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29 October 2014

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Updated July 2004
Meet Xylophone Man
Xylophone man
Xylophone Man - Frank Robinson - at work

He was one of the best know figures in Nottingham but in July 2004 Frank Robinson died.

Read an interview with the man from December 2003.

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Xylophone man is Frank Robinson.

He's been busking in Nottingham's city centre for nearly 15 years.
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Xylophone man was without a doubt one of the most bizarre yet famous musicians in Nottingham.

Jared Wilson of spoke to Frank Robinson in June 2003.

"After more than a decade on the streets Xylophone man is instantly recognizable to a wide range of the public. More so than any local politician, member of the council and perhaps even the cities footballers.

When I went to university (down south in Exeter) and nervously explained to the new people I met that I came from Nottingham I was usually greeted by a recognition of Robin Hood or "Is that up north?"

The only other thing that (three different) people, who had visited the city on shopping trips remembered, was a peculiar man who busked with a Xylophone (badly) in the city centre.

He is undisputedly Nottingham's favourite busker and has been for the last decade. This is no mean feat in a city that also contains the Muddy Waters lookalike from near Broad marsh centre.

Put bluntly, Xylophone man is not famous for his musical talent. Despite the fact he has recently broadened his range to the odd Christmas carol, his approach to his instrument is still much the same as would a child's be, had they just received the instrument for Christmas. This is probably why we love him..."


What's your real name?
Frank Robinson.

How old are you, if you don't mind me asking?
21 today. No, I'm 72 years young.

How long have you been busking in Nottingham?
It's coming up to 15 years now. I started at the end of the eighties. I've never done it anywhere else!

Who are your musical inspirations?
(Pause. Xylophone man looks at me a bit blankly.)

Your... erm favourite musicians. The people that inspired you to pick up the Xylophone.
I like a bit of Elvis. A bit of the Beatles. Maybe even a little bit of Van Morrison.

So no Xylophone players then?
No. I don't know any apart from me.

Have you always had the same Xylophone?
No. I've got through a few in my time. This one's my favourite though!

Whereabouts are you from in Nottingham?
I was born in Cotgrave and I still live there. I've lived all my years there.

What are you going to be doing for Christmas?
Well I don't really know yet. I'm a quiet man really. I keep myself to myself. All my family have passed away and I haven't got any people. I'll just be relaxing at home I suppose.

Do you support any of the local football teams?
Yeah. I look out for them both, but I've always been a Forest fan.

Can you remember when they were kings of Europe in '79?
Yes. They were awesome years. Trevor Francis was a legend! Definitely some of my best memories! Shame they're not really up to it at the moment.

Do you play any other instruments apart from the Xylophone?
I can play a little bit on the guitar and a little on the piano, but not really. I don't pretend that I'm Mozart, I'm just having a bit of fun and keeping people entertained. I get to meet a lot of people as well, which is good.


Xylophone man - Frank Robinson
Xylophone man - Frank Robinson


And with that Xylophone man covertly signals to us that the interview is over. He starts to hit the little metal plates, with his rubber-ended stick and LeftLion eventually gets the hint that having journalists hanging round is bad for his business.

A picture of Xylophone Man adorns the Nottingham gallery at the bottom of Nottingham castle. His legend has been passed around the city and even the country. He's also a bloody nice bloke, if a little eccentric. Frank Robinson has made his mark in the city, with his own special talent for entertaining the public. LeftLion would never have felt complete had we not done this interview.


This article has been published with permission of LeftLion is a website set up by a group of friends who appreciate and celebrate the rich culture of the city of Nottingham.

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.
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