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24 September 2014

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October 2003
Tony Gordon, fruit trader
Tony Gordon : likes a good apple
Tony Gordon : likes a good apple
Local trader Tony Gordon has been selling fruit outside the Broadmarsh for six years.

Interview by Joe Sinclair
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Tony Gordon has been selling fruit outside the Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham for the past six years

His best selling fruit : Bananas

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I live in town, my name’s Tony Gordon. I’ve been down here 6 years.

I used to do the markets. It’s something to do.

I don’t like it particularly. I do when the sun’s shining.

If it’s raining people don’t buy. They don’t stop.

quote I don't eat a lot of fruit. quote
Tony Gordon, Fruit trader
Hassle? Sometimes, well, not very often. You learn to handle them, you know what I mean.

You get drunks and, you know, general dossers. They all think it’s an easy job and you’re easy game standing out here. They learn.

I don’t get much time off. Usually have January off. I go to various places, all over the place, mostly in England or Ireland. Sometimes I don’t even bother.

It’s long hours. Half four ‘til half five at night. It’s quite a long day you know. So in my spare time I sleep most of the time.

Tony Gordon's stall outside the Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham
Tony Gordon's stall outside the Broadmarsh Centre, Nottingham

I like dog racing. I bet occasionally. You win and lose, it’s the same as everything else.
Bananas: most of the year round it’s the best seller.

Occasionally you do sell strange things, like those [points]. That’s what we call a doughnut peach. Six for a pound. They’re American. I don’t know how they taste, I don’t eat them. Just sell them.

I don’t eat a lot of fruit, I just pick at it all day. I like a good apple. I might have an apple in the morning, a banana at lunchtime, a few strawberries. I’ve had enough of it - see it all day.

You wouldn’t be able to write what I think of the EU regulations. I think it’s a load of rubbish to be honest.

The people in Nottingham have changed. There’s far more undesirables, let’s put it like that. I think the drug problem is showing itself in town.

Keep out of the city - out of the city centre - unless you have to come in.
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