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24 September 2014

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November 2002
More Nottingham lingo
a charming Nottinghamshire couple
A charming Nottinghamshire couple

More Nottingham lingo for those that are away from the city and for those that are coming to the city.

Guide to Nottingham lingo:

Part one : The guide

Part two : Your suggestions

Part three : More lingo
This is my city : language of Nottingham

Accents and dialogue

Ye Olde English Sayings

The Dialectizer

The BBC is not responsible for the content of external websites.

John Beeton has labelled the local language as 'Nottinghamese'.

John Beeton believes Nottinghamese is a complete language, containing many unique words, it also observes a strict grammatical pattern.

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More Nottingham lingo for those that are away from the city and for those that are coming to the city. This is a guide to what the people of nottingham are talking about!

With help from local language expert John Beeton, we have created a selection of Nottinghamshire saying and phrases that may help when visiting the city:

Prattinn abaht.Acting stupidly.
Ee-addizzedd dahn the bog.He had been sick.
Bogga that furr gaima soajiz.I shall not continue with this course of action.
korl yersenn a faiter?I do not share your confidence in your abilities as a pugilist.
Eez tookizz battomm.He is sulking.
Annair doo.A hairstyle.
Gerrupp them stairs.It is time for bed.
Ee doant gerronn wee nobbdi.He is unsociable.
Nehmind ay.Don't let it concern you.
Batt yersenn dahn.Dust yourself off.
Av podged missenn.I have had sufficient to eat.
Wairvyerbinn till nah?Did you get lost?

Yo-a prattannarf yo-are.You are a fool.
Faktreh.Industrial workplace.
Eezabitt finnikeh.He is rather choosy about his food.
Up the spaht.Pregnant.
Wottyo prattin abaht wee?What are you doing?
Yent, aya?I don't believe you have done that.
Gerrineer.Please come in.
Adunno worritts all abaht.It is a complete mystery to me.
Oajer noise.Please be quiet.
Ahtahse.Garden shed.
Av ott missen.I am in considerable pain.

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