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24 September 2014

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January 2004
Welcome to Nottingham East Midlands airport?
Nottingham East Midlands Airport
Nottingham East Midlands Airport.

East Midlands Airport is no more. From now on we'll be flying from Nottingham East Midlands Airport.

Tell us what you think.

Airport name decision soon
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The airport might be closer to Derby, it might actually be in Leicestershire but from now on it'll be known as Nottingham East Midlands Airport.

Will it reap benefits for Nottinghamshire? Will people get lost trying to find it? Tell us what you think below:
Is Nottingham East Midlands Airport a good name?

Hallo to everyone! I am italian and I must admit that the previous name of East Midlands was a bit puzzling for foreigners, thus, even if some airlines like Ryan Air, offered direct flights from our cities to E.M., no one wished to take that flight, as teh destination was not known. Nottingham is much easier to be located on a map. Now, it is difficutl to find a vacancy on the direct flight Rome - Nottingham East Midlands and seems that the itnernational travellers will be growing very fast in the close future.

no its not fair because it used to belong to the eat midlands but now seems like it belongs to Nottingham. thats not fair no matter what anyone says. derby hates nottingham forest football club and now we hate the name of the airport too. from kiran derby

Graff artist
I live in Leicester (poor me) and im really not arsed about what the airport is called, why not just call it "the airport" for a laugh, imagine getting a taxi, when the driver asks "where to" and you say "the airport" and he goes "which one" and you say..."the airport mate" imagine the confuseing...humour all round then :-)

Stop wasteing money on changing names - it is East Midlands Airport and thats how it should stay - just look at Royal Mail / Consignia - people still havent changed from pounds and ounces do you really think that they are going to change to Nottingham Airport

Paul, Derby
Who cares, Derby 4 - Forest 2. That's what all the arguing is about anyway. Came back from Gran Canaria, the signs said Nottingham airport (no East Midlands mentioned), and the tanoy said East Midlands (no Nottingham - just how it should be). People said it wouldn't be long before they dropped the East Midlands. Too right. If you're going to put the name Nottingham in it, keep the East Midlands too. Thats where people work out where the airport actually is!

Dan Bassford
Here in Canada everyone knows Nottingham, but Derby and Leicester? Never heard of them. Most people would read them as Durby and Laysester.

yer i think the name is ok, becouse og its location and all

nottingham taxi driver
it shouldnt be really called nottingham east midlands because i think our city is that brill we dont need to go anywhere else, its places like derby and the other one that are so boring that they wanna get away, i dont blame them, so make the airport their home

Nottingham International Airport would have been better. And rename Nottingham Airport to Tollerton Airport. Please can we have a direct train service from Nottingham Station to Nottingham International Airport next.

brilliant name for an airport, if your daft enough not to travel from a local airport because of the name then thats up to you bit silly though

Paul D
I have a comment to make on the East Midlands Airport debate. Although I live in Nottinghamshire myself, I'm not interested in engaging with pathetic comments that one county is better than another. We are all neighbours at the end of the day for gods sake! What does surprise me though, that now East Midlands Airport has the associated "Nottingham" name tag, when is the Nottingham city council going to get off their backsides and arrange PROPER, FAST, RELIABLE, PUBLIC TRANSPORT to and from the Airport? The last remaining link was withdrawn by Nottingham City Transport in the summer of 2003 (Runway 5 service). The only public bus service Nottingham can currently offer is operated by Trent buses, that goes via every Beeston & Long Eaton housing estate prior to it arriving at the Airport over an hour later! Well thanks for the site seeing tour, but quite frankly this is not what I would consider an airport link, its more of an inconvenience if anything! I summarise that if Nottingham can't offer a fast reliable transport service to the Airport from its city, then surely their is argument in my opinion that 'Nottingham' East Midlands Airport should be called something else. Mr Johnny foreigner might know where Nottingham is, but boy are they in for a shock when they arrive at Nottingham Airport and find they can't even get to the city via reliable public transport. What's even more ironic, that both Derby and Loughborough have excellent services to & from the airport.

well, let me start off by saying everybody, iknow has agreed never to use that stinky airport again.I mean, first /Nottingham is doing this, then their football team don't pay interest so Nottingham will borrow either Derby's or Leicester's football pitch. It once represented Equality, but know,not.Nottingham just has no special thing to do so they take our name off.Ha ha ha, Nottingham doesn't have anything good! Well us leicester's have lots of stuff, Space centre too! Listen up NottinghamersWERE GONNA FIGHT AND GET OUR NAME BACK!!!!


Eric Sgt, Long Eaton
The EM Airport name change is foolish, because of the implication that it's Nottingham’s airport, which it patently is not. Nott’s sold out their interest in EMA. Tollerton has The Nottingham Airport as seen on YOUR BBC web-page. You can’t have your cake and eat it! The new abbreviation, 'NEMA' - the name of some sorts of toads or worms? The reason is said to be ‘to attract continental visitors’. Unlikely. Nott’m becomes a place to which not to go. Its reputation for crime approaching that of Naples. See Naples and Die. See Nott’m and cry. They have even messed up their city streets with old fashioned tramway lines. My suggestion for the name change, from beneath the flight path, was Trent. The East Midlands area is centred on the Trent Valley (secure from extremes of weather), extending from Burton-upon-Trent to Newark-on-Trent. Lots of businesses in the area have 'Trent' in their name. We have Trent University (mainly over the river at Clifton) and Trent College. We have the regional radio station Trent FM, Trent Buses, Trent Bridge... R-R Trent engines fly the world over. i.e. Trent is on the map. We ought to reopen Trent Station, with a spur to the airport. Leicester, Derby, Nottingham are to Trent as Lincoln, Grimsby, Hull are to Humber which features in the name of an adjacent continental airport. Shall you change your name to NEMBBC?

would be nice to know the name of the airport EMA wooud be named East Midlands Robin Hood because lots of people around the world are knowing Robin Hood and Nottingham.First I am from Germany and first I heard about the story of Robing Hood in the school .. and it interest me a lot where should be Nottingham.. Now I know .. even the great Airport there to East Midland next to Derby, Castle Donnington Nottigham and Leicester.So from now everyone will know where the Airport is. Pity.. I miss the name of Robing Hood there.. hopefully for the next time..

Anyone who couldn't guess at the location of "East Midlands Airport" probably shouldn't be allowed out on their own anyway! Let me see, East and Middle. I suppose there are those that would assume Dubai, or Jerusalem or somewhere, but barring that its probably the most descriptive airport name in the country. What a pity to associate it with a shabby, run down town like Nottingham. What a shame to suggest that Nottingham is the only place that the airport serves. Perhaps the intention is to discourage anyone from wanting to fly into EMA twice! If we really have to cater for stray idiots, why not just call it London north? Equally ridiculous.

Robin Hood
Nottingham East Midlands Airport is a fantastic name. It is a shame that the East Midlands bit wasn't dropped as it is meaningless! Is the East Midlands in Spain, Italy or the US? To leisure and business visitors to the area the name East Midlands matters not a jot! And for all of you that are sitting there moaning, spare a thought for the economic impact that the airport brings creating wealth in Derby, Leicester and Nottingham! If Nottingham is the hook to bring more money in and change attitudes and perceptions towards the area then perhaps we will be able to deal with the crime by creating jobs. We can all be winners if we work together and compete against other regions and not amongst ourselves.

Martin Lowe
Nottngham is world famous, unlike Derby and Leicester bar crisps. I have mates in Derby and Leicester who are of course proud of their towns however admit that regionally Nottingham's Identity as a regional capital is stronger. Also the fact remains that whilst Nottingham attracts the lions share of investment in the region it makes sense to name the Airport Nottingham. Just wait until the plans for an regional parliment are released! haha

Al (originally Nottingham now Wakefield)
Moan Moan that's what all us Brits ever do. Can't we just be happy there is an airport nearby and not rely on the London something or other?

For those with an ounce of intelligence will realise why they called it NEMA. For those who haven't wake up. its not about which city is the best. There are fantastic parts of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester as well as some pretty terrible parts. If it wasnt for commercial reasons it should have been called central England International or kept as EMIA.

Duncan Cobbett
I do not think so because all the cities in the region are equal

i am from italy and my wife is from spain. the only town we had heard of before we came to uk was leicester because of gary lineker (who playedin spain) and the leicester team that play in your premiership. i don't think many europeans have ever heard of robin hood. the americans? who know.

Nottingham is full of gun toting thieves, always in the news for their crime rates. They stole Robin Hood from Yorkshire, and their football team only won something with Derby's manager. Now they're stealing the airport from Leicester and Derby. It is hard to not feel insulted. This whole issue has caused a whole lot of aggro, that has only caused a great amount of tension between the counties. Couldn't we have just left it alone? I have already found myself insulting Nottingham in this section, when I would have found no reason to before! The real culprits are the EMA chiefs, and it is them, that should be receiving these abusive diatribes!

Michael Gallagher
The airport should never have been sold off by the 3 councils, that way any changes in the running of the airport would have had to have the support of local people, not just imposed by decree by Manchester Airport Group. Having said that Nottingham is near my house.

I guess as Humberside Airport is owned by the same people as NEMA, the poor folks of Grimsby will wake up one morning to find Hull (or even Scunthorpe) Airport on their doorstep!

Keith, Liverpool
It's a commercial decision and can never be designed to please everyone - just those who will benefit financially. As to the gripes about Nottingham being riddled with crime and grime compared to it's neighbours; that hasn't prevented Manchester's phenominal growth has it? Pull together,stop being too parochial, market the whole region and ensure you all benefit in the long run.

Chris Bentley, Belper, Derbys.
Since the new number-plate system is supposed to denote the East Midlands area as 'F' meaning 'Forest' (ie., the future National Forest, Sherwood Forest and Charnwood Forest) all of which could comfortably be pointed to on a map and all of which are potential tourist destinations I would have liked to have seen the airport re-named something like the 'Three Forests Airport', but I suppose that would have been far too imaginative for many in charge of big business. It would also have saved this appalling slanging match between Derby, Leicester and Nottingham. All in all, although on the face of it this is a sensible, hard-nosed business decision it is a PR DISASTER and one that will haunt the companies concerned for decades to come and also harm the region's integrity - just as we are supposed to be promoting it. I have for some years been getting over a natural anti-Nottingham attitude - as a Derbyshireman, of course - This name-change business has put that process back years. Thanks a lot, BMI and NEMA!

Kev Notts.
Can you imaging visiting americans asking for tickets to LYCHESTER or DURBY, I dont think so..... Will you lot from across the boundaries just read and let it sink in what 99% of the foriegn contributors have said....IT'S A GREAT IDEA!

Owen, long eaton
i think the new name is quiet good except that now people are getting confused between nottingham airport and nottingham east midlands airport! I think BMIBABY is the people how REALLY wanted the name change to involve NOTTINGHAM!!! BECAUSE THEY THINK EVERYONE KNOWS WHERE NOTTINGHAM IS, NOT DERBY OR LEICESTER!!! I also visit the airport on a regular basis and i only live 5 or 6 miles from the airport which when i look out of the window in my house i see a plane flying overhead and going past the power station. AND MANAGER OF THE AIRPORT LISTEN UP!!! SORT OUT THE GEMINI MD-11 FROM THE USA WHICH IS NEARLY LANDING ON MY HOUSE!!! AND THERE IS STILL ABOUT 10 MINUIT FROM LANDING!!!

Ian, Derby
I often have to tell foreigners that Derby is near Nottingham so they have an idea where it is, so maybe its the best business choice. But for most other things Derby is better, 30 years in Nottm was enough !

Rebranding can always create a huge emotive response. I recall Marathon becoming Snickers and Opal Fruits becoming Starburst. These were all decisions which ultimately have worked for the manufacturers. Consignia was an exercise which failed dismally, at huge cost, because it failed to properly describe the business concerned, ie the Royal Mail. I was born in Castle Donington and remember the airport's original name original name. I now live 3 miles away from Leeds/Bradford Airport which is in Leeds but uses a name which has support from the local community. Surely if Derby/Leicester/Nottingham was impossible, the best course of action would have been to retain East Midlands. After all, the travellers are probably mostly midlands people who do understand where the airport is. Finally, the only decent travel links are to Derby and to alienate people from Derby (and Leicester) in this way may yet turn out to be a crass business decision.

NEMA....just rolls off the tongue! I think this is pathetic. I live in Derby now but used to live in Castle Donnington which is where the airport is situated. Its in Leicestershire and the closest town is Derby so why name it after Nottingham? Don't forget that Nottingham has one of the worst crime rates in the UK, hardly a proud city to name an Airport after. Less we forget that it used to be called Derby Airport when it was based in Burnaston(Derby area). More stupid decisions by a stuffy shirt and tie brigade.. WAKE UP !

Rob, Derby
Interesting that bmi and bmibaby used to be called British Midland Airways, which used to be called Derby Airways, wich used to be called Derby Aviation. I think bmi have got plenty of experience at running an international airline, they know what they are taling about. I think that the MD of the airport knows what he is talking about - he has worked for the Manchester Airport Group for years. It is not about a company deciding which local city is better or worse - it is about MONEY - just that - MONEY - and the word "Nottingham" will make more money than any other. Get over it everyone - and enjoy the increased flight destinations soon to come to your local airport!!

Steve from Derby
Disgusted with the name change. EMA or EMIA was just fine. As someone said "why fix what isn't broken?". I don't want it called Derby, or Leicester, either. Perhaps the people who dreamed this up have nothing better to do and their jobs could be transferred to India! What a waste of time. Let's all just get on with promoting the region and stop gloating and squabbling.

Do I sense a touch of hypocrisy from the Leicester/ Leicestershire authorities in this debate? Signs strategically placed at Leicester Railway Station promoting the city and county, include one referring to EMA as "Leicestershire's own Airport." No mention of Nottm or Derby there.

Barry Watson (Nottingham)
I unfortunly live in Nottingham but (hooray) I work in Derby. There is just no comparison, Derby wins hands down every time. We are moving to Derby in late February - there is simply nothing about NOTTS to like, Have you seen the figures for people moving away from the NOTTS area ... hundreds, soon to be thousands. I think the name of NEMA is the most daft idea to ever be put forward. No one but BMi will ever put the woeful name of NOTTS in front of BMA .. so they have wasted their money and time. People WANT the EMA to stay as it is - then all 3 can share it and no squables or moans. But having said all that it really should be DERBY EMA.

Matt, London
Very interesting this one, people are claiming that the airport is too far away from Nottingham. Well have you ever travelled from central London to any of the large airports in the area? Well the shortest journey is about 20 mins to Heathrow, that involves a train journey from Paddington in west London, if you live anywhere other than west London it a chore and a half, you have to give yourself about 1hr to get to Heathrow. Now the last time I went to EMA from Nottingham centre I was happy with the 25 min journey time. Went to Stockholm recently from (London) Stansted, it took 45 mins to get to Stansted, and when I landed at Stockholm Skavsta airport, it was a further 1hr by bus. Stockholm Skavsta is closest to a town called, Nykoping. Now Derby & Leicester folk think of a city in Sweeden and how far down the list does Nykoping come? It's very important for an airport to have an easily identifiable name, and research across the world, which the airport would have conducted, would show that the city of Nottingham has recognition amongst the international community.

Glenn Hickman
Why call it Nottingham Airport, when it is not even in Nottinghamshite.

Martin, Beeston
Nottingham is a dump. Our castle is a glorified house on a hill. All we get is disappointed tourists. Aren't we great with our trams...1900s transport...we are such a forward thinking city. I have no attachment to Derby or Leicester but at least the people in Derby know how to smile.

Nottingham - Famous for Gun Crime and now - arrogance!

Nottingham is better than Derby or Leicester thats why they are calling it Nottingham Airport. Deal with it

Im travelling to South Florida Airport, and THAT IS NEAR????? Exactly! I support the name change for Nottingham East Midlands. I cant believe how jealous and mardy people can be. Just get over it and moan about other things like war & pollution.

Will this mean that the residents of Derby will foot the bill to change their road signs to...Derby near Nottingham.

So, they are re-naming it to let tourists know where it is, to improve it's profile. Even though it is mis-leading and will only confuse more?!Well surely it's LEICESTERSHIRES profile that needs updating? Has this this whole historic county got nothing worth speaking about? I doubht it. for all it's worth, you might as well call it Birmingham II !!

Paula Stevens
No. Why "fix" what's not broke. England Central would be a much better idea if they have to change it at all.

Paula Stevens
No. Why "fix" what's not broke. England Central would be a much better idea if they have to change it at all.

David Longman
Judging by the moronic response from the Council leader from Derby in the news story, who could possibly be surprised if commercial inward investment in his area was low? It's that sort of attitude that drives people away from an area. Believe me, as a marketing person, the decision is the right one for the whole East Midlands, and not just Nottingham.

A Southerner
dont know, dont care

SDL Derby
They can now publish a "how to find us" guide and call it "Finding NEMA" haha

Why not call it 'London East Midlands Airport'?

Beeston Wolf
What's the fuss, haven't people got better things to do with their time than worry about this?

Paula, Spain
I am not from Nottingham originally but my husband was, I think it's a good idea to rename to airport as most educated people have heard of Nottingham, I think it will increase visitors. I have asked some Spanish friends and they have all heard of Nottingham, but Derby or Leicester, sorry but no!!! This will be a good thing for all of the East Midlands so don't be so negative. Jealousy is a very sad thing.

The only thing nottingham is well know for is just a bunch of men in tights

G Robbo
Gerald Ratner made a business decision once which alienated the majority of his customers.

I'm overseas at the moment, when people ask me where I'm from and I reply Nottingham, most people have heard of it. If not all I say is "where Robin hood is from" then the penny drops. What would people from Derby and Leicester say????

It's about time Nottingham had something named after it. After all, Derby and Leicester already have things named after them (a horse race and cheese) so what's the problem?

Does it really matter?

Richard, Oldham
Don't know about the name change but I've never laughed as much in years at the comments being made!

I believe that the airport should be named after something far more suitable for the area where it is located, for example; "England Central", that way all the international tourists would have no trouble, doh!

Annie .... Derby
This stupid *new* name for the EMA is a total disaster. Who in their right minds would think that EMA is in Nottingham ~ you only have to look in the phone book to see where it is ~ it also had a Derby postcode. Bmi is making themselves look foolish ~ leave the EMA as it is, remember that old true saying "if it's not broke why change it". No one we know supports the change of name - think again Bmi and the planners ~ there are more in favour of EMA being left as it is now. No name change required.

How stupid. I am furious! It's no where near Nottingham!and what's the reason? More people will know Nottingham because of a man who wore green tights and didn't even exist!

Who really cares what it's called? It's obvious a decision has been made by the airlines that this name would sell more seats. Some of the arguments here are a little disapointing, I am from Nottingham and if the only thing the city is famous for is the name of a football team, we really should be concerned.

The Dawson family
To re-name the EMA with the prefix of Nottingham is totally obnoxious .. The EMA is close to DERBY, it has a DERBY phone number. It makes all decent folks blood boil to think that the EMA will be likened to anything from NOTTS. The Notts city shopping centre is split into two, both a good distance apart, but both with rubbish shops and tatty goods, and dirty streets. We live on the borders of Leicester/Derby - to everyone around here DERBY is the place to be. Notts (like NOTTS Forest) has had it. There is nothing in NOTTS to like, a dirty, crime ridden place. Leave EMA as it is now. Curses on British Midland for starting the NOTTS name for EMA. By the way British Midland are you going to re-route all flights to fly over the NOTTS area in future... you must realise that we WILL NOT put upwith the flight paths above us IF the EMA is 'really' in third rated NOTTS.

Ian, Hucknall
So Derbys & Leics folks are threatening to boycott NEMA. Good news. When I use the airport they won't be cluttering up the place as they set off on their trips to Benidorm.

Where is Derby?

Nottingham may be better known internationally but that doesn't mean people know where it is in the UK. If you wanted to travel elsewhere in the East Midlands (let's not forget Lincolnshire and Peterborough areas are also included!) would you realise you had to fly via "Nottingham" airport? This may increase the number of passengers flying to Nottingham but the impact on other areas of the East Midlands could be devastating. Thanks EMA. I think East Midlands tourist board should take their share of the blame though, they are meant to promote the area worldwide and it seems they have failed.

I recently stayed close by East Midlands Airport and my reaction was, 'Oh thats where it is!' Adding Nottingham to the name makes sense for people who are not local. When it appears on Departure boards around Europe, people will realise there is an airport there and this increased awareness may even increase traffic and business for the region.

wayne Griffiths
So its closest to the city of Derby and in the county of Leicestershire but they want to call it Nottingham Airport! Are these the same idiots that control the councils and council tax. If this is their logic why not call it Stoke or Chesterfield airport!!!!

Why not flatten Nottingham and build a new airport, a GREAT improvement!!

It is ridiculous - £250,000 on a name change that will confuse incoming tourists who expect to fly into Nottingham only to find themselves miles away and will do nothing for any of the three counties it services. Surely the money would be better spent on improving tourist attractions…….I can’t believe that someone has actually been paid to come up with this….I’d like their job – they’re obviously paid to waste money for the airport and the local area rather than make it….I think someone needs firing!!!

I think locals are deeply mislead if they think this will make any difference at all. I spend my life working around Europe and talk to more mainland Europeans that Brits. The only cities in the UK that have any international recognition are London, Manchester and Glasgow. Edinburgh scrapes in 4th with Americans. Probably best to call it the Mid England Airport.

Dave Stuart
Being Nottm born & bred I am somewhat sad that the region has failed to identify itself as a whole! What have we in Nottm to shout about really? A badly performing Police Force, the highest number of homeless in the midlands, the greatest number of Big Issue sellers and increasing crime and shooting incidents! We have more areas the likes of St Annes - nice! I'm not proud of these facts, as for football, well lets not discuss that!!! Finding Nema, that will be a question for the pilots!!!

Who's got a football club in the premiership?

The name Derby was never in the equation. I could understand if the name was changed to Leicester but Derby. Awful, just awful. Jealousy is a horrible thing

I flew in and out of the airport 2 weeks ago for the first time in almost 40 years. I was visiting Nottingham.

i do not know why people are getting so upset it's simple name recognition, for example if you say to someone i'm off to maryland you have to explain where that is in the US. if you say instead i'm off to washington DC everyone knows where your going. its a name changing it doesn't mean people will be ignoring leicester and derby so get over it

No one internationally even knows the East Midlands is in England, just ask the Dutch at Schiphol. Unfortunately Nottingham is known internationally even if just for some bloke in a green dress. I'm a Northerner so don't really care as long as it increases flights and decreases prices, but I'll still go there via Derby...

Laurie Judge
Living in Hong Kong but i used to live in Nottingham and come from there and visit every year. It is clear to me that Nottingham is more internationaly known and that goes for there football team as well. However, despite it being more known world wide than Liecester and Derby, most people don't even seem to realise that it is in the East Midlands, and that is not just the people from Hong Kong, as HK is an international city and so a lot of people from Isreal, Spain, America etc don't even know that Nottingham is in the East Midlands but know the City Nottingham. Therefore i shorely the change in the name for the airport will benifit the East Midlands as a whole and not just Nottingham.

B Tricky
Quite a few people from the sadder areas are suggesting that if its Nottingham Airport then the flight paths need to be altered from over Derby to over Nottingham. A simple study of aviation will show that isnt possible - they have to empty the toilets somewhere!

Rob Derby
Derby home of the industrial revolution, center of the railway, before destroyed by government, haome of the peak district, closer to the airport and the place where jet engines are made. Notiingham home of Robin Hood? and ....... of I forgot only the americans can get it wrong he came from Yorkshire!!!!

you may have the airport name, but we have a premier league football team, what do you have? oh yes living on past glories of things that happened 20 yrs ago, never mind at least you might get to play notts county next season if they stay up, oh and robin hood was from yorkshire, lets face it your just a town of big issue sellers and gang lords.

Worked for three years in Snottingham,always glad to be getting out of the dump and heading back to Derby.Just booked a flight from Coventry.nobody at Castle Donnington could compete!!!

Andrew - Australia
I just did a quick non-scientific survey at work to see what the average Aussie thinks of each of the three cities: Everyone clearly identified Nottingham as a major city in England, whereas Leicester was a “red plasticy cheese” and Derby a “horse race”.

Robin Hood, Torville and Dean, European cup - ancient history!!! Typical Nottingham mentality. Can't wait for you guys to ask us for planning permission to extend the runway!!!

Claire, Derby
I hate Nottingham, i went there today and its a rubbish place, baaahhhh!

Danny, Derby
Tourists will think Notts is a great place to go...until they goto the city centre and pick up the nasty atmosphere and then get mistake EMA.

Liam from Derby
What a load of tripe! Nottingham have an airport, if they want tourism so bad why dont they redevelop theirs. if people are so stupid as to not be able to point to a map of England and have a wild stab at where the East Midlands is then they have something seriously wrong with them...

Mark from leics.
People chose not to fly from an airport because of its name are sad.If there is more choice of routes in the future because of it then they can call it whatever they like , i`ll use it . Maybe if they`d called it `Birmingham North ` that might have attracted Ryanair!

I suppose Nottingham police have more experience of checking for hidden guns.

It's just a fact that Nottingham is one of the best cities in the UK, and is known throughout the world. Derby and Leicester are just unlucky to be situated near to Nottingham - get over it.

Richard Chamberlain
A bit long but the best name for attracting internation passengers. I can't understand why people in Derby and Leicester are getting so upset. Have people from abroad heard of Leicester? No. What about Derby? No, they haven't. Most people will have obviously heard of Nottingham particularly because of Robin Hood. Sorry Leicester and Derby, but you know I'm right. Im sure that eventually all the people from Derby and Leicester will calm down and realise that really this is the best name for the airport and wonder what all the fuss was about.

Read the front page of today's Financial Times, I didn't see Derby or Leicester mentioned as one of the UK's core cities. You need further justification? BBC, Central News, East Midlands Development Agency et alia have their bases in Nottingham, many more to come - enough said!

Mart, Nottingham
Nottingham is world famous and full of history. It was the obvious choice for the new name. What's Derby got? A run-down bus station and a derelict shopping centre. I know where I'd choose to go.

It's about time, but I really would have prefered "Nottingham International Airport". Shame about it being so far away, but then again - Who wants to live next to an airport? (lol)

Sam Beckwith
They should've called it Brian Clough International.

What a bloody joke,no football team,no cricket team and no rugby team in nottingham.small city with small ideas and small minded people.The clown who renamed it wants sacking.

Adam Osborne
It's brilliant. It will help Nottingham aswell as Derby and Leicester as it will make people more drawn to the region.

Andrew Palmer
Tourism is a plus for any city. Reading the posts from visitors to the UK shows this is a wise move.

With many European living relatives, I can vouch for the airline's idea of nobody really knowing what or where "East Midlands" was. The idea of naming the airport Nottingham East Midlands, not only allows people visiting the region to know its the midlands but also gives a local city name and as Peng mentioned, its a well known place Nottingham. I mean, who really wants to go to Derby!? It's a great decision to add the name

OK, so Notts is better known than Derby and Leicester. Is that really going to make more people travel to and from the EMA? Not at all, folks go from there because it's convenient, local and BMI Baby have cheap fares, not because it's near Nottingham or anywehere else! They want to expand the airport as it is, so it can't be doing too badly anyway. The airport is in Leicestershire, has a Derby Postcode and dialling code, yet you lot in Notts think it's yours? OK, let's swap, Derby and Leicester can have an equal share of Clumber Park and the Major Oak - after all, that's just about as relevant to Derby and Leicester as the EMA is to Snotingaham? Fair swap?

What people forget is the majority of the board at EMA are from nottingham but it doesn't matter it will still always be referred to as EMA, I mean whoever calls Heathrow airport 'London Heathrow Airport' not many I tell you, It is a shame though because notingham is a yesterday city, derby is just a town and Leicester is the most prosperous City in the region it will be renamed again I expect!

Darren, Nottingham
1st impression: bad choice. But after reading the short sighted comments from the short sighted people of the east midlands, and the sensible comments from overseas tourists it would seem that the change is a good idea. So why don’t the locals wake up and realise that having a playground attitude will only hold the whole of the East Midlands back? PS. It’s NOTTINGHAM Forest not notts forest!!

What the airport needs much more thatn a name change is a decent and reliable public transport link.

If Liverpool has the John Lennon Airport, then surely Leicestershire should have the Leicester Showaddywaddy Airport ?

Ben, Notts
If trains had been allowed into Nottm when they were first invented, Derby and Leicester would be very small towns today; they only grew up because Nottm wouldnt let trains in. I just wonder if changing the name of the airport will have such an influential effect on the future growth of the City? I think it will.

Rich, ex Derby
What a superb idea. Now tourists can land at the airport named after a city that's known because of a ficticious thief, only to travel to that city and get robbed at gunpoint. That's bound to get increased travel numbers.

What an appalling lengthy name for an airport. Who cares whether tourists know where it is, if they want to fly to Nottingham, Derby or Leicester there is plenty to tell them that EMA is the nearest airport.

It just means more noise and pollution for the residents of that fine town of Castle Donington. They should have closed it down and built it on Leicester.

brian c
who cares,iam from leicester now living in nottingham,the panel was spot on naming the airport nema,i had to laugh this morning though when simon was reporting the events at the end,this is simon ford from nottingham airport at

I dont think ive laughed so much in my life. From a business point of view it makes perfect sense to be associated with Nottingham.

Rick Cutler
How about Robin Hood! It would give us a giggle every time we fly in!

Leicester Rino
Now we have dipsticks comparing Nottingham to Tokyo. God help us all. Do you think the population of the world have enough sense to buy a map! You'll be telling us next that Luton and Stanstead are thriving centres of culture. Take a reality check people of Notts, IF the population of the world have the slightest idea of where Nottingham is it's because of a film with Kevin Costner in it.

I hope they're going to improve the bus and train services, When (like Luton and Stanstead) hundreds of foreign people will arrive and realise they're no-where near the city.

While I can appreciate the annoyance of the inhabitants of Leicester and Derby, they have to admit that Nottingham is a bigger city with a higher overseas profile. Now hopefully Nottingham will take advantage of this and improve the appalling transport links from the city to the airport.

I hope they're going to improve the bus and train services, When (like Luton and Stanstead) hundreds of foreign people will arrive and realise they're no-where near the city.

To all the Nottingham people saying "it doesn't matter.." and the like; would you still have said that if it was called named after Leicester or Derby? What's wrong with 'Central England airport' ?

Being from the North East I have an outsider view on the name change and to be fair I can see why Leicester and Derby are miffed. Having an International Airport named after your city creates world wide attention and tourism which makes a difference, so it’s a big blow economically for them. I do have a bias to Nottingham myself as I'm currently in the process of moving there but I feel I’ll just keep calling it East Mids Airport. Just to add.. I thought the North East had some strong rivalry but after reading some comments here I’m glad to see you’re all just as proud of your areas.

econmic migrant
Born and bred in Nottingham living near in loughborough work in Leicester I think it is a case of sour grapes on behalf of the Derby and Leicester people not admitting the truth that Nottingham is better known world wide

Great decision, Nottingham is the only cosmopolitan city, a place of sport, great learning and culture. It is also far larger than Derby and leicester as it is a conurbation of over half a million people.

Works for me! At least it would then be recognised on a map. It would certainly be better than calling it "the airport in the middle."

Works for me! At least it would then be recognised on a map. It would certainly be better than calling it "the airport in the middle."

Rolls Royce, Royal Crown Derby, Denby Pottery,Toyota, England matches at Pride Park. Clearly it should be Derby East Midlands Airport

Martin Brown, Derbys
I never used the airport anyway and I'm definately not going to after the name change. Liverpool has John Lennon airport so wht can't the East Midlands have Timothy Dalton airport. He was from Belper.

Pete B, Burton
Well done EMA youve just alienated 2/3's of the East Midlands, I for one will be voting with my Wallet and wont be using you airport any more. Your airport is located in Leicestershire,has a Derbyshire postcode and now youve just made it a whole lot worse by prefixing your name with Nottingham (even thought the nearest city to you is actually Derby) . By doing this you are undermining attempts by all east midlanders to give the East Midlands a stronger identity. Maybe you should have just renamed th LONDON EAST MIDLANDS, this would mean even more people worldwide (who'll probably never fly to you) will, as you put it, know where you are.

Andy Brookes
as a long term resident of Loughborough i remember the Kegworth air crash vividly, it would be very fitting to name the airport not after a city but after the town that suffered that horrific accident and it would be also be a bigger tribute to the families than the large boulder situated in the unknown Kegworth Cemetary.

Pete B
If I were Leicestershire county council, I'd put up the rates now !

I love Derby. It's great. It should be named The Royal Derby International Airport (DCFC).

should have been called NLD Nottingham Leicester Derby airport.

Hey Ian T. What about the Derbyshire Dales, Egg in Derby. If it wasn't for Rolls Royce and Sir Frank Whittle there wouldn't even be an airport!!! I can see all the tourists pouring off the plane and going straight for the caves. Thrilling tourist attraction zzzzzz

As a Brit living in the States, I can safely say that if greater international recognition was the intent, the new name should have been "Far-North London Airport". Something that your average American Joe would relate to.

Just read the comments - wonderful to hear all the bleating. I agree that it'll soon be Nottingham International & not a moment too soon (just get the access to our great city sorted out though)

Great decision, Nottingham is the only cosmopolitan city, a place of sport, great learning and culture. It is also far larger than Derby and leicester as it is a conurbation of over half a million people.

Simon (Derby)
As I live under the current flight path I hope any increase in flights are re-routed over Nottingham. Notts will benfit from the name change so let them live with the noise and pollution.

Paul ,Derby
Perhaps the people of Nottingham would like the 5am cargo planes taking off going over their houses. Or maybe the 12pm arrivals helping them to get to sleep.

About time. it's common knowledge that people only come to visit the Queen of the Midlands and it's friendly folk, rather than the inbreds living in the slums down the A52.

Matt Palmer
What really was the point of this name change? Living in Nottingham, I must admit that having our own airport does help to make our City even more attractive for tourists, both in the UK and around the world.

its all about the nottingham so it was only a matter of time before they changed it and named it after the premier spot in the area. its full of tits fanny and airports......BOOOOO NOTTINGHAM WE LOVE YOU

its unfair to say the gun crime will attract criminals...does new york advertise itself as a gun crime region for tourists? how about manchester and london and birmingham?

No reason why it shouldn't be NEMA - Distance from Nottingham? Not a problem, face it, Heathrow and Gatwick are exceptions in being 'near' the city - Brussels Charleroi is about 25 miles from Brussels!

I can't believe how many sad people in Leicester are wailing about something as insignificant as an airport name change. Who cares? It really doesn't matter.

If the people from Derby & Leicester don't like the name and choose to fly from another airport, then so what! I think there will be enough foreign tourests to fill their shoes, now they know that they are flying into one of Englands better city's!

Alan, Derby
How about moving the flight paths over Nottingham then! They go mostly over Derby. If they want Nottingham - move the flight paths to suit.

Ian T
The name change is to attract tourists and business to the city. Nottingham has Experien, Boots and Capital One. Derby has a diminishing Rolls Royce, Leicester has Walkers Crisps. Nottingham has the castle, the tales of robin hood, galleries of justice, the lace market and the caves. Derby has, er, hmm, ooh The American Adventure. Leicester has, er, hmm, er..... Nottingham is the reason people come to the area, let them know where it is!

Surely Derby & Leicester will need to compensate Nottingham in some way for the benefits of the increased passenger numbers travelling through Nottingham's airport.

After all, Humberside airport is linked to Hull, even though it's on the wrong side of the Humber and closer to Grimsby or Scunthorpe.

What a big waste of money. How much is it going to cost the Ariport in changing all of the signs, when that could have been spent on more constructive things. This must have cost a fortune already after all these debates on what to call it. If they had stuck to the name as it was then they could have saved themselves a lot of money. If BMI wanted the name changing so much, are they willing to pay for all the changes to the signs (road signs included as I assume they will have to change from East Midlands Airport to Nottingham East Midlands Airport) thats if it will fit on a road sign.

I live in Australia, and recently travelled to Nottingham. What a great city. I had even heard of it before I went over due to Robin Hood and cricket. I thought Leicester and Derby were just small towns in Nottinghamshire!

Alan Sadler
It makes sense, Nottingham is known throughout the world the others are not. Nottingham is the regional capital, Greater Nottingham has by far the biggest population. A good decision for ALL of the region.

Face it, Nottingham is more known throughout the world than Derby or Leicester. The name change was long needed. Derby & Leicester need to stop winging about such a petty thing.

carl b
great to see its nottingham,after all it is the best. derby & leiceser have got nothing worthy for them to have an airport. A waste of countryside having cities built there anyway!!!

The name change is aimed at people flying TO EMA, not from it. Here we are, people in the East Midlands discussing which city is best, but that is clearly not the point. Nottingham is recognised internationally, whereas Leicester and Derby are not. This is nothing to do with the quality or respective merits of each city. However, Nottingham will enable people travelling from abroad to the East Midlands to locate it better and associate it with a city they know. Nottingham has had huge inward investment from companies like Capital One in recent years, making it a centre of commerce. This is important to the business traveller. Amsterdam Schipol airport is further away from Amsterdam than EMA is from Nottingham, yet the name is still used because of its internationally recognised status. The same applies to Paris Charles de Gaul, Tokyo Narita.. The list goes on. However, all of these airports have fantastic train routes direct to their respective cities. Surely this name change means a decent transport service MUST be put in place.

As a foreigner, before I moved to the east midlands, I had never ever heard of either Derby or Leicester (couldn't even pronounce that one). Nottingham on the other hand is world famous for Robin Hood, Sheerwood forest and the production of Lace. Great city, great name for the airport!

Paul, Derby
Got off the train at Nottingham today and asked for directions to the airport. The station manager only told me that I had to catch a train to Long Eaton or Loughborough, and then catch a connection bus service. I said, but isn't it in Nottingham, he replied "No its miles away". WHY?

Why should Leicester and Derby be tarred with the same bad brush as Nottingham? Kids of today have not even heard of Nottingham County or whatever "do they play in the conference or summut". Leicester is the most populus and prosperous (see recent census) city in the East Midlands, and who doesn't know where the mighty Johnno is from?

Sally Jones
I used to live in Geneva and agree that Nottingham is better known than Leicester or Derby. Better shopping too!

Everyone just think about it, are there any big hitting us movies involving Leicester and Derby? No, Robin Hood, yes, nottingham, yes. And once upon a time in the midlands, that was also in nottingham! Lets just have it Nottingham International Airport!

Correction: Luton Airport is actually called London (Luton) Airport

Steve from Nottingham
I feel really sorry for all the sad people from Derby and Leicester. Once again your towns have been judged second rate. Perhaps now is the time to accept the fact that the best things about where you live is the proximity to Nottingham.

what with the reputation nottingham has with the gun crime its an advert for the criminals.

J Stabbo
All we need in the lovely Nottingham East Midlands Airport is the European Cup on show,cause like Nottingham everybody has heard of that!!!

Get a life people, what does it matter what the airport is called? I have lived all over the east midlands and this does not offend me, so why let it offend you!!

What an absolute farce. 'East Midlands Airport' describes what it is and where it is. To say that tourists may not use it because they do not know where it is is utter rubbish. Tourists decide to go and then find out how to get there, not because the they have heard of the local airport. The name of the local airport will have no effect whatsoever. Another waste of time and money.

Daz from Derby
It's a poor decision. It should have been called Sir Frank Whittle Airport. What local figure more relevant to the airline industry? Whats Notts produced ? Raleigh Bikes, Boots and the Salvation Army and a bit of lace. Derby on the other hand has been right at the centre of the aero industry - what a disgrace ! I'm off to Coventry or Birmingham Airports from now on.

Leicester is officially the largest city in the East midlands (National statistics office) and growing rapidly, while Nottingham’s population continues to fall. In the coming years this Airport will rely more on Leicester's future, than Nottinghams past.

Sarah, Derby
Now people will be confused between Nottingham Airport, Castle Donington and Notttingham Aiport, Tollerton. A BIG GAFF EMA Directors - just because 3/4 of the staff there commute from Nottingham!!! Also We never were asked in Derby by your Market Reasearchers!!!!!! Scrap it and start again

Jose Holmes
Why change, It is no nearer Nottingham than Leicester or Derby and access to Nottingham from the Airport is not good. Buses with an hour between each service, and then a long winding journey to Nottingham No train connection, only the Taxi service at a price.

Will the proposed East Midlands Parkway station now be called Nottingham EM Parkway to match???

what a farce! well all you sad people in nottingham need something else to add meaning to your lives since your beloved notts forest are heading for div 2!

Yeah guess Nottinghams got it all -best known for Robin Hood. The rest of the East Midlands has only got theme parks, countryside, The Peak District, Stately Homes, low crime rates, industry, better rail/road connections. Guess it's got it all going for it Nottingham!!!!

We will all being flying from... Oh no we won't. It's Luton or Coventry for me. (they're in Luton and Coventry, you know). What was wrong with English Midlands? EMA! Great idea. If they can't work out where that is they shouldn't be on a plane without their mam.

Its an excellent idea - Nottingham is known worldwide because of Robin Hood (even if they often do only think it is a fictional place like camelot). The East Midlands is a non-entity when it comes to regional identity. Only question now is how long with the EM bit last... Nottingham International Airport - only a matter of time methinks..

As Liverpool Speke has become Liverpool John Lennon, why not Nottingham Robin Hood Airport ?

Oh dear, there seems to be an influx of sad Leicester City fans crying into their keyboards!! Please just accept that Nottingham always is and always will be considerably better and of far higher stature and profile than you! Capitalists don't get it wrong - hearty congratualtions to BMI for recognising the premier city in the area!

While appreaciating the good news for Nottingham has anyone considered how difficult it is to get from the airport to the city. The train service is rubbish. Will money be provided to improve the infrastructure or will people arrive at NEMA and be frustrated about the access to Nottingham? Maybe the tram could be extended to the airport!

gives all the saddos from notts something to cheer about I suppose!

When did Nottingham become bigger than Leicester? I think it was when the Trent was canalised. Anyone that thinks Leicester or Derby have higher status than Nottingham are off their heads…

With the name change they should also put up a big sign at the airport saying "Welcome to the gun crime capital of the UK"

What next, Donnington Park to be called The Nottingham Motor Racing Circuit ... Alton Towers to be called the Nottingham Theme Park ??? I suppose Nottingham DOES need a boost of some sorts !

I'm surprised they actually went ahead with the change, but more surprised that they were brave enough to go with Nottingham. A great boost for the region, not just Nottingham.

Paul Pounder, Derby
It's great for Nottingham? When did you have anything to do with the Airport. Check out the address to the airport now, Nottingham Airport, Castle Donnington, Derby??? Why don't you keep it as EMA and concentrate on boosting the name East Midlands. Nottingham is hardly known for much. The best thing is Robin Hood and he's dead, and by the way came from Derbyshire and Yorkshire not Notts. Stupid, absolutely stupid. Now the rest of the East Midlands are going to be thought as from Nottingham, mass crime rates. What a big mistake EMA Airport.

Leicester Rino
When did Nottingham become bigger than Leicester? When did direct flights start from East Midlands to Peking? If Nottingham is a "household word" in China it must mean Toilet. If it aint broke don't fix it. It has never been refered to as Leicester or Derby airport - it is there to serve the East Midlands in general not one pokey corner.

How confusing will that be for tourists? They will arrive at "Nottingham Airport" to find out that they are nowhere near Nottingham. The name didn't need changing. If Nottingham needs an airport so badly - why not build one.. in Nottingham??

If the problem was a lack of awareness of the East Midlands then surely a more positive step would have been to spend the money in promoting the region. This would reap more long term benefits for international and UK travellers. Seems to me that BMI have given up on the East Midlands as a region. Perhaps the BBC should follow suit and simply have Nottingham Today as its main news programme.

My experience is nobody from overseas has ever heard of any city in the UK other than London, Perhaps they should have called it 150 miles from London Airport

Nottingham is world famous for Robin Hood and sherwood forest, in addition to Brian Clough's Nottingham Forest in the 80's. It will boost tourism for all three counties. So in my opinion it is an excellent name.


Dave, Derby
Wouldn't NEMA mean something like "nowhere" or "nothing" in some language? Mind you, DEMA or LEMA aren't much better. Best close it, and save us the night flights.

anjum wasim dar
Yes. Great name,Great City.Nottingham! I admire Thee, ThyPassively Aggressive antiquity Thy Mingling Mighty Majesty in modernity, Dare defying Love of Humanism. Oh ,Nottingham, Keeper of Culture and Traditions Knowledge wisdom and superstitions; Where Myths Ghosts and Mysteries are understood, Ah! Still so solid , My favourite, Robin Hood! When war is Life and terror emotions I find Thee peaceful with people of Many nations; Nottingham I Admire thee;

I think the name change is great!!!!!!

When did Nottingham become bigger than Leicester? When did they start direct flights to Peking? If Nottingham is a household word in China it must mean Toilet!

I would have liked Nottingham International Airport, but the name now isnt as offensive to people from derby or leicester. Not that i care about them anyway.

adie f
if the airport name incorperated either leicester or derby it would have put people off using it cus who wants to travel there!

paul gavigan
Well at last commonsense wins the argument. This will give all areas in the east midlands a massive boost. Yippee for commonsense

Great news for the greatest city in the East Midlands. Derby? Leicester? never heard of them...! After all the nonsense in the news recently its great to see those in authority finally get it right for once. Three cheers for Nottingham East Midlands Airport!

Nathan Kendal
The towns of Derby and Leicester are far too small to have an airport. Nottm now has two!

I am a student from China currently studying at Loughborough University. I think it is great idea to change it into Nottingham East Midlands. We students simply thought 'Midlands' is another name of a city in England before we came here, and Nottingham is a household name in China, not only because of the football team, but it has a famous university too.

Dan Thompson
The new name can only benefit the airport. It now has a much stronger identity.

It's great for Nottingham. It'll really boost the area and become a name on everyone's lips. Tough on Derby and Leicester...hoho.

Is Nottingham East Midlands Airport a good name?:



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