are not eneuth seats, to get to the tram in a wheel chair is a pain in the neck, and in an evacuation its dreadfull for getting out of quicky, also the corriodrs connecting the platofrms are dirty, and badly maintained.

I hate hate hate the 60's and 70's tin buildings in the city, and all the car parks. I like things with a topping (roof), not a big box with windows and horrid framing. I love the old victorian buildings and some of the new buildings around. All buildings around the train station need to be demolished, or the older ones refurbished. They're an absolute eye sore to any tourist.

Regarding the old Co-op building located in Upper Parliament Street, it is going to become a casino. From what I understand, it is going to do the building justice when it is fully opened. Nottingham, like any major city, has it's fair share of fabulous buildings and more then its share of revolting buildings, but remember it is the people that make the place!

The much maligned Victoria Centre flats are an excellent example of 60's / 70's 'homes of the future' Imposing and unusually wide for a building of its sort, the reflective glazing makes the building look amazing at sunset. An overlooked future classic.

mike h
have to admire the guildhall which does not seem to have been mentioned. Like its features which incorporate a selection of styles.

I hate Nottingham full stop! Should start again and build the city like Milton Keynes.

My favourite building and no-one has mentioned it Notts Palais my old haunt from happy northern soul days

i fully endorse brian h who discribed the car park opposite the midland railway station as the worse on the planet. as you approach the station the one thing that stands out like a sore thumb is THAT CONCRETE EYESORE.Any first time visitor to our fair city must wonder what sort of place they have come to

Watson Fothergill's Offices on George Street, Adams and Page Warehouse on Stoney Street and bien sur the Cornerhouse. I had to study them so I know what I'm talking about...

Good - Council House, Hark Rock (Beautiful Gothic Building), Zara Building behind Council House, and the Co-op Building. Bad Victoria Flats And Centre, Birkbeck House, Broadmarsh And Definitely Chapel Quarter... Too many cheap buildings being constructed nowadays. Why can't we build more good buildings, ones that put a smile on our face?!

We need more music venues, places where smaller bands can get started, as there are only large venues eg rock city. Theres so much talent in nottingham, its a shame to see it wasted.

knock down victoria centre and build a bullring like the one in birmingham. thats what you architecture!

best building - the workers education building on forest road (I think) well spooky and gothic as for eyesores now ballon woods has gone - as for worst anything on maid marian way

It seems a shame that the old Co-Op building has been left out, on upper parliament street opposite the new Holiday Inn Express. An amazing building inside and out, I remember as a child running up and down the wonderful staircase, and riding the great lifts, with the manual leaver. "Going up?!" With the best Santa's Groto on Notts on the top floor at Xmas. Long live the Casino!! The worst building by far is just over the road from the old Co-Op...the dirty brown IBM building, who came up with that idea?? That roundabout could be our Piccadilly circus, but not with that hunk of **** there!!

Rip down all the ugly 60s buildings from around the Market Square. Not Nice.

The listed arkwright building which is part of the nottingham trent university. Unbelievable building which shows the time spent on constructing buildings many years ago unlike today!!

the carlton sq office block and shopping centre anightmare!!

the city ground, highlight of nottingham

Dave Mills
I think the Nottingham Volkswagen showroom next to W. Bridgford ASDA looks nice and German to me.

Is it me or am i the only one who likes the victoria centre flats. i guess they are a bit tall for a city, but how open would it be without them? it gives a good impression of size

the awful building opposite victoria centre clockhouse should be demolished immediately, it is terrible and makes the city look shabby. i think trinity square car park should go too!

The interior of the National Ice Centre is fantastic... but the outside is a complete eye sore, it looks like a big blue blob that has dropped out of the sky, awful architecture! Trinity Square Car Park and Broadmarsh Bus Station are also ugly, old and outdated. My favourite places are the Cornerhouse cinema, and the market square when the council house and surrounding areas are all lit up. Overall Nottingham is a beautiful city,but some places/buildings just need to go all together!

Joanna Barchet
There are a lot of listed buildings in the City Centre that have some fantastic architecture on the upper floors. Its amazing just how much these buildings are overlooked because there are not at eye level. I have only spotted them whilst waiting for friends or the bus. The buildings on Parliament street are a good example.

I'd knock down the Inland Revenue buildings. I work in them and they are awful. Boiling hot in Summer , freezing in Winter, bad lighting, everything breaks down. An experimental disaster of a building.

The Arkwright Building on Shakespear street is wonderful both inside and out. The old Player's building off Crown (Raleigh) island looks like a prison and needs knocking down.

i love the entrance of the theatre royal. i hate trinty square car park the council offices next to the old courthouse.

Not quite in the city but demolish Netherfield and start again

Pete G
The Nottinghamshire international Clothing Centre in Hucknall, what is it, why is it there and why did they make it look so silly?

The Peoples college building near the "castle", looks awful and sticks out like a sore thumb.

The old brewery 'Home of the Best' building on Mansfield Road is great. Its the sign of coming home.

i agree with janet,the ice stadium is horrible,it looks like a big fat mushroom from outer space! yuk!

Notts Uni - Trent Building is gorgeous at night from the road. The Broadmarsh, however, is actually the hellmouth.

What about the great Viaduct for the Robin Hood Line in Mansfield for a centre piece? Just a shame about the roller coaster reject that they call a canopy outside the station! Going back to the city, The old London road station is a real sight now it's been refurbished. But then I have to say that as my Great Great Uncle was the station master there 100 years ago!

dave hough
The entire Broxtowe Strelley, St Ann's and Crabtree farm Estates should be bulldozed.

Joe Mills
Good; Capital One, National Ice Centre, FatCat, Hard Rock Cafe. Bad: Broad Marsh, Victoria Centre. Ugly: All car parks.

Hate - the car park opposite Midland station, must be the grubbiest building on the planet. Love - King and Queen street for the variety of architecture, especially Watson's Turret on the corner.

The best building is the council house, looks ace. The worst building is the Broadmarsh and that horrible car park above maid marrien way

Nottingham Playhouse with its new bar and Sky Mirror looks really cool!

The Ice Stadium It is another carbuncle on the face of the city. Why are the city fathers so short-sighted, knocking down really lovely buildings and replacing them with non-functional eye-sores. Just think of the flats at Hyson Green, Davids Lane and Balloon Woods, which had to be knocked down only a few short years after they were built. And still they carry on!

the trent university library is a fab building and enviromently friendly


Chris Jones
Birkbeck House off Trinity Sq is without doubt the most disgusting assembly of concrete and girders imaginable. It's been empty for years - where's Fred Dibnah when you need him ?

The Trent Building at The University of Nottingham looks fantastic, especially when it's illuminated at night.

newark castle looks as though it'll be nice when it's finished, any idea when the work will be done?

The hard rock cafe building is my favourite- stunning architecture!

nottinghamshires nicest building? the red lion at bagthorpe.

The council house if fantastic especially the shopping arcade underneath. I have heard that there are plans to "modernise" slab square, why? It's fine as it is, it doesn't need covering in aluminium sculptures which will look as nasty and dated as Maid Marion Way in twenty years!

The new building on the IBM roundabout is awful, too much glass. The best has to be the Arkwright building on Shakespeare Street

David Lane JobcentrePlus office, should be knocked down asap

The old Coop building on Upper Parliament Street is fantastic - what are they planning to do with it? They should do something!

Steven Grocock
trinity square car park and the bulding opersit the clock tower(old nat west bank) needs ripping down and move with the rest of town.

Victoria Centre flats want a bomb droping on them. If there as nice on the inside as they look from the out, they really need to go !!!.

Mike C
Knock down the Vic Centre - or at least the ugly flats on top. Get rid of the Lloyds bank building and littlewoods on Market Square and replace with something sympathetic to the older buildings.

I think the capital one building and the new uni accomodation are both excellent, along with the redevelopment along the canal. The cornerhouse development does lack any sort of landmark status and is poor!

I hate the Broadmarsh bus station; for years I was sentenced to wait in this depressing concrete cavern. I love Nottingham Castle; it is the saving grace for that side of town - marvellous!

victoria centre, the clock looks o.k but at the side where boots is looks dirty and outdated, ALL the NCP car parks look disgusting they want re-facing big time.

The new student accommodation off the ring road at Raleigh Island is a complete eyesore. What a great position for a landmark building (seen by 50,000 motorists every day), and what did they put there... a building that looks like stacked porta-cabins!!! Bob the Builder would have done a better job.

The new ice stadium looks like it came from outer space and has no car park, a nightmare to visit. One of the the best building,The Evening Post, was pulled down to make way for another carbuncle.

Mansfield bus station. They've been talking about doing it up for years. There's a new plan now. Hoho. When will that ever get off the ground. Flatten it so you have to do something.

They should never have got rid of the Commodore. It's taken them ages to knock it down, there's still nothing there and when there is it'll probably be an eyesore with nothing of the quality and fun the Commodore offered.

Don't diss the castle. It looks great lit up at night.

I love the cooling towers of Ratcliffe-on-Soar power station - they're the first thing you see when returning home to Nottingham.


Nottinghamshire's best piece of architecture has to be Trent Bridge - not really a building but the bridge is a definite landmark.

I hate the new Capital One building. Every day I have to walk to work along Station Street. All that white reflecting concrete gives me a headache before I even enter the office.

What buildings do you love / hate?

Your name:


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