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15 September 2014
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October 2003
Marian Bates : Messages of condolence
messages of condolence
Messages of condolence.

Marian Bates' death on Tuesday has shocked not only the people of Nottingham but the whole country.

Thank you to everyone who has already sent a message.

If you would like to send a message to her family please do so here.

Blunkett says killer will be found

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Marian Bates
Marian Bates
Marian Bates was shot when she stepped in front of her killers to save her daughter.

She died at her family-run jewellery in Arnold on Tuesday during an attack by two robbers.

If you would like to send a message to her family please do so here.

Messages of condolence
I am so very sorry for the dragic death of Marion Bates. I dont understand why people feel that they can take away lives because they feel like it. I have walked passed the shop on several occassions meaning to go in, but i never did. Now, i wish i had just to have met this wonderful wife and mother who had such a big heart and such courage to take her own life to save her daughters. My thoughts are with the family.
Leanne Knight, Top Valley
What a brave and wonderful mother and lady; We would all hope to have her courage and dedication if; God forbid; we should find ourselves in similiar cicumstances. The Lord God almighty blessed this family in giving them such a courageous; Mother.
James & Ann Hamilton, Scotland
This crime just makes me so angry. Hopefully the police will find the murderers, but, with our current system, we won't ever find out about the murderer or what was in their mind to think they had they had the right to do this for a bit of money. We punish without understanding, and never demand an explanation from criminals. I just want to know about the person who did this and know what they thought of the human beings they destroyed. I don't want to meet them in 10 years time after early release, still not understanding how they think. Sorry this was long, I don't know why but this family have suffered so much and I feel something good must come from this.
Anna, Derby
As a former Arnold resident, I well remember the old town and the local, homely stores. My heart goes out to the family of Marion and I hope that the offenders are soon caught.
John Boaden, Dallas, TX, USA
I am sorry for your family Mr. Bates. I wish these crimes did not take place, but they do. My Condolences to your family.
R. Melville, Midland, Texas. USA
My heart goes out to all the Bates family after a loss to them that will effect them forever yet happened so quickly and at the end of the day was just so pointless. I run the nearby bookmakers in Arnold and have felt vunerable for the last couple of years working there as you feel like a sitting target, we all need to stand together in force to ensure that the tragic events of marians death never ever happens again.
David Morley, Arnold
The deep sorrow felt by the residents of Arnold, can be felt around the country. God Bless the Bates family and may they find strenghth in each other to help them through their grief. We are all thinking of you and praying for justice and Peace.
Kathryn, Rob, Joseph & Rebekah, Arnold
I was very shocked to hear of the shooting in Arnold and send my sympathy to the family.
Andrews family
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Bates family and friends at such a sad time. What is happening to the World we live in, why are there such evil people that will stop at nothing to get what they want? Rest in peace Marian, God will watch over your family.
Wendy, Mark, Craig and Adam, Calverton
I am the National field sales manager for Timex Corporation, l have called on the above shop for over 20 years. Mrs Bates was the most wonderful person you could ever meet, alway's a smile, made me lunch on every visit, endless cup's of coffee. Marian knick named me Terry Timex and since then the name has stuck were ever l go. I cannot express my anger and total shock of last week. my reason for e-mailing is that l wish to attend the funeral of Marion, but do not wish to contact the family as yet, give them more time.
Terry Jenkins, Hull
As a mother of 2 young children I fully understand the reasons for Marian sacrificing herself for her child. Pure love has no boundaries. Keep her love alive between you as a family xxx.
Lynsey, Nottingham
In my church here in Perth Western Australia a prayer was said for Marion Bates. I was in her class at school Deepest wishes to all.
Anne, Australia
For the Bates family, Our family's thoughts are with yours.
Beaton Family
Just wanted to send my sincere thoughts to the family of Marion Bates. Althought I never knew this family, My heart goes out to each one of them at such a tragic and painful time. I just hope that they can eventually take some comfort in knowing my outrage at such a dispicable crime, on such a law abiding citizen, who was only trying to protect her family as any decent human being would. These people must be caught, and maximum punishment incurred. There are no words that can fully explain how I feel about this tragic murder, but I just felt I wanted the family to know that my thoughts have been with them since the tragic event and will continue to do so forever.
The Wilson family, Sutton-In-Ashfield, Notts.
We hope that you can continue to focus your sorrow and pain into fighting to correct the woeful lack of Police on our street. By doing this Marian's callous death will not have been in vain. Our thoughts are with you at this terrible time.
The Heeley family, Woodthorpe View, Arnold
With me being a Arnold Lad we can not put into words what a sad loss this is. Our thoughts and prayers and with the family & Friends. Its time that words cease and action is taken against all this violence.
John & Sharon Butterworth, Netherfield
Today I am very sad. When I'm about to start new school my Mum took me to the Time Centre in Arnold to buy me a new watch we had a chat with the lady behind the counter and she helped me choose my watch, as we were leaving she said I was took take care of it and to be proud of my name as it was a special name. God Bless. Marian Sannon, Loscoe
Our thoughts at this dreadful time.
Linda and Greg Smith
I am so shocked, so horrified also it was very upset to hear. Deepest Sympathy on tragic loss of your wife and the both daughers. Pray to god and ask for help to find your wife killer.
Mohammed Patel, Nuneaton, Warwickshire
I am so sorry about Marian, having lived in Carlton and shopped in Arnold, I know the shop very well and the town too. My mother used to say to me, God doesn't pay his debts in money. I know they will catch this man, but no punishment will bring back Marian. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this terrible time.
Joanna, Mansfield
Words cannot describe the depth of sorrow I feel for the family of Marian Bates, they also dont begin to describe the anger I feel at the criminals who did this and the police and government for allowing this to happen. My prayers are with Marians family.
Lisa, Nottingham
My thoughts are with the family of Marian Bates, but I wonder what her family would say, if they had been in Bournemouth this week. I live in Bournemouth,and,with Labour in town for the week, the area around the conferance centre has been swamped with police,police with guns on view, police with dogs, police everywhere,but where are they the other 51 weeks of the year???? What I found disgusting was the main road into Bournemouth, there were teams of police motorcyclists travelling in relays, squad cars, unmarked vehicles ,police with clipboards, and a van with a speed camera in the back,pulling over motorists,presumeably for breaking the 50mph speed limit.Day after day after day. TOTALLY OVER THE TOP.....But I guess motorists are such an easy target as opposed to the thug in the street.    It's about time the politicians had to endure the SAME LEVEL OF POLICING AS THE REST OF US--AND SEE HOW SAFE THEY FEEL. How would they react if the next time in Bournemouth there were only half a dozen police on the beat and a couple of squad cars to protect them!!   Mr Blunkett needs to walk around the streets of Britain, and count how many police he can find.
Bournemouth resident
No words can help you but our thoughts and prayers are with you all. we need actoin not words from this government god bless you all.
Sue & Joe, St Anns
Dear Victor and Family. My name is Helen Smith I am sure you remember my late husband Ken he was in Rotary with you.  I just cannot take in what has happened to Marian. It will be very hard for you all and will take a long time to come to terms with, i hope the police catch these men and throw away the key.  We really do need more Police men on the beat, your daughters are very brave my thoughts are with them.   You will find if you think about all the good times it will make you feel better and i am a believer that our loved one's are never far away from us, you will meet up again one day.  I can hardly see the screen on my computer i feel so very sad for you all, a lot of people have cried for you all, be strong and you will one day get through, i have been there it is six years this next February since Ken died and i still feel as if he is coming home.  I sence him with me sometimes.   God Bless you all.  
Helen Smith
I am very saddened by your tragic loss. The stories I here about the lawlessness of my old home town obviously appear to be true. It is unfortunate that politicians and thugs alike put money before human lives.
Dave Else, Auckland, New Zealand
I lived in Lambley for over 25 years and used to shop in Arnold every week, and often visited the shop, and the whole family were always so pleasant, cheerful and helpful, its so sad for the whole community, as well as the family, such a waste of life...
Lynnette, Bramcote
It's sad that gun crime seems to be on the rise in Nottingham...but a story like this brings home the real heartache that gun crime can cause. Something needs to be done and done soon.
Steve, Beeston
It's a shocking crime and I can't believe it's happened less than a mile away from my home. My thoughts are with the family of Marian Bates at this time.
Neil, Warren Hill
It was something that truly shocked everyone i've spoken to... it seems so needless.
Helen, Leicester
Thinking of you all our love from the Greys.
I feel so sad for your loss and so angry at the same time. These sub-humans who killed your mother WILL be caught and when they are I hope the judge shows them no mercy. thinking of you at this time.
Jeff, Dundee
Our sincere condolences.  That something like this could happen in Nottingham is very hard to believe, our thoughts and prayers are with the family. God bless you all and give you peace.
Marie & Peter, Eastwood
Words can not say enough my heart goes out to you all in your grief. I can only hope that these animals are caught soon and get their just desserts.
I would like to send thoughts of condolence to the family of the lady murdered in arnold perhaps its time to think again of a more servere punishment because prison is just not enough.
Melvin Burton
Hello,My name is Rebecca Barnaby i live in arnold just round the corner from the Time Centre, i didnt know marian but i send my depest simthany and i hope they catch the people that killed her.
Rebecca Barnaby, 14, Redhill school
My heart and prayer's go out to you all. From the crammond family.
My heart goes out to the whole family. I never thought that something like this would ever happen in the community of Arnold it is normally a pleasant place to live and it has shocked us all. I hope that the killers are caught soon and punished severly.
Helen, Arnold
I used to work at Home Brewery,and bought my wife gifts from Marrian's shop.The fact that this can happen on our streets is an absolute disgrace,  an affront to the British way of life.If any good can come from this awful business it will be that this crime startles a complacent government into taking the kind of action needed to get this rubbish of our streets.
Ian Carrington Hilton, Derbyshire
Sorry to hear of your sad loss, it has shocked the people of nottingham very hard and everyones thoughts are with you all, such a horriffic thing to happen to such a lovely and brave lady.
Miss J Holford, Warren Hill, Arnold
How many more innocent people are going to die before something is done. This government asks for help from other countries as to how to combat the violence this country is currently going through from mindless thugs. Nothing ever happens. Yes we do need to see police back on the streets and to see the courts giving sentences that deserve the crime and meaning it, but what we really need is zero tolerance. If people have nothing to hide then they should have no objection to being stopped. When this does happen all we hear about is 'what about human rights'. What about the victims human rights? The scum who have murdered Marian Bates do not deserve any human rights. Having seen Marians family on television, you have to admire their strength as it is heartbreaking to see a family so distraught with grief and yes it is time to stand up and be counted. I live in Arnold, having moved here 6 years ago. It is a welcoming, friendly place to live. Now it is difficult to explain the sense of loss that is felt around the area. Everyone is in shock that something like this can happen in our town. They are also very angry at such a waste of life. It is now time for the police to go after the real criminals and not the easy targets of motorists, where cameras do most of the work anyway. My thoughts, prayers and sympathies are with Victor, Xanthe, Naomi and other members of the family. God keep them safe and help them through this sad time.
How could this happen to you? I remember you at school and in your Arnold shop. God Bless. Thoughts and sympathy to your family. From Jacqueline Radford nee Benton - ex pupil Guilford School 1949-54
Such a brave thing to do,Such an awful way to go! Our thoughts are with all the family, at this awful time. know one deserves what you three went through and certaily know one deserved to die. Hopefully time will heal a little, but this will never be forgotten. God bless you all,
Kelly & Sid-Bestwood
Such a sensless waste of life. Just what is this country coming to?
Our thoughts are with you during this very sad time.
Alan and Margaret
Although I do not know you personally I felt I had to let you know that you are in my family's thoughts, we are totally horrified at the crime you have suffered. Wishing you strength to cope with this tragedy in your lives and sending you very sincere condolences for the loss of a wife and mother.           
Pat Witherspoon
I cannot understand what on earth go though a persons mind when they can take a life in this manner, I am sorry to say for the first time in my whole life I would like to see the death penalty. I hope in my hart of harts that the person/s responsible for this horrific crime come to the same conclusion that I have, and have the respect for Marion and come forward and take there so called punishment.  
Mrs Karen Spencer
My wife and I watched with horror the news story about the murder of your mother on Em/today news.I am Mike and I was born in Nott'm and lived not far from Arnold at Mapperley. I moved to Jersey c.i 37 years ago but always remember my roots.   Please accept condolences from my wife and myself. We are thinking of you at this terrible time and will remember you in prayer.   We hope that the police catch this wicked person SOON. Many regards From,
Mike and Vanessa in Jersey
I have never met the Marian, but feel through this dreadful news, that I have.  My deepest sympathy goes to Marian's family in their sad loss.  An innocent person had her life ended in this shocking way and hope the police get all the help they need to catch these wicked people. Ann, Bramcote (a mum and grandmother).
Dear Victor, Xanthe and Naomi: I am shocked and stunned by the news of Marian's death on Tuesday. I just read of the events in BBC online. What are terrible tragedy for such a wonderful family. You are all so special and dear to us and we will say a prayer in Marian's memory on Sunday. Your cousins in America, Mike & Chriss
The sad loss of Marian will be felt for a long time in Arnold and our love and prayers are with her family.
Janet & Michael Jackson, Arnold.
What a shocking event to happen.  My thoughts go out to Marian’s family and friends, God Bless. Kevin from Rainworth, Nottingham
I have lived in Arnold my whole life (23 years), very close to the Time Centre. I often visited the shop to buy gifts for friends and family. It really was a special shop. It was made special by the family who owned and worked in the shop. Always helpful, and always really friendly. I simply can not beleive what has happened. I am so shocked, so horrified, words really can not express what I and the rest of Arnold and Nottingham are feeling. I simply can not imagine the pain and shock you are in. How can this happen to such a honest, kind family, in our town? I am outraged and utturley heart broken.   My heart goes out to the whole family. I am thinking and praying for you all. I simply can not imagine what you are going through. I know there are no words that can console you, no actions that can heal the pain, but I hope that in some way the love and support that the whole of the country has for you, and especially the communites where you live and work, can help in some way. We are all thinking of you.   With love and prayers,
Joanna Hudson and family, Worcester Road, Nottingham
I and all my family wish to say how sorry we are that you have to bear this terrible grief.We can only hope that her death will give a new impetus to getting rid of gun crime in this country.
God bless you all, Keith.W. Naylor
I am shocked to learn of Marian's untimely death.  I live in B.C. Canada now but I went to Guilford Girls' School with Marian in the 1950's.  When my husband and I were in Nottingham in June of this year, we had a reunion with a few of our old school mates and Marian was there.  We had a long conversation with her and enjoyed her company.  She seemed so full of life and was living life to the full, speaking of her travels etc. Our heartfelt condolensces go out to her family and although we are many miles away, we are thinking of them and Marian. God Bless. 
Judith, Canada
Deepest sympathy on the tragic loss of your wife, our hearts go out to your family.              
Love Carol and Peter, Arnold
I would like to offer my sincere condolence to the family of Marion Bates. I would like to see hanging brought back for people who MURDER someone in cold blood as these thugs did.The sentences some of these Judges hand out are not a deterrent to these people, it makes me so angry!!!!

If you would like to send a message to her family please do so here.
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